This story contains graphic violence, bestiality, n/c, f/f rape, and other elements that make it unsuitable for younger readers.  It is intended for, and should only be read by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Miss Vera's Slut. Part 1.

It was two days since Vera Suwicki's attempted escape from Summerville Correctional Facility. Things had changed dramatically for the convict in those two days. This morning, newly appointed  Trustee Suwicki approached the Warden's office carrying a small parcel. At the desk of the Warden's new secretary, not coincidentally one of her own string of 'bitches', Vera paused.

"Ruthy hold all HER calls and don't let no one else in! Tell'em she's in conference 'r somethin'!"

"Sure thing, Miss Vera!" Ruthy chirped always eager to perform a service for her master.

In her office, the Warden, Edith Peterson, was at her desk, nervously trying to concentrate on her work. Yesterday, her hand shaking and her stomach turning over, she signed the order appointing Vera a trustee.  It had been two days since she'd seen Vera, but the threat of her presence haunted her every waking minute and filled her sleeping hours with nightmares.

It hardly seemed impossible that it was only two days since Warden Peterson's world turned upside down. (See Prison Blues by GW   Prison Blues 1. )

It started when Edith decided that troublesome convict Vera Suwicki must  be transferred out of Summerville, and so informed her. In a desperate escape attempt to avoid the transfer, Vera broke into the Warden's own quarters to steal civilian clothing for her flight. By a stroke of mischance Edith had, contrary to all expectations, come back early to prepare for a Review Committee Dinner.

Caught in the act of attempting to escape, by the Warden herself, Vera desperately attacked Edith to avoid recapture.

The fight had gone against Edith, and Vera had subjected the captive Warden to unspeakable  abuse.

To secure a hold over the Warden, Vera forced Edtih to write out in her own handwriting a mortifying account of her ordeal, one that she could never bear to see made public. That awful document now rested secretly in the safe of Vera's shyster attorney. It was a frightful sword hanging over Edith's head.

Edtih hadn't seen Vera since that awful night, but the triumphant convict made her threatening influence known.

Yesterday, Ruthy hesitantly edged into The Warden's Office and handed Edith a note. Ruthy, a flighty nineteen year old, many considered an air head, would admit herself, that beyond a smattering of typing and shorthand, she lacked all secretarial skills.  Knowing Vera of all people was recommending her for a job as secretary, Ruthy expected the Warden to send her packing in no uncertain terms. She was, therefore, amazed when the stiff-backed Warden's face turned pale as she read the note. A few minutes later, the totally unqualified Ruthy was installed at the desk outside the Warden's Office, while the tearful Selma was transferred to the laundry.

It was the time regularly scheduled to do morning rounds, but The Warden had canceled them that morning for the first time in years. Somehow, Edith felt safer here in her office. It was the very center of Prison authority and power. It was a place where she was never challenged or contradicted. Then the office door suddenly banged open, and Vera stalked in, slamming the door behind her.

Edith jumped up from her desk and fearfully backed away. Was no place safe from the devilish 'Miss Vera'?

A few minutes later, inside the closed office, a trembling Warden Peterson partially disrobed at 'Miss Vera's' command.  Vera soon put the contents of her package to its intended use. Vera had determined some on-the-job obedience training was essential for her new 'bitch'.


After inflicting a half hour of degrading humiliation, Vera told her sniffling victim she could put her clothes back on, with one caveat.

"By the way, Bitch, I want ya t'get rid of that bra and girdle, and wear sexier clothes, shorter skirts. Stockings and garters are good, but get sexier ones! Them ya got look like support hose! My Bitches got certain standards to maintain!"

 "Y-yes Miss Vera!"  Edith sniffled miserably.

Several days later, Vera had not yet seen the specified changes to Edith's wardrobe. Well, maybe she'd best demonstrate her wishes in a more empathic, forceful manner!  Next morning, Vera approached the Warden's Office carrying a large garment box.

"Got some new duds for the Warden!  Poor thing's always so drab and frumpy!" Vera sniggered to Ruthy.

A few minutes later:

Vera's morning visits to the Warden's office soon became an established routine. One morning, Vera ordered Edith to partially disrobe, leaving her suit coat and blouse on, with the blouse unbuttoned to expose Edith's huge, nude breasts.  After the pinafore episode, Edith got the message.  In accordance with 'Miss Vera's' instructions 'her bitch' no longer wore bras. Nor was that the only change in the Warden's attire.  Edith's tight, ultra short skirts, peek-a-boo blouses,  and her fishnet stockings with black garters, were the talk of the prison, among both the guards and the inmates.

"Okay!" Vera said after observing the effect. "Ya can take the skirt off too! Edith obediently, if a trifle, hesitantly and with a small sniffle, removed her skirt.

"Now, hah, hah, pull yer panties down!" Vera sneered, producing a large hair brush from behind her back. "My little Edith's been a bad girl!"

Edith trembled in terror, seeing what obviously was coming. She had no illusions that Vera would be anything but merciless with the wicked looking, metal bristled brush. Vera sat down in Edith's swivel chair.

"Across my knee, you naughty 'bitch!" Vera snickered to the tall, handsomely mature woman.

Edith was in terror of the pain that was coming. She trembled like a leaf, but at that stern tone of authority, her shoulders slumped in shame, and she obediently laid her half nude body across Vera's lap. Miserable as she felt, her pussy started to tingle with that terrible sexual excitement that had become her curse and nightmare.

Sitting in the Warden's own desk chair, the insolent convict soundly spanked the woman who once thought of herself as the stern mother of the prison, while Edith wailed and snuffled like a child at the burning pain.

Like all ot these morning interludes in the Warden's Office, this episode concluded with her newest 'bitch' servicing 'Miss Vera'!

At her desk directly outside the Warden's closed Office door, Ruthy heard the barely suppressed shrieks of pain, and snickered in derision. "Hee, hee! Guess poor Edie's having another rough morning!" For almost a year, nineteen year old Ruthy had been Vera's number one bitch and now she resented the time her  'Miss Vera' spent with the Warden.

Before leaving, Vera had one more order for her unfortunate 'bitch.

"Get rid of them suit jackets, Hon. I can tell yer buttoning em up and usin' em to cover up yer new blouses!"

Edith mutely nodded her head in obedience.

That afternoon, her eyes red and swollen, as though from weeping, Warden Peterson trying to appear casual about the change, stood by the window giving dictation, rather than sitting down at her desk as she usually did. Ruthy hid a knowing smirk behind her steno pad. Once, from the corner of her eye she caught Edith furtively rubbing her behind as though to soothe smarting pain Behind her steno pad, Ruthy nearly giggled out loud.

Vera had ordered Ruthy to keep her mouth shut about what was going on, but the young secretary was an inveterate gossip and she maliciously whispered hints to her friends.

Vera's hold over the Warden soon became an open secret among the convict population of the prison. While the Warden's provocative, revealing new attire excited the contempt of some, to other inmates it seemed to be an open invitation.

Edtih endured smirks, leers and catcalls whenever she entered the cell blocks, these days. Mere weeks before no inmate would dare approach within three feet of the stern forbidding Warden Peterson, not to mind take liberties with her, but one awful day, an inmate even dared  pinch Edith's swelling, rounded behind when she passed too close.

For a moment, Edith was overcome by indignant anger, but then her shoulders slumped with the  sad realization she had become the laughing stock of her own prison. Nearly in tears, the unhappy Warden slunk away, followed by the snickers and giggles of contemptuous convicts.

"Oh God! What am I going to do? What can I do?"

It seemed there was nothing Edith could do, and worse humiliation and indignities were to come.

End of Part 1.

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