WARNING: This story contains nudity, graphic violence, rape and other adult themes. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults, over the age of twenty-one.

Uberfrau's Wrath. Part 2.

Somehow the perplexed superheroine remained standing after Uberfrau's devastating punch, but now, long curvy legs trembling uncontrollably, there was nothing but plucky, Amazon determination keeping Diana on her feet. Her strongly molded arms dangled by her sides, too numb and weary to raise, leaving her defenseless. Uberfrau, arrogantly confident, now, in the power of Frea's Black Girdle, regarded her foe's enfeebled distress with smug anticipation.

Uberfrau swiftly capitalized on the Amazon's incapacity, striking with a right cross that spun her weary foe in a circle.

Almost out on her feet, it seemed to the star spangled heroine, that the Nazi's fists were everywhere. Now behind her, Uberfrau pounded her groggy Amazon foe's kidneys.

As the raven haired heroine staggered forward, away from the barrage of punches to her back, Uberfrau grabbed her around the middle, with a grip a gorilla might envy. Unexpectedly imprisoned in Uberfrau's incredibly powerful arms, Diana squalled apprehensively.

In her dangerous, eventful career, the amazing Amazon Princess had occasionally been temporarily captured by foes, but always by trickery; a blow from behind, the sneaky use of chloroform, or by some artful hand snatching away her Power Belt or Golden Lasso. Now, for the first time in her  entire life, a foe had repeatedly beaten her to her knees, thoroughly trounced her, face to face, one on one, WHILE she wore her Power Girdle. Could EVIL triumph over VIRTUE? How could the perpetually victorious Amazon Warrior deal with such appalling, disconcerting disaster?  It shook her faith not only in herself but in everything she believed and stood for.

Her middle and back already pounded to jelly, Diana wriggled feebly, utterly powerless to escape Uberfrau's brutally strong arms. Such utter helplessness was more then a little frightening, testing Amazon courage to its limit, perhaps beyond its limit. Diana felt a panicky queasiness in her aching pulverized belly. She HAD to escape this trap!

Yet there was no escape from THIS trap! Uberfrau's grip was unshakable and ever tightening. The Amazon Princess never before experienced panic, but now it overwhelmed her. Wailing in near hysteria, she kicked and struggled like a mad woman to escape the frightful bondage of Uberfrau's mighty arms. There was no martial skill in her struggles, just her panicky desperate need to be free of those terrible arms.

Her desperate panicky struggles were all to no avail. The trapped Amazon heroine, scarcely able to breathe, grew weaker and weaker. Her wild struggles could do no more than sap what remained of that phenomenal strength imparted by Hera's Girdle. Her flailing arms and kicking legs sagged in forlorn impotence. As her keen vision blurred and darkened, Diana's desperate panic was heightened by the despairing realization that she was no match for Uberfrau.

Growing ever weaker, and more afraid, Diana hopelessly prayed to her patron goddess for strength and courage.

Her despondent prayers unanswered, Diana inevitably succumbed to the Nazi's incredible power, slumping  forward nearly unconscious.

With a snort of contemptuous satisfaction, Uberfrau felt her foe's steely, furiously straining body turn to jelly, and sag limply in her implacable arms. With another satisfied snort, she let the enfeebled Amazon loose. Free of those terrifying arms, Diana dropped to the ground like a stone. Slumping on her knees, she was once again powerless to rise.

"The devil has won; I can't fight her anymore!" In bitter resignation, the courageous Amazon almost wept at the bitter truth. She, the most formidable of all Amazon Warriors, was a beaten woman!  The hysterical panic of moments before coalesced into a cold knot of fear in her sick, aching belly.

Uberfrau grabbed the defeated, terrified Amazon Maiden by her bodice, tearing it from her incredibly exciting, untitled bosom, with her brutal grip. Diana wailed fearfully as the Nazi raised her rock hard fist.

Smiling at her defeated foe's obvious terror, Uberfrau smashed her brutal fist into the heroine's face. The force of the blow might have felled a sturdy tree.

The terrible blow was devastating; and the half denuded Amazon champion  sprawled full length on the ground, momentarily losing consciousness.

Arrogantly certain the fabled Amazon Princess was indeed helpless, Uberfrau boldly clapped Diana's Royal Tiara on her own bullet head, and then proceeded to despoil the Amazon maiden of her other Divine gifts, snatching  the Girdle of Hera from about her sleek, supple waist, and with it the Lasso of Truth.

Diana came back to consciousness to find the evil Nazi robbing her of the precious artifacts entrusted to her by her Mother the Amazon Queen, to aid her in her mission of peace to the world of men. Diana began to weep miserably at the enormity of her failure. She the Crown Princess of the Amazons had surrendered through defeat those precious Divine Gifts to the odious hand of a Nazi.

