This story contains graphic violence, n/c scenes, f/f rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Prison Blues. Part 1.

Edith Peterson sat at her desk reviewing the daily reports from the Captain of Guards.  Edith was Warden of Summerville Detention Facility, a minimum security facility specializing in rehabilitation and containing mainly non-violent offenders.  The Warden was thinking: "Humph! I see Suwicki's in trouble again! Captain Rivera is sure Suwicki beat up another prisoner and put her in the infirmary! Of course, no one saw a thing! And the other woman denies it! Says she fell in the laundry!  Well I've considered this long enough! Suwicki doesn't belong here!  Summerville is no place for  a hard case like her! It's time to process that transfer recommendation to a maximum security prison! Maxwell is the only place for her!"

"Our girls can't cope with a hardened violent criminal like Vera Suwicki!" The Warden's train of thought continued. Though she sympathized with the inmates, and did her best for them, Edith did perhaps have a certain disdain for them. AND she had outright contempt for the group of toadies Vera had formed about herself.  They ran Vera's errands, followed her like a pack of whipped curs, and on demand satisfied her sexual demands. They were known collectively among the inmates as 'Vera's string of bitches.' They all addressed their leader as "Miss Vera" even when she wasn't around to enforce her dicta.

"How can any woman sink so low?" Edith thought with sniff of  disapproval. "Don't they have any pride or self-respect left? I suppose if they're too weak and cowardly to face life on the outside, they won't do any better in here!"

Edith sighed, resignedly. Based on long experience, she had come to regard the inmates as perpetual children who needed a stern mother figure to keep them in line. A stern mother figure was a role Warden Peterson was certainly cut out to fill. Coldly beautiful, the Warden was tall, powerfully built, and of martially erect carriage. Her imposing presence overawed all who came in contact with her.  No one ever dared take liberties with Edith Peterson.

Stern, but fair! Edith Peterson was an imminently fair prison administrator. She would do nothing behind an inmates back. Before she sent forward the transfer request she considered it her duty to tell Vera face to face.

Edith buzzed her inmate secretary Selma. "Selma, have them find Suwicki, and schedule her for a two-thirty appointment with me! Then I want to get out of here early! I have that Review Committee Dinner tonight and I want a little time to get ready!"

"Yes Warden!" Selma replied. Quite efficient for an inmate, Selma was loyal to her boss. It didn't surprise her that the Warden wanted to see Suwicki. Personally, Selma thought "that bitch" should get everything she had coming to her!  What did surprise Selma was that the Warden was leaving early. That was almost unheard of. Edtih ordinarily worked until six or seven every evening.

Even the arrogant Vera Suwicki gulped nervously when summoned to the Office of the woman who was all-powerful in the lives of the Summerville inmates.

"Shit! What does that bitch want with me?"

Vera found out what the Warden wanted with her, soon enough. The very large, nearly bare desk seemed to symbolize the Warden's boundless authority, as Vera stood nervously in front of it, twisting her hands. Like many bullies, Vera could be a cringing spaniel when confronted by greater power and authority than her own.

Warden Peterson sat back in her large chair, like a queen on her throne, observing Vera with a contemplative expression before she began.

Edith fairly outlined the inmate's many shortcomings and failures. The she came directly to the point.

"Suwicki, I won't beat around the bush! I'm having you transferred to Maxwell!"

The interview continued for some minutes with Vera pleading and promising to reform, but Edith was adamant.

"I've given you too many chances to turn yourself around already, Suwicki! You've had your three strikes and you're out!" The Warden concluded in a tone that brooked no further argument.

Shoulders slumped unhappily in defeat, Vera exited the Warden's Office. Edith glanced at her watch, remembering her resolve to leave her office early for a change.  She decided. " Well I'll process this transfer request tomorrow morning! If I leave now, I can still get some workout time in!"  It was very out of character for Edith to put off until tomorrow, what she could do today.

