WARNING: This story contains graphic violence, nudity and non-consensual scenes. It is intended for, and should only be read, by mature adults, over twenty-one years of age.

Note: The text only version of this story was one of the original group of stories posted three years ago, when Diana was kind enough to set up the GW Page. While not fully illustrating it, I have added some pictures thoughout the story.

Wrangler Sally an' the Apache Kid.

Now Sally West was jest about the best Wrangler in th' Territory, gal or man. Why she won every prize in the Callehoga County Rodeo `bout every year. She's a big, strappin' healthy lookin' gal too. Not a' ounce o' fat on `er mind you, its all brawn.  Even so, there's no denyin' that fixed up to go to the Saturday Night Dance at the Church Hall, she was jest the purtiest gal in the hull Territory, too.

Sally's head was jest mass o' blond ringlets, an' her eyes as big an' as blue as the Callehoga sky. Them full, pink lips didn't need no Eastern paint neither. Callehoga County don't take kindly to painted women, `ceptin' mebbe down at the Liberty Belle Saloon. Nope, Sally shore was a fine figure o' a woman, near tall as a man, an' buxom as a fine young filly, an' a lot more shapely than that hussy in tights, what played at the Opry House in the burleecue last month.

Now Sally's Daddy may`ve owned the biggest Spread in the County, an' the Callehoga Fust National t'boot, an' Sally may`ve gone to School back East, but that gal never put on no airs.  She was jest `bout the sweetest, even'st tempered gal in the County, an' near everbody jest loved `er. `Nother funny thing that folks liked, was that after all her fancy Eastern schoolin', when she had the mind, Sally could talk jest as fancy as one o' them here perfessors what comes through Town now an' then to study rocks or somethin' eq'lly valuble.  But most times, Sally jest jawed as good an' plain as all the other folks here in Callehoga.

Waal the dance was jest gettin' goin' good, when who should come in but
Apache Lil.  Now Lil's Mama was a full blooded Apache, but she took up
with this here Tinhorn gamblin' man here in Callehoga.  Waal he got shot
durin' a crooked card game when Lil was jest a leetle tyke. Her Mama
took her back to the Reservation, but Lil come back to Town, when she
was near `bout fifteen `r sixteen, after her Mama died. Now Lil's mamma
was a good upright woman, respected by everybody, but Lil kinda took
after her no-account white paw.

Now Miss Sally, when she come back from that fancy Eastern School her
Daddy sent her off to, she taught down at the School House fur two
winters. That was afore her Daddy took sick an' Sally pitched in to run
the Ranch fur him.  An' she done some job o' that too, even though its
the biggest spread in these here parts, increased the stock, an'
improved the herd an' made purty big amount o' cash money from't, mebbe
more'n her Daddy ever did.

Anyways, Sally was teachin' at the School, an' she weren't no older than some o' the scholars, nary about nineteen or twenty at the time. That didn't faze Sally none though. After School she took some o' the bigger boys out `ahind the Schoolhouse and offer'd t' teach 'em Eastern style fisteecuffs.

Turn'd out, Sally'd even took some boxin' lessons back east. Her daddy
didn't care fur that one leetle bit. Sally didn't pay him no never mind on that one though, course she was usually a real respectful gal.  Waal she got pretty good. I hear tell she knocked out a couple o' men even.  They was only Easterners o' course.  Waal after Sally showed 'em big school boys she could box better'n they could, they was right smart `bout takin' orders.

Waal, Lil she took up t'goin' to the Schoolhouse. Some folks, like the Reverend, sez they admired her fur tryin' t'improve herself. Course some
others sez she was jest agoin' there to keep out o' the winter cold. Miss Sally, she treated Lil real good, but this here Lil took a real dislike t'Sally; called her a rich, stuckup, peroxide cow ahind her back an' drawed funny pictures o' Sally on her slate.  O' course now, Miss Sally, she run a purty strict school, but she took Lil's araggin' her in good spirit, so's long as it din't interfere none with School time work.

Waal, though, the day come, when Sally had to give Lil an' a couple  o' the other gals a hidin' with the hickory rod fur fightin' down behind the School durin' recess.  Now I guess the other gals called Lil a "dirty Apache" an' she figured they had it comin' to them. But she beat the gals up pretty good, an' Sally had to take some kind o' action. Sally, her ownself, said later on, them other gal's brought it on themselves, an' she hated to give Lil a lickin' but she hadn't no choice.

Waal to make a long story short, Sally licked Lil an' Lil cussed her out the whole time she was doin' it.  Waal, Lil never went back to School after that day. She swore all over Town she'd get even with Miss Sally.  That was about four years afor the night o' the dance.

Waal Lil took up with some bad actors here in Town, an' she hung `round
the back room o' the Liberty Belle, an' some folks sez she was doin' things with the men folks there, she hadn't oughtn't to. Then some things happened that made Sally think maybe Lil was a leetle mite more dangerous then she fust thought. Some cattle got rustled on her Daddy's spread an' a barn got burned. Them kinda things.

Waal Sir,  Sally wasn't one to go pussyfootin' around, she called Lil on it, an' Lil jest laughed in her face, an' sez. "Waal you can't prove nothin', but I shore `nuff told you I'd agit even fur that lickin' you give me."

Waal Sally's `bout  twice as big as Lil back then, afore Lil got `er full growth, an' Sally, she was `bout twenty or so then, an' Lil only sixteen, so's Sally don't feel right `bout takin' it out o' Lil's hide, but she give her a purty stern talkin' to, an' warned her what'd happen t' her if she kept up the way she was agoin'.

Waal I guess Sally kind o' put the fear o' Jehosaphat into Lil `cause purty soon Lil drifted out o' Town.  We hear'd from time to time, she was one o' that young Billie Bonny's gals. Then when he got his, from Sherrif Pat Garrett, we hear'd Lil drifted down South o' the Boarder. Hear'd, too, she kilt another gal with a knife down there. Some folks claimed she robbed trains with Calamity Jane, but I don't know nothin' about that fur shore. I hear'd tell too, she shot a man t'death in Tombstone, outdrawed him fair an' square, so's they say.

Anyways, Lil shows up back in Town bout two or three weeks `afore the Dance. The way she talks, she's still got it in fur Miss Sally, only now she's growed up an' thinks she can do somethin' more `bout it. Now Sally heard about it, but she jest grinned an' told people to let Lil be, she'd get over it. Sally didn't believe there was any reason to cross `er bridges afore she come to `em, an' anyways she was right able t'take care o' herself.

Waal when Lil showed up at the dance, folks was expectin' fireworks, but they was kind o' dissappointed. Sally was dancin' with Marshal Stone, an' she didn't pay no never mind to Lil a'tall.  Waal Lil steered clear o' Sally too fur most o' the night. Then too, folks sees Lil all dressed up fit to kill. She looks mighty purty too, jest about the purtiest gal at the dance, next to Miss Sally.

Usually Lil jest weared buckskins, pants an' shirt, kinda jest like a man. She's kind o' skinny too, an so's was sometimes kinda hard to tell that she weren't.  But that night she's dressed kind o' like one o' these here Mexican Seniorita's in a skirt an' low cut blouse. Waal you could tell in that getup that Lil might be skinny but she'd filled out real nicely in the chest an' hips. She was near as tall's Sally too now, `course as I sez a mite skinnier. Pussonnaly, I like a woman with a leetle meat on her bones.

Waal like I say, things was goin' purty good, but then near t'the last dance, Marshal Stone was dancin' with the Mayor's wife, kind o' like the polite thing to do, when Lil comes over an' tries to cut in on the Mayor's wife.  Waal, Mrs. McPherson, thats the Mayor's wife, she got all flustered an' flounced off t' find the Mayor.

Marshal Stone tells Lil he ain't goin' to dance with her.  Waal Sir, Lil gets all riled up at that. She ain't wearin' a gun, `cause we don't `low that at the Dances, but she ups an' pulls a knife, on the Marshal mind you.  Waal the Marshal didn't know quite how to handle that one.  After all Lil was kind o' like a lady, an' the Marshall wasn't one to draw on no lady.  One t'other men there tries t' grab the knife, an' Lil lays his hand open, slick as anything.
Waal Sir, at that, Sally comes over from the lemonade an' refreshment table, an' she takes over fur the Marshal.

Waal anyways Sally handles Lil purty quick.   She knocked that knife right out o' Lil's hand. Then she grabbed Lil by the wrist an' the scruff o' the neck an' she marches that young lady right out o' the Hall. She puts Lil up on her pony at the hitchin' rack an' tells her she best get out o' Town.

