MasterGirl Vs. The Analyzer

SPOILER ALERT!!! Before you read on, this section is going to deal with the MasterGirl video in great detail so if you were thinking of buying the tape and want to be surprised, do not read any further!!

Having said that, the following section contains 187 video captures from the second  segment of this video.

 "MasterGirl vs. The Analyzer" is a Les Femmes Fatales production based on a script that I wrote and staring two of the most sensational performers in fantasy wrestling today. 

MasterGirl is played by the awesome 5'10" New Zealand Amazon sensation Lisa Marie, in one of her sexiest, most erotic roles ever.

The Analyzer is played by the phenomenal Lisa Comshaw, AKA Tori Sinclair. She is just too good for words!!

The video is available from Les Femmes Fatales-

A couple of things worth noting:

Each picture is about 15k- pretty small- so there are no thumbnails. What you see is what you get. To save the pics, right click your mouse and select the "Save Image As" option.

Each page has 15 pictures on it and there are 13 pages to this segment. If you are connected by modem, the pages may take a little while to load.

The text accompanying the pictures does not always correspond 100% to what actually happened in the video at that time. I didn't add anything which does not exist in the video, however, there are many nuances from my script which do not really come across in the video. In this photostory, I pretty much remain faithful to the original script and not the video. What this really means is that the video does not have my running commentary so certain points I make or emphasize may not come across as strongly in the video. Case in point... there was one scene where Lisa missed a line or two of dialogue. It so happens that these two lines were crucial, in my opinion, to understanding a major point in the plot. Now mind you, this is a one or two take video and Lisa was way beyond fabulous in her portrayal. Point is- in this photostory, the plot nuance comes across much stronger than in the video. 

Now.... A brief synopsis.

The Analyzer is the most brilliant criminal mind ever known, but she has a problem. She just got out of prison, having been put there by the mightiest of all Super Heroines, MasterGirl.

The Analyzer needed to get back into the game, and to do that, she had to find a way to keep MasterGirl out of the way for at least 24 hours. This of course was virtually impossible since MasterGirl had no real weaknesses, and that is what made her such a formidable foe. Actually, MasterGirl had one weakness but it was problematic at best. There is a substance called Terranite which robs her of her Super Powers and makes her weak. The problem is that the Terranite's effects only last for half an hour, and she still can't be killed, even while exposed. To make matters worse, she has a built-in defense mechanism which enhances her tolerance to the Terranite so that once she has been exposed for over half an hour, Terranite will not affect her for months to come. It is for that reason that no one really used Terranite on MasterGirl since all it really did was piss her off and once recovered she would get extra, extra  mean.

Our photostory begins in the second segment of the video. In the first segment, we see MasterGirl surprise the Analyzer, subdue her, and then face-sit her into unconsciousness, MasterGirl's Trademark  demise for all those who dare put up a fight. The whole capture combined with the face-sit was a terrible blow to the Analyzer.

Segment two begins with the Analyzer speaking on the telephone. She's trying to put together a caper which depends on MasterGirl being out of the way for at least 24 hours . She guarantees that she can take care of that and begins telling  a story that just happened a little earlier in the day. The camera fades out and into the scene the Analyzer is describing on the phone.

This is where our story begins today....

Hope you enjoy....


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