This story contains graphic violence, f/f, n/c and rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Jolly Roger.

Lady Arabella Hawkins, the headstrong daughter of the Governor General of Jamaica, and better known on the Spanish Main as Captain Scarlet, the fearless pirate hunter, at last caught up with Short Gen Silver, Captain of the Pirate Sloop, Saucy Slut, in the basement of Tortuga's notorious Skull 'n Bones Tavern.

With her dazzling sword play, Captain Scarlet swiftly disarmed the pirate queen and ordered her to yield.

Captain Scarlet unwisely accepted Short Gen's challenge to a bare knuckled match, though it was widely known Gen was unchallenged free-for-all champion of the pirate armada.

Loss of an eye and a limb in no way handicapped Short Gen, who  used her peg to the greatest advantage.

Captain Scarlet wielded  the deadliest sword, man or woman, in the Caribbean, but her fists were no match for the battle scarred veteran of Henry Morgan's march across Panama and sack of the Spanish City.

Short Gen had the arms of a gorilla. In the jungle march, she was attacked by an anaconda, but it was Gen who squeezed the giant snake to death. Once she got those arms wrapped around a foe their was little hope for the hapless victim, as Captain Scarlet discovered to her dismay.

The beaten and bedraggled pirate hunter, true to the code of the seadog tearfully rendered her homage to the better woman.

Short Gen dragged the beaten Captain Scarlet back to her ship, the Saucy Slut, and flung the unfortunate beauty to her sex starved crew of cutthroats, where her fate was too horrible to recount.

From that day on, Lady Arabella would be known only as Bubbsy, Captain Silver's much abused cabin slut.


The End.