WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity and non-consensual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty one years of age.

Second Encounter. Part 3.

Laser Cat

Atlantea, Crown Princess of the Lost Continent, chosen to wear the Miraculous Laser Amulet of Felina, the Atlantean Cat Goddess, and sent by her Emperor Father to bring peace and harmony to the upper world!  The Amulet renders the Princess super powerful and nearly invincible! Calling herself Laser Cat, Atlantea crusades for Decency and Justice!

Having beaten laser Cat senseless, Dark Shadow picked up the unconscious superheroine and carried her off into the night.

A half hour later, in the basement of Dyssi Daim's suburban home, Laser Cat slowly regained her senses. She awoke to find herself naked and bound by restraints even she couldn't break. It was an alarming predicament, one that tested even Laser Cat's steely courage and resolve.

As Laser Cat struggled uselessly against her bonds, she looked up apprehensively to see Dark Shadow, minus her cape, coming toward her. The dark villainess posed threateningly over the defeated, bound superheroine, eyes gleaming, maliciously.

Maliciously demonstrating her mastery over her defeated foe, Dark Shadow plumped down athwart Laser Cat's trimly muscled middle.

For the first time in her career, Laser Cat discovered first hand the degrading horror of sexual molestation. That her molester was another woman, one who had already humiliatingly defeated her, stripped her nearly naked and made her a helpless captive, made the heroine's horror and mortification all but unendurable.

After brutally raping the virtuous heroine, the sadistic news woman, turned super villainess, paused to torment her victim a bit more.

Dyssi glanced at the time. She was almost due for her meeting with the Alien. "Damn This was just starting to get good!"

Dark Shadow prepared her debauched prisoner for transport. She took Laser Cat down to the garage and locked the frightened crimefighter in the trunk of her car.  She swiftly switched back to her alter ego of Dyssi Daim, and hurriedly drove to her scheduled rendezvous with the Alien woman, eager to display her prize.

"All right you can put her in there for now!" The Alien snorted, pointing to a stout door leading to a cell like room.

Dyssi swiftly complied with the order, shoving the sniffling, bound superheroine into the cell. Inside the equally bedraggled Ultrafemme was chained to the wall by a collar of extraterrestrial origin, even she couldn't break.


End of Part 3.

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