by Tom Adams

Routine fight over a man, or was it?


Linda was having trouble comprehending the letter and picture she was holding. They were from Sue, Ted's former girlfriend.

Ted had broken up with Sue about five years ago and Linda didn't think they had so much as had lunch together since then. Ted had dated two other women between the breakup with Sue and the start of his relationship with Linda several months ago.

Has Ted been seeing Sue on the side during this time?, Linda asked herself. Ted, Sue and I work for the same company. If so, there should have been a hint. I've seen Ted and Sue pass each other in the halls, but they don't speak, barely look at each other.

She read the letter again.

Hello Linda,

See you're Ted's latest toy. He'll do with you what he did with those other two women, fuck you until he gets tired of your pussy and then drop you. Hate to be so crude, but might as well tell it like it is.

We've never stopped seeing each other. Ted tries to stop, but he can't. One look at that picture will tell you why. He took that a few weeks ago. Not bad for an amateur photographer. But with a body like mine all you really have to do is just aim the camera and shoot.

I dress modestly around the office, but it's hard to keep from being noticed, especially when your tits are as big as mine. I can almost feel men undressing me with their eyes. Most of them would give their left ball to get their hands on what you see.

And Ted is hooked for as long as I want him. Enjoy him while you can and remember he saves his best for me.

See you later, Linda.


"Oh, he saves his best for you, Sue," Linda said out loud in a mocking tone. "Well it must really be fantastic because when I get through with him in bed he's completely exhausted, couldn't get a hard on if someone put a gun to his head."

Linda was very competitive. She had participated in every sport she could in high school even a new, pioneer girl's wrestling team. She liked the feel of matching her strength and skill against other girls, of pitting her muscles against theirs, the feel of her body straining against her opponent. Linda loved the physical contact and she never lost a match.

In the next few weeks, Linda would glance at Sue when they passed in the hall, but she would not return the glance, looking straight ahead as if nothing had happened. And there were no new letters from Sue.

About a month later, Linda and Ted were at a lake in a park. She was sunning herself in a bikini and Ted was taking scenic pictures with his camera. If there was a lake, river, ocean, mountain, etc. around and Ted had his camera, he would take a picture. That was his speciality. He considered himself quite good, although he had not been successful at selling any of his pictures.

"Ted, come here a minute," called Linda. "I'm going to take my bikini top off and you take a picture of me. And make sure you get a good shot of my tits."

He seemed sort of puzzled, but then immediately broke into a broad grin. "Sure, Linda," he said. "Just from the waist up, or do you want your legs included?"

"Yes, include my legs," said Linda. "You do have some experiece at shooting pictures of nude women, don't you?"

Ted's smile faded and he seemed lost in thought for a moment.

"Well, maybe, but that was years ago," he said.

"Years ago, Ted?" said Linda with a slight smile. He didn't respond.

Ted took the picture which Linda sent to Sue along with a letter.

Hello Sue,

We seem to have a few things in common don't we? Nice tits, nice legs and, although you can't see it in this pictire, a nice ass. We also have the same photographer. Ted took this shot last week, and then I fucked his dick off. Sorry there's nothing left for you. And, oh yes, Sue, the men at the office also notice my tits, legs and ass. I don't dress modestly. If you have it, flaunt it.

You didn't expect this kind of reply did you, Sue. You didn't expect a reply at all. Thought I would just meekly give up and fade away. That's just not my nature, Sue. I'm a fighter.

And another thing. Havn't mentioned this to Ted. Don't plan to. I feel you're not really a threat, you're the one he'll get tired of, not me. But if I have to deal with you, I'll do it. No need to bother Ted with this.

He's mine. Get lost.

See you later, Sue.


"Great, Linda!" said Sue when she saw the letter and picture. "The other two women were harder to get rid of. Looks like you're going to be easy. So you're a fighter. I like that. Yeah, I like that."

Sue remembered the other women. One of them went to Ted. That was a mess. Sue had to make up excuses to lead them into her trap. Once in, it was all over in a matter of minutes. But getting them there had been a real pain in the ass. With Linda, just issue a direct challenge. She was sure Linda would accept.

A week later Linda got another letter and picture from Sue.

Hello Linda,

You tell me you're a fighter. So am I. As you can tell by the picture my body is trim and firm. And I like to fight other women, sort of a hobby of mine. Never lost a fight, beat the shit out of the other girls.

