Note: This story contains graphic violence, nudity, n/c, f/f rape,
and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty one years of age.

Super Powers. Part 2.

Now that she had flattened her with her fists, Suprema prepared to take the evil Gray Shadow into custody, and end her brief reign of terror.

Yet even lying on her back, Gray Shadow proved as dangerous as a coiled snake. Her foot lashed out, catching Suprema in the most vulnerable and intimate spot of her fantastic body.

Suprema clutched at her injured body, wailing at the awful pain from the despicable low kick.

Stricken by the dastardly blow to her womanhood, two more swift, deadly kicks knocked Suprema  off her feet.

Before Suprema could rise, Gray Shadow flung herself atop the downed heroine.

Though Zelda Gray had spent her entire sedentary, adult life in the lab, Gray Shadow displayed surprising intuitive wrestling skills. Rolling about on the floor, the smaller, but somewhat quicker, neophyte villainess proved an adept grappler, perhaps more adept than her larger foe. Of course, with super strength always at her disposal, Suprema never needed to engage in rough and tumble brawling, and the aristocratic Bedelia Vandergilt disdained it as unladylike, a luxury she could scarce afford this fateful morning.

Gray Shadow was surprised herself by her grappling ability, attributing it to her passion for professional wrestling shows, an incongruous passion that often amused her subordinates in the lab. Her success might also be attributed to a savage long repressed sadistic streak, combined with a pathological, jealous hatred for her foe. In any case Suprema found herself at a disadvantage; the gray clad villainess roughly wrapped her legs about the heroine's body, and painfully wrenched her arm backward

As quick and deadly as a striking snake, Gray Shadow entwined her sinuous limbs about her larger, more powerfully built foe, in an insidious grip that rendered the astonished Suprema immobile.

Suprema could hardly believe what just happened. This was some fluke, soon remedied, wasn't it? Yet, she struggled with all her super strength to break the increasingly painful grip, but to no avail. She had never been in such an awkward predicament in her entire career. It was downright embarrassing for the World's Mightiest Superheroine! The proud, dauntless Suprema was scarcely troubled by the momentary setback, but she didn't like being embarrassed one little bit. Suprema resolved to turn the tables quickly; then she'd teach this nasty, gray devil a much needed lesson. Unfortunately, turning the tables proved more difficult than Suprema anticipated, in fact, seemingly impossible.

Unable to escape, Suprema gasped desperately, finding it increasingly difficult to breathe. Of course her initial failure to reverse the hold, merely strengthened the strong willed heroine's resolve. She struggled with increased determination, but to her consternation, she still couldn't escape. As she struggled futilely, her incredible strength was ebbing away from pain and lack of oxygen. Yet even in this distressing trap, the ever victorious superheroine was confident no woman on earth, even one possessed of her own super powers, could hold her long. Once she reversed this temporary setback, her smirking foe would pay dearly! Gray Shadow whose confidence grew every second, thought otherwise.

Sometimes, Gray Shadow would roll backward, lifting Suprema right into the air, legs kicking wildly and uselessly. The crafty maneuver increased Suprema's angry chagrin at her inability to escape, and she struggled even more furiously, but just as fruitlessly. As the cunning villainess guessed, her foe's wild, frantic exertions hastened her inevitable loss of strength.

Gray Shadow sensed that though her deadly limbs were remorselessly weakening her gasping foe, if she had even more leverage, she could substantially step up the punishing pressure on Suprema's aching middle. What she had in mind was a gamble. If she didn't execute the maneuver exactly right, there was a danger Suprema could escape her clutches. Timing the action with great care, Gray Shadow suddenly rolled over on her side. Though caught by surprise, Suprema saw her chance to escape.

Realizing her chance, Suprema made another desperate, herculean bid to free herself. Yet, Gray Shadow was so quick, that though the hampered heroine strained every muscle in her phenomenally powerful body, she couldn't loosen those deadly thighs before Gray Shadow masterfully twisted her over on her belly.

Gray Shadow's successful gamble paid off as anticipated. She had drastically increased her leverage, and now, her irresistible thighs nearly pulverized the stricken superheroine's middle. Growing weaker every second, and in incredible torment, Suprema no longer thought of retaliation, but only of escape from this deadly, daunting trap, but every second of oxygen starved torture lessened her chances.

Become arrogantly certain of her commanding ascendancy, Gray Shadow gripped Suprema's buttock in an insultingly possessive grip, and chortled in glee at her mastery.  As the vicious villainess taunted her, Suprema groaned loudly in terrible distress, her self-assured confidence in escape had all but ebbed away.

Vainly struggling for air in the devilish hold, in ever increasing pain, Suprema gasped desperately, seeing black spots in front of her dimming eyes.

Was there was no escape from those fearfully strong thighs cutting into her vitals? Suprema's lungs strained uselessly; her sight grew dim. In sick horror, she knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Gray Shadow sensed the end was near, and crowed in elation.

 Inevitably the darkness closed over Suprema, and her mighty form went limp.

Gray Shadow rose from Suprema's still form, with a sneer of jubilation.

Suprema was unconscious and at her mercy, yet Gray Shadow had no intention of letting the woman she so hated off this easily. A brutal kick to the belly, roused the fallen superheroine.

As soon as the brutal kick roused her, Suprema tried to get up, but she was weaker than she could ever remember. Gray Shadow's deadly kicks rained down without let on her twisting body. Getting up was impossible. Involuntarily, Suprema cried for respite.

The savage, vengeful Gray Shadow granted no respite. She followed up her advantage with fiendish brutality, while Suprema cried out in agonized helplessness.

Gray Shadow made it impossible for her foe to rise or retaliate, gleefully kicking Suprema's most vulnerable erogenous areas, inflicting unbelievable pain and anguish, and nearly paralyzing the squirming heroine.

Overwhelmed by the knot of fiery pain in her belly, and injured womanhood, Suprema instinctively curled up in a defensive ball.


End of Part 2.

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