Morphenomenal III

Story by AK. Pictures courtesy of Masschine.

Another man goes in for the New Superman treatment and meets a very special woman.

This is more or less an unofficial continuation of the story started by Mick Powers in Morphenomenal and continued by David Annand in Morphenomenal II. Actually, 'continuation' might be a little too strong, since I'm not actually continuing the story, merely borrowing the initial premise and a character or two.

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Part 1

Looking up at the steel and glass building, he suppressed a yawn. There was nothing very prepossessing about the plain façade, just the address and the three letters NSI and over the doors. Not quite his expectation of something that would change his life forever, though that was exactly what was about to happen.

He'd taken a redeye flight into the city, a cab to the hotel where he had booked a room for the week, and then here. He hadn't slept at all on the flight, not that he could have slept due to the excitement. He looked down at the watch on his wrist, then pushed his wire-rimmed glasses back up his nose. "Well, this is it." Taking a deep breath to suppress another yawn, he pushed open the glass door and entered the New Superman Institute.

"You must be Mr. Wilson." The receptionist stood up and came around the desk.

Dan Wilson almost hyperventilated. Even though she was Asian, she towered over him. She must've been at least six and a half feet tall. Her bust line --- nearly at his eye level --- would make a stripper green with envy. Her muscles were clearly in the New Superman category and stretched the red sleeveless T-shirt eyepoppingly. Her short black hair fell down to her incredibly broad and thickly muscled shoulders. He could swear that his glasses were fogging up.

"Mr. Wilson?" she repeated, her voice as sweet as honey.

Somehow, he managed to get his eyeballs back into their sockets. Even more amazingly, he found his tongue. "Uh, yes. I'm Dan Wilson. I have a nine o'clock appointment."

She nodded, reached back and pressed a button on her desk, and then walked toward a door, motioning him to follow her. He watched her mammoth thighs roll around each other inside her stretch pants and her gigantic calves flex in her pumps causing her huge round buttocks to move with more motion than a dinghy in a Nor'easter. He walked after her, a little stiffly due to the rising erection in his pants.

"You're a little early. If you'll just wait in here, Nan will be with you in a moment." She opened the door and held it open for him. As he passed he couldn't believe how imposingly arousing she was.

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"In a few hours, we'll make you look like this," she said, striking a double biceps pose. He'd never seen that much muscle on any one person, male or female.

Then just like that she was gone, leaving him alone. It wasn't a large room, containing only a single chair and a small table, upon which lay a couple of New Superman brochures similar to those that he had read. There was another door opposite where he had just entered.

He sat down and picked up one of the brochures and idly leafed through it, looking at the pictures. Even though he'd seen the pictures of the New Supermen before, they still amazed him. They went beyond huge and into the realms of myth. And the poundages that they were using! They were curling weights that were heavier than squat world records. All of the official bodies refused to allow the New Supermen to compete against 'ordinary' humans.

Dan Wilson wasn't interested in official records. He had been into bodybuilding, but he'd never had the time to really get involved. Oh he went to local shows, surfed the net, and worked out sporadically but he never had the time to really commit himself. When an uncle had died a year ago and left him a sizeable fortune, he'd decided to try making a go at it. Now he could go to all of the major and local shows, joined a gym, took all the recommended supplements yet still had trouble benching two hundred. He did lose much of his gut but that wasn't enough for him, so when he saw the ad he'd sent away for the informational packet and video and registration pack. That had been enough; he'd made an appointment as soon as he could, and now he was here, in a small room in a glass-and-steel building of the New Superman Institute in a city in which he'd never been before.

The door opened and a woman entered. "Mr. Daniel Wilson? I'm Nancy Chandler, but everybody calls me Nan." She held out a neatly manicured hand.

"Uh, call me Dan." Putting down the brochure, he took her hand. He was somewhat disappointed in the brunette. He had expected another recipient of the morphing treatment, like the receptionist up front. While this Nan was far from unattractive, she looked so... so ordinary. She had her hair done up in a bun so that he couldn't gauge its length, pushed back from a pretty but not beautiful face. The bun gave her a stern look, sort of like a teacher. While her high heels made her somewhat taller than his own five feet eight inches, her muscles weren't popping out of the short sleeveless blue dress. Far from fat, she looked a bit chunky. But compared to the receptionist, she looked absolutely petite.

"Okay, Dan." Her grip was surprisingly firm. "Shall we take a quick tour before we work our magic on you?" Without waiting for an answer, she released his hand and opened the door through which she had just entered.

The room on the other side turned out to be gym, but a gym unlike any that he had ever seen before. The machines and weights were huge.

At the moment, there was only one person inside. Obviously having gone through the treatment, he was lying on a bench, muscles bulging as he benched a weight that would easily best the world record. Those were the kind of muscles that Dan wanted. He licked his lips in anticipation.

Nan led the way inside, continuing to speak. "As you know, the average man who reaches New Superman levels can expect to be able to bench three thousand pounds. A woman's muscle and nerve tissues are more efficient than a man's, as well as being more responsive. Women tend to wind up ten to twenty times as strong as a comparable New Superman."

"That strong?" He hadn't paid much attention to that particular part of the brochures, having been primarily interested in his own potential gain.

"In addition, we can alter a woman's size much more than we can a man's, as I'm sure you saw from the receptionist up front."

"Uh, sure."

"Not that what we can do for a man is anything to sneeze at, as you're already aware." She gestured at the man as she walked toward him. "That's Thomas, he went through the treatment earlier this week. Those plates are two hundred pounds each."

Each plate was more than Dan could bench. He counted the plates and did the arithmetic. The New Superman was benching two thousand pounds, plus whatever the bar weighed. A full ton!

Nan continued walking until she got to the head of the bench. Reaching down with her right hand, she grasped the bar in the middle.

Dan gasped and almost fell over as Nan lifted the weight out of Thomas' hands with just one arm. What he had initially assumed to be fat turned out to be muscle. Her muscles were very noticeable, but nothing like what he had expected. Certainly nothing like those on the New Superman on the bench.

"You're slacking off, Thomas," she said lightly to the man on the bench as she ripped off five quick curls with the massive weight. "You really should put at least another five hundred pounds on it." Transferring the bar to her left hand, she ripped off five more reps. "You're not going to reach your full potential if you don't work at it," she said, returning the weight from her left hand to both of his arms. His muscles bulged and strained as they tried to keep up with the huge weight.

As soon as she saw he was in control of it again, she turned and resumed walking.

Picking his jaw up from the floor, Dan noticed for the first time how her leg muscles were moving as she walked, the finely shaped diamonds of her calves flexing with each step. He hastened after her, fighting another growing erection. "How... how did you do that?"

"Women tend to wind up ten to twenty times as strong as a comparable New Superman," she repeated from her little lecture.

"But... but... I mean, you don't have any..."

"Muscles?" Turning her head and smiling at him, she raised an arm and flexed. A small but well-defined biceps peaked on her slender arm. "Not everybody likes huge muscles. I wanted the strength, but not the muscle mass."

"So... so you've been through the treatment?"

"Of course. Everybody who works here has."

She was still maintaining her flex. His hands came up, and when she didn't move, he placed them on the top of her arm. Her skin was silky smooth, but her biceps was rock hard.

"Go ahead and squeeze," she said.

He did. Her arm may as well have been sculpted from marble for all the effect that he had, his fingers unable to make the slightest dent in her biceps. Then his hands were forced further apart as she flexed harder.

"I may not have much quantity, but there's nothing wrong with the quality."

"You... you're incredible," he blurted out, pulling his hands away from her arm and letting them drop to his sides.

"Thank you," she replied sweetly, lowering her own arm. "And the treatment should be able to do the same for you." She winked at him. "Though not quite as well in the strength department, I must add."

"Uh, yeah, sure."

"Shall we head to the room where we do all the magic?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," he repeated.

She led him to a room where the enhancement would take place. She turned him over to a man in a white lab coat. Dan recognized the tall well-built man as Dr. Paul Waid --- one of the creators of the treatment --- from the video. He wasn't in the New Superman category but he was well above normal in terms of development. "Shall we get on with it, Mr. Wilson?"