"Lil I've done my best to be a good friend to you. You know waal an' good, I had to give you that lickin'. I didn't like it no better `n you did, but it was my duty an' I done it, an' what's done is done, an' cain't be undone. Now if you cain't live like decent folks without pullin' no knife on people, waal then, you might jest as waal go somewhere's else."

"We'll jest see who goes somewhere's else Sally West." Lil sez in a low, mean voice. "They's too many folks around here tonight, but one o' these days I'm gonna catch you alone, an' then you jest watch out Miss Sally West."  Then Lil, she kicks her pony an' rides off `sthough the devil hisself's after her.

Waal Sir, Monday Mornin' after the dance, Sally was out ridin' the range at 5:30 A.M., back in her workin' clothes. Old, well broke-in, high heeled, work boots, faded jeans that hugged them long, strong legs o' hers, an' them wide solid hips an' that big sort o' thrusting out behind. "That's the  behind o' a born horsewoman!" I hear'd one feller say one day. There was a big gold buckled leather belt cinchin' her leetle bittee, work hardened middle to no more than `bout the hand span o' Marshal Stone's big hands, an' a six gun rode low on her hip.

The top button o' Sally's work shirt near burst at the strain o' covering her healthy, upstandin' bosom.  Dirty old Jim Henshaw, our town drunk, once remarked "That gal could shore feed a whole passal o' young `uns, all at one time, with titties as big as `em."  The West ranch hands near strung old Jim up fur that remark. They didn't take kindly to anyone speaking light about Miss Sally. She had kinda a cute little sombrero perched off t'one side, on top o' all them gold curls o' hers.

If Sally didn't have such a wicked right uppercut, an' if she wasn't
`bout the best shot an' quickest draw in Callehoga County, a fine womanly figure like hers, in clothes like that, would've been a real temptation to them woman-starved cow pokes `round about, even though they're gen'ly purty, what you call chiv'lrous, where it comes to women folks.

`Bout time the sun got real high, Sally rode through a stand o' Cottenwood trees, she looked `round kinda edgy like, her rangewise senses smelled danger. She didn't see nothin' though, an' she rode on, listening an' watching purty keen an' alert, in spite o' that nonchalant, kinda lazy but graceful way too, she had o' sittin' in the saddle.

Sally was purty near through the trees, when a slim figure in buckskins leaped down from a low hanging branch, an' hit Sally right in the back.

Sally's pony reared up, scared like. Sally an' that bushwhacker fell on the ground in a tangle. Sally landed face down with the bushwhacker clinging t' her back.

Sally twisted her limber body around. "Why dang it! Its you Lil!" Sally said, even now kinda surprized, that Lil'd really ambush her like that.  Anyways surprized or not, Sally caught the other gal's slim brown wrist, jest in time to stop Lil from burying a tomahawk in her skull. Sally squeezed her strong left hand, but she found it pretty hard to hold on t' the other gal's wiry arm.

Sally heaved an' twisted over on top o' Lil, an' banged Lil's wrist on the ground `til the apache gal dropped the hatchet.

"You must be plum' loco, Gal!" Sez Sally.  As she sez it, Lil twisted her leg an' jams aher boot toe int'  Sally's middle, an' doesn't she fling the bigger gal head over heels off t'her?  Lil jumped up quicker'n Sally an' aimed a kick at the yaller haired gal's jaw. Sally caught Lil's ankle though, an' she gave it a twist, an' tossed the other gal on t' the ground.

Both them young women jumped up at the same time. This time, Lil was spittin' like a wet cat. Sally grinned, "Waal Gal, Ah guess it is time we settled our leetle differences!"

"That's fine by me, y'dirty yaller haired bitch!"  Lil snarls like a weasel, an' then she goes fur her gun.

Waal Sir, like I sez, Sally's `bout the fastest draw in the County, `ceptin' fur Marshal Stone hisself who taught 'er.  Waal, Sal's so fast, she gets the drop on Lil afore that gal even gits her gun clear o' leather.

Sally could o' plugged the dark haired gal right then an' there, an' I don't think no one would o' blamed her, but `stead o' that, after she made Lil take off her gun an' put it aside, she holstered her own six gun, an' unbuckled her gunbelt an' let it drop on the ground.

"I don't wanna kill you Gal, so's we'll jest settle this with our bare hands, woman t' woman." Sally tells her.

Lil sneered at Sally's livin' up to the Code o' the West. It wasn't her code a'tall. She jumped at Sally, but she didn't catch the bigger gal off guard. Sally poked her left fist into Lil's body, stoppin' her dead in her tracks. Sal's famous right upper cut followed right `long behind, but Lil dodged Sally's fist this time. That Lil was a real quick study.  Instead, she caught on t' Sally's wrist, an she gave a snakey twist o' her hips an' flung Sally on t' the ground. That Apache Gal was purty slick at all o' them rasslin' tricks o' her Mama's people. Sally knew there an' then, she was in fur a humdinger o' a fight.

Sally rolled aside light an' quick, jest in time t'keep Lil from alandin' on `er an' pinnin' her t' the ground. Sally rolled back the other way, after Lil missed her, an' flung herself on top o' Lil.  She took care, so's she pinned Lil's dangerous legs under her's, so's they wouldn't do no more damage real quick. Sally's middle still smarted some from where Lil'd kicked her b'fore.

When Lil found her legs was trapped under Sally's heavier body, she grabbed Sally's face with both hands, thumbs inside her mouth an' fingers clawing her cheeks an' at `er eyes. Sally kind o' squealed at that. Lil gave a heave an' used Sally's head like a handle to toss the bigger gal over on her back.  After that, Lil jumped on top o' Sally, knees first.  She buried one bony knee in Sally's jeans way down past the belt buckle.  Sally grunted at that, an' Lil twisted her hands an' banged Sally's head on the hard sun hard prairie.

Sally stiffened her strong neck, an' wrapped her long arms an' legs `round Lil's body, an' rolled both o' them right over on their sides.  Then she rolled on top o' Lil, straddlin' her.  She pulled her face loose from Lil's fingers at the same time.  Now onst Lil lost her grip on Sally, she was flat on her back with the bigger, blond gal sittin' astride her middle.

It looked like Lil was in fur a real mess o' trouble, but b'fore Sally could pin her arms, Lil slid her `hull, durn body down between Sally's legs until her legs was loose, out from under Sally entire. That gal was jest about as slippery as a' eel 'r a snake, `cause next, she twisted herself from the hips on down, up in the air an' wrapped her legs right around Sally's neck from the back.

Lil locked her ankles, tighter'n a Sheepherder's money bag, `round Sally's throat, an' with `nother one o' them snake- hipped twists, she threw Sally clear o' her. Both gals jumped up on their hind feet, an' once agin Lil was a little mite quicker. Jest quick enough, so's she grabbed onto Sally's forearm with both hands, `afore Sal was clear o' the ground.  Lil twisted Sally's arm real savagelike, an' used it t' toss Sally head over heels back on t' ground.

Waal sir, Lil still had aholt o' Sally's arm, an Sally kinda dizzy, an Lil pulls her up an' does t'same thing all over agin. Waal b'now Sally's gettin' real dizzy, an' danged if Lil don't do it t'her one more time.  Waal dizzy or no, Sally ain't one t'git suckered like that fur no fourth time, an' this time she gits her arm loose an' she rolls away and jumps up her own self.

Waal Sally's still kinda dizzy, an' Lil dives fur her, an' tackles her `round the knees, an' knocks Sally right off her feet agin. Lil's a mite skittish `bout rollin' `round the ground with Sally, where Sally's strong arms an' legs gives her a real advantage, so's she jumps right on up agin, an' gives Sally a chanct t' git up too. Waal the fust thing Lil does then is t' latch on t' Sally's wrist agin' an' then doesn't she spin the blue-eyed gal face-first, right int' a tree.

Sally dang near t' busted her nose `gainst the tree trunk. That hurt a mite, let me tell you, an' Sally yelped at the stingin' pain, but quick as a wink, she spun around an' jumped at Lil, hopin' to catch Lil by surprise. Sally was agettin' purty riled at Lil `round about then. Now, that Lil was mighty hard to surprize. When Sally came racin' at her, she ducked down an' grabbed Sally below the hips. She wrapped them thin wiry arms `round Sally's thighs, an' used Sally's own speed to hoist the bigger gal plumb off her feet, an' then to upend her.

Sally went flyin' over Lil's shoulder, head first. Her head hit the ground with a loud "thunk," her full weight `ahind it.  Now Sally didn't pay no heed to the bone numbin' pain, fur fast as she could, she rolled away from Lil, b'fore Lil could fling herself on top, an' Sally makes it t' her feet afore Lil kin git t' her.  Waal b' then, quick's a wink, Lil jumped right at the big wrangler gal. Sally caught Lil's shoulders an' held her off though, best's she could, so's the Apache gal couldn't slam into her.