Feeling just a little guilty, the highly dedicated workaholic Warden picked up her brief case and purse, and left the office. She paused at Selma's desk, long enough to say. "I'm leaving now Selma you know where to reach me!"

"Yes ma'am! Have a good time at that dinner, y'hear!" Selma replied.

On her way out of the building, inmates scattered nervously, or obsequiously tried to curry favor with the Warden. Most knew, though that the imminently fair and evenhanded Edith Peterson played no favorites.

When she left the Warden's Office, Vera Suwicki was near panic. "Shit! Things are sweet here! I don't want to go to Maxwell! I may be pretty tough around here, but some o'those bitches'll eat me alive!"

Vera considered her options.  "I gotta' get out o'here before that Peterson bitch goes through with the transfer! Shit! Gettin' out aint' gonna be that hard! It's these prison rags!"   Vera's keen mind began working on escape. Getting out ot the minimum security prison might not be that hard, but in prison uniform she'd be picked up in hours.

"Need some civvy duds!"  Vera thought. "Shit! I got it! How about some o' Queen Edith's own clothes! That'd be rich!  She's got a big wardrobe, and her place is always deserted this time o'day. Them two trustees clean in the morning, and they got orders to be out o'there before lunch! "Sure, why not? Let Edith provide me with a new wardrobe! It's only fair!"

As Vera made her plans for escape, Edith walked swiftly across the prison grounds to her own  quarters, in an isolated corner of the facility grounds.

Entering her private sanctum, Edith's stiff posture relaxed a little. Here at least she could forget the cares of her job. It was always a relief to get away from the constant stress of dealing with, and being responsible for two thousand inmates and accompanying staff.

Edith began to prepare for the daily workout. She always looked forward to these daily workout sessions, since her messy and unpleasant divorce five years ago.  With few other outlets, she'd come to rely on strenuous exercise to relieve the stress of her demanding position. Over the years she turned more and more to weight training.  In the privacy of her own make shift gymnasium, next to her bedroom, Edith liked to exercise in the nude. She'd given strict orders she was never to be disturbed here, and few inmates or guards would dare go contrary to Warden Peterson's orders. Nudity gave the strait-laced Edith a titillating thrill of the forbidden, and it was especially pleasant after the constricting, somber, business attire she always wore on duty; and she was on duty most of the time.

Edith quickly removed her suit and blouse. Ahh! Now to get her heavy duty girdle and bra off! Edith believed proper foundation garments were essential to one in her position. Truthfully, without false modesty Edtih knew that they were unnecessary to contain her svelte figure. Even her noticeably large bosom was remarkably high set and resilient for a woman her age, and needed no brassiere. But Edith was a stickler for propriety.

Just as Edith began her exercises, Vera Suwicki, unaware of her presence, picked the lock of the side entrance, and slipped inside the sacrosanct Warden's Quarters. By luck, she found herself in Edith's bedroom. Not guessing that the Warden herself was in the next room behind the closed door, Vera began going through the closet. She soon selected some clothing she thought would do nicely. She was enjoying herself immensely. Reminded her of shoplifting forays when she was a teenager!  Vera slipped out of her own drab prison dress and was about to put on the purloined attire, when she accidentally jangled some loose metal hangers.

Straining at her weights, Edith heard the slight noise from the other room.

Edith set down the heavy barbell. Not pausing to put on her robe, she hurried to investigate. Always supremely confident in her own abilities and authority she gave no thought to personal safety. In the bedroom, Edith gasped in amazement. Vera Suwicki, naked in her own bedroom!
If Edith was amazed, Vera looked like she was seeing an apparition. What the hell was the naked Warden doing here at this time of day, striding directly toward her? Vera turned pale as a ghost, herself.

The Warden was to say the least annoyed. Finding a naked Vera Suwicki in her private quarters was a surprise she didn't need today. Moreover it was an interruption to her exercise routine, and she hated interruptions to her one time of peaceful contemplation. Well! Naked or not, she'd deal with this intrusion!