"Uh, yeah, sure," Dan repeated yet again, his eyes still on the door through which Nan had just disappeared. He blinked once and then looked around the room. There was a couch that stood up at an angle. Mirrors covered the walls that weren't covered with equipment.

The Doctor gave instructions. Eager enough to ignore his embarrassment, Dan stripped down and leaned into the couch. The Doctor hooked up the tubes that would recirculate and rewrite his blood. The computer would read his thoughts and rearrange his DNA to give him the physique he'd always dreamed of and then some. The computer read his thoughts with a cap that was wired to the machine.

Dan was told to sit back and enjoy. The screen before him showed him pictures of progressively larger men lifting heavier and heavier weights. As they began to reach New Superman levels the men began to occasionally show off huge erections. Then there were shots of them making love with women, some in the New Superman league. Dan wished he could make love to women that big. Then he found himself wishing to make love with someone like Nan, with the strength but not the muscle mass of the typical New Superman. It had been a while since he'd made love to any woman.

The screens stopped and Dr. Paul spoke up. "So, is this about it?" He showed Dan the picture that his desires had created. He kind of looked like Conan the Barbarian, only he wasn't hairy. Then again, he didn't like body hair. It was still him but the jaw was stronger looking, the hairline was farther forward --- no longer receding --- and the hair was longer. There was no doubt about the physique, it was definitely in the New Superman category; his image was huge. And he was definitely well hung.

"Looks good," Dan said.


"Oh yeah." Was he ever!

Dan felt what the Doctor had said, a rush, a lightening bolt, the world exploding in his mind. He could almost scream. It was intense beyond belief, and he could soon feel it in every cell, deep inside, in his skin, his muscles, his balls. And it did feel unbelievably erotic, an extremely sexual feeling. And it did feel good. So Good. Like a euphoria much stronger than any drug. He wanted to touch himself, but the equipment that he was attached to kept him from doing it. But he could see himself in the mirror. It was so intense that he felt like it was happening to someone else, or like an out-of-body experience.

But he was most definitely in his own body. Every muscle was on fire from a deep internal pressure. He could literally feel them growing, filling his skin with their extra fibers, gaining weight and mass. He could begin to feel the weight that he was gaining, how heavy he was beginning to feel, and it made him feel more alive with a new and growing sense of his own masculinity. Bigger did feel much better. He liked feeling the weight.

His abs were becoming huge, hard ridges of muscle, and his chest was growing bigger and bigger. He found that he loved the way his pecs felt as they got thicker and heavier, bigger in shape and size.

Yeah, feels good, real good, he thought to himself. He reached the point where he could see in the mirror that he was as big as the major pro heavyweight bodybuilders were. He was so big. As big as he'd ever imagined himself being.

The remainder of the transformation was the most intense physical and sexual experience that he'd ever had. He could feel his muscles fill with power and strength as they grew larger and larger. They felt as if they were going to explode. The weird thing was that his bones itched as the enhancement increased their size and structural strength to withstand his New Superman muscles. It was sensory overload as his body began ballooning with unbelievable size and strength. He felt his penis harden painfully then relax then swell larger and relax, over and over again. In the mirror he saw it grow longer and thicker while around it his thighs grew enormous and above a solid six pack began to ripple. His vision blurred so he shook his head to clear it and his glasses fell to the padded floor. He was worried that they would break at first but it didn't matter as he realized that he didn't need them anymore.

He felt so alive. Too soon --- though it had taken nearly two hours --- the process was completed and the Doctor came over and unhooked the tubes. Dan stepped down and started flexing his muscles, reveling in the strength and feeling the muscles rubbing against his skin. He was the Newest New Superman.

Following a brief medical examination, the Doctor handed him a set of sweats. He chuckled; they were so huge. Well, so was he. And strong. He could bench press well over a ton for reps. He now stood six feet three inches and weighed four hundred fifty pounds.

There was also a pair of sneakers. A bit too big for him, but that was better than too small. Buying clothes is going to be a bit of a problem, he thought to himself as he laced up the shoes and straightened up.

As if she had read his mind, Nan walked in and handed him a sheet of paper. "This is a list of some stores that carry clothing large enough for the new you." She turned around and then winked at him over her shoulder. "Not bad, Dan. I like the new you."

He watched her rolling stroll as she left the room, noticing for the first time the subtle way that her legs flexed with each step. Then the door swung shut behind her and he felt a stirring in his shorts, making him look down. "Damn." It really had been a while since he'd made love to a woman. A long while.

"Let's get you into the gym," the Doctor said, breaking through Dan's daydreaming, "and start putting your new body through its paces."

Folding the list and tucking it into his wallet, Dan followed the Doctor to the gym. It was now deserted, Thomas having finished his workout some time earlier. The Doctor motioned him to a weight machine. A quick look told Dan that it was a custom job, the weights being much bigger than was anything in an ordinary gym.

The Doctor made a quick adjustment and then motioned to the bench. "Let's see you try that."

Dan scooted onto the bench. Gripping the handles and taking a deep breath, he pushed up against the bars. The weight came up easily. He ripped off a couple of reps before the Doctor stopped him.

"Very good," the Doctor told him, making another adjustment. "That was just for starters, a thousand pounds. Now, it's fifteen hundred. Try five reps."

Taking another deep breath, Dan knocked off five reps.

The Doctor made another adjustment. "Okay, now try two thousand."

That took some effort, but Dan managed five reps without any major problems. Two thousand pounds! Ten times what he'd been able to do in the past.

Twenty-five hundred turned out to be a bit of a problem, Dan managing only three reps.

"Okay," the Doctor said, "that's enough for today. It usually takes a couple of days for the full effects to kick in. I hope you're staying in town for a few days. We like to keep tabs on our people."

"Uh, sure, Doc." Dan hadn't made any particular plans for the rest of the week, but that wasn't what he was thinking about. He was still amazed at what his new body had just done. Three reps at well over ten times his previous personal best.

"Make sure you see the receptionist out front. She can make an appointment for you to come in and use our gym. As you can imagine, there aren't too many gyms that offer this kind of weight."

"Uh, sure, Doc." Dan got up from the bench. Shaking hands with the Doctor, Dan walked to the front.

The same Asian was at the desk. She looked him over and gave an approving smile. "Will we be seeing you again tomorrow, Mr. Wilson?"

"Uh, sure. What time can I come in?"

"Our gym opens at seven." Obviously, this wasn't the first time. She knew why he wanted to return.

He didn't want to seem too eager. "Uh, how about seven-thirty?"

"Seven-thirty will be fine." She made the entry on her computer. "Do you need a cab back to your hotel?"

"Uh, sure. Thanks."

She made a quick call on her phone, punching only a couple of buttons. They obviously had the cab company on speed dial. "Anything else I can do for you?" she asked sweetly after putting the phone down.

Dan staggered, grabbing at a corner of the desk and missing in an attempt to steady himself. One of her incredibly muscular arms shot out and grabbed his arm, holding him up effortlessly.

He didn't need to look down to know that he had a raging erection. He slumped against the desk, hoping that it was high enough to hide it from the receptionist. Was she actually coming on to him? But surely, she saw a lot of the New Supermen. Did she come on to all of them? He closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths in an effort to calm himself.

"Your cab's here," she said, releasing his arm.

"Uh, sure. Thanks."

Opening his eyes, he straightened up. His erection was almost gone. "Uh, thanks," he repeated, turning and heading for the door.

"We'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Wilson." Her voice held more than a hint of amusement; she obviously had noticed his reaction.

He made it to his hotel room without further incident. Taking off the shoes and the sweats, he took a quick shower. Toweling off, he studied his new body in the mirror.

He really did like what he saw. It was the kind of body that he'd always dreamed of having, with muscles of the size and definition that would put any ordinary bodybuilder to shame. He went through a brief posing routine, watching the play of muscles as they rippled beneath his skin.

And then there was the strength! He'd been able to bench more than ten times his previous personal best. And more was yet to come! He couldn't wait to go back to the gym in the morning to see what his new body could really do.

