An illustrated f/F domination/ catfight.

This story contains extremely graphic violence, rape and n/c sexual scenes. It is intended for mature adults only, and should not, under any circumstances, be read by anyone under twenty-one years of age.

"Not to bad for an old lady!" Hilda Davis thought, proudly, as she undressed.  The beautiful, thirty-eight-year-old widow had just won at tennis. It wasn't just any match, either. She'd decisively beaten her seventeen-year-old son's ex-girlfriend, Kim. When she was in her twenties, Hilda had been the long-reigning, club champion, but now, busy with her career, she only played for fun. The impudent, little redhead had challenged Hilda, with a snide reference to her age. Miffed, the beautiful blonde had played like a demon, winning every set.

The best part of her victory, though, was, when her son Tommy told her:  "Wow, you were terrific, Mom!  Kim's supposed to be the best junior player in the club. She beat Sue Miller, the club champ, last week. Everybody expects her to win the championship, herself, next month. Maybe you should enter again."

The only sour note had been, when Kim walked off the court, in a huff at being beaten.  Tommy had whispered:  "Don't worry about it, Mom!  She's a little crazy! That's  why we broke up."

Now, in the shower room, Hilda had undressed and was about to hop into a shower, before dressing to go home. As she adjusted the water temperature, a voice behind her said.

"Oh, Mrs. Davis, I'm sorry about being rude out there!"

Hilda turned and saw Kim. The girl was also nude. Even so, being naked in front of other people, always made Hilda uneasy, a relic of her strict catholic upbringing. She smiled, though, always a good sport. Anyway, Hilda thought, she certainly had nothing to be ashamed about. Her figure was terrific. Even if she was a little heavier than she was a girl, it was all solidly distributed over her tall, shapely form.

Kim extended her hand, as though to shake hands. Hilda smiled shyly, and extended her own right hand, unconsciously shielding her privates, with her left, as Kim came toward her, with a cocky smile, on her pretty face.

Just before she grasped Hilda's hand, Kim's foot lashed out.  Her long toe landed with perfect accuracy in Hilda's pussy.

"Congratulations Mrs.'D'!"  Kim crowed triumphantly, as Hilda doubled over in shock, crying out at the fierce pain.

"Are you crazy?'  The surprised matron gasped in dismay. As if in answer, Kim continued her attack.  As Hilda stumbled to the side, Kim slammed her knee into the big blonde's side.

Kim followed-up the knee, with a kick to the small of Hilda's back.  Hilda went down hard on her face, painfully flattening her sizeable bosom on the wet floor. The devilish teenager leaped on her back, and tried to strangle her floundering adversary.


Somehow Hilda rolled free, and stumbled to her feet.  She wheeled to face the ferocious teen.

"You stop this, right now!  Do you hear me?  If you don't you're going to get hurt!"  Hilda threatened angrily.

"Yeah!  Who's going to hurt me? Not you! That's for sure, you fat blonde cow!"

"Oh, how dare you talk to me, like that?"  Hilda seethed.

"Because Im not afraid of you, that's how!"  Kim laughed, and punched Hilda right in the breadbasket. As the surprised blonde stumbled back a step, Kim hit her in her left boob.


"Oh, you nasty, little witch!"  Hilda wailed, just before Kim smashed a hard fist into her jaw.

Kim's punch was so hard, it nearly knocked poor Hilda flat on her back, again. Before the stunned, young matron could recover, the nasty, young redhead wheeled around, and grabbed her by the neck.

"Here we go! Whoopsadaisy!"  Kim chortled, as she strained to judo toss the solidly-built blonde over her head.

"No, No don't!" Hilda wailed, but there was nothing she could do; she somersaulted through the air.


Hilda landed on the wet tiles, with a loud splatting sound. The impact just about knocked Hilda unconscious. 