That Lil was slicker than a rattler though, she twisted her middle round an' banged her hip into Sally's gut. Lil knowed jest how t' use them snake hips o' hers, an' Sally gasped agin at that. Then Lil gets them skinny forearms o' hers `round Sally's neck in a headlock. Lil's arms are skinny but tough as barbed wire. Sally grabbed on t'the besthold she could git `round Lil's upper body.

Waal those gals strained agin' one another, each tryin' to throw t'other. Sally was still the strongest, an' she came real clost t'throwin' Lil, even though the other gal had the better hold. That Lil was jest 'bout as slippery as a' eel though, `s I've told you, an' she wriggled around, an, she twisted this way an' she twisted that. She kept banging her hip into Sal's hurtin' frontside, all the time too. Finally, Lil gives a twist, an' a wriggle, an' she hip throws the bigger gal.

Sally landed purty hard on her back. She throws her arms up, fur  t'protect herself, knowin' Lil wouldn't leave her be fur a second, but she was already too late, fur Lil dropped right on t'her.  One knee landed across Sally's throat an' about choked her. Lil slipped her figners into Sally's nostrils. She twisted her nose so hard, it jest brought tears to Sally's purty blue eyes, but Sally bucked like a' unbroke mustang an' she tossed Lil off o' her.

Both gals was jest about gittin plum' tuckered by now, but they both got up on their hind legs purty quick agin. Sally raised her fists jest like that there John L Sullivan feller, jest like she'd larned back east. Lil rushed at Sally duckin' low, but this time Sally stopped the other gal dead `n her tracks with a left hook to the chest. Then she knocked her right off her feet, with her right uppercut.

Lil fell down on her knees, an' Sally jest automatically took a step backward. She's the best sport in Callehoga County, an' that's the way she was larned, to give the other feller, or gal, a chance t' git up when ya knock `em down with'n y'r fists. Sally was purty glad o' the chance to take a couple o' deep breaths her own self.

Waal now, that Lil, she didn't never have no Eastern trainin' in sportsmanship, so instead o' gettin' up, she dived right straight at Sally, from where she was kneelin'.  Waal Lil's head hits Sally right between the legs, if you know where I mean, an' Lil latches on to Sally's legs. Sally goes flyin backwards. Her head hits agin a tree. Lil still had aholt o' Sally's hips, so she drawed back an' lunged forward an' jest buries her shoulder in the same spot, an' that shore hurt a mite. Waal at that, Sally bent right over double. She fell right smack dab `cross Lil's back.

Waal, Lil, she knows jest what t' do then, she got her skinny legs under her, an' she straightens up. It was quite a struggle fur her, `cause Sally is sech a big, strappin' gal, an' b'now Lil's gettin' purty tuckered out, but, anyways, Lil lifted the big cowgal right off'n the ground, an' she flung her backwards, right on over her shoulder.  Waal, Sally hit the ground head first agin, an' she was only partly able to break her fall with her hands, so's her head hit the ground purty dang hard, an' b'now her haid's gettin' purty dang sore from gittin' landed on. Then she falls the rest o' the way over on her back, an' her back lands on a big rock.  Tossin' Sally like that, must o' took a lot out o' Lil, `cause fur a minute, she jest stood over Sally pantin' like one o' them their loceemotives down t' the new Depot. Waal Sir, Sally see'd Lil astandin' over her, an' she kinda skeddadles off a leetle, real quick, t' give herself some manuv'rin' room.

Now that young savage Lil, she followed quick too. When Sally rolled ont' her hands an' knees, Lil kicked her in t'middle, an' lifted the blond gal right up in the air, with her foot.

That kick was jest hard enough to fling Sally right over on her back, an' it  shore `nough took Sally's breath away.  Waal Lil followed up with `nother kick jest when Sally's fixin' t' sit up, an' that one even harder'n the one `afore, right on t' Sally's jaw this time, an' she goes down hard on `er back.

Sally goes t' sit up agin', an' she didn't notice that fightin' had popped the top two buttons o' her tight, straining shirt, exposin' a real big expanse o' them healthy, white titties o' her'n. Waal Lil, she noticed, you can betcha. When Sally sits up, Lil runs `round behind `er an' pounces on Sally from behind. Lil clawed both her hands up like a big, old vulture, an' she stuck them claws right inside Sally's shirt, an' she grabbed ont' some o' that sweet flesh  o' Sally's both titties.

Any man in the County 'd thought he'd struck pay dirt fur shore, but Lil was only interest'd in twistin' an' scratch'n like a weasel at Sally's titties. Sally was screachin' an' acussin' at her, an' Lil pulled her over backwards, an' no matter how Sally strained an' arched her back, she jest couldn't ease the pain in her big titties. They was jest so big, it was awful hard to protect 'em. Lil dragged the big, blond gal backwards somemore, so's her behind was bumpin' along the ground.

Sally was moanin' real loudlike, "Oooooo my boobies! My boobies!" Y'see Sally's whole body was ahangin' from her titties, an' it shore `nough hurt like blue blazes. Sally jest had t' do somethin'. She tensed up her hull body, an' she shore was one strong gal. Why she'd bulldog a steer better'n most men. Anyways, she flipped herself over on her belly, an' pulled loose o' that nasty Lil's claws.

Sally was still holding her titties in her arms when she got up on her knees. They still hadn't stopped apainin' her.  Jest then, Lil ups an' kicks her in the jaw.  Now ya mighta' thought bein' raised by her Mama's people, Lil'd be wearin' moccassins, but she weren't. She was wearin' big, heavy wrangler work boots, an' you could hear the crack o' her foot hittin' Sally's chin pretty near t'Waccoco County.  Lil twisted around as she done it, so she got her whole body into that kick. Sally saw stars right enough, an' she went over backwards, with a bang.

Sally landed on her back an' somehow, bein' on her knees when she got kicked, her long legs got all tangled up under her broad bottom. Her sharp spurs cut right through her jeans into her solid bottom an' got tangled up there, so's she couldn't straighten herself out, no how.

Lil sees `er chanct then, an' she gives a real apache war whoop, an' she jumped up in the air, jest about as far as she could go, an' she comes down feet first right ont' pore Sal's breadbasket. Waal Sal was bent backward all awkward as I sez, `bout jest like a pretzel at the waist, an' so's her lean, strong belly, why it jest plum' got stoved in from Lil's feet landin in it. Sally come near to passin' out from that. Lil'd shore hurt her purty bad.

Hurt as bad as she was, our gal jest wasn't one to give up. Somehow she grabbed onto Lil's ankles. It was more by luck than by plannin', I'd say, but by then Sally was due fur a leetle luck.  Anyways, Lil was off balance still standin' up there on Sally's hurt belly, an' Sally pulled that gal's legs right out from under her. Lil pitched over on t' her face.

Once she got Lil off `er, `bout all Sally could do, was roll over on her side an' curl up in a ball. She was gaggin an achokin' an' she jest about thought her insides was turned upside down, that pore leetle gal hurt so. It was touch an' go fur a mite, whether Sally'd pass out entire like `r not.

Now Lil could have finished off the wrangler gal easy as pie then, but luck was still arunnin' with Sally fur a change. `Cause when Lil pitched forward off'n Sally, she landed on her head, an' her head hit on t' a rock. Lil was jest about as bad off as Sally.

Sally rolled around on the ground, hurtin' jest as bad as could be, an' Lil lay behind her, almost knocked out fur a piece. Finally, Sally got her breath back a leetle mite. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs.  That gal had a lot o' spunk, an' she jest ignored them there throbbin' cramps that was twistin' her pore body up int' knots. She got up on her feet somehow or t'other.  All the time, she was expectin' Lil to attack her, but when she looked around she saw Lil jest gittin' up herself, an' rubbin a big goose-egg on `er forehead.

Sally was still abreathin' an' apantin' pretty hard, but she went right after that other gal. Her legs almost give out under her, but she jest took a deep breath, an' asteadied herself.  When Sally got to Lil, she socked her, right in the kisser.  She was hurtin' so much though, her punch didn't have's much o' a jolt behind it as usual.  Usually now, Sally punched `bout like a mustang kicks.  Still, our gal managed t'put enough power behind that punch to spin Lil right around asquawkin' at th' pain.

Now right 'bout then, Sal made a slight miscalc'lation, out the best a' intentions. Bein' sech a modest gal, she stopped jest long 'nough to pull her shirt back t'gether, and acover up her big nekkid titties.  B'my judgem'nt, she should orta' o' gone after that Lil straightaway.