But wait he'd have to. Leaving the bathroom, he walked over to the bed and lay down, still completely naked. He closed his eyes momentarily.

He still had to go shopping for new clothes. He'd only intended to rest for a few moments. but the treatment had really drained him. The sky had darkened outside the window when he opened his eyes again.

He blinked a couple of times, sat up, and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Oh, shit," he mumbled, reaching for his glasses before he remembered that he didn't need them any more. Looking at the digital clock on top of the television, he saw that it was too late to go shopping for clothes. "Oh, shit," he mumbled again, getting off the bed and reaching for his suitcase.

"Oh, shit," he mumbled yet again, pawing through the suitcase. Nothing in there was going to fit him. He threw everything back in and tossed the suitcase aside. It sailed over the bed, hit the wall, and slid down behind the bed. No matter, he might as well donate all of his old clothes to charity. He reached for the rumpled set of sweats. He then put on the shoes Thus attired, he took the elevator down to the lobby.

The hotel restaurant was much too classy a joint for him to go in wearing only sweats. He would have to go elsewhere. He headed for the front desk to ask the clerk to call a cab for him.

He was somewhat surprised to discover that he wasn't all that hungry. Despite having more than doubled his weight during the treatment, the treatment had obviously pumped enough nutrients into his system to keep him from starving to death just yet. A good walk just might work up an appetite. Turning away from the desk, he headed for the door.

Not being familiar with this city, he decided to simply walk along. It was not the kind of thing that he would ordinarily have done, not knowing what sections of the city were safe for a single unarmed person on foot. But now, as a New Superman, he had more than the strength of ten ordinary men. He figured that he could either handle or run away from any problem, at least unless he was jumped by a dozen thugs. The possibility that somebody might pull a gun on him didn't cross his mind.

The hotel was in a business section of the city. Office buildings lined the streets. What few eateries that he saw were closed, catering to the lunch crowd. He continued walking. The crowd, already sparse at this time of day, thinned out. Soon, he was alone. He continued on, beginning to feel a twinge of hunger from the exercise, such as it was, his new body having much more stamina than his old one ever had.

There still was no place to eat. Crossing at an intersection, he decided to go one more block and then turn into a cross street and try his luck there. He had just reached the sidewalk on the other side when he heard what sounded like a scream coming from somewhere up ahead.

Last night, he would have turned and gone in a different direction. But last night, he hadn't been a New Superman. Tonight, he ran in the direction of the sound, his earlier fear of thugs completely forgotten.

Hearing another scream, he picked up his pace, running faster than he'd ever done in his life. His heavy footsteps echoed off the building on either side of the street. Another scream came from the alley just up ahead. That was followed by a loud CLANG of metal hitting metal.

He heard what sounded like footsteps just as he reached the corner and stopped. Peering around the corner, he didn't see anything. At least, nothing out of the ordinary. It was an alley, like a thousand others in this or any other city. A twelve-foot chain-link fence closed off the far end. Cement walls lined both sides, with no doors or windows. A trash dumpster stood against the wall on each side.

There wasn't a soul in sight. No source of the screams, no source of the footsteps.

A slight flutter of garbage told him which of the dumpster lids had caused the clang. Trying not to breathe through his nose, he approached carefully.

There was no sound from within. Cautiously, he grasped the lid and lifted, the heavy metal offering no more resistance than a magazine cover would have.

There was a human body inside. No, two of them. Male, wearing black T-shirts and black jeans. He could see that both were still alive, though not in very good shape. Their faces were covered with blood, and at least one of the noses looked as if it had been broken.

He was about to reach in and pull them out when he heard the police sirens. They were definitely coming this way.

Whatever had just happened here, he knew that he didn't want to be around when the police arrived. A stranger from out of town, looking nothing like the description on his driver's license but with muscles that could easily account for the injuries to the two men in the dumpster --- no, it would be a little difficult to explain his presence and innocence.

But where was he to go? He couldn't go back out into the street, that would be walking right into the police. He would have to go the other way. Taking a running start, he hurled himself over the fence.

He cleared the fence with a good two feet to spare. Coming down, his knees flexed and absorbed the impact of landing. Springing back up, he continued running.

He quickly emerged into the next street. Even though he hadn't been here before, it was pretty much like the first street, lined with office buildings closed for the night. Taking a couple of deep breaths to calm himself, he turned and started walking in the direction of his hotel.

Another couple of blocks and he was approaching the back of the hotel. There on the corner was a gas station that he hadn't noticed before. It was amazing how little attention he paid to gas stations when he wasn't driving. Associated with the gas station was a little convenience store.

He still hadn't found an eatery that was open. With nothing better in sight, he walked into the convenience store and settled for making a dinner out of a couple of microwave burritos and a quart of orange juice. He soon forgot about the two battered men in the trash dumpster.

Coming out of the store, he saw a girl standing on the corner, talking with the driver of a car. There was no mistaking what she was doing, wearing a blouse that wasn't much more than a halter and a skirt that wasn't much more than a wide belt.

Apparently the man in the car didn't like the price, for he drove off. The girl gave a disgusted shrug of her shoulders and stepped back. That moved her directly under the streetlight, giving Dan a better look at her.

She seemed fairly young, late teens or early twenties. There was a pink streak in her blonde hair. Her body was slim, a little too skinny for his tastes. Unfortunately, he was going to have to walk right past her if he wanted to return to his hotel.

She called out to him as he approached. He tried to ignore her, but it really had been a long time since he'd had a woman. It had been a long time since a woman had shown any interest in him, even a skinny young hooker.

He knew that the baggy sweats didn't show off his new physique to its best advantage. She might be mistaking his bulk for fat, interested in him only for business.

He remembered the women at the New Superman Institute. This girl obviously hadn't come from there, her pipestem arms and legs lacking even the average female musculature. Still, it really had been a long time since he'd had a woman.

Her price wasn't much; perhaps she was despairing of turning any tricks at all tonight. Closing the deal, they walked across the parking lot to the hotel. The desk clerk gave her a disapproving look but made no attempt to stop her.

She melted into his arms as they rode the elevator up to his floor, her cheap perfume filling his nostrils. She remained clinging to him as they exited the elevator. Fumbling in his pocket for his cardkey, he inserted it into the lock and opened the door.

She gasped when he removed his shirt, revealing his new muscular body. "Oh, my. Is the rest of you that good?"

"Come here and find out." Sitting down on the bed, he took her hand and pulled her to him.

"Ow! You're hurting me!"

He immediately released her hand, but the hooker was hooked. With practiced skill, she undid the cord at his waist and pulled down his pants. "Oh, my! You really are quite a man." Grabbing onto his not fully erect shaft with one hand, she pulled herself closer, at the same time using her other hand to remove her halter.

Her breasts weren't large, but they were well formed. He reached a hand for them, caressing and fondling one lightly, remembering not to use too much of his new strength. He put his other hand around her tiny waist. She gave a little yelp of delight as he lifted her onto the bed.

Laying her down on the bed, he ran his fingers lightly over her breasts before working his way down her stomach. Her belt yielded easily, and she pulled her skirt down her legs. He then returned to her breasts, caressing and fondling them again. He felt his shaft stiffening further. Fully erect, his shaft was too big for her. It was almost too big for her to get her mouth around its head.

Either she was a good actress or she really did take pleasure in sucking his huge shaft, kneeling on the floor between his thick legs as he sat on the edge of the bed. His hands continued to fondle her small but firm breasts, still mindful of his new strength.

He could feel his body building toward its release. He squeezed her breasts a little harder.

She stopped suddenly, pulling her mouth from his shaft. "Fuck! You trying to kill me?" she all but screamed out, falling away from him, clutching her hands to her breasts. "Look what the fuck you did to me!"

He had lost some control over his body as he climbed toward his climax. Angry red marks showed where his hands had gripped her breasts with too much force.

"I... I'm sorry," he stammered out.

"The fuck you are!" She reached for her clothes and started to put them on.

He held his hands out to his sides. "Hey! I said I'm sorry."