Edith's strong hand fell on Vera's shoulder. This insolent con wasn't going to get away before she could call the Captain of Guards, Inez Rivera, to come pick up the awol prisoner. Edith started to push Vera toward the telephone.

Vera was desperate. If she was returned to her cell, she would not only still face transfer to Maxwell, but the escape attempt would add years to her sentence. As Edith confidently grasped  her shoulder, Vera stiffened.

Bizarrely, the two women who faced each other in this tense situation, were both for different reasons, equally naked. Even in their stark nudity, one would immediately identify the tall robust blonde, with her erect carriage and self-assured stance, as a woman of consequence and authority. On the other hand, Vera's shifty glance and furtive slouch branded her one of inferior status.

It was therefor a surprising turn of events, when like a cornered rat, the skulking convict suddenly struck out. Vera's fist plowed into Edith's enormous right breast, bouncing it high on her chest. Edith squealed at the sharp pain in her bosom.

The Warden was naturally incensed that any convict would dare strike HER!  Vera had not only dared strike her, but now raised her fists aggressively to follow up her attack. In astonishment, Edith realized Vera wasn't going back to her punishment cell quietly.  She intended to resist! Was the convict demented?

The two women were alone in the isolated Warden's quarters. Edith would have to deal with this situation, alone.  Well so be it!  Edith hadn't done much boxing in years, but seeing Suwicki's aggressive stance, she confidently cocked her own fists. Edith always believed a good offense is the best defense, and she swung first at Vera. The Warden found Vera surprisingly hard to hit.

Edith swung a second time, but her hard fist only grazed Vera's arm, and her third punch missed, entirely.

Irked by her failure to hit the impudent convict, Edith swung even harder, and as a consequence more wildly. Initial lack of success didn't deter the resolute Warden. She continued to aggressively attack the elusive convict. "Maybe I am a little rusty, but it'll come back soon, enough!" Edith told herself.

Vera stayed on the defensive, bobbing and weaving, dodging most of Edith's furious swings. Every so often she'd throw a counter punch that while not as hard as Edith's wilder swings always  landed squarely and painfully. She especially targeted Edith's enormous breasts. Swinging violently about her broad chest they were too tempting to ignore.

Of course, every time Vera landed one of her painful punches, often accompanied by a sarcastic retort, it made the Warden madder and less cautious, which may have been Vera's intention

Vera was one of the bigger women of the inmate population, but she was still several inches shorter and twenty five pounds lighter, than the tall, massively built Edith Peterson. Vera's muscles were less defined and toned than Edith's, but it was said she was strong as a bull. Edith well knew her reputation as a bully and enforcer.

It couldn't be denied that after some years behind a desk, Warden Peterson's fighting skills were growing rusty, and though she was was in tip-top condition, she was certainly no light weight. The prolonged violent exertion was taking its toll; she was tiring fast.

Angry that she still hadn't finished Vera off by now, Edith made the mistake of launching a powerful roundhouse swing with all her strength. If the blow connected, it would have about taken Vera's head off, but once again Edith's punch didn't land. The wily convict ducked just in time.

In order to maintain  dominance over her fellow convicts Vera had to fight frequently, and HER fighting skills weren't rusty at all. One too many missed punches left Edith wide open. It was the opening Vera was waiting for, perhaps even setting the Warden up for. She nailed Edith in the gut, with a belly buster. Edith hadn't expected the quick return and wasn't ready. Vera's fist drove deep into her belly and she stiffened in shock.

For a moment Edith was paralyzed by the pain in her midsection. Vera didn't hesitate or waste her opportunity. She blasted a series of deadly rights and lefts into the Warden's belly. When Edith tried to block the punches her arms felt like lead, and Edith Vera drove though her faltering defense. Edith tried to stiffen her flat belly to resist, but she found after that first terrible punch, her thick slab of abdominal muscles were nearly useless to protect her.

As Edith staggered from the pain of the awful belly punches, Vera grabbed her arm and kicked her in the same spot with even more destructive force, barely missing her pubic mound.


End of Part 1.

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