Wa'al, anyways, soon's she got herself strightened away, Sally followed after Lil, even though it hurt her jest t' move, but Sally's a stubborn gal, an' she didn't let it bother her none.  Even after that leetle pause, Lil was still seein' stars, an' she tried to get away from her, but Sally knocked `er back up `gainst a tree with a purty fancy left hook. Sally pushed agin Lil's chest with one hand to hold her steady like `gainst that tree, an' she cocked her other fist.

Lil felt like there was a big chunk o' ice in her craw, when she saw Sally's hard fist headn' her way.  Ain't nothin' like bein' scared t'make you think clear an' fast though.  Lil perked herself up jest enough t'throw a punch o' her own fust.  Lil was  a mighty quick study when she had t'be.  Waal sir, she hit Sal right in the middle.

Now in the ordinary course o' events, Lil wasn't much o' a fist fighter.  Slippin' up behind someone from behind, with a knife, was more Lil's style.  Her punch wouldn't even o' fazed Sally at any other time, but this time Sally's belly muscles was still astrained an' as sore as a Tenderfoot's behind after a day in the saddle, from awhere Lil had stomped on her, afeet fust.

Anyways Lil's fist sank right into Sally's stomach, an' Lil hit pretty far below the belt too, let me tell you. Waal that punch o' Lil's jest about par'lysed Sal. Her mouth dropped open in a gasp, only no sound come out. She's that breathless. Sally, she stumbles backwards, an' her legs is ashakin' purty bad, an' she cain't git `er breath noways.

Waal at that, Lil jumps Sally, not bein' one t' give up no advantage.  Lil grabs aholt a Sally `round the neck with `er left arm, an' drags Sally up areal close t' `er own self, in a clinch like. Then Lil takes t'whumpin' Sally right int' her belly with `er right fist, an' o'course she whumps Sal apurty fur `low that gold buckle Sally's awearin'. Waal every time Lil awhumps her, she alifts that pore wrangler gal right up clear off'n her feet. She keeps on adoin' that six, mebbe eight times, an' there's jest nothin' Sally kin do `bout it.

Waal finally Sally gits loose from Lil, `r truth t' tell, mebbe Lil jest got tired awhumpin her.  Anyways, Sally jest kinda stands there all wobbly like, an' her knees is knockin' together like, an' she's aholdin' on t' herself with both `er hands down there where Lil'd been awhumpin'on `er below `er belt, an' she's bent over `bout in two at the middle. Her purty face is a'all twisted up in a knot from the pain, `bout jest the same way as her insides is, an' her big blue eyes is got that kinda dazed, hurt look like a doe deer jest after hits been ashot.

Waal at that, Lil steps in real close. She knows this is her chanct.  That gal takes `er time `bout it too. She winds up her fist kinda slow like, an' then she lets ago with a real haymaker, acomin' up `bout off'n the ground. Waal that punch hits Sally right on t' point o' her chin, an' its so hard Lil's own knuckles is all askinned from it, an' it pitches Sally on over backwards, jest like a poleaxed steer.

Waal Lil didn't waste no time after that. Sally's head was aswimmin', course she tried to sit up anyways, but she fell back down on the ground agin' alayin' there on her back, with her hands flung out t'the sides.  Waal, Lil wasn't one to pass up sech an opportunity like that, an' she falls down across Sally's body, her hull weight landing on Sally's pore achin' middle.

Then kneelin' on top o' Sally, Lil cracked her fist into Sally's jaw agin. Sally felt the pain all the way t' the other side o' her haid, an' that's `bout all she was o' feelin'right then.

Waal Sally kind o' shuddered an' went limp at that. She still knew what was happenin', but she jest couldn't get her arms an' legs agoin'. Sally felt Lil roll her over on her stomach, an' then Lil kneelin' on the small o' her back.

Next thing Sally knows, Lil tears Sally's own big bandana she's wearin' from off'n her neck. "You leave my neck'chief be!" Sally yelled, but `er voice is all choked up from the hurt she's afeelin', an' Lil jest laughed at her, real nasty like.

Next thing is, Lil twisted Sally's right arm, up behind her back. She pulled it so hard, as Sally let out a whoop at it. Lil knotted the bandana around Sally's wrist while she held on t'her arm. Then she twisted Sally's left arm up `ahind her too, an' she up an' tied Sally's wrists together jest about's tight as could be. They ain't no `un better'n an Apache at trussin' up no captive neither. Lil'd pulled both o' pore Sal's arms way up high, `bout right up to the wrangler gal's shoulder blades, afore she tied 'em so it hurt jest like the very devil.

Waal now that Lil'd got Sally trussed up tighter `en a Thanksgivin' turkey, Lil sort o' scoots around so she's afacin' t'other way.  She grabs Sally's leg an' bends it up by the knee. Sally did her best to kick loose now, but Lil jest wrenches her leg `til Sally lets out a hollar.  Waal Sally lay still, fur a piece after that, an' Lil pulled her work boot off'n her foot. Then she bent Sally's leg sideways `cross t'other leg, twistin' it at the same time, an' she bent Sally's toes backwards `till she mighty near t'broke `em.

Sally was screamin bloody, blue murder, but all trussed up, with Lil sittin' on top o' her, there weren't nothin' she could do `bout it. Lil tormented that pore gal like that fur a while, like only an Apache can.  Then she did the same thing t'Sally's t'other foot.

Waal, after a piece, Lil'd had `bout `nuff fun tormentin' pore Sally, fur the time bein' leastways. She threw both o' Sally's boots aside, an' got up off'n her. "Waal now, White Gal, I've got you properly hog tied now, jest like a big, ol' white sow."

Sally rolled over on her back, yelpin' at the pain t'her trussed up arm so' doin' it.  Waal  by then, o'course all them buttons still left on Sally's tattered shirt, hada popped open, an' 'er shirt had already got pulled loose from her jeans in the fight.  Waal now it fell all the ways open, so's Sally's big titties spilled out in the open. Waal Lil's glittern', snake eyes lit on t' that sight.  She reaches right down an' twists them purty brown tips on Sally's titties, dang near clean off'n pore Sal.

Sally screamed, an' whooped an' hollared. She done her dangdest t'kick Lil, but all trussed up like that, she couldn't catch that gal with her foot, no one's slippery'n Lil. Lil laughed at her then, an' Sally got so riled up, that she bust out cryin' in frustration.  It shore was humiliatin' enough fur the younger gal to have licked her, woman t'woman, in a more nor less fair fight, `specially considerin' that Lil was a lot smaller an' younger'n her, but now t'be tied up like a bulldogged stray heifer, was jest `bout more'n she could bear.

Lil wasn't about to let sech a' opportunity go by neither without seein' what else she could do to hurt an' embarrass the wrangler gal. What she did was, she reached down t' Sally's jeans, an' she loosen'd the belt, an' undid the buttons. Waal, then Lil went an' pulled Sally's jeans right down off'n her big, wide hips, `till all o' Sally's tight fittin' white cotton underdrawers was ashowin' in plain view. Then Lil pulled `em jeans right on down off'n them long, sturdy legs o' Sally's, bout the sweetest rounded legs in Callehoga County, from what I hear'd tell.

Waal, Sally got redder'n a' August sunset, she was that embarrassed fur t'have that hatefull, nasty gal see her nearly nekkid as a jaybird.  Waal, Sally was already snifflin' purty hard, an' then that Lil darts her hands right in between Sally's legs an' grabs her by the privates.  I guess I must o' told ya' that Lil was one, mean, nasty, young lady. Waal she squeezed, an' she twisted, `til pore Sally hollared like a screetch owl, Lil'd hurt her so much. Then Lil, she grabbed the neck o' Sally's shirt, an' pulled it together agin', an' pulled on't `til she pulled Sally asittin' up agin.

Lil held on t' that shirt with jest one hand, so Sally wouldn't fall over. Then she hauled off an' slapped Sal right acrost the face. She hit Sally so durn hard, why the palm o' her hand was imprinted clear as a picture on Sally's cheek. Then Lil backhanded Sally `cross t'other cheek. She kept that up until pore Sal's ears was aringin'.  Po'r Sally was bawlin' like a baby, at the way Lil was hurtin' her, an' her not able to do one dang thing about it.

When Lil'd slapped that pore, blond gal jest `bout silly, she made Sally stand up. There was more tears runnin down Sally's face than if she'd been caught in a summer cloud burst by now. O' course when Sally stood up, an' Lil let go o' her, her shirt front fell apart again, so's you could see the way her big, white titties was jest aheavin' an' ajumpin' around her chest. Must`v been `bout the best show ever happened in Callehoga County, the way her big, full figured, womanly body was ashakin' from the way she was cryin' an acarryin' on.