Standing up, she pulled up her skirt and fastened it in place. "Fuck you!" She turned and took a step toward the door.

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do?" He started to stand up, his shaft sticking out more than a foot in front of him.

She didn't even turn around. "Fuck you!" she repeated, before opening the door and stalking out.

Dan sat back on the bed. "Shit! I can't even pay a woman to make love to me." At least he had the consolation of not having paid her in advance.

There was only one thing that he could do. Lying down, he finished the job himself. Even though it was only his own hands, it was still by far the best orgasm that he'd ever had in his life.

It was also the messiest. Copious amounts of his seed spurted over his hands, stomach, chest, and the bedspread.

After a few moments of gasping for breath, he got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He then took a towel back to the bed and tried to clean it up as much as possible. Taking the towel back to the bathroom, he tossed it into the shower.

Returning to the bedroom, he set the alarm and crawled under the covers on the other side of the double bed to get a few hours of sleep before going back to the New Superman Institute and its specially equipped gym.

Getting up in the morning, Dan Wilson instinctively reached for his glasses before remembering that he didn't need them any more. After shaving, showering, and dressing in the rumpled sweats, he took a crosstown cab to the New Superman Institute. He didn't bother with breakfast, not wanting to eat before working out.

The same Asian receptionist greeted him at the door, dressed today in a long skirt and a white blouse. "Good morning, Mr. Wilson. I hope you had a pleasant night. You're certainly looking good this morning."

He mumbled something noncommittal, not about to mention a disastrous session with a hooker. And as for looking good, that was exactly what he was doing at the huge Asian woman behind the desk. Her huge breasts practically covered the entire desktop, the computer monitor and phone pushed well back. Yet despite the size of her breasts, he could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra under her blouse, her incredible pecs seemingly supporting the weight without any trouble.

Seeing her huge body reminded him of the previous night's hooker. This babe probably would have no trouble taking in my shaft, he thought. He also remembered Nan telling him that the women got far stronger through the treatment. I probably couldn't hurt her breasts by squeezing too hard. Not that I could get both hands around just one of them. Just thinking about them was beginning to make him hard.

He realized that she was speaking to him. He raised his eyes from her bosom to her face and then saw that she was holding an envelope in a huge hand at the end of a thickly muscled arm. "Excuse me?"

"Nan has everything ready for you. Here's your locker key. You'll find towels in the locker."

He took the envelope. "Uh, thanks. Where..."

"Through there," she pointed, "the last door on the right."

"Uh, thanks."

"Anything else I can do for you?" Her honeyed voice started getting his shaft to stiffen.

Remembering what Nan had told him yesterday about the women gaining far more strength from the treatment than did the men, it wasn't hard to resist the urge to reach out and discover whether her huge breasts were as firm as they seemed to be. He turned toward the indicated door, incidentally hiding his erection from her. "Uh, no, thanks."

"Okay. Enjoy your workout, Mr. Wilson."

"Thanks," he answered, barely turning his head back toward her as he continued walking.

He didn't have to do much in the locker room, since he was already wearing the only set of clothes that fit. Finding his locker from the number on the key, he was pleasantly surprised to find a large jockstrap. A very large one, big enough to accommodate him. There was also another set of sweats. Taking off his sweats, he put the jockstrap on and then put on the new sweats. His wallet went into the locker along with the old sweats.

He was as prepared as he would ever be. Walking to the door, he entered the gym.

There were two people inside. He recognized Thomas from yesterday; today he was working on leg presses. Using just one leg, the New Superman was pumping more iron than five men could do using both of their legs.

Dan's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he took in the person at the other end of the gym. This was a woman, a blonde in a white bikini. If anybody could make the receptionist look small, she was it. Her muscles were absolutely huge, her muscles rippling with power as she benched what he estimated to be over three tons. He could also see another need for her muscles, as her pecs supported breasts that looked as though each one could use its own zip code. He felt himself hardening just looking at her.

Knowing that he couldn't possibly compete with her muscles, he tore his eyes away from her and the massive weights surrounding her, looking back at Thomas. It was clear that men and women used different sections of the gym, the women being as much stronger than were the New Supermen as the New Supermen were stronger than were ordinary men.

Thomas nodded in greeting as Dan walked up to a machine near him. Checking the setting on the machine, Dan found that it was set to two thousand pounds.

Well, he had benched that much yesterday without any problems. Scooting onto the bench, he reached up and grasped the handles. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he started lifting.

"How do you feel this morning, Dan?"

Lowering the weight, Dan looked to see Nan standing beside him. She looked as if she was ready for her own workout, wearing an orange top and a pair of black-and-orange shorts. It looked nice on her, accentuating her natural coloring. With so much of her showing, she looked much nicer than she did yesterday. There was absolutely no fat on her body, just not as much muscle as he'd seen on the other two women. She had also let her long dark brown hair down today, falling free below her shoulders, softening her face a little. That also looked nice.

He sat up on the bench. "Uh, I feel great, thanks, Nan."

"That's good. Now, we're going to make you feel even better."

He wasn't sure whether that was possible. Not unless one of these women were going to seduce him or some such thing.

It almost seemed that way when she asked him to remove his sweatshirt. Somewhat surprised, he glanced around at the other two people in the gym and then complied, standing up in the process.

"Good. I see you haven't gone to seed overnight."

What? The treatment wasn't reliable? "Uh, does that happen often?"

She laughed. "No, of course not." Reaching into her gym bag, she came up with something that looked a little like a portable CD player, complete with a long cord that split into two. Except instead of earplugs, there were small suction cups at the ends of the cord. "Here, let me put this on." She attached the suction cups to his chest.

"What's this thing do?" he asked, even though he was pretty certain of the answer.

"It monitors your vital signs," she said, confirming his guess and clipping the gadget to his waist. "It's just a precaution, but we want to make sure everything's fine while we put your new body through its paces."

She lowered her voice. "And by the way, you really do look good, Dan."

He blushed at the compliment. "Uh, thanks, Nan. And you look pretty good, too."

"Why, thank you." She favored him with a dazzling smile. Then she was all business again. "Let's make sure this is working right. Could you do another five reps?"

"Sure." He got back onto the bench and reached for the handles again. Taking another couple of deep breaths, he started lifting again. Knowing that he could handle the weight, he concentrated on working on his form. He wasn't quite sure why, but he wanted to impress the pretty brunette.

"Good, Dan, very good," she said as he finished his reps and released the handles. She held his sweatshirt out to him. "You can put this back on, if you want."

He couldn't resist. "Do you want me to?" Then he realized that she must have seen dozens of New Superman. What was one more to her?

"It's up to you." She smiled and lowered her voice again. "Personally, I like you better without it, Dan. Or should I call you Big Dan now?"

He smiled at that. "Okay, you're the boss." Taking the sweatshirt from her, he folded it up and placed it under the bench. "What do you want me to do next?"

"Let's check out your legs. And no, you don't have to take off your pants." She gestured at the machine on the other side of Thomas, who was still doing leg presses, alternating sets of five reps with each leg.

Apparently Nan was going to be Dan's personal trainer, at least for today. She started him off easy, only a thousand pounds with each leg. She gradually added weights until he was doing more than fifteen hundred with each leg. Eventually, he was up to two thousand with each leg.

Dan was definitely impressed with himself. A ton with each leg! Ten reps with far more weight than he had ever imagined being able to handle before first seeing the ads for the New Superman.

"Okay, you can stop now, Big Dan. Take a breather." Taking two bottles of Evian from her gym bag, she handed him one.

He gratefully took the bottle and poured half of it down his throat. "What about you?" he asked, putting the cap back on the bottle. "Aren't you going to work out?"

"I'll do it later. I'm here to put you through your paces."

"Aw, c'mon."

"Later, Big Dan." She took a swig of her own Evian, then capped it and put it back into her gym bag. "And as for you, it's back to work."

"Aw, c'mon. Let's see something."

"Later, Big Dan," she repeated, walking away. "Now, come on over here."

