Wildfire's Greatest Adventure Part 6 Conclusion


Superheroine duo, Wildfire and Flame, track down arch-villainess, Dark Adder.

WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, torture, rape and other perversities. It is most definitely intended for, and should only be read by,
mature adults over the age of twenty one.

Conclusion Part 6

  In growing irritation, Dark Adder tied Wildfire back against the wall and tortured her with a pair of pliers.

Yet, no matter, what horrors Dark Adder inflicted, the two heroines did not break.  Growing ever more angry, Dark Adder lost her patience, entirely.

" Maybe I'll just beat it out of you with the whip!"   Dark Adder snarled furiously, waving her favorite instrument of pleasure in Flame's frightened face.

Dark Adder released her two sniffling captives, leaving their arms bound behind their backs.  Once she'd untied them, though, the evil villainess allowed herself a bit of sport, with her helpless captives.  She toyed with young Flame's gorgeous titties, while Wildfire protested uselessly, at seeing her darling niece tormented and abused.

Flame's nipples stiffened in fear, at Dark Adder's cruel touch, exciting the villainess's dark passions, even more.  She ordered Flame to stick out her tongue, pulling cruelly at the young heroine's hair, until the frightened girl complied.

Poor Wildfire turned away in horror, and hung her head in shame at her failure to protect her niece. She couldn't bear to see the domineering kiss that turned Flame's shaky legs to water. Overcome by her fear, the girl responded, and against her own will returned the vicious kiss, without pulling away.  Dark Adder laughed triumphantly, and Flame like her aunt, hung her head in shame.

"Okay!  I've screwed around long enough!  Either you tell me, who you really are, or I'm going to shred the skin off your backs, with this whip!"  Dark Adder snarled, as she picked up her whip, again, and advanced on the two bound superheroines. Their legs were free, allowing them to run about, trying to escape the vicious, three pronged whip.  Their useless efforts only added to Dark Adder's sport. Neither heroine succeeded in avoiding those whistling cuts, and soon both of their gorgeous bodies were covered with burning welts.


Exhausted and weakened by the long night's bondage, first Wildfire, and then Flame lost their footing, and pitched to the floor.  Naturally, their helplessness did not move the laughing Dark Adder, who chased them about the cave, her arm rising and falling relentlessly, as her beautiful victims vainly tried to crawl out of reach.

"Crawl you Bitches!" Dark Adder screamed, exultantly.

As the cruel relentless whipping went on, Flame, in her terrible distress, crawled to Wildfire's side and pathetically laid her head on her broken-hearted aunt's generous, motherly bosom, for solace.  Wildfire murmured a word of encouragement to her suffering niece,

A a moment later, Flame slumped faced own on the floor at Wildfire's feet. Seeing her darling niece suffering so, took the heart out of the loving guardian.  Wildfire's own courage failed her, at last.

"A-all right, Dark Adder, stop it!  Stop! Please! I'll tell you what you want. I'm really Margarita Van Pelt, and Flame is my niece Fleur!"   Wildfire pleaded brokenly.

"Hmm, the Van Pelts, huh?  That presents some interesting possibilities!" Dark Adder thought craftily.

The once invincible Wildfire whimpered. "All right, Dark Adder! (sob) You have everything you want, now!  You've (sob) b-beaten us, and destroyed our usefulness as crimefighters.  We're no  threat to you, anymore!  Let us go!  Pl-please!"

"You have other possibilities, though!"  Dark Adder mused.  "I've always wanted a brace of superheroine's as pets. You two would look so good, at the end of a leash!"

"If it's a ransom you want, I'll pay anything!"  Wildfire pleaded.  "But please, just let us go!  At least, let Flame go!  You can keep me as hostage! Pleeeease!"

"Oh, I want much more than some paltry little ransom, Sweetie!"  Dark Adder smirked.

Her pride and courage destroyed, Wildfire broke down completely, and flung herself at Dark Adder's feet.  Spirit broken, she abjectly kissed Dark Adder's booted foot, in supplication, as she hysterically begged the unrelenting villainess to let them go.

Poor Flame looked on, horrified by her gallant aunt's total surrender to her evil enemy.

Dark Adder smiled in delight, as Wildfire slavishly slobbered at her boot, but then laughed, gaily.  "No, no!  I have other plans for you two pathetic bimbos.


Several weeks later, in a newly constructed, underground chamber, under the Van Pelt mansion, Ada Dark, the new CEO of Van Pelt Industries, and Chair of the Van Pelt Foundation, relaxed with her two, well disciplined and domesticated pets, as they assisted her to dress. The large, gorgeously muscled women, both nude, one a sweet, young blonde, the other an equally beautiful, though more mature redhead, crouched miserably at Ada's feet performing menial tasks for her gratification.

Ada gripped their leashes tightly, although she knew, even if one escaped, she would track her down easily, enough, now that she wore a Solar Ruby round her neck.

Ada appreciatvely took another sip of her delicious Champagne. The Van Pelt cellars were unequaled anywhere in the world.  She sighed contentedly. "It's funny with this Solar Ruby, I could be the greatest Super villainess of all time, but now that I have the Van Pelt billions, not to mind the former Van Pelt superheroines, firmly in my grasp, why bother?"

The End