Lil leaned down an' pulled Sally's studded leather belt from out o' the belt loops, where she'd throw'd Sally's jeans. Then she spun Sally around, so's she could get at Sally's big, solid built bottom.  She glanced down t'see the way them purty hindquarters o' Sally's, was ajuttin' out an' strainin' against that white cotton. Waal, then, that mean gal Lil, she slashed Sally's own belt right across Sally's bottom.  Sally screamed like she'd got a shock from a lightnin' rod. Her big strong legs trembled, nervous as a colt. "Git movin' now Gal!" Lil ordered an' she druv Sally along in front o' her, slashing her across
the bottom t' direct her.

Pore Sally, she was abawlin' jest like a stray calf thats lost its mama, all the time that Lil's adrivin' her like that, why 'twas jest like a heifer being druv to market. When they got to Lil's Indian pony, Sally's white drawers, they was jest all in tatters, an' her big bottom cheeks, why they was jest raw an' fiery red underneath. Pore Sally was cryin' an' amoanin' worse'n any birched school gal by then.

Lil must have thought so too, `cause she sez "`Member how you birched me back in the School house fur fightin' with them stuck up Town gals? `Member it good Miss West, `cause you'r abawlin' a lot worst `en I ever did that day!"

Waal Lil took a rawhide lasso from her pony, an' she looped it around Sally's shoulders. Wa'al Lil mounted up an' rode off at a slow trot, pulling that pore, near nekkid, wrangler gal right `long behind her. Sally had to trot along right briskly to keep up. Lil rounded up Sally's pony an' led her along behind them.

That ol' sun was awful hot, an' like I said, pore Sally was nearly nekkid. She trotted along behind Lil, in that hot sunshine, an after the first mile her bare feet was all raw an' swollen. By the end o' the second mile her tongue was hangin' out o' her cracked lips. Her big, round thighs, bein' nekkid too, rubbed an' chaffed against each other somethin' awful 's well.

`Twas `bout then, Sally stumbled. She pitched over on t'her face, an' Lil drugged her along the ground on her belly fur a purty piece `afor she slowed down. Sally's big nekkid titties bumped an' scraped on the long Prairie grass the hull way o' course.

That brave, young, wrangler gal near passed out from the pain `bout then. Sally tried to get up, but she jest couldn't do it. Her trussed up arms made it jest so awkward, it was `bout impossible. She kept on struggling though, she wasn't one t'give up without no struggle, `til finally she made it, with Lil's nasty laughter aringin' in her ears the hull time.

"You dirty sidewinder!" Sally sobbed."You're gonna pay fur doin' this t'me the next time we tangle!" Lil laughed some more an' then deliberately turned her pony `round an' rode that poor blond gal down.  Her Indian pony's unshod hooves struck Sally's head knocking her clean out.

Waal after that, Lil couldn't rouse Sally, no matter what. She tugged an' sweated some, but she finally got the blond, wrangler gal up on her own pony. Lil had pore Sally lyin' face down hangin' `crost her own saddle like a sack o' meal, Sally's big white, red streaked hindquarters agleamin' in the Sunlight.

They rode on like that til late afternoon when they come to a little stream. Lil stopped an' pitched camp. Sally was beginnin' to come `round b'now, an' when Lil threw a pail o' water in her face, why she come to with a start. Her hull body was so sore an' stiff she could hardly move.  Lil cooked supper, an' its surprizin', but she give Sally a plate o' beans. Sally's arms were still tied behind her back o' course, an' the only way she could eat was to get up on her knees an' lean over her face into the plate an' lap it up.

"Jest like a she-dawg bitch eats its handouts, huh white gal?" Lil laughed.

Lil let Sally crawl an' stumble down to the stream an' drink her fill, an' do what else was neccessary. Waal when she was finished, Sally rolled right on int' the shallow water and kinda soaked in it a while, `till Lil dragged her out an' druv her back to camp with that belt she was still aswingin'.  That soakin' made Sally feel a mite better though, an she kind o' figured it was wuth rilin' Lil fur t'do it.

When it begin t'get dark, Lil staked Sally's ankles t' the ground an' then she untied her wrists and staked them t'the ground. They was jest a few rags left a' Sal's shirt by then, an' Lil pulled that off her and tossed it aside, so's poor Sal was jest 'bout nekkid but fur them white drawers, an' there wasn't much left o' them neither.

Wa'al, soon's she got Sal all trussed up agin,  Lil throw'd a horse blanket over her.  Then an took off'n her buckskins, an' curled up beside Saly, her ownself. Sally lay there on her back. The stakes wouldn't let her turn over none, an' her arms still ached purty bad from bein' trussed up behind her most all day so's that gal was mighty uncomfortable, fur t' say the least.

Sally's a brave gal, an' she blinked back some tears. After all, she figured, her belly was full an' tomorrow was another day. Plannin' fur escapin', or else, better yet, gittin' loose an' havin another go at Lil, Sally dozed off, even in that goldanged uncomfortable position.

Wa'al sir, the moon come up and Sally woke up.  After sum sleep she felt a might better, an' she started in t'work on them stakes.  Wa'al, ev'n after what she'd abeen through, Sal's still a purty strong gal, an' as luck would have it, didn't she get her right arm aloose.  She was jest agonna get her other arm an' ankles free, when alls a sudden like, Lil jumps on top o'her.  Seems like the moon'd waked her up too.

Wa'al Sally stiffened up like she'd been abit by a rattler, 'cuss Lil's hands was all over her body, doin' some purty strange an' nasty things t' her.

Now back in that fancy finishin' school in Philidelphia, Sally knew gals who were like that. She'd always refused to take part in their nightly goin's on naturally, bein' a Callehoga gal. Them other girls'd respected Sally's privacy though `cause they was ladies, even if their tastes was a mite odd. O' course, Sally's size an' strength, an' fightin' abilities might o' had a dab t' do with it too.

But now Sally was Lil's captive, an' Lil was no lady, that was fur shore, an' Lil had purty wa'al cut Sally's strength down to size, an' showed up her fightin abilities purty handy too.  They was jest no way Sally could fight her off, all trussed up like that.  `Bout all Sallycould do, was wriggle around an' try to move away from Lil. It didn't do no good atal'.

Sally snarled like a she-cat. "You git you're dirty hands off'n o' me Gal!"

Lil laughed way down deep an' nasty. She grabbed Sally 'round the neck, an' held her face steady, an' she kissed Sally hard right smack on the lips.  Why that gal even stuck her tongue right inside o' Sally's mouth, an' sucked on her mouth.

When Lil let go o' Sally's neck, Sally was jest about breathless. The next thing Sally know'd, Lil had her two skinny thighs wrapped `round Sally's head. Lil told her what she wanted fur Sally t' do next.

"You go to Hell, you dirty bitch!"  Sally yelled forgettin' her Sunday manners.  Waal then, that there no'account Lil reached down an' did some real nasty, purty mean things t' Sally's big, nekkid titties. Things so nasty, Sally, she screamed like you wouldn't believe at the pain.

"You leave my boobies alone! Oooo you nasty Bitch!" Sally sobbed out. Waal Sallys screams an' her threats, both, was cut off purty quick, by Lill squeezin' her legs tight shut `round Sally's face.  Waal Sally was bout t'end o' her tether by then, an' she jest plum' give in, an' did what Lil atold her t'do.

When they was finished, Lil told Sally. "Ya' know what White Gal, Miss Sally High an' Mighty Schoolmarm West?  Ah'm gonna take you down South o' the Boarder an' Ah'm gonna sell you down there. They pay top dollar fur yaller haired gals like you in them Cantinas.  They'll make dang sure ya suck on a lot wuss 'en ya jest sucked on, too, let me tell ya!"

Waal Lil kept on travl'n South like that, with pore Sally in tow, not able to do nothin' `bout it, but t' follow 'long like a whipt bitch pup.  The days was jest a nightmare fur our Sal.  Lil had a real talent fur thinkin' up mean ways t'torment that pore, miserable, yaller-haired, wrangler gal, an' make her life jest a livin' hell, but Sally dreaded the nights even more.

Waal they never did git to the Boarder.  Sally'd been missed purty quick by her hands at the ranch. Marshall Stone found her gun belt 'n jeans an' hat. Every one, they naturally feared the worst, but the Posse lit out on the trail Lil left. Her Apache kin would ha' been right shamed by the careless trail she left. Why a one-eyed easterner tenderfoot could o' follered it!

Anyways, the Posse caught up with them, jest less'n o' mile from the Boarder.  Waal Lil, she got away `crost the Boarder, `afore the Posse could nab her. They never did catch her.  After what Sally 'd gone through with Lil, she'd developed a fever and was kinda like delirious on the trip back, an' bein' feverish like that, I guess she let out a lotta things `bout what'd happened she might been jest as happy t' kept t'herself. Waal when they brought Sally home, she was in a purty bad way fur a while, wouldn't hardly eat, nor sleep, nor leave the Ranch House fur months.