She was now standing next to another bench press machine, one with heavier weights than the earlier one. He quickly added up the weight as he approached. Six plates on each side. Two hundred fifty pounds each.

Three thousand pounds! A ton and a half! He'd already shown that he could do that with his legs, but could he do that with his arms? He'd had difficulty with twenty-five hundred yesterday.

There was only one way to find out. And he definitely wanted to impress this woman, a personal trainer like no other that he'd ever had. Getting on the bench and grasping the handles, he took a deep breath to ready himself and then pushed.

The bar started to rise. "That's it. Keep going," Nan encouraged him. "Doing good. Keep going. That's it. A little more. Keep going. That's it. A little more."

He'd done it! His arms were fully extended. He lowered the bar until the weights came to rest on their supports. Then he repeated the process, pushing up for a second repetition. And another. And one more.

He almost completed the fifth rep. He had it about halfway up when he felt his left arm start to shake. Then the weight was taken from him as Nan grasped the bar and added her strength to his.

"Not bad," she told him after they had lowered the weight. "Most men can't do that so soon after the treatment. Some of them never get strong enough to do three thousand."

He knew that she was far stronger than he was. Or at least, that was what she had told him, and he had seen some of that yesterday. Still, he wanted to make her prove it again. "Okay," he said, scooting off the bench and standing up, "let's see you do it."

She looked him square in the eyes. "You really want to see me do it?"

"Sure. What's the matter? Can't put your mouth, or your muscles, where your money is? C'mon, what do you say? Loser buys dinner?" Oops, did he just ask her out to dinner?

"Dinner? Okay, that does it," she said, smiling at him as she stepped up to the head of the bench. "Just remember, Big Dan, you asked for it." She then looked down at the weights. "Hmmm. We'll have to change something if we're going to make this worthwhile." Squatting down, she began unscrewing one of the end caps.

"Hey! You gotta do it the way it is. No fair taking weight off."

"Who's taking weight off? We're working on dinner here, not a diet." She looked back and pointed. "You want to hand me one of those plates there?"

Looking where she pointed, he picked up a two-hundred-fifty pound plate and handed it to her.

"Thanks." She put it on and then replaced the end cap.

She then moved over to the other side and then repeated the process. That was when it suddenly struck him. Using only one hand, he'd just handed her a plate that weighed more than what he'd been able to bench press before yesterday. And he'd done it as casually as if he was simply handing her a glass of water. Not just once, but twice.

Replacing the second end cap and tightening it, she straightened up. He stepped to the side to allow her to get to the bench, but she remained where she was, merely turning her head to face him. "Remember, Big Dan, you asked for this."

massc062.jpg 20143 bytes

With that, she bent down and grasped the bar with her right hand. She took a deep breath, making her ample chest expand even further. Veins popped and muscles bulged on her arm. Her muscles weren't as big as his were but they were obviously stronger, easily making the weight come up.

Straightening up, she hoisted the weight up to her shoulder. Her pecs pushed her breasts out, threatening to burst her orange top. She dropped her left hand to her hip and flexed that arm as well. She tossed her head to let her rich brown hair hang down over her left shoulder and over her breast. "Are you convinced now?" she asked, lowering her head and looking at him through her thick lashes.

He simply stared at the sexiest sight that he'd ever seen, his jaw hanging down, a bulge beginning to grow in his jockstrap.

"Are you convinced now?" she asked again.

Thirty-five hundred pounds! Nearly two tons! With just one arm! He was very convinced. "I... I don't know what to say. That's incredible."

"You owe me dinner." She lowered the bar and then let it drop the last foot. There was a resounding CRASH as the weight hit bottom, and he could swear that he felt the floor shake. "Why don't you try it?" she said, a hint of challenge in her voice. "On the bench," she added.

It was unnecessary, as he had no intention of attempting to duplicate the greatest feat of strength that he'd ever witnessed. Instead, he slid onto the bench and grasped the handles. Taking a deep breath, he pushed up.

The bar rose. Slowly. And not very far. He couldn't quite extend his arms.

She took the bar and lifted it out of his hands. "Okay, that's a little too much for now. Let's take one off."

They each removed a plate from the bar, restoring the original three thousand pounds. Then, after taking another swig of Evian, he got back on the bench. This time, he was able to complete five reps. And more, actually doing eleven before his arms gave out.

"Okay, I don't want you to push yourself too hard," she told him, stopping him and directing him to the first machine, where he had benched two thousand pounds.

Having just seen a demonstration of her strength, he knew that he wasn't going to impress her with his. Still, he gave it his best shot. After attempting three thousand pounds, two thousand felt like nothing. He easily ripped off one repetition after another.

"Not too fast," she cautioned him. "Remember, your new muscles are good, but they're not indestructible. You can still hurt yourself if you get careless."

He slowed down a little, but still did another good fast twenty reps.

"Okay, now let's work your legs a little more." She moved him over to the leg machine and had him do fifteen hundred pounds, alternating legs on sets of five reps.

As he worked his legs, he tried to draw Nan out into talking about herself. However she refused to talk about herself, confining her end of the conversation to coaching him and working him harder when he started to talk too much.

"Uh uh, the time," Nan said. She took a look around the gym. "Mary Jane, could you come over here a minute?"

Mary Jane turned out to be the big blonde in the white bikini whom he'd seen when he'd first entered the gym that morning. "Shore thin', Nan." She put down a huge weight and walked toward them. "What do yaw'll need, sugah?" Her southern drawl sounded good matched with her deep voice.

massc001.jpg 22226 bytes

Remaining where he was, Dan simply stared at the giant blonde as she put her arms behind her back and flexed, making her huge muscles swell even further. She must have been nearly seven feet tall. Her skimpy white bikini left very little to the imagination, while a few wisps of her golden hair escaped her headband.

Even while doing nothing more strenuous than standing still, the power of her incredible body was obvious. Her arms were thicker than were most men's legs, and far more powerful. She could probably play any position for any NFL team and lead them to the Super Bowl. Nan could probably do the same. Heck, he or any of the New Supermen probably could, if only they were allowed to compete against ordinary men.

"Is this the new guy?" Mary Jane asked Nan, looking down at Dan.

"Oh, sorry. Mary Jane, this is Dan Wilson. Dan, this is Mary Jane Stockton."

Dan stood up. "Hi. Glad to meet you." Not sure if he should offer his hand, he kept it at his side.

"How yaw'll doin', sugah?" She offered her hand.

Dan had never gone in for the macho handsqueezing bullshit, certainly not with women. And certainly not with a woman who was ten or twenty times stronger than he was. Still, he gripped her hand harder than any ordinary man could have done.

She returned his grip, perhaps squeezing back just a bit harder than he was. Still, he knew that she wasn't using anywhere near her full strength.

"Could you just keep an eye on him for half an hour or so? I've got to go with Dr. Waid."

"Shore thin', sugah."

"Thanks, Mary Jane. Just let him keep working and make sure he doesn't strain himself." She bent closer, checked the gadget at his waist, and then turned and walked away.

Dan found himself looking at the cut calves flexing as Nan receded across the gym.

"So, sugah, how do yaw'll like bein' a New Superman?"

Mary Jane's voice brought his attention back to the here and now. "Uh, it's great, Mary Jane. Of course, I'm still kinda new at it. I went through the treatment yesterday."

"Yaw'll get used to it, sugah."

"What's it like for you? I mean, being a woman and all. If you don't mind my asking."

"Ah love it!" She crossed her arms over her massive chest, running her fingers along her powerfully muscled arms "It feels so good, bein' so strong, knowin' that nobody's gonna do nuthin' to me. Ain't nobody gonna give me any shit."

He certainly wasn't about to give her any shit. "Are you, uh, as strong as you look?"

"Yaw'll mean these little guns?" Stepping back and raising her arms, she struck a double biceps pose. It was as if she had balloons under her skin, her biceps peaking to incredible heights. "They're stronger than yaw'll's, sugah." She lowered her arms.

"I know that. I mean, uh, Nan told me women get stronger."

"Ah'm a couple o' times stronger than Nan. At least, until she..."

"Until she what?"

