WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, and n/c sexual scenes.  It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty one.

Queen To Pawn. Part 3.

Once she knocked Red Queen almost unconscious, Blue Ninja picked her up from behind, lifted her over her head and flung her to the floor.

As soon as Red Queen crashed to the floor, Blue Ninja began viciously kicking the stunned crimefighter.

As her foe, in desperation, twisted defensively away, Blue Ninja diabolically drove her pointed toe deep into the tight crevice that divided Red Queen's perfectly rounded bottom cheeks.

The demeaning kick galvanized the reeling Red Queen.  The startled crimefighter indignantly sat up, resolved to leap to her feet and pay back the painful physical insult with compound interest.

Unfortunately for Red Queen, as she sat up sputtering dire threats, Blue Ninja kicked her with perfect aim in her large left breast.

The vicious kick to her sumptuous breast made Red Queen's blood boil. Oh but this bitch would pay for these disgraceful assaults on her dignity! It was not to be! When the injured crimefighter tried to spring to her feet, she made the horrifying discovery that her injured leg would no longer support her large, shapely body. With a cry of pain, Red Queen sank back to the floor in agony.

Red Queen took a deep breath, steeling herself for the awful pain, of trying to stand again.  Sitting sprawled at Blue Ninja's feet, though, she was all too easy a target for those deadly feet. Blue Ninja kicked her twice more in her battered belly.

A final kick to the jaw flung Red Queen over on to her back.

Before Red Queen could move, Blue Ninja leaped into the air and came down knees first onto her chest.

For a moment, even with the gloating Blue Ninja astride her middle, Red Queen could think of nothing but the awful pain in her sumptuous abused breasts.

As the pain eased a bit, Red Queen became all too aware of the triumphantly grinning Blue Ninja perched atop her body. She reacted furiously.

Red Queen squirmed and struggled desperately to escape, but her incredible strength was gone. Unable to unseat the criminal, Red Queen struck out furiously, but the smirking Blue Ninja only laughed at the mighty fists that had struck terror in so many evildoers.

Now that the upper hand was unquestionably hers, Blue Ninja exploited her advantage to the fullest. Dealing out pain with rock hard fists, she methodically pounded Red Queen toward oblivion.

Blue Ninja didn't stop battering the near helpless Red Queen with her stony fists, until the moaning heroine lay limp and senseless.

Once she was certain her foe was out cold, Blue Ninja rose from the moaning, motionless figure and dragged Red Queen's inert body to a small inner room.  There were restraints attached to the wall, there, for such eventualities.

Once she secured the still unconscious Scarlet Crusader, Blue Ninja curiously poked at the heroine's sumptuously contoured chest.

"Hmmph! Might as well get a look at these melons while I've got the chance! The whole world's wanted to see 'em, ever since that time Howard Stern interviewed her!  He begged the self-righteous bimbo t'take her shirt off, and show 'em, but she got all huffy and wouldn't do it! Canceled the interview and stormed out of the studio!  Time to see what she was hiding!"

Having made up her evil mind, Blue Ninja casually tore Red Queen's bodice clean off her body.  The vicious blue clad warrior gasped in astonishment at the size and perfection of her helpless foe's amazing bosom.

Blue Ninja's plundering fingers roused Red Queen from fitful unconsciousness. Her eyes fluttered open. She moaned, as pain brought back the horror of her first defeat, then made the chilling discovery that she was securely chained and partially disrobed.

With a bravado she didn't quite feel, the Scarlet Crusader demanded Blue Ninja release her. Uncertainty echoed in her quavering voice, and Blue Ninja laughed at her threats, and then demonstrated to the helpless crimefighter, how futile those threats indeed were.


End of Part 3.

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