Sally was purty down on herself they say. I guess she jest couldn't forgive herself, losin' that fight to Lil, an' let'n herself git took captive by that nasty young hellion, an bein' amade t'do the things Lil made her do, an' then havin' t' be rescued by the Posse, jest like one o' them Eastern Gals avisitin' out here, an' then havin' all o'Callehoga County hear all about it.  O'course, it was the talk o' the County fur jest about a month o' Sundays, Sally bein' so popular, an' waal thought o', jest about the most respected, well liked gal in the County, an' then fur her t'git her tail licked good an' proper by that
skinny leetle Apache Gal.

Anyways, Sally's Daddy, he died a while after that, an' Sally, she hired a foreman fur t'manage the Ranch, an' moved back East. She stayed in Philidelphia fur a spell, with her Aunt Minny, an old Callahoga gal herself, who we hear tell's one o' them big High Sassiety leaders now.  Then we hear'd Sally was travelin' ov'r in that there Paree France.

Now let me tell you, we shore did Miss Sally back here in Callehoga County, `specially Marshall Stone.  Yep, Matt Stone he tuerned in th' Marshall's badge, an' went back t'workin' that leetle spread his Daddy left t' him.  `Course he did keep his Deputy Sheriff badge o' Callehoga County.  Waal Matt throwed hisself right int' ranchin' full time, I guess mebbe it help'd him forget `bout Sally, an' `twasn't long `fore he built it int' near the biggest spread `round, only the West place bein' bigger, an' o' course without Miss Sally nor her father t' keep a day t' day eye on it, that spread was kinda goin' t'seed.

Waal after Sally'd been gone `bout a year who should turn up back t'Town but Lil, an' if that ain't enuff t' beat all, she's got money enuff with her to buy the Liberty Belle, lock, stock an' barrel. Some folks said she got the money in a all night card game in Tombstone.  The less kind folks sez `twas prob'ly robbin' trains but she shore enuff had it anyways. There's no warrant out agin her, so there wasn't nothin' nobody kin do, but a lotta folks was mighty resentful after what she'd adone t'Sally.

Some folks thought Matt Stone might have it in fur Lil after the way she'd treated Sally, but he kinda ignored Lil. Some fool had the gall t'ask Matt `bout it one day.  Waal surprizin' enuff Matt didn't shoot him on the spot, jest muttered that `twas up t' Miss Sally t' take care o' Lil when the time come. Lil didn't pay no never mind t'anyone though.

Wa'al Sir, that Lil built up business at th' Liberty Belle mighty quick. The new Marshall, he take's t'hangin' `round the Liberty Belle all the time, an' folks kinda figure he's in cahoots with Lil, cause she runs a purty rough place with out no interference from the law.

Waal finally after `bout two years Sally, she come's back, only it don't seem like the same Sally West we'd always knowed. She's all dressed up fancy like in these clothes she brought with `er from this here Paree, why she's even wearin' one o' them consarned bustles.  An' not only that, but she brings a butler back, an' a chef, a real live shore 'nuff Frenchman, an' one o' these here coachman t'drive the fancy coach she's got herself, as if Sally West cain't, herself, drive a team better'n anyone, jest `bout.

Waal anyway, she cain't hardly ride no horse in that bustle, `less she rides side saddle, an' danged if she don't bring one o' them back with her too. It kinda pained every one here t' see Ben West's dotter ridin' on one o' them sissy side saddles, an' her the best rider in Callehoga County.

Waal the wust of it was, she jest wasn't the same open hearted, friendly gal we'd knowed neither, an' that's what hurt the most. She only talked this here fancy Eastern lingo now, jest like `er Aunt Minnie, an' you'd never knowed she even come from Callehoga County.  She didn't mix none with folks neither lest it was on business an' couldn't be avoided.  Folks took t'callin' her Miss Sally, `r even Miss West, she was that standoffish.

Waal o' course Matt Stone dashed out t'the West Spread soon's he hear'd Sally was home.  Waal I guess he got sent off with kinda a flee in 'is ear, that dang Sally didn't treat him no better'n any o' her other old friends.  Waal I guess Matt was kinda a smartin' at that, but he kept it t'hisself an' didn't say nothin bad `bout Sally, but he shore had a hang dog look `bout him.  Losin' that fight t'Lil like that, shore had made some change in that gal, an not fur the better neither.

Waal, the one good thing we could see was, even though Sally didn't work the spread herself on a day t' day basis, an' she keeps her foreman on, there was a heck o' a big change in the way the ranch was run.  There leastways, she was still Ben West's dotter.  The slackness all gotta shook out in `bout one day o' her bein back.  Waal now she owned `bout the biggest hunk o' the bank too, an' though there was a Bank Manager, `twas Sally runnin' the Bank too, that was plain.

Waal one day, Miss Sally as we all called her now instead o' jest plain Sal, she comes ridin' int' Town, in that here fancy coach o' hers, to inspect the Bank's Books, an' after that she walks on to the Gen'l Goods Store, couple doors past the bank.  Waal anyways she has t' go past the Liberty Belle.  Waal who should be acomin' out but Lil.

Waal Sally's all dolled up fit t' kill with petticoats and bustles an' I don't aknow what all, dang'd if'n she ain't even carryin' one  o' them there parasols. Now I will admit, all rigged out like that, Miss Sally, she look'd jest as purty as a pictoor, jest like a princess in one o' them story books.  I'd a' liked to see'd her try t' rope a steer like that though.

Lil's in her buckskins like usual in the day time.  At night, Lil generally weared one o' them saloon gal kinda dresses, that shows off a lotta what's on a gal's chest, an' with askirt s' short you kin see most o' her ankles `bout up t' the calf. I gotta admit Lil looked real good in't too.

Waal them two hadn't a laid eyes on one another since Lil lit out crost the boarder more'n two years ago. She looks Miss Sally up an' down purty bold like, an' sez. "Waal if'n ain't the Schoolmarm what thought she was some kind o' high an' mighty muckamuck `round here, only she found out it was jest she was too big fur her britches, after I took `em away from `er."

Waal Miss Sally she tries to kinda go around Lil `bout her business, but Lil catches her by the arm an' sez. "How `bout you an' me go out acampin' on the Prairie t'night Hon'. I shore have missed them pretty pink lips o' your'n, an' that real eddicat'd tongue."

Waal Miss Sally shore got all red in the face at that. But she still didn't take a poke out o' Lil, like you'd o' thunk she ought'r.

"Just let me pass, if you don't mind please Lillian?" Sally sez in that refined Eastern way she's atakin' t' talkin'. Waal Lil don't move an' Sally, she turns `round and starts back the other way, an' its purty clear Lil 's still got Miss Sally kinda spooked.  Waal now naturally Lil ain't one t' let it go at that. She hauls off an' kicks Miss Sally right in the bustle.

Waal Miss Saaly don't even git her dander up none t' that. She jest keeps on awalkin', but Lil still don't let her be. Lil grabs Miss Sally by the arm an' pulls `er back `round. Then she grabs that there parasol right out o' Miss Sally's hand, an she holds it at either end, an' she breaks it right over Miss Sally's haid. It shore looks like that Lil's tryin' t' start up a new fight with Miss Sally.

Waal, an I'm dang sad t' say it, instead o' pitchin' that Lil from here t'next week, Miss Sally she backs off agin, an' its purty clear, she's down right buffallo'd by that leetle gal.  Waal Lil gits purty disgusted that she cain't git Miss Sally t' fight back, no how.

"Waal now gal, I guess you got a liver that jest `bout matches your'n hair, n' thats Yaller!"  Lil snickers real loud an' mean like, so's everyone within half
a block kin hear `er.

Miss Sally jest kinda hangs her haid real shamed like, an backs away from Lil some more, but that don't do `er no good, `cause Lil jumps on `er an' grabs `er by the bustle an' by the scruff o' the neck an' flings her int' the Street, right int' the big mudhole `round the Town water'n trough.  Waal Miss Sally ends up asittin' in `bout a foot amud, an' she jest sits there.  She don't even try t' git up, like she's `fraid if she gits up, Lil'll do somethin' aworst t' her. You can see her lower lip is a quiverin' as though she's agonna bust out blubberin'.

Waal Matt Stone, he's a come int' Town fur supplies that day, an' as fate would have it, he was jest a commin' out o' the Gen'l Store an seed the hull thin'. Waal he jest kinda hangs his haid like he's shore enuff ashamed, an' wants t' crawl out o'there, an' hide hisself some where's.

