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"Happy Halloween" : Part 2
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

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Marie quickly stepped toward the mugger, and grabbed his crotch with her hand. Before he could realize what was happening she grabbed his neck with her other hand and said, "Let's play then."

Before he realized what was happening she bent backwards and threw his entire body toward herself.

The strength of her throw was such, that the mugger flew right into the guy standing behind her.

It was so unexpected, that the men just froze in surprise.

She did it with such quickness and strength that none of them had a chance to react.

The body of the guy that Marie threw hit the tall one behind her, and both of them collapsed onto the pavement.

The two other muggers moved in closer.

Marie's tall and beautiful body was bent almost in half, yet she did not seem to lose her balance. She looked magnificent in this pose.

Her sexy, almost naked body seemed to have a hypnotizing effect on the men.

She however, seemed very aware of the situation. With one single motion she straightened her body and threw a quick punch from the right, which landed squarely on the side of the head of one of the muggers' .

At same time she grabbed the other one's neck, with her left hand, and showing tremendous strength lifted him off the ground.

Her punch was so hard, that the mugger lost his balance and fell backwards.

Marie was now the only one standing, with the fourth man dangling helplessly in her right arm.

She turned to him and said with a smile, "This is even easier than I thought." Then with single motion she brought the man's helpless body down onto her extended knee.

As Marie's knee met his crotch the man yelled out in pain and the tears flooded from his eyes.

His limp body slowly slid down Marie's knee onto the ground.

The pain was so great, that all he could do was to grab his crotch as he fell. Marie wrapped her right hand around his neck and held him from falling completely onto the pavement.

In the meantime, the big guy who had followed Jason and his mother in the first place, was slowly getting up behind her. Sensing this Marie stepped aside and turned.

The body of the mugger, now not being held by anything, fell forward.

As the fourth opponent charged forward, Marie brought her entire body around, and with an amazingly agile motion kicked the mugger on the right side of his face.

The force of the kick combined with the weight of the high heels that she had on, was so powerful, that the man fell to his right.

By the time his body hit the ground, he was out like a light.

Marie now had all four would-be muggers, on the ground; two unconscious and the two others in a lot of pain. She slowly got up, straightened her clothes, and walked right up to the first guy.
"I think you broke my neck," he said to her in a weak voice, still unable to get up.

She just smiled as she looked down at the now helpless man. "What happened there sport? I though you were going to fuck me!" she said. "Well I for one expected a good time, so get ready." She reached over and started to pull his pants off.

The guy was in so much pain that there was not much he could do to protest. In in a matter of second both his pants and his underwear were in Marie's hands.

"What the hell are you doing?" he yelled out, but Marie just laughed, "I warned you, but you did not listen..."
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