School Yard Tussle. Part 2.

At first, taken by surprise, by Georgia Sivana's astounding new strength, unknowingly robbed from her own body by the teen's devilish boots, Mary Marvel rose up in wrath, at the girl's vicious, knavish tactics, and flung Georgia to the ground.

Mary angrily cocked her fist. Georgia wriggled ineffectually, unable to escape the bigger girl's sturdy body pinning her to the ground.  About to finish Georgia off, Mary hesitated!  How could she hit a girl wearing glasses? That would be contrary to everything Mary Marvel stood for!

When Mary paused, unwilling to hit the spectacled teenager in the face, Georgia took quick advantage of the virtuous young superheroine's reticence, by sticking her finger in Mary's eye.

Mary twisted to avoid Georgia's stabbing finger.  As she did, the wily teen villainess tightened her skinny legs around the heroine's svelte waist. Already incredibly strong from her brief proximity to the superheroine, her skinny limbs gripped with the power and tenacity of twin pythons.  As Georgia's devilish boots came into direct contact with Mary's body, Georgia felt even more strength and power flow through the boots into her own body. At the same moment, a terrible weakness nearly paralyzed Mary.  With an exultant cry, Georgia clenched her thighs, tighter and tighter until...

Finally the relentless pressure grew too unbearable to resist. Crushed by the mighty, new power of Georgia's legs, a power, plundered, by the diabolical boots, from her own lovely body, Mary slumped forward, momentarily blacking out.

When she felt the sturdy, voluptuous body of her arch-foe go limp, Georgia released her deadly grip and stood, up laughing maniacally. Free of the intolerable suffocating pressure, Mary came to her senses with start, gasping for breath. For a moment, Mary could do no more than kneel on the ground gagging for breath. Georgia gave the gagging superheroine no time to recover.

Before Mary could move, Georgia jumped on her back, driving the heel of one of those deadly boots into the small of Mary's back, with excruciating effect.

Before Mary could recover from the paralyzing pain in her kidneys, Georgia used the new found power of the boots to torment the weakened superheroine, using every painful wrestling hold a diabolical, teenaged mind could devise. Her skinny limbs twisted Mary's sturdy body like a pretzel, until the World's Mightiest Girl was shrieking in pain.

Shrieking piteously at the inhuman punishment, Mary battled back desperately, but now, almost all her superpower was drained by the deadly boots, and she was exhausted and hurt by Georgia's cruel punishment.  The caped heroine's chances looked hopeless. The two young bystanders, who long idolized Mary Marvel as the epitome of everything they admired, could scarcely believe their eyes.  Could such disaster befall the mightiest of superheroines?

Finally, Georgia settled down on top of Mary, planting her tight, littler rear end firmly astride Mary's badly aching tummy.

It was obvious now, even to the adoring Suzy and Lisa, that the despicable Georgia had defeated their revered idol. As Georgia settled down on Mary Marvel's body, arrogantly displaying her overbearing mastery over the thrashed superheroine, Mary's young admirers fled in tears, heartbroken by the appalling downfall of their gallant, beloved heroine.

As her loyal followers reluctantly deserted her, the World's Mightiest Girl  experienced a moment of desperate dread at her unfamiliar agony and powerlessness. She almost sobbed in frustration, when she utterly failed to dislodge the small teenager.

Confidently scenting victory, Georgia demanded Mary Marvel admit she was beaten, spelling out the odious, galling words of surrender, she'd always dreamed of hearing.

"N-never!"  The scarlet clad crusader indignantly replied, but she couldn't hide the catch of uncertainty in her voice.

"I'll never give in to HER!"  The valiant young heroine silently resolved, redoubling her futile efforts to unseat Georgia.  Oh, but it was so disheartening!  No matter how frantically Mary struggled, it did no good; Georgia only laughed at her, and continued taunting her.  As one might guess, Georgia was not a magnanimous victor.

With a sinking heart, Mary realized she was staring her first defeat in the face.  Finally, Mary Marvel could struggle no more; she lay deadly still, beyond doubt, helplessly pinned  to the ground.  Once more, Georgia demanded Mary's surrender.  Though she still stubbornly refused to give in, Mary sniffed back an incipient tear. Could it be? Could the contemptible Georgia Sivana have thoroughly trounced our indomitable Mary Marvel?  Was there no justice on that deserted school playground?

Angered by Mary's stubborn refusal to admit defeat, Georgia began punching the helpless heroine in the face, viciously pummeling her head from side to side.

Finally, the seemingly invincible superheroine, victrix in a thousand battles against evil, could bear no more. With a forlorn whimper, Mary Marvel gasped out her submission.


End Of Part 2.

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