Waal Miss Sally sees Matt standin' there an' sez t' him. "Mr. Stone, I understand that you are still a duly deputized Peace Officer in this County. Do you allow a lady to be assaulted like this, on the public streets of this Town? Even if you didn't do anything to protect me from that nasty young woman, surely, you can at least help me up."  I've told you how high falutin' Miss Sally talk'd since she come back, an' she was still atalkin' that way t' Matt Stone, but she kept gulpin' while's she's talkin' like she's tryin t' swallar a big lump in `er throat 'r somethin'.  Even if'n you couldn't o' see'd her face, you'd know she was fit t' bust out bawlin'.

Waal Matt, he puts his hands on his hips, an' he looks that gal astraight in the eye, an' he tells her what the hull County's been achin' t' tell `er fur some time. "Dang it, `Miss West' I've know'd you since you an' me was five an' eight years old, an' its a leetle late to start int' callin me Mr. Stone.  I've moped `round this County for nigh on t'three years now, waitin' fur the woman I thought I know'd t'comeback.  Waal I guess I been nothin' but a danged fool. I guess that woman don't even exist, an' I guess it must be mebbe she never did. I must a jest imagined her in my haid. `Cause there's one thin' I know fur shore, the woman I thought I know'd, she wouldn't o' let herself be flung int' no mudhole without puttin' up no fight, even though she know'd dang waal `aforehand she was gonna lose the fight, an' she wouldn't be still asittin' in no mudhole, about ready t' start blubberin', awaitin' fur some'un t'pull her out neither.  Sally, if you'd s'much `s raised y'r hand, `r  even said jest one word in y'r own defense t'that bitch, I'd a dived int' that mud hole haid fust right after you. Dang it Sally, we's all lost a fight `r two in our lives, but we still gotta git up off our you-know-what's afterwards an' start agin. Waal dang it, if'n you cain't git out o' that mudhole your own self Sally West, then you kin stay there till Kingdom come, fur all I care."

Waal with that Matt, he turns on his heel and stomps off acrost the street t' the Callehoga House Bar, the only other saloon in Town, aside's from the Liberty Belle. Waal then Miss Sally does bust out blubberin', jest sobbin' her haid off, though's her heart's broke.  Jest then her coachman drives up an' he gits Miss Sally out o' the mudhole, an int' the coach, an' we see her adrivin' off all scrunched down in the back seat still ablubberin' `bout as hard 's she can.

Waal all the decent folks shore nuff agrees this is jest `bout the blackest day in Callehoga hist'ry, t' see the last o' the Wests arun out o' Town like that, bawlin' like a calf an' with her tail `twixt her legs, an' without even puttin' up no fight atall.

Waal the only folks in town's happy `bout it, o'course, is that crowd what hangs `round Lil. Now Lil, she's so happy and puffed up over what she's adone t' Miss Sally agin, that she goes back int' her Saloon an' sets up free drinks fur everybody, an' let me tell you that wasn't like Lil atall.  None o' the decent folks took her up on`t o' course but all the worst element drank right smart.

Waal, turns out that wasn't the end of the story. It cain't be no more'n a' hour, when who comes back t' Town but Sally West.  Waal glory be t' the
Almighty, when she comes back, she ain't a blubberin' no more, an' she ain't aridin' in the back seat o' no Coach, an she aint' dressed up like Mrs. Astor's Tin Horse no more neither.

Sally's blue eyes is `bout as dark an' mean lookin' as a summer storm, an' her chin is set, jest as stubborn's a rock, jest like her Daddy's used t' git. Sally's ridin' her cow pony fur the fust time since she come back, an she ain't ridin' no side saddle neither. She's asittin' up astride ridin' that horse aproper jest like she use t', with that same kinda lazy gracefull way she had.

Waal Sally's dressed real proper too, in her old jeans, an' work boots an' calico work shirt. Sally mebbe ain't done no ranch work in two years, but them jeans make it right plain, her waist is still mighty lean an' trim.

Anyways, Miss Sally rides right straight down the middle o' Main Street real slow like, but purposefull like too, like she knows jest where she's agoin' an' got all the time in the world t' git there.

Waal the fust thin' you knows, half the decent folks in Town is followin' along behind t' see what's agonna happen next. Sally, she rides straight up to the Liberty Belle an' dismounts real nonchalant like, an' tosses the reins over the hitchin' rail. She's wearin' a gun belt, but she takes that off and hangs it on the pommel o' her saddle. Then she ambles toward the door, o' the Saloon.

Waal Sally shoves on through the swingin' doors real bold like, like she's alookin' fur a fight, an' I guess she is.  Waal when Sally comes through the door like that, Lil's behind the bar, right under th' pictoor o'that nekkid lady who's akinda winkin' out at th' customers.  Wa'al Sir, Lil takes one look at Sally, an' see's blood in`er eye, an' goes fur the shotgun under the bar.

Waal Sally don't give Lil no time t'even cock the hammers. She's acrost the barrooom like a flash, an' she vaults right on over the bar, quick's a wink, an' even quicker she pokes Lil in th' eye, an' takes that scatter gun away from Lil an' throws it t' one side.

Waal Lil goes fur Sally, an' Sally backhands her, an' knocks her back `bout three feet.  Waal o' course Lil ain' agonna fold up after only one slap.  She jumps back on Sally, an' grabs her by the ears with her thumbs in Sally's eyes an she rassles Sally up on top o' the bar.  Waal the two o' them rassled around there on top th' bar fur a piece. Lil's atryin' to gouge Sally's eyes, an' take a bite o' her ear, but Sally's givin' it back `bout as good as she's agittin'.

`Bout then, they both falls off the bar on t' floor in front of it. That don't even faze them none, they jest keep on rasslin' on the floor as though nothin's happened. By now though, Sally gits Lil pinned down, an' she's poundin' her with her fist. Dang'd though if that Lil doesn't git one hand loose an' gits it `round a spittoon.

Waal, Lil bangs Sally in the haid with the spittoon. She opens up a cut in the side o' Sally's haid, `bove the hair line, an' there's blood drippin' down Sally's face purty quick, but Sally don't pay it no never mind.  Sally is kinda' distracted fur a mite though while she rassles that spittoon out o' Lill's hand, an' a second later Lil manages to roll Sal off t' her.

Lil jumps up a mite quicker'n Sally, an' manages t' give her a knee in the jaw while she's doin' it, an' knocks Sally back `gainst the bar. Lil grabbed at Sally's shirt collar t'catch holt o' her, but Sally up an' kicks Lil `atween the legs, even though Sally's only half up off the floor at th' time.  Waal that slowed Lil down some, time enuff fur Sally t' git up on her hind feet, an' send Lil aflyin' with a left hook t' her cheek. Lil fell down `crost a table an' don't Sally jump right on top o' her.

I believe I've told you, Sally's a mighty buxom, full figured gal even if she is mighty shapely, an' when she comes down on top o' Lil, the hull table collapses, an' they both go sprawlin' `mongst the wreckage.  Sally's still on top o' Lil though, an' she gits `er hands `round Lil's throat, an' starts t'throttle `er.

Jest then Lil gits her hand `round a leg o' that table they's lyin' amidst, an' bangs it `crost the back o' Sally's haid. Sally gits kinda a dazed look in her eyes at that, but that don't stop `er none.  She lets loose o' Lil's throat, an' punches her in the jaw, an' she puts a lot behind that punch too. Waal now it's Lil's eyes that go kinda glassy, an' she up an' drops the table leg she's holdin'.

Sally jumps up and pulls Lil up on t' her feet `long with `er, an' she commences t'punchin' Lil all `round the barroom. Lil doesn't put up much o' a fight neither. Her eyes jest keep gittin' glassier an' glassier every time Sally hits her.

Waal, glassy eyes 'r not, Lil manages t' give the high sign t' the new Marshall an' some o' the plug uglies she keeps around the Liberty Belle, an they start towards Sally.  Waal 'course, Matt Stone's hear'd `bout the ruckus agoin' on, an' he'd shoved his way through the crowd an' managed t' git inside jest `bout the time Sally vaulted over that bar.  Waal he's agrinnin' ear t'ear, through most the hull thin', though he kinda grimmaces o' mite when Sally got hit with the spitoon, an' later with the chair leg, an he said later he was a mite worried the time Lil'd come near t'bitin' Sally's ear off.

Course, when Matt sees that new Marshall an' Lil's plug uglies start fur Sal, he steps up in front o' them, an' loosen's his gun from its holster a mite.  Waal they all got the message right quick. No one's furgotten the toughest Marshall in Callehoga's hist'ry. They backs off real quick.  The new Marshall he kinda jest fades right out o' the picture, an' we hear later he's kept on agoin' an' skeddadled right on out o' Town fur good.  Guess he know'd what was good fur `im.

