WARNING: This story contains nudity, extreme graphic violence, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Editorial Comment: In response to requests, Gerda von Hipper, a.k.a. Fraulein Power makes two more appearances, in  the recently released "Fraulein Power's Trophies" Fraulein Power's Trophies  and in  this episode "Fraulein Power On Safari" These two stories are sequels to "Latin Holiday"  Latin Holiday and both occur in the week preceding the events of "Fraulein Power"  Fraulein Power

Author's Note: Certain attitudes and prejudices, presented herein, including but not limited to the accents of the characters, are not those of the author, but were widespread during, the era, and in the milieu, portrayed.

The Adventures of

Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy.



Fraulein Power On Safari. Part 1.

It had been a busy day, in 1949, for the diabolical fugitive war criminal, Commandant Gerda von Hipper, otherwise known as Fraulein Power, the Nazi super woman. She had attended the funeral services for one of her superheroine victims, and then disciplined another for disobedience. She was glad to sit down in front of her new television set and relax.

As Gerda turned on the news, she heard: "John Cameron Swayze here. On the international front, the United Nations has asked the incredible Drusilla, known as the Goddess of the Jungle, to address the General Assembly next week, regarding the problems of the emerging Jungle Nations. Drusilla is uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of the peoples of the Jungle. Many regard her as the living embodiment of the Jungle Goddess, and worship her accordingly.  It is a said that Drusilla's marvelous, super powers stem from the priceless Ruby Pendent she wears about her neck. To many, the wearer of the pendent actually personifies the Goddess of the Jungle, and is herself worshipped as a Goddess. In each generation, the most outstanding woman alive is chosen to wear that Pendent, by the Council of Wise Shamans of the Jungle..."

"Ach! Ja Drusilla! Zat Gott Damned Bitch!" Gerda von Hipper muttered. "I haff nodt vorgodden zat vun!"

The commentator went on: "In addition to her many other services to her people and humanity in general, Drusilla's contributions to the Allied war effort were phenomenal. In 1941, the Heroic Jungle Superheroine distinguished herself by nearly single-handedly stemming the Nazi invasion of her Jungle. Military analysts estimate she tied up a full five German Divisions in the fruitless Nazi invasion effort."

"Ja! Zat bitch! If General Rommel had zose divizions, he vould have beat zat damned Montgomery!" Gerda muttered again.

"Religious authorities of many denominations, headed by Francis Cardinal Spellman of the Archdiocese of New York have expressed concern that Drusilla's brief jungle attire may provide an inappropriate role model for the young people of the World. They have petitioned the United Nations that Drusilla be required to appear in more suitable and modest attire for her formal address to the August Body."

"Ach! Ja, Zomevun zhouldt protect ze young idiodts of ze Vorldt vrom zat zhamelezz zlut!"  Gerda continued her muttering.

Gerda had a personal grudge against Drusilla. She herself had been ordered to the jungle in 1941, with orders to capture the gallant jungle heroine. She remembered that encounter well...

As Drusilla hurried to stop an Nazi incursion, Commandant Gerda lay in wait:

Luckily for Gerda, a Nazi Patrol found her before Drusilla could return and turn her over to the Allies, but she was called back to Berlin in disgrace. A sneering Himmler nearly sent her to the Russian front for the duration. Only Gerda's abject willingness, and considerable talents, in orally satisfying the sexual appetites of most of the Nazi hierarchy on her knees saved her from that fate.

Gerda, gnashing her teeth, at that unpleasant memory, glanced up at the elaborate mahogany Trophy Board on her living room wall. On it, were mounted the uniforms of many of the Nation's greatest Wartime Superheroines, mute testimony to their disappearance from the public scene.

"Ja! Idt ist time for anozer hunting trip!" The vindictive Nazi grunted. "Idt ist time FRAULEIN POWER seddled zat liddle score viz zat jungle bitch! Maybe she von't make zat adddrez to zat damned new United Nations next veek! Ja, Fraulein Power owez idt to ze jung people to protecdt zer morals!  Ja tomorrow, Fraulein Power vill go on Safari! Ze huntink zhould be goot in ze jungle, zis time uv year!"

Next morning in her bedroom, Gerda eagerly donned her Fraulein Power costume, in preparation for her 'jungle safari'.

Before she headed toward the distant jungle, Fraulein Power made one critical detour.

"Ach zat oldt vool, Klinghausen zed my new veaponz isdt ready!  I vill needt zem for zat bitch Druzilla. She ist as ztrong as zat ozer zlut, Mighty Maid. Ja und zoon idt vill be zat Mighty Maid's turn!"

At Doctor Klinghausen's secret laboratory, the evil somewhat demented old man, who had originally made Gerda into the Nazi superwoman, was waiting eagerly.

"Ja, ja, Fraulein Gerda!  I haff zem!  I haff zem vor you! Zee! Power Mesh Gluffs, zat vill make you invinzible!  Remember vat you promizz iff I make zem vor you!  Ven i giff zem to you, you vill ledt me rub your boozoomz!"

"Ach! Vat promizz?" Fraulein Power snapped.

"Here! I haff idt in writink!" The old man gleefully replied.

"Ach! Ja, I zuppoz zo! Budt how do I know zey vill vork, like you zay?" Fraulein Power protested as she put on the gloves.

"Take zem outsidt und try zem, Mein Dear! You vill be zo happy! I promize!" The old man suggested eagerly.

Klinghausen and Gerda proceeded outside to a huge rock formation. Fraulein Power eyed the granite boulders a moment, and then smashed her fist into the largest of them. The giant boulder split in two, a huge chunk, large as a Mercedes Benz command car, flying into the air.

Gerda realized the Power Mesh Gloves were indeed a deadly weapon. No superheroine could stand before her! Even the incredibly powerful Mighty Maid and Drusilla would fall beneath the blows of her fists, now!  That comforting knowledge mellowed the flint hearted villainess for a moment and she fulfilled her promise to the vile, old scientist, who had made them for her. Fraulein Power pulled aside her Power Mesh leotard, baring her formidable bosom. "Ja, a promize ist a promize!"
She grunted.

Then, leaving the old scientist in a state of near sexual collapse, her new Power Mesh Gloves securely on her hands, Fraulein Power, carrying a small valise with some items she regarded as essential to her 'safari', set out for the jungle. Using the flying capabilities of her Power Mesh Costume, Fraulein Power rapidly winged her way out over the ocean, in the direction of the distant jungle where resided the semi-legendary Jungle Goddess.

Fraulein Power cruised back and forth over the jungle several times before she finally sighted her quarry. Drusilla was speeding through the dense jungle to obtain vaccine for a people stricken by epidemic. Her nimble, fleet footed pace, effortlessly maintained for hours or even days, would leave even the lightning quick cheetah far behind.

As Drusilla turned to face the intruder, Fraulein Power dropped her valise and tore off her mask, vindictively intent that her old enemy know who she faced. Revenge would be sweeter that way.


End of Part 1.

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