Jurassic Justice

On an IADC mission to Jurassic Island, the World's most famous Amazon crimefighter accidentally broke the egg of a brooding  Magnaraptor.  Ever mindful of her devotion to goodness and fair play,  the superheroine agreed to remain on the savage island, and raise the hatchling that had been imprinted with her Amazon image as it's parent.

Time passed; the young Raptosaurian reached maturity, and her foster mother resumed her crimefighting career.  Little Wondy, calling herself Wondysaur, resolved to follow in "Mom's" footsteps, and devote her own life to fighting crime.  Dressed in a  replica of the maternal costume, complete with the accouterments of an Amazon Warrior, presented to her by her doting 'Granny', the Queen of Amazon Island, Wondysaur set out to fight crime.  The younger crimefighter did find that a costume designed for a most decidedly mammalian heroine, did not so  readily conform to her saurian anatomical contours.

When not actively fighting crime,  Wondysaur concealed her true identity behind the spectacles of dowdy science librarian, Rhoda Raptor.

Of course being different, did expose the young superheroine to prejudice, even from some of her sister crimefighters.

Saddened, but undeterred by rejection, Wondysaur gritted her teeth and resolutely resolved she'd become  as good as, NO, even better, than any human crimefighter.

Fighting crime on Jurassic Island, Wondysaur faced  the occupational hazards of all superheroines.

Unfortunately the gang chief didn't drop the lasso and...

While confined to the nest, her Foster Mother visited often, and consoled Wondysaur with tales of her own past setbacks.

"Yes Wondy I had a similar misfortune, myself,  but of course it's a little different for a Mammal superheroine...

...and that's how your sister, Amazon Girl was born, Wondy!"

Following her confinement, justice did prevail.

Brute force is not always the answer, and the adaptable Wondysaur was not unwilling to use her feminine allure when circumstance dictated.

In Tokyo...

And so, the two saurians left Tokyo, or what remained of it, together, bound for Jurassic Island.

In the delicate interest of True Love, we draw a discrete veil over what followed, as Wondysaur and her new er..."friend" sojourned on Jurassic Island.

The End.