Linda, this is a direct challenge. Let's fight over Ted, no holds barred. The winner gets him. The loser never speaks to him again.

See you later, Linda.


Well, thought Linda. She doesn't waste words. The picture doesn't show a particularly strong body, but she's trim, looks to be in good shape. She may be good with her fists, maybe even know karate, who knows. No one likes to get the shit beat out of them, so I doubt she would have issued this challenge unless she's been in a a few fights and won them.

Linda's mind drifted back to her high school wrestling days. Those were the only type of "fight" she had ever been in, but it was very enjoyable. The thought of matching her muscles and fighting ability against Sue began to appeal to her. She was also probably stronger than Sue, which she would explain in her next letter and picture. As for Ted, Linda wasn't sure what the truth was there. She was positive she was the best fuck he had ever had. So did he fit in? No, this is a direct challenge to me that doesn't really involve Ted, she thought.

Linda kept herself in shape lifting light weights and jogging. And every Saturday morning she helped with a neighborhood construction project clearing off an old junk yard that was to become a playground. This gave her an idea for the next picture to Sue.

Linda had Ted bring his camera telling him he could get some arty shots of old car parts and pieces of scrap metal. By noon she and the other volunteers had finished loading the heavy items onto a truck. Then everyone left. But Linda hung around while Ted got some more pictures.

"Come here," she called to him. He found her stripped down to little more than a chain draped across her shoulder.

Ted smiled and took the picture without comment. He was enjoying taking pictures of her nude body. He wasn't sure what she was going to do with the pictures, but felt it was one of her "private" things that would be explained when she was ready. He had learned that Linda could sometimes be moody and withdrawn but would confide in him if he just gave her enough time.

"Ah, she accepted my challenge," said Sue, smiling as she looked at the picture and letter.

Hello Sue,

I accept your challenge to a no holds barred fight. I'm going to beat the shit out of you. And this isn't for Ted, Sue. This is for me. Frankly I don't think you have been seeing Ted at all. But you have caused me a lot of worry and sleepless nights. You're going to pay for that.

Take a good look at my body. Just finished loading heavy metal parts onto a truck. And I do other things to keep myself in shape. You're in for a hell of a battle.

Let's fight.

See you later, Sue.


Sue had almost been avoiding Linda in the hallway during the exchange of letters. But the next day as they approached each other, Sue said, "Follow me." and ducked into a stairwell. Linda followed her in and closed the door behind them.

"So you think you can whip my ass," said Sue smiling.

"I know I can," said Linda, glaring at Sue. "When do you want to fight?"

"How about this Saturday afternoon at 2:00?", said Sue. "I'll pick you up and we'll go to a nice secluded spot."

"Why are you doing all this, the letters, pictures, fighting?", asked Linda.

"There is a very good reason," answered Sue with a serious look. "I'll explain it to you Saturday."

"What should I wear?" asked Linda.

"As little as possible," responded Sue. "You'll be taking it off anyway. We'll fight like we were in the pictures, in the nude. See you Saturday."

Sue picked Linda up promptly at 2:00 pm. Neither girl said a word during the long drive. The main highway led to a smaller highway which led to a dirt road and at the end an open field with a small building and some fencing.

"Five years ago Ted and I drove and drove for the hell of it and wound up here," said Sue, breaking the silence. "First we went into that small building and fucked. Then we came out and he leaned up against the fence. Without touching any other part of his body, I slowly and lightly ran my fingers and tongue over his dick until he couldn't stand it any longer. I leaned against the fence and he did the same to my clit. Then we rolled in the grass fucking until our muscles ached."

Sue seemed lost in thought for a few seconds. Then she quickly opened the trunk of the car and took out a shovel. Linda followed her as she climbed over the fence, leaving the shovel standing beside it, and walked to the middle of the field.

"What's the shovel for?" asked Linda.

"To bury you beside the bodies of the other two women after I kill you," responded Sue in a cold emotionless voice. "They were like you. They kept me from having Ted. I sent them the pictures Ted took five years ago also. But they ignored the letters. I had to make up some lame excuse to lure them up here and kill them."

"How did you kill them, with the shovel?" asked Linda who suddenly realized she was trapped in a field, miles from nowhere with a complete lunatic."

