This story contains graphic violence, n/c scenes, f/f rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Prison Blues. Part 2.


Vera's brutal relentless attack on her powerfully muscled belly doubled the Warden over in agony. She grabbed her belly with both hands, barely able to stay on her feet.

As the Warden twisted sideways, gasping in pain Vera threw a right that smashed into the back of her neck, with a force that further stunned Edith.

Vera's next punch, a left hook from the opposite direction, caught her gasping, reeling foe directly on the point of the chin. The punch lifted  Warden Peterson on her toes, and she crashed to the floor on her behind, badly dazed.

Vera's attack had been so lightening fast that Edith hardly knew what happened. Only seconds before, she was on the offensive, doing her best to hit the convict, now she was sitting on the floor, her head spinning in confusion, her entire midsection throbbing painfully.

Edith had no chance to recover, before Vera kicked her. Vera's foot landed at the base of her left breast as though kicking a football. Almost as large as one, the enormous mammary bounced high in the air.

The sharp new pain in her large, plump breast roused Warden Peterson from her stuperous daze. With a cry of pained anger, she scrambled to get up, to get at the presumptuous convict.

Vera had other ideas. As the Warden tried to get up, Vera kicked her in the belly. She might be barefoot, but her toenails were long, and coated with nail thickener, something Vera had learned the hard way, from shower fights. Moreover, Vera had a kick like a mule. Her toes penetrated Edith's sore tender belly flesh like daggers.

When Edith tried to twist out of range, Vera kicked her just as painfully in the sides and back.

No matter how she twisted and turned, Edith couldn't avoid Vera's deadly accurate kicks. Every time she almost succeed in getting to her knees, another kick would flatten her again.

Frantically trying to avoid the excruciating kicks, Edith ended by curling up in a defensive ball. Vera leaned over and grabbed the Warden by the hair and hauled her to her feet, as Edith screamed at the the painful grip on her blond hair.

Though sick and dizzy from repeated be kicks to almost every part of her body, Edith with a painful lunge of her powerful body desperately tore free, although she left two strands of blond hair in Vera's hands.

Edith's freedom was short-lived; before she could turn around, Vera expertly grabbed her left arm in a painful hammer lock, that lifted her up on her toes.

Edith Peterson was proud competitive woman who fought as she did everything to win, and she rarely lost at anything. She had to admit she might be getting the worst of this desperate contest, for the moment, but even now, she couldn't believe how really badly the fight was going for her.  How could she lose a fight to an inmate of her own prison? She'd suffered a temporary setback, that was all, but she'd soon rectify that!

On the other hand, by now, Vera, was arrogantly sure the fight was about over, and she had no doubt who the winner was.  In fact, Vera wasn't even fighting to win anymore. Instead, now she was methodically working the Warden over with the same brutal efficiency she once punished  gambler's delinquent in their debts to her bookie operation, or the way she worked over fellow inmates who disputed her illicit authority in the prison. HER prison, not Edith's as Vera liked to think of it!

Holding Edith's wrist in an unbreakable grip, Vera plowed three crippling punches into the Warden's kidneys.


End of Part 2.

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