The Adventures of Master Girl
Master Girl is the greatest Super Heroine on earth. She is tall, powerful, beautiful and oh so sexy. She's a no nonsense Super Heroine. She'll give you one chance to come along quietly and if you don't, she'll really tear into you. She LOVES to point out that she isn't a comic book character or a Girl Scout, and those who are foolish enough to tangle with her find that out quickly. Beating up beautiful Super Villainesses is her favorite, and she loves to make them pass out while she sits on their face.

In this video, Master Girl goes up against The Analyzer, the most brilliant criminal in town. She is talking to someone on the telephone, trying to put together a serious robbery. She says that Master Girl is the only person who can stop them and she has a plan to keep her out of commission while the caper is going down. She is politely reminded about the last time she tangled with Master Girl and this causes her to flash back to their first meeting, four and a half years ago.

Things did not go well at all for the Analyzer on that day. She was caught off guard and was no match for the mighty Master Girl. To this day she does not know what was worse; going to prison for four years or having Master Girl sit on her face.

As the video fades back to the telephone call, The Analyzer unveils her plan to keep Master Girl occupied for up to 24 hours while the robbery is in progress. While in prison, she learns about Terranite, the one substance that can weaken the Mighty Master Girl. Amid protestations from the other party to the call, The Analyzer explains that she knows that whatever Terranite is left on earth is only strong enough to weaken Master Girl for a little while- thus making is completely ineffective against her for anything more devious than just pissing her off a bit. The Analyzer explains that she lured Master Girl to her hideout very recently as the video fades into another flashback of that most recent encounter. Master Girl barges into the Analyzer's hideout all confident and arrogant. She asks The Analyzer is she wants another four years in prison or does she just want to get her face sat on again. The Analyzer suggests that it might finally be time for someone to sit on Master Girl's face. "Ha!" Master Girl replies confidently. " Never happened, never will. Now come along sweetie. You're going with me"

"If you want me that badly, come over her and get me."

Master Girl takes a few steps towards her but suddenly stops dead in her tracks. An unexpected, massive wave of weakness overcomes her. Her arms fall to her side. The aura of power begins to disappear as she begins feeling very weak. Her shoulders slump forward. She lifts one hand up to her head. "What's ….what's …happ….ening ? My po..powers…. feeling…weak." Analyzer holds up the Terranite for Master Girl to see. "NO!" Master Girl gasps. Master Girl turns back and looks at the door- thinking escape. She takes a weak step or two but Analyzer walks over, Terranite in hand. She has no chance to escape.

"You …. Stupid ….. cow!" Master Girl says very weakly. "You know that stuff can't …kill me,… and when it …wears off, …I'm going to make you …pay dearly for this. There's not enough Terranite… in the entire universe… to protect you from me. " Master Girl is reeling from the effects of the Terranite as she says this. She can barely stand. She falls on her back and lies there helplessly.

Analyzer lifts her up and tosses her to the other side of the room. She punches her face and body. They fight, but Master is no match for Analyzer in her weakened condition. Nevertheless she doesn't give up and keeps trying to put some offense together and possibly escape. Master Girl fights like a true heroine, but she is pathetically weak. Everything she tries to do against Analyzer fails, but this doesn't stop her from trying. All the while she tells The Analyzer how badly she's going to get revenge when the Terranite wears off. Master Girl punches wildly and misses. Master Girl does not give up. She gets up to one knee and feigns submission. As The Analyzer nears, Master Girl rams her shoulder into Analyzer's midsection knocking the wind out of her and making her fall to the ground. Master Girl gets up and runs towards the door to escape. She takes a few steps but is too weak. She falls on her face. She begins a slow crawl. Analyzer recovers, lifts Master Girl up and continues to pound away at her, overwhelming her with blow after powerful blow. Master Girl has never been in this position before and cannot comprehend what is happening with her. In the midst of all this, Master Girl continues to berate The Analyzer, although it is difficult for her to speak. Analyzer places Master Girl's head between her knees and DDT's her knocking her out instantly. Analyzer rolls Master Girl's unconscious body over and places Master Girl's head in her lap. She wakes her up and uses the Terranite in order to hypnotize her. Once under her spell, the Analyzer gives Master Girl a post hypnotic suggestion which will instill a built-in weakness in her that The Analyzer can trigger at will by using a keyword. When The Analyzer says "The Analyzer," the post-hypnotic suggestion goes into effect. Master Girl will become weak whenever she becomes aroused. The hornier she becomes, the weaker she gets. When she passes the peak of horniness, she loses all her powers altogether for as long as The Analyzer keeps her under the spell. The Analyzer is about to snap her fingers and release Master Girl from the spell, causing her to forget that she'd been hypnotized, or that she has this new weakness, but before snapping her fingers, she decides to take the new weakness out for a test ride. Master Girl weakens visibly as The Analyzer spares no effort to get her aroused. This is a complete one-sided affair as The Analyzer completely dominates the weakened and now topless heroine.

Once satisfied that the weakness works, The Analyzer puts Master Girl's costume back on, releases her from the spell and proceeds to avenge the face sitting she received 4 years ago by applying one of her own on Master Girl who is still weak from the Terranite. As Master Girl lays passed out on the floor, the video fades back to the telephone conversation in which she finally closes the deal.

Shortly thereafter, a very pissed off Master Girl storms into The Analyzer's hideout and is hell bent on revenge. The Analyzer uses her keyword and unbeknownst to Master Girl, the set-up is complete. Master Girl wastes no time in getting revenge by sitting on The Analyzer's face. Everything is going her way when suddenly...

She begins to feel weak. She cannot understand it. The Analyzer does all she can from her current position to make Master Girl weaker. She manages to release her arms and begins fondling Master Girl's breasts, making her so weak that she eventually falls off of The Analyzer's face. From here on end, The Analyzer does all she can to bring this episode to a climax, thereby enabling her to keep the heroine occupied long enough for her partners to pull off the robbery. At one point, things take an ironic turn, as it is The Analyzer who is overcome by her own passions. Master Girl sees an opportunity to escape, but can she...?

This is a very erotic video which, in addition to fight scenes, also features face sitting, grapevine pins, breast & crotch to crotch grinding, and some other little erotic surprises which make this a unique project within the heroine genre. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

Produced by Robin/ Suzie Johnson's Les Femmes Fatales, This video runs over 40 minutes long and stars two of the finest performers in women's combat video today.  It is based on a script written by joniar  who has also written scripts for other super heroine videos including Super Shelly and Amazonia in addition to several heroine in distress stories featured on this site.

Master Girl is played by Lisa Marie, a 5'10" 150lb beauty from New Zealand. She has starred in many competitive and catfighting videos and is highly regarded as one of the most exciting performers in the business today. She also did an awesome job playing the title role in the superheroine video Amazonia, the Thunder From Down Under. She is also featured in another soon-to-be-released heroine video by Double Trouble against another great performer named Bobbie.

The Analyzer is played by Lisa Comshaw, also known as Tori Sinclair, This gorgeous and sexy woman combines acting ability with athletic ability and turns in stellar performances both on the giving and receiving end. She is featured in many videos for wrestling producers such as Les Femmes Fatales, Joan Wise, and Double Trouble Productions. She also is starring as Amazon Queen in the George Perez/ Double Trouble Sisterhood of Superheroines series in which she also does an excellent job. She recently did another video for Double Trouble in which she goes up against The awesome Lisa Marie in a Texas Death style multiple pin fall pro match in a ring- also scripted by Joniar. Keep your eyes out for this very beautiful, talented, and tremendously sexy performer.