"No, Linda," said Sue, smiling. "I killed them with my bare hands. It was easy. I'm a good boxer and know a little karate. And they didn't know shit about how to fight. They both begged me to stop as I pounded them senseless with my fists, then strangled them. But I think you'll put up a good battle. This should be fun, but when it's over you'll be in a grave beside them. Now let's take off our clothes."

Neither woman was wearing any underwear and both were completely nude in a matter a seconds. Linda took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. She knew she was in a fight to the death.

Sue struck first with a karate kick to Linda's pussy. She sank to her knees, the pain almost blinding. Sue sensed a quick kill and jumped on top of Linda, grabbing her by the throat and knocking her on her back. She sat on top of Linda's stomach, her fingers digging into her throat.

The pain in Linda's pussy was so intense she had trouble gathering her strength. She tried to pry Sue's fingers from her throat, but couldn't. She was starting to black out, and in desparation reached out and grabbed Sue's tits, squeezing and raking them with her fingernails.Sue screamed and relaxed her grip just long enough for Linda to pull her hands away from her throat. With her strength coming back, Linda grabbed Sue's tits again and pulled as hard as she could. Sue slammed her fists into Linda's tits causing her let go and both girls jumped to their feet.

Sue looked down at her beautiful tits and saw the deep fingernail gashes. She looked at Linda with a cold fury. She sent a quick left hook to Linda's mouth cutting her lower lip, followed by a hard right that bloodied her nose.

She knows how to box, thought Linda. Wonder if she can wrestle? But Sue was still on the offensive delivering a vicious kick to the gut that doubled Linda over. Sue followed this with a hard uppercut to the head that landed Linda on her back. She jumped up in the air to land on Linda's stomach with both feet. But at the last second Linda rolled out of the way and Sue's feet hit solid ground. This sent a shockwave through her body and she was momenarily stunned. Linda took this opportunity to grap Sue's ankles and yank her off her feet. She landed on her back beside Linda who threw herself on top of Sue, viciously attacking her large tits again,with her fingernails. Sue pounded Linda in the face with her fists until she let go. By now Sue's tits were as bloody as Linda's face and the look in Sue's eyes of first confidence and then fury had now been replaced by fear.

She knows she might lose, knows she might die, thought Linda.

Sue sat up and sarted to get to her feet. For just a seond she turned her back on Linda who quickly grabbed her around the neck in a choke hold with her hands locked together and her right arm firmly against Sue's throat.

Sue gasped and got to her feet pulling Linda off the ground with her. She sent hard elbow shots into Linda's side. Linda felt her ribs might crack, but she held on and tightened the pressure against Sue's throat. She sent her left fist into Linda's already tender pussy. That didn't do any good either. Sue could barely breathe. She was blacking out. In desparation she lunged backwards throwing both women to the ground with her landing on top. This knocked the air out of Linda, but her grip was as tight as ever. Sue was finished. Her arms and legs thrashed aimlessly for a few seconds and then she was still. Linda held her opponent at least five more minutes until she knew Sue was dead.

"Great boxer, lousy wrestler," Linda said as she looked down at Sue's lifeless body.

She got the shovel, dug a shallow grave and pulled Sue into it. Then she wiped the blood off her face with Linda's clothes, threw them on top of her body and shoveled the dirt back into the grave. She covered the spot with weeds and put her clothes back on.

Linda looked at the grassy field just before she got into Sue's car. A slight breeze was blowing. Everything looked so natural, so peaceful.

Linda drove the car back into the city, pausing only to throw the shovel into a creek while still out in the country. She parked it on a back street, carefully wiped her fingerprints off the steering wheel and anything else she might have touched, and caught a bus back to her apartment.

"Strange how Sue disappeared," said Ted talking to Linda a few weeks later. "Sort of like the other two girls I dated after Sue. Just gone without a trace. Gosh, I hope you don't disappear. Seems to be an epidemic."

"It was an epidemic," responded Linda with emphasis on the word "was".

"So it's over," said Ted with an amused look.

Linda looked him in the eye with her jaw set, not smiling.

"Yes, Ted, it's over," she said.

Her tone of voice told him this was probably one of Linda's "private" things. He changed the subject.

Linda didn't notice. She was looking right through Ted at another time, another place she would see, possibly for the rest of her life, just before she went to sleep at night.