"Ah'll let her tell yaw'll, if she wants to. Are you and Nan...?"

"Uh, no. Not yet. But..."

"Not yet? If yaw're thinking 'bout Nan, yaw'll better forget it."

"What do you mean? You mean she's uh, a, uh, lesbian?"

"Listen, sugah, Nan ain't no lesbian. She don't swin' for women."

"But, uh..."

"Just cuz Nan don't swin' for women don't mean she swin' for men, either." She stepped closer, towering over him. Her already deep voice seemingly dropped another octave as she lowered her voice. "Now, if yaw'll lookin' for a woman, sugah..."

Was that a proposition? While he was asking about another woman? Whether or not it was a proposition, he felt himself stiffening. He shifted position on his seat, trying to hide his growing erection.

She laughed and stepped back. "C'mon, sugah. Yaw'll supposed to be workin' out."

"Uh, yeah." Grateful for the change of subject, he shifted again to face the weights. The next few lifts were very easy as his body surged with energy and arousal.

While he worked his legs, Mary Jane occupied herself by doing one-armed curls with the two thousand pounds that he had been bench pressing earlier.

"Thanks, Mary Jane. I'll take over now." Nan had come back without him noticing.

"Shore thin', sugah. Dan's been a real sweetheart." She walked off, leaving the two of them alone.

Nan turned to him. "Time for a break, Big Dan. What're you doing for lunch? You already owe me dinner."

"Uh, I don't know." Then he remembered something that he didn't do yesterday. "Maybe I'll go clothes shopping, if I can find one of those stores on your list. I didn't get a chance to do that yesterday."

"I can drive you. I know where all those stores are."

"You don't have to do that."

"C'mon. I insist. Then we can grab a bite to eat somewhere along the way. Dutch treat," she added with a smile. "You owe me a dinner. I'm not going to let you wriggle off the hook with a mere lunch. And if I'm going to let you buy me dinner, I want you in something that looks a little nicer than those sweats.."

"Well, if you insist. After all, how can I resist your superior strength?"

"Funny, Big Man. First, we have to take this off." The two suction cups came off his chest. She unhooked the gadget from his waist and dropped it into her gym bag. "Okay. Shower up and I'll meet you in the lobby."

She met him wearing a simple red blouse and a pair of blue jeans. Together they walked out to her car, a dark blue Honda Prelude. He had to move the seat back almost all the way in order to make room for his new longer legs, but it wasn't uncomfortable in the least.

It was an interesting experience, to say the least; the last woman to have had taken him shopping for his clothes had been his mother. At least Nan let him make the final decisions, though she did offer a little advice.

He found himself taking her advice most of the time, not because he wanted to please her, but because she did have good fashion sense. He briefly wondered whether she had often bought clothes for men before, but wasn't curious enough --- or bold enough --- to ask. He also enjoyed the attention that he received from the sales clerks, especially the females, as they saw his new muscular physique.

A couple of times, he thought that he could detect a little twinge of something in Nan face when he flirted with the clerks. Was she jealous? Did she like men after all?

While Nan drove between stores, he continued to try to get her to talk about herself. She was friendly enough, but she simply refused to talk about herself except in the vaguest of terms. About all that he got from her was that she'd been with the New Superman Institute for about a year, as a trainer and as a nurse, which was what she had been before receiving the treatment.

He wasn't quite so bold as to ask her about what Mary Jane had started to say, about how Mary Jane was stronger than Nan, until Nan... did something? What? How?

The shopping expedition turned out to be more than a mere lunch break, taking up much of the afternoon as she took him to one store after another and they loaded up his credit card. She then drove him to his hotel and helped him carry his packages up to his room.

It was well into the afternoon when they finally returned to the New Superman Institute. Going into their respective locker rooms to change, they resumed his workout. After hooking up the gadget to his chest again, she put him on a treadmill.

She didn't ease up on him at all, working virtually every muscle group in his new body. It was easily the hardest workout that he'd ever had; even his body was beginning to get tired. He was doing another set of bench presses when she finally called it a day.

"Thank you, Drill Sergeant," he gasped out, reaching for a towel.

"Let's have no lip from you, recruit," she snapped back in her best drill sergeant voice, snatching the towel out of his reach. "First, we need to get this off of you." She reached for the little suction cups on his chest and pulled them off.

Mary Jane came up to them as Nan was removing the gadget from Dan's waist. She reached down and grabbed the weight that he had been benching and ripped off some quick one arm curls. "Wanna go get somethin' to eat, Nan sugah?"

"Sorry, Mary Jane, but Dan's promised to take me out to dinner."

"That's great, sugah." She transferred the weight to her other hand. "Can Ah come along? The poor man might need somebody to protect him from yaw'll."

He didn't think that it would be necessary, if Mary Jane had been telling him the truth about Nan. But then, it was just a dinner, not a date. And if nothing else, Mary Jane was easy on the eyes. He continued to stare at her swelling biceps as she easily curled a weight that he had barely been able to bench.

Nan spoke before he could. "Fine with me, but it's up to Dan." Apparently, she didn't consider tonight to be a date, either.

"Uh, sure." Then before he could stop himself, he added, "My treat."

"Oh, that's sweet of yaw'll, sugah." For one brief moment, he thought that she was going to kiss him. But she didn't. He wasn't sure whether he felt pleased or sad at that. While Mary Jane was certainly kissable, it was Nan whom he wanted to put the moves on. He stood and watched as the two of them went into the women's locker room, then turned and went into the men's to shower and change.

The two women were already in the lobby, chatting with the Asian receptionist, when Dan came out of the locker room, dressed in a set of new clothes. Seeing him, the women broke off the discussion and came toward them.

Nan was dressed once again in her red blouse and blue jeans. Mary Jane was wearing a sleeveless black top that showed off her muscular arms. The short skirt displayed her shapely legs, her high heels making her even taller. She had let her hair free to cascade down her incredibly broad and thickly muscled back almost to her relatively narrow waist.

"I hope you don't mind if she joins us," Nan said, indicating the Asian receptionist. "I told her she'd have to pay for her own dinner." Realizing that Dan didn't know her name, Nan quickly completed the introduction. "Dan, this is Hiroko Tanaka."

Dan had discovered that Hiroko's skirt was slit up one side, giving tantalizing glimpses of her powerfully muscled legs. It took some effort to tear his eyes away and look her in the face. "Uh, no problem. I'm already paying for three, so I might as well pay for four."

"That's sweet of you, Dan." Nan took his hand and gave it a squeeze. She then released his hand before he could squeeze back. "Any place in particular you want to go to eat?" she then asked, directing the question especially at Dan.

He remembered that he'd only had one proper meal since arriving in the city the previous day. "Uh, I have no idea. I don't know any place around here."

"What do you want to eat?" she asked, going through the door as he held it open for them.

"Uh, anything's fine with me."

"What about you, Hiroko?"

Hiroko shrugged her shoulders. "Anything's fine with me, as long as it's not sushi."

"Hiroko's probably the only Japanese person in the whole city who doesn't like sushi," Nan explained to Dan.

massc060.jpg 15556 bytes

"Ah know," Mary Jane said, her tremendous biceps bunching as she raised her right arm and snapped her fingers. "There's this new steak place across town that Ah've been dyin' to try."

"Sounds good to me." Nan turned to the others. "How about you guys?" Meeting with two nods, she turned back to Mary Jane. "Looks like we have a winner. You drive."

"Shore thin' sugah." She led them across the parking lot to her car.

Mary Jane's car turned out to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He hadn't thought about it before --- even while riding in Nan's Honda --- but it made perfect sense once he did think about it. All four of them certainly weren't going to fit into Nan's car. Heck, he couldn't expect one person the size of Mary Jane to fit into the little Honda. She could probably carry one, though, he thought to himself. For that matter, he'd probably have to trade in his BMW for a larger model when he got home.

Dan and Nan climbed into the back while Hiroko rode shotgun. Even as big as the Grand Cherokee was, it felt a little cramped with the four of them in there. However, its engine seemed to have no trouble with what must have been over a ton of muscle-packed passengers as Mary Jane maneuvered out of the parking lot and merged into the traffic, heading for the freeway that would take them across the city.