The dazed blonde lay on the floor, for a moment, tying to get her bearings. Kim's fiendish laughter echoed in her ears.   The next thing she knew, Kim jumped on her and straddled her middle, pinning her helplessly to the floor.  Kim sat there crowing in triumph, hands on hips, daring Hilda to challenge her, again.  Poor Hilda knew she wasn't up to accepting anymore challenges from the devilish, young redhead, today. She was scared and hurt. The only thing she wanted right now, more than anything, was to get away from the little she-devil.

"G-get off me, you little snot!"  Hilda yelled. She tried to impart a tone of authority to her voice, but with the little devil sitting on top of her, that was difficult, if not impossible. She just sounded scared, her voice almost pleading.

In  her arrogance, Kim was not securely seated on the big, powerful blonde. With a dynamic lunge of her sleek body, Hilda sat up, tumbling the teen over backwards. She was too shocked to take advantage of her momentary success, though. She just wanted to escape, to get away from the hateful, little witch. She rolled over, and scrambled hurriedly to her feet.  Abandoning the struggle, and any thought of modesty, Hilda tried to run out of the shower room, naked. Her big, nude body jiggled excitingly as she ran.


It was no use!  The fiendish teen was right behind her. She caught Hilda by the hips, before the fleeing blonde ran three steps.

"Aww, c'mon back here,  and play some more, Hildy!  Aren't you having fun?  I thought you liked games. I guess you're not quite as good at catfighting, as at tennis, though, huh!  The rules are a little bit different!"

As she taunted Hilda, Kim twisted the blonde's arms behind her back, holding her helpless.


Kim pushed Hilda down on her knees, planted her foot in her back, and almost pulled her arms from their sockets. With her foot planted on Hilda's broad solid behind, Kim sneered.  "Boy you sure got a big, fat behind, Hildy!"

Hilda was weeping openly.  "Stop, stop! You're hurting me!  Let me go, pleaseeee?"  She wailed helplessly.

Finally, when Hilda had lost all feeling in her tormented arms, Kim released them. Hilda tumbled  over on her hands and knees.  Her ordeal wasn't over by any means. Kim had worse in store for her.

As Hilda crouched helplessly at the girl's feet, Kim stooped over and grabbed her neck, holding her motionless. Then the evil red-haired teen thrust her right hand between Hilda's massive buttocks, and pincered her vulnerable pussy.  "N-no, not there!"  Hilda wailed pathetically. Kim was remorseless, though. She tortured the helpless blonde matron, until Hilda was wailing in agony.

"I give!  I give!  Please don't hurt me anymore?"  Hilda begged. Kim laughingly derisively. She enjoyed Hilda's piteous whimpers for mercy, for a while, before she let go of the older woman's sore, tormented pussy. 

Kim stood up, and then without pausing, kicked Hilda over on her back again. Hilda lay helplessly at the girl's mercy, while Kim arrogantly settled down, and seated herself, right on Hilda's beautiful face. The nasty girl rubbed her immature pussy right against Hilda's face. Poor Hilda gagged in distress.

"Kiss it, you big, overgrown bitch!" Kim ordered, with arrogant assurance.

"Mmm-fff, no, no! That's disgusting!" Hilda wept. Scared and hurt as she was, she'd never do anything so horrible! It was sinful! How could this horrid girl expect her to do anything so disgustingly perverse? She was a decent woman!

Enraged by her victim's continued resistance, Kim jumped up and pulled Hilda up on her knees.

"All right, you dumb bimbo! I guess you need a few more lessons, to teach you good manners!"

Kim grabbed Hilda's wrist and dragged her across the room, toward a bench, set against the wall.

"Now crawl you stupid slut!" Kim crowed, as she pulled the reluctant weeping older woman.  

Poor Hilda tried to resist, but Kim gave her no chance. "C'mon, doggie bitch! Don't stop now we're almost there!"

