Wildfire's Greatest Adventure Part 5


Superheroine duo, Wildfire and Flame, track down arch-villainess, Dark Adder.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, torture, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by,
mature adults over the age of twenty one.

Part 5

Wildfire lay helpless, at Dark Adder's mercy, as her helpless niece and partner looked on, in ever growing horror and despair.

Dark Adder swooped down on her fallen foe, like an evil bird of prey.  Sobbing brokenheartedly, Flame watched Dark Adder rip Wildfire's halter off her huge, perfectly formed bosom.

"Oh Dear God!  What's she going to do to her?  Oh poor Aunt Maggy!"  What followed near broke Flame's heart.

Poor Flame closed her eyes in shocked disgust and shame, as she saw Dark Adder plunge her hand inside Wildfire's blue briefs and fondle her aunt's pussy. "Dear God, protect her!"  Flame prayed, fervently.

This terrible, humiliating, new experience of being a helpless defeated victim, turned Wildfire's world topsy-turvy.  She had no defenses left, against Dark Adder's cruel, skilled fingers.  It was so terribly distressing, for the proud crimefighter.  Was she turned on by pain and humiliation?  Was there some sick little masochist's heart under her heroic bosom?  She certainly came to a shattering orgasm in just a few moments of Dark Adder's fingerings.  Her beloved niece watched her shame in wide eyed disbelief.  Worse was to come!

From between Dark Adder's quivering thighs, Flame could see her aunt's frightened, hurt, shamed eyes looking up at her new mistress.  "Oh, poor Auntie Maggy!"   Flame wept silently.
Wildfire's own darting frightened eyes saw Flame was awake and watching her humiliation.  How could she have ever sunk so low?

The horror went on, as Dark Adder ripped Wildfire's Solar Ruby from her neck, and then tied to the shattered heroine to a chair.

Once she had humiliatingly bound and gagged her defeated rival, Dark Adder turned her attention back to the unfortunate Flame.  Now, it was Wildfire who must watch in horrified fascination, while the evil villainess tied the unfortunate Flame in the most painful bondage she could think of.

"Oh, Dear God, what have I gotten us into?"  Wildfire wept silently behind her gag.

Now that both crimefighters were stringently bound, Dark Adder pulled Wildfire's gag from  her mouth.

"Okay Wildy, just so you don't try to ever bother me again, I want to know who you two bimbos really are!"

"I'll never tell you that!"  Wild fire snapped indignantly. "That would end all our usefulness to society and justice!"

"That's what I had in mind!"  Dark Adder smirked.  "Well, I guess maybe you need a little persuasion!"  So saying, Dark Adder loosed Wildfire's original bonds, and retied the gorgeous red-haired crimefighter to two parallel poles, taking care to stretch her long, fully curved legs painfully apart.

Then, as Wildfire howled in pain, the vicious young sadist snapped clamps on the older woman's delectable nipples. She left her defeated enemy, hanging helplessly, sobbing in this dire distress.

Next, Dark Adder turned her attention to her younger captive.

"Leave her alone!" Wildfire cried in alarm.  "She's hardly more than a child!"

"About the same age, I was, when you sent me, to the slammer!"  Dark Adder retorted with a malicious grin.

"Well, how about it, Blondie? Do you want to tell me?"

Flame hesitated a moment, but then she sobbed. "I'll never tell you that, you Nasty Bitch!"

"Suit yourself, you Snot-nosed Brat!"  Dark Adder laughed, enjoying herself immensely.

While Wildfire watched in shocked horror, Dark Adder tied beautiful Flame in a painful split, and then slid a sharp,  metal sawhorse under the poor girl's bottom.  If the young blonde relaxed a moment, she would be painfully cut.

Flame cried out brokenly, begging Dark Adder to release her, but despite her terrible anguish, the brave girl, inspired by her indomitable aunt's example, refused to tell Dark Adder what she wanted to know.  Wildfire's own agony was multiplied a thousand times by seeing her beloved niece's suffering.

While Flame quivered in dread, in her precarious position, Dark Adder stretched Wildfire on an old-fashioned rack.

"It's a bit trite, but what the hell?"  The merciless masked girl snorted.

Even this horror couldn't break Wildfire's will!

End of Part 5

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