It took nearly twenty minutes to drive across the city and to Mary Jane's restaurant. Heads swiveled as they followed the hostess to their table. And he really couldn't blame them. Beside the big Asian and the even bigger blonde, even he and Nan looked rather insignificant.

Ever the gentleman, he held the chair for Nan. Then realizing that the other women were still standing, he repeated the ritual for them. He then sat down and picked up the menu.

Until he started reading the menu, Dan hadn't realized how hungry he was. He felt as if he could eat a horse. And he wasn't the only one. Following Nan's advice, he ordered the largest steak on the menu. So did the women. "Our larger muscles need more fuel," Nan explained unnecessarily. "You're going to be eating a lot more from now on."

He remembered reading about that in the brochures, but hadn't paid too much attention. He was a bachelor and didn't cook very often, so food simply cost what he paid for it at restaurants. Deciding to splurge, Dan also asked for a bottle of wine.

"The nice thing about it," Nan continued, "is that you don't really have to watch your diet. If your body can't use it to put on muscle, it just throws it away."

"Yeah," Hiroko added. "You should see Mary Jane pig out on ice cream. Chocolate."

"Ah do not!"

"Yes you do!"

"Ah do not!"

"You do too!"

"Yaw'll eat as much as Ah do! Strawberry swirl."

"I do not!"

"Yaw'll do too!"

Dan was beginning to fear that the argument was going to turn violent, until he looked at Nan. It was obvious from her somewhat bemused yet bored expression that this was an old and familiar argument. He wouldn't be surprised if they put on the show for all of the new New Supermen.

The 'argument' ended when the waitress brought out their salads and a basket of rolls. The appetizers were soon followed by the wine.

Dan poured for the women and then for himself. "What shall we toast?" he asked, raising his glass.

"To the newest New Superman," Nan said, raising her glass and clinking it against his. Mary Jane and Hiroko followed suit, clinking their glasses against his before draining them.

He wasn't sure what effect alcohol would have on their bodies, but figured that it couldn't be too bad since no one had objected to him ordering the wine. He didn't even feel any apprehension at Mary Jane drinking her share of the bottle; it was going to take more than a few glasses of mere wine to get a body that big drunk.

The steaks arrived. "Mmmm, this is good," Nan said around a mouthful of hers. The others agreed wholeheartedly.

"A lot better than a bunch of raw fish," Hiroko added, eagerly stuffing pieces of nearly burnt beef into her mouth. Then the conversation lapsed for a while. New Supermen or not, one mouth still couldn't both talk and eat at the same time.

"Did you hear the news today?" Hiroko eventually asked between bites of her steak.

"What news, sugah?"

"I heard it on the radio. The police caught two more rapists last night."

Apparently some of her dinner had gone down the wrong way, for Nan sputtered and coughed. Reaching for her water, she took a big gulp. She coughed again and Hiroko slapped her on her back, a blow harder than anything ever thrown by a heavyweight boxer. She drained her glass. Dan pushed his glass across the table to her. She picked it up and took another big gulp. This time, there was no more coughing. "Thanks," she said, putting down the glass. "Have to remember, breathe air, swallow food."

Hiroko resumed relating the news. Even though he didn't recognize the street names, Dan was pretty certain that it was the two men whom he had seen in the trash dumpster when he was out on his walk last night. He was about to say something, then decided against it. Now as then, he didn't want to get involved with the police if he could avoid it. Instead, he continued to listen, piecing together the story from the women.

Apparently this wasn't the first time that the police had come across men like this. They had been found badly beaten, and immediately confessed to the police.

The conversation changed to other subjects, again including the quality of their steaks.

"So, where do we go for some ice cream?" Dan asked when all four of them had cleaned their plates. He kept his face deadpan as he looked across the table at Mary Jane and Hiroko. "Chocolate and strawberry swirl, wasn't it?"

Both Mary Jane and Hiroko shot him dirty looks. Nan almost fell out of her chair with laughter. After a couple of seconds, first Mary Jane and then Hiroko joined Nan's laughter, forcing him to do the same.

Eventually, they subsided and decided to forego dessert. As promised, he picked up the check when the waitress presented it, putting it on his already loaded credit card.

The weather had changed while they were eating; clouds had moved in and it was beginning to look like rain. Mary Jane dropped him off at his hotel before returning the other women to their cars at the New Superman Institute. The presence of the other women kept him from even thinking about getting a goodnight kiss from Nan.

Returning to his hotel room, he exchanged his new clothes for a bathrobe and lay down on the bed. Even without the goodnight kiss from Nan, it had been a most pleasurable evening. What man wouldn't have enjoyed spending an evening with not just one or two but three incredibly beautiful and muscular women from the New Superman Institute? Of course, the presence of the other two meant that it hadn't exactly been a romantic evening.

An hour later he was still on his back staring up at the ceiling when there was a knock on his door. He rolled over and looked toward the door. Who could it be at this time of night? He hadn't ordered anything from room service, and the maid had made up the room sometime during the day while he had been out.

Was it the hooker from last night? Of course not, he told himself. Why would she come back, after he had hurt her so much? Maybe to get her money? For services not rendered? Not very likely. Nor did he think was she likely to have called the cops.

Nan? Could it be her? Had Nan decided to pay him a late-night visit after all? Pushing himself up from the bed and pulling the belt on the robe tight around his waist, he went to the door and looked through the peephole.

He found himself looking at the front of a yellow raincoat. A large front. A very large front. A massive front. Even before he looked up at the face, he knew that the woman on the other side wasn't Nan. He opened the door a crack. "Mary Jane, I..."

"Ah thought yaw'll might be able to use a nightcap." She showed him a bottle of wine.

"I... uh..."

She looked at the chain across the opening. "Aren't yaw'll goin' to invite a girl in?"

"Uh, of course." Undoing the safety chain, he stepped back and allowed her in. Not that he could have stopped her; she could have smashed her way through the door and pushed him aside with ease. A safety chain wouldn't have slowed her down at all.

The entire room seemed to shrink with Mary Jane Stockton's entry, as if her huge body was a black hole, sucking up all available space. He wasn't even aware that he had taken another backward step. "Mary Jane, you didn't have to..."

"Aw shucks, sugah. I wanted to do it. Nan wouldn't have done it, but Ah'm not Nan."

"Uh..." No, she definitely wasn't.

"Here, sugah, take this and sit down," she told him, handing him the bottle of wine. He obeyed, sitting down on the bed, holding the bottle in his lap.

She walked to the middle of the floor, turned around, and then slipped off her raincoat.

massc137.jpg 27023 bytes

Dan never saw the raincoat fall to the floor. He was too busy looking at the largest set of muscles that he'd ever seen in his life, her white bikini doing nothing to hide it. Those muscles grew even larger, rippling with power, as she went through a few quick poses.

He couldn't remain seated. Setting the bottle down on the bed and getting back up to his feet, he approached her. Taking her smile as an invitation, he reached up and put his hands on her right arm.

It was like touching a statue, a thin layer of silk over warm marble. Her arm was so big that he couldn't come close to surrounding it with his hands. He tried squeezing. He may as well have been trying to squeeze marble for all the effect that it seemed to have.

She flexed harder, the muscles expanding and forcing his hands further apart. He tried squeezing harder, but it was no good. He could only make the barest of dimples in her rock-hard muscles as they continued to expand.

"Yaw'll like it, sugah?"

"You... you're incredible."

"Yaw'll really like it?" Her voice had changed, going even deeper. It was so sexy and full of erotic promises that he got hard so fast that it made his head spin. Lowering her arms, she grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him onto the bed. The bottle of wine rolled off the bed and bounced on the thick carpet before rolling under the bed.

She was on top of him before he could even start to get up. Her massive body covered his and pushed him down into the mattress. Then her mouth was covering his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth.

They tongue wrestled for a while before she rolled over onto her back, pulling him on top of her and pushing his face down to her chest. His head nearly disappeared into the deep valley between her large breasts.