Uberfrau fastened the Amazon Lasso to her own Black Girdle. Having plundered her fallen foe's battered, bruised body, Uberfrau grabbed a handful of raven locks and pulled the helpless Amazon to her knees. Femininely curvaceous, the heroine's tall, deceptively slim but power packed body weighed a solid hundred and sixty pounds, but with the Power of her own evil girdle, Uberfrau easily lifted Diana with one hand. All her weight suspended by her hair, the new pain was atrocious and Diana squealed in shock.

Diana was still so weak from the terrible beating, that she would have keeled over again, if Uberfrau wasn't holding her erect by the painful grip on her hair. She sobbed in pain, AND FEAR. In her entire life, before today, the Amazon Champion never lost a contest or battle, and being so easily defeated and  brutally beaten by the Evil Nazi woman was a frightful shock. Uberfrau's terrible merciless brutality had kindled an unquenchable terror in that shapely Amazon bosom, that never before knew fear.

"How did this vicious  Nazi beast do this to me?...she isn't even breathing hard...Oh Hera I hurt all over...and...and she's so cruel...sh-she scares me...what will she do with me now that she's captured me?"

Elated by victory, Uberfrau cruelly demanded the beaten Amazon acknowledge her defeat.

Diana was about to retort defiantly, but then that terrible knot of terror in her belly tightened spasmodically, making her all too aware that she was completely, defenselessly at Uberfrau's mercy.

"Oh Hera, forgive me! If I don't say it, the Bitch will beat me some more!"

In a faltering stammer, the trembling, fearful Amazon Princess humbly conceded her foe's superiority.

Seeing the naked, undisguised terror in the hapless Amazon's eyes, Uberfrau doubted that she even needed the Lasso of Truth for the next step in her destruction of the renowned superheroine, but with Teutonic thoroughness she concluded it was wise to be certain. "Anyway, I'd like to try the thing out!"

Uberfrau looped the Lasso around the Amazon's slender, elegantly swan-like  neck, pulling it tight as a noose. The metallic cord cut into the soft flesh of her white throat, until Diana feared the Nazi was about to strangle her with her own Lasso.

"They say no one bound by this Lasso can lie or resist any command!" Uberfrau chortled triumphantly. "Now! Tell me your secret identity, Bitch!"

Her secret identity? The precious, most closely guarded secret of all superheroines! NO! She couldn't! Diana resisted the demand with all her powerful Amazon will, but it was no use; the power of the Lasso was too strong, and at last she stammered out her secret.

Uberfrau snickered in derision. "Lt. Prince? That mousy little frump, with the thick glasses and the awful hairdo? Ha, ha! What a joke you are! How do you hide those big fat titties under that uniform?" Secretly Lisel was vastly pleased by the information. Lt. Prince could be a valuable asset, but that could wait.  Now, it was time for some amusement at her beaten foe's expense.

Uberfrau commanded Diana, still bound by the Lasso, to do the most vile, demeaning act, a perverted mind could imagine.

The virtuous Amazon Maiden had no idea what the Nazi was commanding her to do, until the evil witch explained in graphic detail. Disgusted and mortified by the vicious command, but bound by her own Lasso, Diana had no choice but to obey, though for a moment she again did her best to resist.

"I-I w-won't do THAT..."

"Obey ME!" Uberfrau snapped, and Diana's resistance melted once again.

With a heart-broken sob, the chaste, unsullied idol of the Free World thrust her hand inside her star-spangled briefs, and with hesitant, inexperienced fingers touched her sweetly innocent pussy.

As her slender fingers, tingling in dread, shyly touched the lips of that forbidden rosebud orifice, Diana was overcome by a wave of carnal agitation she never experienced before. The vile act proved a relief from the shock of devastating defeat and the unfamiliar terror agitating her sumptuous breast.  Hating what she was doing, and praying for forgiveness for this wicked transgression of Divine command, Diana nevertheless lustily stroked and caressed her maidenly clitoris. Her rapturous fervor grew so great, she doubted if she could stop, even if Uberfrau ordered her to do do by the power of the Lasso. For a few moments erotic gratification blotted pain, defeat and craven terror, from the unfortunate maiden's mind.

Uberfrau looked on, with a cynical, knowing smirk, seeing the glazed eyes, the half open mouth, the right arm gyrating frantically, hearing the throaty purring moans.

Emotional need of such feverish pitch couldn't be long denied, and the chaste heroine's inexperienced, yet, nimble fingers, soon induced a shattering orgasm.


End of Part 2.

How could the mighty Amazon heroine ever hold her head up again after this shameful humiliation? Could any mortification exceed her harrowing, enforced self-rape?

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