WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, homicide and nudity. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by mature adults above the age of twenty-one.

The Volcano. Part 1.
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Ultrairia, the Green Goddess.

Mistress of Nature and Immortal Guardian of Virtue and Right.
Defender of the Dark Gates against the foul creatures of the Netherworld.
Mentor and Patroness of Superheroines.

An active volcano on the verge of eruption...

All prudent sane folk had fled potential disaster, but in the fiery depths of the crater, as if by sorcery, a lone female figure astoundingly emerged from the molten lava. Nude, the girl appeared youthfully beautiful. As though enjoying a swim in a fresh mountain stream, she swam to the rocky wall of the crater, and climbed onto a rocky outcropping.

"Ah that was refreshing! Heh, heh! It never occurred to that self-righteous bitch that one of the Cursed could escape the Netherworld by this rout. While She and her superheroine pets guard the gates, I'm already here on earth! AND my trials and ordeals have made me as strong as any superheroine, perhaps even stronger than HER! NOW, She will pay! Oh I've dreamed of this day for eons!" The girl chortled as she climbed from her lava bath.

With the agility of a mountain goat, the blonde girl climbed to the rim of the crater, and with a little shudder felt the warm bright rays of the sun on her naked body. "Forgotten that!'  She muttered.

The naked blonde explored the area surrounding the crater, and discovered the tiny, cramped  entrance to a cave. Despite the modest size of the entrance, the girl knew instinctively that this cave was huge, a dank, dark place of scuttling vermin; a place sullied by evil in past ages; a deep, torturous labyrinth, whose lower reaches extended half way to the Netherworld; a place where the smiling sunlight and green growing things of the Goddess ne'er penetrated.

"This foul lair is just what I need!"  The girl mused. "I'll summon Igon to bring me the things I need! He can await me here, while he makes preparations! Meanwhile, I suppose I must don some garments; the foolish mortals are so sensitive about nudity! Perhaps some bizarre costume such as those silly superheroines parade around in would be appropriate! That will be a delicious irony!" The girl began preparing for a long awaited confrontation.

The sanctum sanctorum of superheroines, somewhat later that day...

Two beautiful women entered the temple like chamber with awed deference. Although Amazon Glory and Marvel Girl were among the best known, most powerful superheroines on earth, the tall redheaded figure, who greeted them warmly was the Divine Green Goddess, the mightiest of all superheroines, and their chiefteness. Although she greeted them warmly, and they had both shared many adventures with her on equal terms, Green Goddess's presence always roused feelings of reverence in their breasts. The two younger superheroines briefly went down on one knee in greeting to Divine Ultrairia.

"Get up and stop that nonsense!" Ultrairia said in embarrassment. "There's work to do! Mount Etsuvius may soon erupt! There are few people living in the vicinity, but I want to make sure they are all evacuated safely! Which one of you wants to go?"

"Oh, send me, send me!"  Both heroines echoed. Each considered it the highest honor and privilege to do the Goddess's bidding.

"It's my turn!" Marvel Girl announced.  "You sent Bubbles the last time!"

"Oh don't you dare call me that! You know how I hate it!" Snapped Amazon Glory, always a little sensitive about the extravagant generosity of her breasts, munificently large even by superheroine standards.

"Well, Ms. Amazon Warrior Princess, if you prefer, but it's still my turn!" Marvel Girl smirked.

"Stop that silly bickering! You know how I hate it! If you both want to go, and there is nothing more pressing, you can share the task!" Green Goddess said with a pained expression.

Although she well knew that the raillery between the two young women was good-natured, and that they loved each other like sisters, their gibes gave Mighty Ultrairia pain for a moment. Despite Divine Power, the Goddess was sensitive and often remorseful over errors she believed she could have avoided.  This friendly rivalry reminded her of a more sinister rivalry in the distant past, one that ended tragically, an outcome Green Goddess long felt she should have foreseen and prevented.

Green Goddess appeared withdrawn for a moment, remembering that painful incident from the distant past. Ages ago, when the world was younger, one of Ultrairia's favorite nymphs, Chlorisinda developed an unnaturally intense devotion for the goddess herself. Chlorisinda even on occasion, had the temerity to spy on Ultrairia, as she bathed in the sacred grove. The nymph was lasciviously intoxicated, watching the beautiful, virgin goddess in all her divine, naked glory, frolicking innocently in the mountain pool.

Another nymph, Alexia became aware of Chlorisinda's secret depravity, and informed the Goddess of her sister nymph's iniquity. The two nymphs were always fiercely competitive, and Ultrairia well knew there was more than a little spitefulness behind Alexia revelation of her rival's secret. Yet, so serious was Chlorisinda's unnatural, irreverent offense, that silence would have been a transgression almost as great as Chlorisinda's own sin. Once aware of Chlorisinda's impious behavior, the Just goddess could not ignore it.

Though she loved Chlorisinda as a daughter, it was Ultrairia divine duty to sadly banish her from her presence for a year, until her ardor should cool. The hot headed Chlorisinda didn't accept her banishment with good grace, but instead furtively lurked in the vicinity, spying upon the goddess from a distance. Seeing Ultrairia grant some minor favor to her new handmaiden, Alexia drove the unbalanced nymph into a frenzy. One day, she waylaid  and attacked Alexia. After a brief struggle, Chlorisinda cold-bloodedly strangled her rival to death.

The natural order had been broken, and the goddess serves order and is bound by it. It was with a heavy heart, and tears in her eyes, that Ultrairia permanently banished Chlorisinda to the Netherworld to atone for her crime. As she neared the fearsome gate, the impious nymph had the foolhardy  temerity to turn and vow vengeance on the the all-powerful goddess herself. Even ages later, Ultrairia could still hear Chlorisinda's curses ringing in her ears, as the hapless nymph unwillingly trod the path to that dread place from which none return.