When they got to the bench, Kim sat down and hauled Hilda up across her lap, like a helpless little girl. Hilda's parents never physically punished her as a child, and in school she was an over-achiever and model student. Once, though, she'd been with some friends, who were smoking in the girl's room. They other girls hadjust left, when Sister Margaret, the stern vice-principal came in and smelled the smoke. Although she was innocent, rather than rat on her friends, Hilda took the blame. Later in her office, Sister Margaret made Hilda lie down across her lap, and had spanked her. It had been the most embarrassing moment of Hilda's life. Until now, that is!

That happened when she was thirteen. It was incredibly more humiliating to be held helpless, in this awful, demeaning position, by this devil girl. After all, now, here she was, a grown woman, a wife and mother, a successful career woman, helplessly draped over the lap of a skinny, little teenager. Hilda felt tears running down her flushed face. She could have died of shame.

When she'd undressed, earlier, Hilda had laid her tennis racquet on the bench. Now, Kim picked it up. She swished it in the air, getting the feel of it. At first, Hilda lay abjectly still, but when Kim raised the racquet, and struck her ample backside, with extraordinary force, she shrieked and began to struggle. It didn't do any good; Kim had her securely in hand.

The pain was intense, and Hilda began to cry and beg. "Ooooh! (Sob, sob) Stop, please!"

Kim laughed madly, and kept on spanking the mature matron, she had beaten into submission. Finally, though, when Hilda was about at the end of her rope, Kim asked. "Ready now, Hildy?"

Hilda couldn't resist the little devil anymore. "Aw-all right!" She wept in hopeless surrender.

Kim pushed her ex-boyfriend's weeping, blonde mother, off her lap, and stood up. She dropped the racquet, and looked down at her hapless victim. Hilda was crouching on her knees, at her feet, sobbing broken- heartedly. Kim arrogantly thrust her pelvis into Hilda 's face. Gulping down her disgust, the terrified matron pressed her tear-stained face into Kim's crotch, and got busy with her sweet, little pink tongue.

Kim was surprised, pleasantly so,to find out how adept Hilda's terror made her. "Good girl, Mrs.'D'! You learn quick! Wonderful, what a little discipline will do!"

Poor Hilda was lucky in one way. Beating up and spanking the beautiful, grownup woman, had so excited Kim, that she came in a very short time. The girl cried out in triumphant ecstacy. Sated, she let Hilda fall to the floor. Now that she'd paid Hilda back, at least a hundredfold, for beating her at tennis, Kim swaggered out of the shower room, and dressed quickly.

Outside the club house, Kim met Tommy waiting by the car for his mother.

"Hey, 'Momma's Boy,' I think that tennis match was too much for your old lady! She didn't look so good when I saw her, inside there. She looks like she suffered some kind of attack!" Kim smirked, pleased with her cruel pun.

Tommy ran inside, alarmed by Kim's words. He was reluctant about going into the women's locker room, but the club was deserted at this hour, and after a moment's hesitation he went inside. He heard soft sobs from the shower area.

Tommy gasped when he ran in the shower room. His mother was lying on the floor, sobbing. She'd obviously been brutally beaten. Her face was badly bruised, and blood dribbled from her mouth. Seeing her son, Hilda felt a confused mixture of relief and terrible mortification. How could Tommy ever respect her, after seeing her like this?

"Oh, Tommy help me please?" Hilda whimpered. Then she sobbed. "Oh Tom, I'm so ashamed! Don't look at me!"

Tommy helped his stricken mother stand up, and get dressed. When he saw Hilda's lacerated buttocks, the sight almost made him sick to his stomach. It was terribly awkward for the boy to put his hands on his own mother's naked flesh. He realized what a beautiful, exciting woman she was, and was ashamed of his thoughts. At the same time, he felt deep sorrow and sympathy for her frightful ordeal. He blushed furiously, when one of her big, ripe breasts brushed against his arm. It took almost a half-hour for Tommy, to get Hilda dressed and out to the car. Hilda yelped in pain, when she sat down on the car seat. They were both in a state of near shock, as Tommy drove them home.