WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, and non-consensual sexual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

She Was The Sheriff.
Part 2. Conclusion.

In a desperate bid to break out of the Maycherry County jail, Lulu Lafarge beat up Sheriff Patsy Clark in a hand to hand confrontation.  Once Patsy screamed out her surrender, Lulu got up and with one hand, contemptuously hauled the sobbing Sheriff to her feet, by the scruff of the neck.

Patsy was never bested by a criminal before tonight, and her first defeat stunned and panicked her.  She was scared out of her wits, at what the ruthless Lulu would do to her.  She sniffled back her tears, and tried to swallow the lump in her throat.  Even when Lulu sneeringly fondled her quivering, naked breast, the buxom Sheriff was too scared to defend herself.  Trembling fearfully, she only whimpered a pitiful plea, in protest.

Lulu pushed the stunned, frightened Sheriff into the cell block area.  In a state of shock, Patsy didn't resist.  When Lulu let go of her, her trembling legs gave out, and she despondently slumped to her knees.  Lulu opened the cell, and pulled the naked Farny out.  He stood there, shamefaced in front of his boss, who, overwhelmed by her own failure, hardly noticed him, until Lulu gave her an order.

"Long as y'r down there, why'ncha give old Farn a blow job, Honey? It'll cheer him up, and do wonders for employee moral!"

Hearing Lulu's order, Farny's limp, little dick jumped to attention. Holy Cow! This could be the fulfillment of the fantasy he had, ever since Sheriff Clark became his boss.

"M-my God!  I c-couldn't!" The Sheriff whined, miserably.

"Rather I beat on those oversized tits, some more?" Lulu threatened.

The thought of taking that tiny shriveled thing into her mouth, filled Patsy with sick disgust, but she was too scared of the deadly Lulu to refuse.  The sniffling Sheriff let Lulu guide her head to Farny's crotch.

As Patsy's moist, pouting, bee stung, red lips touched it, Farny's wrinkled dick hardened like a rock. Gagging in revulsion, Patsy let the small penis slide past her trembling lips, all the way into her mouth.  The undersized dick seemed to grow in size as her tongue touched it, cramming her mouth and almost choking her.

Patsy didn't have Farny's little dick in her mouth too long, before the old deputy ejaculated a massive load of semen, that spurted down her throat.

"Wipe that smirk off your face, Deputy! That's an order!" Lulu chortled, as she shoved the moony faced Farny back in the cell and locked it.

When Lulu turned back to Patsy, she had an alarming new command for the unfortunate Sheriff, delivered with a painful, demeaning pinch on the cheek.

When Patsy whimpered in protest, Lulu smacked her across the face.  Without further objection, Patsy climbed to her feet, and began undressing.

As Patsy miserably began to remove her uniform, Lulu slipped out of the orange coverall.

Once they were both naked, Lulu made it clear to Patsy what she had in mind, if the whimpering Sheriff had any doubts.

Sheriff or no, Patsy was still at heart, a respectable, small-town woman.  What Lulu, all too obviously had in mind, horrified her.  Somehow, it seemed more unnatural, even worse than the disgusting thing Lulu made her do for Farny.  Knowing Farny was watching from his cell, practically drooling, didn't help matters any. The terrified Sheriff twisted around to flee, but she didn't get more than a step or two.


Lulu began toying with Sheriff Patsy's superbly contoured body, starting by lasciviously licking her nipple.  Patsy stiffened in disgust.  The law woman's distaste amused the depraved gangster; her victim's distress making her even hornier.

Patsy squealed and twisted in shock, when Lulu grabbed her mouthwateringly, out thrust left buttock, and squeezed it painfully.  Of course, more than one man in town came near risking jail time, by the urge to pinch, when confronted by the bold splendor of Patsy Clark's derriere.  Deputy Bife was heard saying, after a couple of beers with cronies,  "Yep! ya could set y'r drink on Sheriff Patsy's backside, an' never spill a drop!"

Lulu pushed Patsy up on an old packing crate that the Sheriff had ordered Deputy Bife to take out to the dumpster, when he came on duty the previous evening.  Not unexpectedly, the assignment slipped Farny's mind.

Lulu spread Patsy's strongly muscled thighs, and minutely examined the Sheriff's sexual organs, with the aplomb of a seasoned gynecologist.

Before Patsy knew it, Lulu was muff diving between her spread legs.

Lulu licked and tongued the frightened Sheriff's delectable pussy, until Patsy more from terror, than anything, began to respond.  Her tight pussy relaxed and began to flow. Once she turned Patsy on,  Lulu stood erect, and from seemingly nowhere, produced the Sheriff's service automatic, that she kicked from her hand at the beginning of Patsy's horrifying nightmare. Seeing the gun in Lulu's hand terrified the helpless Sheriff. She was so scared, she almost peed on the crate. She screamed a terrified plea.