Even now, the memory was painful, to the Goddess, and Ultrairia blinked back a tear as the two superheroines prepared to leave on their mission. "

"Foolish to think of that pain now, I suppose! I wonder what brought it to mind, today?" Ultrairia told herself.

Seeing the preoccupied sadness in Green Goddess's ordinarily merry eyes, Amazon Glory nodded to Marvel Girl; that it was time to leave.

As the two superheroines set out on their mission, Marvel Girl said "Oh she's so warm and friendly just like a big sister! No one would ever guess she's truly the Divine Goddess!"

"I know, you can't help but love her like a sister! She looks so young and beautiful, it's always hard to believe she's immortal, and has lived through the ages, guarding the earth from danger!"

As they flew toward their objective, Marvel Girl said. "We can cover more territory if we split up Why don't you do a sweep of the surrounding area, while I check the crater itself?"

"Good idea!" Amazon Glory replied, veering off on tangent.

As Marvel Girl approached the crater, she was astonished to see a girl in brief blue costume, standing nonchalantly on the rim, staring down into the molten lava.

"Good Gosh! What's wrong with her? Doesn't she know how dangerous that volcano is?"

Marvel Girl swooped low, and shouted. "Get away from there, you idiot!"

The irate superheroine landed next to the girl. "Are you crazy?" She demanded. Marvel Girl's angry admonitions were met with a belligerent sneer.

The girl insolently looked Marvel Girl up and down, as though she was some strange, unfamiliar specimen of the local fauna.

"Heh! You must be one of those superheroine bitches, Green Goddess nursemaids and watches over! I must say I'm not impressed! Well! Let's get it on!"

"Get it on?" Marvel Girl asked in puzzlement.

The the girl raised her fists threateningly. "What do you think I mean, you stupid slut?"

"Do you mean you want to fight me?" Marvel Girl looked at the girl in amazement, hardly able to believe her ears. This tiny blonde, looking hardly more than a teenager, wanted to fight one of the world's most powerful superheroines! This girl definitely was crazy!

Marvel Girl couldn't repress an amused smile at the girl's belligerence. Though foolhardy, there was from time to time, some cocky teenager who thought they could defeat a superhero. Marvel Girl had learned to deal gently with them.  A moment later, she discovered this young  blonde's aggressive arrogance was not misplaced after all, when the girl struck her in the belly with a punch that might have felled an ox, and came close to disabling a superheroine.

It was obvious, this girl was no ordinary opponent, in spite of her frail, innocent look. The girl's attack was swift and merciless. Marvel Girl reeled backward, overwhelmed by a vicious pummeling, such as she never encountered from any foe.

This vicious girl, as well as possessing super power at least equaling that of Marvel Girl, was a mistress of the martial arts. Her lightening attack quickly overpowered her astounded foe. When she was near to disabling the tottering superheroine, she culminated her unprovoked assault with a contemptuous kick in the behind.

No one could kick a superheroine in the behind with impunity! That was too much! Fury reinvigorated the stumbling champion of justice. The irate Marvel Girl wheeled around with blood in her eye, prepared to pay back the insult with interest. The girl was standing hands on hips, laughing at her. Laughing at Marvel Girl! She'd pay for that!

The irate Marvel Girl swung her fist with all the power of an aggrieved superheroine. Unfortunately, her tiny opponent was supple as an eel; hands still on hips, with a snide comment on her lips, she easily ducked the mighty blow.

Missing the punch, not to mention the girl's sarcasm, made Marvel Girl even angrier. The furious superheroine threw another punch with the same lack of success. As the second punch whistled over her head, the tiny girl grabbed Marvel Girl's right shoulder and twisted it under her own left arm, trapping it.

The girl immobilized her arm in an unbreakable grip, leaving Marvel Girl wide open. The girl shot a series of hard, short rights into the vulnerable superheroine's trim middle.

Normally invulnerable to the attacks of her foes, the short, sledgehammer blows smashing into her gut, caused horrible anguish, and Marvel Girl cried out in protest, between her moans and groans of anguish.

By the time the girl finally let go, Marvel Girl was doubled over, whimpering in agony, totally incapable of defending herself.

A final brutal blow to the back of the neck, knocked Marvel Girl out cold; she crashed to the ground and lay unmoving.

It was an unprecedented first. Amazingly, this tiny girl had done what no other foe ever came close to doing; she kayoed the redoubtable Marvel Girl, and did it with incredible ease. She callously inspected the superheroine's still body, and decided to dispose of the unfortunate crimefighter for good. She made the decision with demonic relish.

The girl picked up the moaning Marvel Girl with one hand, as if she were a feather and carried her to the lip of the volcano.

It was just then, that Amazon Glory returned from her sweep of the surrounding area. The sight that met her was astonishing. A tiny blonde girl, looking hardly more than a teenager, stood at the edge of the volcano. She held Marvel Girl's large, heavy body above her head with just one hand. Marvel  Girl dangled limply, helplessly unconscious. It was obvious the demented blond intended to hurl Marvel Girl into the fiery lava.

Amazon Glory plummeted to earth to save her friend. Unable to believe that any foe could have disabled her formidable chum with her fists alone, Amazon Glory tried to account for the unbelievable sight.

"That girl must have gotten hold of a specimen of Element X, somehow! That's the only thing that can weaken Marvel Girl, and make her vulnerable! Luckily it has no effect on me, so I can save the day!"  Amazon Glory thought a little smugly, somewhat pleased to have the chance to rescue her friend. "It'll really frost her, when she has to thank me, for saving her!"


End of Part 1.

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