WARNING: This story contains graphic violence and nudity, F\F N\C and anal  rape. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by, mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

NOTE: No horses were injured, in the making of this production.

Silver Valkyrie, Norse Champion of Justice


Duel of Dominion
Part 2

On her knees, gasping for breath, after her tremendous exertion, Morganna saw Silver Valkyrie already straining to rise, to face her again.  She wondered why she'd ever started this. Though the evil Jotunheim charm had sapped much of the superheroine's Aesir strength, the big, blonde Valkyrie still looked pretty intimidating to the witch.  Now, Morganna must finish the job, on her own, if she could.

"Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained!"  Taking a deep breath, Morganna fiendishly wrenched the silver chains of the still groggy heroine's Valkyrie thong, so they knifed into the forbidden areas of her crotch.

The sharp, beastly pain in genitalia and anus, brought Silver Valkyrie fully back to her senses, with a cry of dismay.  Reacting quickly to the fierce pain, she wrenched free.  As she twisted to the side, Morganna, heartened by her success, grabbed her foe around the middle from behind, and with a mighty heave, easily swung the heroically formed Valkyrie into the air, applying a sudden crushing bear hug.

Still dazed and shaken, seemingly from the incredible pressure of Morganna's thighs, but, all unknowingly, more so, from the unsuspected touch of the hellish charm from Jotunheim, it was a moment before Silver Valkyrie could react against Morganna's strong arms.  By then, they were cutting deeply into her middle body, defying the power of her superb, abdominal muscles, and crushing her intestines.

The shock of her predicament soon cleared Silver Valkyrie's head, and she fought with all her Valkyrie strength to break free.  Certainly, no Valkyrie gave in to a little setback, that easily!  It was a hold, that normally the strong, agile Shield Maiden of Odin would counter, and break with ease, even against one of her mighty, Valkyrie sisters.  Yet now, Silver Valkyrie found this mortal's plump arms an inescapable prison, hard as she fought.

A shadow of doubt crossed Silver Valkyrie's mind.  Was this mortal witch woman stronger than the mightiest Valkyrie warrior?   Incredible as it seemed, Silver Valkyrie began to believe it was so, for the harder she struggled, the tighter Morganna squeezed, and the weaker she grew.  Once more, Silver Valkyrie felt her senses reeling, and her body sagging in helpless bondage to Morganna's' strong limbs.

Morganna was certain that she was doing great damage to her foe, but even so, she found it increasingly difficult to maintain the punishing hold for very long.  She was incredibly strong, for a mortal woman, but holding the heavy body of the Valkyrie aloft was a strain in itself, and even the Jotunheim charm had not drained all of that incredible Aesir strength.  It was like holding on to an angry, fully grown lioness, with her bare hands.

Too, the strain of that grueling scissors hold had taken almost as much out of Morganna, as it had Silver Valkyrie.  Morganna felt her legs trembling at the new strain, and her own lungs were as starved for air as her slumping foe.

"She must be nearly finished!"  Morganna told herself hopefully, and having no choice, let Silver Valkyrie drop to the ground, though she till had enough breath left to taunt the valiant Valkyrie, as she dropped her.

Silver Valkyrie was certainly hurt, but not as badly as Morganna hoped, and Valkyries rebound quickly.  When the witch dropped her, she kept her shaky legs under her, twisted with lithe grace, and threw a powerful blow directly at Morganna's face.  Suspecting she had been overly optimistic in releasing her adversary, the wily Morganna was on her guard.  She dodged backward, and the blow just grazed her chin.


"By Thor's Hammer!  How could I miss an easy punch like that?"  Silver Valkyrie fretted.  "Well this one won't miss!"  The beautiful superheroine resolutely told herself, as she aimed her next blow with skilled practice.

Yet, despite her care, Morganna ducked Silver Valkyrie's second punch, too, and this time, from her crouch, she retaliated with a short, brutal, straight left, that nailed the big blonde squarely in the soar plexus.

The evil giant's charm, insidiously continued its dire mischief.  Morganna's punch, though extraordinarily powerful by mortal standards, would not normally faze the Valkyrie champion, but now it took her breath away.

"What's the matter with me?"  Silver Valkyrie worried anxiously, beginning to question her own warrior skill, as she gagged for breath.  Though unaware of the witch's use of the dark charm, she sensed some dark spell awork at Morganna's bidding.  Before Silver Valkyrie could act on her suspicion, Morganna straightened up, and as she did, nailed her befuddled Aesir foe with a wicked right, that landed even lower and more painfully than the first punch.

Before the valiant Valkyrie heroine could shake off the effects of that second belly punch, Morganna kicked her viciously between the legs, and then landed a left hook to nearly the same spot.

The injuries to her womanhood and lower body hurt Silver Valkyrie, as no blows in her long life, ever had. They made her physically sick.  For a moment, her guard drooped low. Crafty Morganna spied the opening, and  threw a haymaker at the blonde crimefighter's jaw.  The punch snapped Silver Valkyrie's head backward, and sent a lightening bolt of pain through her skull.

Silver Valkyrie's sky-blue eyes glazed.  She was hardly able to defend herself, in fact, hardly able to stand.  As her sleek, shapely legs wobbled, and her strong arms dangled by her sides, Morganna plowed a series of punches into her face.  Silver Valkyrie maneuvered desperately to avoid the deadly barrage, but her dulled efforts were clumsy and unsuccessful, and the attack left the valiant crimefighter's head reeling.

With smug delight, Morganna saw the mighty Valkyrie stagger groggily.
"Ha! She's nearly out on her feet!  I'm going to beat her!"  She silently exulted, preparing to finish the destruction begun by the giant's charm.

Hardly knowing what she was doing, the dazed heroine stumbled forward, right into Morganna's waiting clutches.  Morganna grabbed Silver Valkyrie's arms, and holding her in an inescapable grip, delivered a deadly kick to her hurt foe's lower belly, then followed it with another of those devastating kicks to Silver Valkyrie's womanhood. she grinned, enjoying the squishy feel of her sharp toe penetrating the forbidden feminine sanctum, and the sound  of her supposedly invincible foe gurgling sickly at the pain.

Almost undone by the fierce pain, Silver Valkyrie helplessly pitched forward. Morganna grabbed her left arm, and with a skillful twist, painfully flung the daunted blonde crimefighter to her knees.

Silver Valkyrie gallantly tried to rise, but she only made it to one knee, when  agonizing giddiness engulfed her.  Morganna grabbed her silvery halter, and pulled her face closer.  Silver Valkyrie looked up at her hateful foe, helplessly.  Powerless vulnerability was so alien and unnatural to the  indomitable Aesir Shield Maiden, that for a moment, a terrible dread stabbed her proud bosom.  There MUST be some evil spell robbing her, not only of strength and invulnerability, but of Valkyrie courage, as well!  The fearless Aesir maiden had faced terrible dangers in her career, but always with lighthearted courage.  Now, her fast-beating heart was heavy with dark foreboding, and she felt herself trembling.

Greedily eager to savor her impending, evil triumph, Morganna paused a moment, to mash Silver Valkyrie's beautiful face against her massive bosom, rubbing her victim's nose in the might of her breasts.  The helpless crimefighter gagged in disgust, scarcely able to breathe, in the fleshy thrall of those overblown teats. Their ponderous weight threateningly engulfed her delicate features.  She found them a far worse, more distressing, flesh trap, than even those fat thighs.  Silver Valkyrie humiliatingly tasted, in Morganna's massive bosom, the dreadful, bilious flavor of impending defeat. Was there no way she could defeat this sinister witch?


End of Part 2

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