It wasn't Lulu's intention to kill the captive law woman. She had an entirely different use in mind for Patsy's gun.  As the panic-stricken Sheriff cringed and gibbered in fear, Lulu slid the gun between her thighs, and teased her dripping, pussy lips with the cold steel. Patsy stiffened in terror, and a moment later, Lulu slid the barrel right inside her pussy.  Patsy wailed in shock.

It was horrible!  The metal was ice cold!  It hurt!  It was the worst violation, imaginable!  Yet, the icy snout of the automatic sliding and rotating within her tight pussy was the most erotic sensation Patsy ever experienced.  Her pussy muscles contracted, and gripped the steel, possessively. She moaned and gyrated, in lustful surrender to her own weapon!

Patsy came with an explosive climax she never imagined possible.  When Lulu slid the gun from her body, the spent Police Officer collapsed, crumpling to the floor beside the crate.

As Lulu stood over her, snickering in derision, Patsy was overcome by the shameful mortification of her response to the vicious rape.

Lulu pushed the crate out of the way, and set the Sheriff's gun on it.  Then, she stood menacingly over the stricken Sheriff, straddling her face.

As Patsy fearfully knew she would, Lulu squatted down on her face, pressing her naked crotch against the Sheriff's face.  Patsy was abjectly terrified of making the odious gangster mad, but she couldn't help involuntarily struggling.

When the reluctant law woman hesitated, Lulu grabbed the bun at the back of her head, and forced Patsy's mouth against her pussy. The Sheriff had no choice!  With a sob of shame, Patsy began to lick and kiss Lulu's dripping pussy.

Lulu came, as explosively as Farny, himself.  There was certainly something about forcing a beautiful Policewoman to gratify her lust, that made the pleasure irresistible.

The miserable Sheriff was hardly gratified by Lulu's admiration for her erotic talents, particularly when her nose and mouth were still so tightly jammed into the criminals crotch that she couldn't breathe.

Lulu suddenly realizing how much precious time she'd used up, sprang from Patsy's trembling form.  Patsy crawled up on her knees, just as Lulu brandished her own handcuffs in front of her.  Now, after everything else she suffered, the Sheriff endured the final, mortifying ignominy of being secured by her own handcuffs.

Lulu snapped a cuff on Patsy's left wrist, and then looped the cuffs over an exposed water pipe of the old building.  She snapped the other cuff on Patsy's right wrist, dangling the Sheriff's limp body from the overhead pipe.

After she'd humiliatingly dangled the miserable Sheriff from the pipe, with her own handcuffs, Lulu picked up, and donned Farny's uniform which was about her size.

Dressed in the Deputy Sheriff uniform, Lulu gave Patsy a final squeeze on her rounded hip, and a parting kiss on her trembling breast.

Then, the wickedly impulsive Lulu had another devilish thought.  She picked up Patsy's discarded uniform shirt, and unpinned the badge from the breast pocket.

As Lulu turned back to the handcuffed Sheriff, Patsy whimpered. "Whatya...(sniffle)...g-going t-to d-d-do with with th-that?"

"Well I just wanted to make sure every body knew you were the Sheriff, Sweety!"  Lulu smirked, as she maliciously pinned the badge to the delicate, white flesh of Patsy's opulent, naked left breast.


As Lulu turned and hurried from the jail, the vanquished Sheriff, with a small moan of misery, mercifully passed out, overcome by the pain and anguish of the worst night of her life.


The End.


When the astonished day shift of deputies arrived at the jail house at seven next morning, they found the humiliated, wretchedly tormented Patsy, and the still enraptured Farny, where Lulu left them.

Luckily, the State Police apprehended Lulu at a road block later that day. It wasn't much consolation to Patsy Clark to know Lulu probably would have gotten clean away, if she hadn't paused for that late night dalliance with the captive Sheriff and her deputy.

Patsy spent the day and next night in the hospital suffering from shock, while the news of Lulu's escape spread like wildfire, all over town.

Farny couldn't keep his big mouth shut, and made matters worse, by 'confidentially' bragging all over town, how Lulu made Patsy go down on him.  Worse, he blabbed the details of what went on between Lulu and Patsy afterwards.  With each retelling, Farny's account became more lurid.  The story became so graphically explicit, that by the time Farny recounted it to Floyd the Barber, Floyd had to retire to the back room of the barber shop, for half an hour, to 'compose' himself.

When she returned to duty, Sheriff Clark found herself a laughingstock. By election day, Patsy Clark's reputation as a Peace officer was still the joke of the County.  Lulu's dramatic escape doomed Patsy's hopes for reelection.  Not unsurprisingly, she lost the election by the worst landslide in County history. Luckily, Patsy found a job in the Maycherry Library.

The newly elected  Sheriff's first official act was to fire Deputy Bife.  Farny got a job at Goober's Gas station.

Secure in his new job, Farny's proposed marriage.  His offer was indignantly turned down by the new Maycherry librarian, who bodily threw him over the railing of her front porch, to abundantly emphasize her feelings for her former Deputy.