When she eased the pressure on the back of his head, he managed to turn his face to the side and licked and kissed his way out of her cleavage. Working his way up to the nipple, he took it into his mouth and suckled. She raised her back from the bed, allowing him to slide his hands under her and remove the top half of her bikini.

She snaked her tremendous thighs, each bigger than her waist and maybe his, around him and gave him a quick squeeze. He was astounded at how powerful the squeeze had been; he'd nearly winced in pain. Fortunately for him, she seemed able to know the safe limits of her strength.

He countered by wrapping his hands around her breast. Not quite able to surround it, he began squeezing. She all but purred, encouraging him to squeeze harder. Remembering the hooker from last night, he carefully increased the pressure, ready to stop at any sign of discomfort from Mary Jane.

"Mmmm," she purred. "Harder."

Her nipple grew harder and larger as he increased the pressure. Soon he was squeezing her huge mound with all of his new strength. Still she wanted more, tightening her thighs around him again, all but driving the air out of his lungs and causing his teeth to clench on her nipple. She moaned in delight.

She then opened her legs and lifted him off of her, holding him wth one hand while removing his robe with the other, before setting him back down between her legs. Relinquishing his hold on her breast, he removed the bottom half of her bikini. He then ran his hands slowly up her massive thighs, thighs that he felt could crush granite. His hard on grew and grew and grew some more, aiming for her golden treasure. At first, she was too tight to penetrate, and for a moment he remembered that he couldn't enter the hooker last night, though it was for a different reason. Then she relaxed and allowed him to slip his super-manhood inside her inferno. Deeper and deeper he went. In and out, in and out, deeper each thrust until he thought that he couldn't go any further. But further he went. She was gasping for air, clutching at his hard ass, trying to pull him all the way into her. Her arms exploded into the largest, hardest pistons of muscle as she pumped him in and out of her, lifting him up and then slamming him into her like a giant dildo.

He had no more control over what was happening. Since she was doing all of the work, and she was clearly approaching another level of consciousness, he decided to enjoy the ride. He played his fingers along her bulging biceps, up to her striated shoulders which were turning red hot from the exertion, down her strong jaw, and then around her red hot nipples. Suddenly, he could feel himself about to climax. He arched his thick, super-strong back while pressing down on her mammoth breasts. But instead of giving in to his pressure, her power-packed pecs pushed back with every pump. At the same time, her inner muscles tightened about his shaft, delaying his release.

She climaxed, her mammoth body shuddering under him, almost bucking him off of her. Yet she continued her pumping, still using him as a giant dildo. As she approached her second climax, she finally granted him his release. Spurt after powerful spurt, he shot his seed into her.

Totally drained from the greatest orgasm of his life, the newest New Superman rolled off of her, gasping for breath. She pulled him close. He lay against her, pillowing his head on her firm breast, his head moving with the rise and fall of her massive chest.

"That... that was great," he finally managed to get between breaths.

"Yaw'll ain't so bad yawself, sugah. Now, about that nightcap..."

Hanging over the edge of the bed, he felt around until he found the bottle under the bed. Retrieving it, he set it down on the table. "There're cups in the bathroom," he said, getting up on slightly rubbery and going that way.

He came back from the bathroom with two plastic cups, setting them down next to the bottle. "I'll call down to room service for a corkscrew."

"Don't be silly, sugah. We don't need no corkscrew." She picked up the bottle and tore away the foil covering the cork. Then, holding the bottle in her left hand and gripping the cork with her right, she gave it a sharp tug.

There was a soft POP as the cork came free. A dribble of wine followed, spilling onto her ample chest. "Oops. Yaw'll want to clean that up for me, sugah?" Still holding the bottle and the cork, she spread her arms to her sides. Leaning in, he lapped up the wine with his tongue.

"Thank yaw'll, sugah." Leaning forward and brushing him aside with her breasts, she poured the wine into the cups. Handing him one, she raised the other one. "To the newest graduate of the New Superman Institute, sugah."

He joined the toast and drank. It wasn't great wine, but it wasn't too bad.

She drained her cup and looked at him. "Mmmm, Ah'd have to say yaw'll graduated with honors. Poor lil' ol' Nan. She don't know what she's missin'."

That set him back. It was a good thing that he'd already swallowed his wine, or else he might have choked on it. He wasn't used to a woman talking about another woman right after she had given him the greatest sexual experience of his life.

His face must have betrayed his thoughts, for she continued, "Yaw're thinkin' 'bout Nan while we were doin' it, weren't yaw'll, sugah?" Refilling both their cups, she brought hers up to her mouth and drained it again.

Honestly, he hadn't been thinking about Nan at the time. He'd only been thinking, if it could be called that, of the incredible body beneath him, as she took her pleasure from him. He tried to tell her that.

"It's okay, sugah. Yaw'll couldn't help it. Yaw'll weren't in control." And not just physically, though that certainly had been a large part of it, her strength nearly twenty times his. She told him about something that many of the women who went through the treatment could do. They called it The Voice.

The Voice allowed the speaker to sexually arouse the listener, male or female, New Superman or not. By pouring it on, the woman could even bring the listener to orgasm. It explained much of his body's reactions to both Mary Jane and Hiroko. "So yaw'll see, even if Ah wasn't stronger than yaw'll, Ah could've had yaw'll anyway."

"And Nan? She can do it, too?"

"Oh, yes." Her eyes narrowed as she got a dreamy look on her face. When she spoke again, her voice had dropped a little, though not quite to The Voice. "If yaw're this good when thinkin' 'bout another woman, yaw'll be awesome doin' it with her."

"So all I have to do is to get her to use The Voice on me?"

She laughed, a deep throaty laugh, as she refilled their cups, finishing off the bottle. "Shore thin', sugah. Just get her to invite yaw'll to her bed and ask her to talk to yaw'll."

He had to admit, there were some flaws in the plan. "So, what do I have to do?"

"For starters, don't try no macho bullshit on her. That stuff don't work on us." She thought about it for a moment, looking at the bottom of her cup as if to find an answer in the dregs of the wine. "Yaw'll might try the romantic approach. Ain't no woman don't like gettin' flowers."

Flowers? For a personal trainer slash drill sergeant?

Well, why not? She might be a personal trainer, with a dash of drill sergeant thrown in, but she also was a woman. Oh, and what a woman! Nan couldn't match the sheer muscularity of the naked woman next to him, but physical attributes weren't everything. He knew that well enough, despite having just dropped a substantial chunk of scratch in order to receive the New Superman treatment to change his physical attributes.

"But enough talk about her." Tossing the plastic cup aside, she put a hand in the middle of his chest and pushed him flat on the bed. "There's still yaw'll and me, sugah." This time she used The Voice. Knowing that it was futile, he tried to protest anyway, thinking that he didn't have anything left after that first time. His cock, stiffening under the influence of The Voice proved otherwise. "Hush, sugah," she said in The Voice again as she threw a leg over him and straddled him. Grabbing her hips, he tried to lift her off of him. She caught his wrists and moved his hands up to her breasts, pressing his hands against her firm mounds with enough force to break an ordinary man's bones.

He had never been with an aggressive woman before. Despite being a New Superman, he was helpless against her greater strength. The Voice only served to complete her total domination of his body, driving all thoughts of Nan from his mind.

There was very little resistance as she impaled herself on him, her damp pussy again easily accommodating his huge shaft. Then her powerful legs were propelling her body as if it was weightless. Her pumping was so forceful that he feared for the integrity of the bed under him. He hung on to her breasts for dear life, not stopping to consider that an ordinary man would have been mashed to pulp under the powerful pounding of the huge muscular body of the female New Superman.

Again, she tightened her inner muscles around his shaft and delayed his release until her second climax. If anything, his second orgasm was even better than the first had been. Now he truly was drained. Lying on the bed, he was barely aware of Mary Jane getting off of him and kissing him lightly before retrieving her clothes and putting them on. He was not aware of her turning off the lights and letting herself out.

He was asleep before the door closed behind her.

He dreamed of Nancy Chandler, her compact muscular body lying on a bed of flowers.