Waal unfortunately Sally kinda turned her haid t' watch Matt handle Lil's punks, an' Lil takes the opportunity t'dive haid fust into Sally's middle. Sally squawked a mite at that. Lil grabs Sally's arm an' twists the bigger gal `round an' tosses her up in the air an' on t' the floor.  Lil's a real whiz at them kinda tricks. Waal the decent folks kinda groaned and the others let out a cheer, but they was both what you might call premature like. `Cause Sally, she bounces right up t' her feet agin, `fore Lil kin jump on her, `r kick her, `r somethin' like that.

Everyones kinda surprized how quick Sally moves fur sech a big gal. Once on her feet she moved even quicker. Before Lil kin git her bearin's Sally tears int' her.  Sally gives Lil a right uppercut t' the chin, an' Lil goes up in the air `bout half a foot. When Lil comes down she lands on Sally's knee what comes up t' meet her right between the legs.  Nobody never seed Sally fight quite so fierce `fore, but no one objects.  They all figures Lil's got it acomin'.

Waal Lil kinda slides down off'n Sally's knee, an' she looks plumb tuckered. Sally grabs Lil by the shirt an' slams `er up against the bar.  Waal Lil's `bout out on her feet, an' Sally's got `er bent backwards ver the bar, but that dang Lil's slidin' her hand `round the bar lookin' fur somethin' t' use gainst Sally, an' don't she find a whiskey bottle.  Waal Sir, `bout one second later, Lil hits Sally crost the side o' the face with that bottle, an' `twas jest `bout full too. waal Sally goes aflyin' sideways. The bottle don't break the skin on her  cheek, but fur `bout three weeks after, Sally's got a big, ugly bruise on her face.

Waal Sally stumbled `round a bit, kinda a lost look in her eyes, but then she sees Lil acomin' fur her, with that bottle agin, only now Lil's smashed it agin' the bar so's now its all jagged edges.  Waal Sally pulls herself t'gether purty quick.  Anyways, when Lil come at her. Sally kicks her foot bout head high, an don't that gal catch Lil on the wrist with the toe of her boot, jest `bout perfect aim, an' that bottle goes aflyin'.

Waal Lil kinda backed off after that, an' Sally followed her, an' now Sally's stalkin' her, jest like you've seen a couger go after a mount'in sheep.  Lil looks kinda like she'd like t'git out o' her own saloon, but instead, an' you kinda gotta admire the gal fur it, she goes right back after Sally.  Waal I guess Sally'd kinda thought Lil was `bout finished, an' she'd let her guard down some. Guess that gal'd lived back east a mite too long fur t' be that careless. Lil hits Sally right in the tittie, an' Sally kinda grimmaces at thet, but she wades back in' t'Lil.

Waal Lil's awaitin fur Sally this time. Wham! Bam! Bang! She hits Sally with a left `atween the legs an' a right t' the ear, an' then another left' t' the middle. Waal then every body notices, that danged Lil'd slipped on a pair o' knuckle dusters on t' her left hand, weren't many dirty tricks that gal didn't know. Waal she knocks Sally kinda spinnin' an' now Sal knows she's gotta deal with them brass knuckles.

Waal some folks thought Matt Stone ought o' stepped in t'stop the fight `bout then. It was gittin' kinda beyond what we consider ladylike here in          Callehoga. He jest stood there though lookin' kind o' grim.  Sally catches Lil with a left cross to the cheek but takes a brass knuckled fist below the belt. You kin see it kinda stuns her.

Waal Sally backed off a leetle mite, but she's still got her mitts up an' ready. Lil comes at her, an' hits Sally on the chin this time with the brass knuckles, an' its a good substant'l punch too. Sally goes down on one knee, an' she don't look so good atall. Lil kick's her b'low `er belt an' comes at `er like t' finish Sally while she's down. Sally looks kinda green an' sick an' she's shakin' like from a fever, but even so Sally swings from `bout the floor, an' punches Lil `bout right where you'd `spect her belly button to be under them buckskins.

It don't look like Sal had much left t' put int' the punch, an' down on one knee, she cain't git much leverage b'hind it neither o'course, but Lil kinda slips in the whiskey she jest spilled breakin' that bottle, an' she goes down on her knees anyways.  Lil don't look like's she's hurt nary atall.  She's grinnin' real confident like, even when Sally manages t' stand up.

Sally astandin' but she don't look nary as confident 's Lil. Sal's still lookin purty green an' shakey, an she jest stands there lookin' at Lil fur a leetle piece, like she's still a mite dazed an' don' know quite where she be `r what t' do next. Her legs is awobblin' purty hard too. You kin jest tell them gul'danged brass knuckles done some job on `er an' must o' hurt her real serious.

Waal, then don't Sally take a step backwards, like t' let Lil get up, an' every one o' Sally's friends kinda groans, `cause this definitely wasn't no time fur no Eastern fangled sportsmanship. Sally looked t' be jest throwin' out the window any chanct she still might `a had o' beatin' Lil, an' it shore didn't look like she had much o' one anyways.

Waal you kin see a leetle smirk on Lil's lips, at Sally bein' sech a dang fool, an' that's when Sally kicks Lil in the chin with the toe o' her work boot. Waal Lil's on her knees when Sally landed that kick, an' she goes sailin' backwards, `bout half way `crost the barroom.

Waal Lil didn't alook much like she was gonna git up after that mule kick, but Sally didn't take no chances. She's acrost that barroom herself `bout 's fast as Lil flew, wobbly legs an' all.  Waal, Sally finished moppin' up the floor with Lil, right quick after that. It wasn't long afore Lil calls it quits, an' tells Sally she's won, an' Lil weren't too gracious like `bout it neither.

`Course t' tell the honest truth, it wasn't too gracious the way Sally was atwistin' on Lil's titties t'git `er t'say uncle neither.  Sally'd jest `bout furgot all `bout that there Markess o' Queensb'ry b'then.

Waal Sally stands there agrinnin' fur a second, her legs still kinda rubb'ry, an' there's still blood runnin' down her bruised cheek, but she turns t' Matt an' sez. "Waal Matt Stone, are you goin' t'go outside an' jump haid fust int' that mud hole now like y' promi's'd me, `r are you goin' t' be the fust t' kiss the winner o' this leetle fracas?" An' Sally's gigglin' jest `bout like a school gal all the time's she's sayin it, an' its the fust time we see'd that smile o' Sally's in Callehoga County in over two years, an' it jest lights up that hull barroom.

Waal Matt he let out o' whoop, an' he grabs Sally `round the waist, an' his hands still jest `bout spans Sally's waist. Matt lifts that gal up and swings her `round, kissin' her smack on the lips all the time he's doin' it.

Mebbe it was kinda a good thing too that Matt picked Sally up jest `bout then, `cause to tell the truth, Sal's legs was awful wobbly, even if she had won the fight right handily, an' I guess mebbe Matt knowed it too, an' didn't want his gal t' keel over right when she'd done so good.  Waal anyways, when he finally sets `er down agin he don't let go o' her waist, though I guess no one'd blame him fur holdin' on tight t' a gal like that, even without no other reason.

Anyways, Matt sez to all the folks in the room, while he's still holdin' on t' Sally,  "Waal I might o' been the fust one to kiss the winner, but there dang waal better not be no one else t' try an' be the second one.  Leastaways not `till you git a chanct t' kiss the bride anyways."

Waal Sally gives him a poke at that, an' mebbe her legs is still a mite wobbly, but it shore `nuff ain't none o' them ladylike leetle taps them Eastern gals give neither, more'n like one `ud stun a steer, an' she tells Matt. " You mind your manners Matt Stone!  An' don't you be announcin' no weddin' afore you give the perspective bride a chanct to refuse you at least once. You kin court me, if you've o' mind t', but you'll do it right, an' proper, an' respectfull."

Waal I guess Matt must o' done it right an' proper an' respectfull, `cause he an' Sally, they got hitched `bout two months later, and let ne tell ya, that was jest 'bout the biggest shindig Callehoga County ever see'd.

Now you might o' thought Sally'd use her influence t' drive Lil out o'Town after that, but that Sally don't have a mean bone in her body.  She'd be `bout the last one in the County t' do a low down thing from spite or `cause o' no grudge. Fact is she told other folks what was talkin' about tar `n feathers, an' a rail, t' jest fergit it, she an' Matt jest wouldn't allow it. She'd already taken' to speakin' fur Matt purty confident like, in most thin's an' that was even `fore they was hitched.

Waal Lil hired a manager fur the Liberty Belle soon after that, an' kinda set up as a lady, though she still owned the Belle b'hind the scenes like. In a Town this size, Lil and Sally meet fairly often. They nods, polite like enuff, but it don't `pear there's much excess love lost on neither side.

The End.