#15: The Rebellion Begins

by RW

(The characters in this story are loosely based upon the Aurora Universe, but this writer and this story line is not approved by the Aurora Universe. The content is violent and sexually charged and is not designed for immature readers.)

"Suprema is very weak, perhaps even too weak to regain her star-fueled strength, Kevin!" Power Woman tells the Irish rebel.  Also known on Earth as Sharon Best, Power Woman is in not much better shape herself.   She can barely keep her eyes open.  Selina Kyle, formerly an owner of an upscale whorehouse here in New Danzig, had captured and tortured both women with deadly gold jewelry.  Only the timely arrival of Conroy and other rebels enabled the two Velorian super women to escape being captured by Arions.  Selina, unfortunately for her, did not escape capture.   The two Velorians and three human friends are huddled in an abandoned building two blocks from Kyle's townhouse.

"I saw some Gestapo agents entering her house even as we went out the back gate," Father Mike says.  "Sure and those scalpeens will torture the poor unfortunate girl and learn about our activities."

"Aye, Father, 'n that's the truth, though I'm not as charitable as you my thoughts of that woman," Kevin Conroy asserts.  "She may know of this place.  We should move to someplace safer before we try to help you or Cai-Trin, darlin'," he says, waving an arm toward the blue, red and yellow-clad Protector.  She should be one of the strongest beings on this (or any other) planet but contact with gold can suck her super energy from her alien body.  A faction in the American Republican Army (ARA) literally doused her body with gold, causing a painful loss of her amazing powers.  She's been unconscious ever since, her heart almost stopped from the massive shock of contact with so much gold.

"Take the gels to my church," Father Mike offers.  Instantly, Kevin and his friend Micheal Lonergan move to the two women.  Lonergan lifts Suprema off the decrepit couch as if she's light as a feather.  Kevin helps Power Woman to her feet, letting her arm rest on his shoulder as he wraps an arm around her waist.

As they move toward the door, Father Mike commands, "Hang on, lads, and let's cover up the ladies a bit."  He hands a rough plaid blanket to Lonergan to drape over Suprema's body and helps Power Woman climb into a non-descript overcoat.  "Maybe it will keep some prying eyes from bothering us," the priest suggests.  The luxurious blond hair atop each woman's head, not to mention the red or blue boots, however, are distinct oddities in this part of the city that was called New York until the Nazis defeated the U.S. in 1943.

*  *  *  *  *

"Tell us about your amazing powers, human," Mar-vel commands.   Dressed in a white LeatherEx© catsuit and ankle boots, the stunning 6 foot 1 inch brunette, second-in-command of Arion forces in the Sol System, puts her hand under Selina Kyle's chin and slowly begins squeezing it between her fingers.

Despite the powers she stole from Suprema, Kyle is far weaker than an Arion Prime like Mar-vel.  Suddenly the whorehouse madam and ex-cat burglar begins to whine and moan as her jaw feels as if it's being crushed.   "Uuunhhh ... nnooo ... sstoppp!!" the woman moans through clenched teeth.   "What ... whatchu want!" the woman pleads, hoping for the pain to stop.   For the last six hours, several Arion Primes have beaten and tortured her brutally.  And raped her, repeatedly.  Only the limited invulnerability she obtained from Suprema has kept her alive this long.  Countless ordinary human females have been split up the middle by violent rapes from these evil alien invaders.

Ever since they helped Hitler's Germany win World War II in the early 1940s, the Arions, operating from a base on the far side of the moon, have worked behind the scenes to help the Nazis crush one society after another.   The sudden appearance recently of a Velorian Protector has upset the Arions' apple cart.  So successful has she been at evading their traps the Arions had to import *Valkyries* - Velorians not born on Velor and who don't know that they are Velorian (thanks to an Arion trick played on their ancestors).  Valkyries have lived under Arion control for about three hundred years.  Ever since the Arions wiped out the Kzinti home world and 99% of the felinus supremis race and shifted the blame toward Velor.*

"I think <groan> I think I got ... some-something from <nnnh> Suprema <pant> when I drank a golden juice coming <groan> from her nipples," Selina says with great difficulty.  "I got her aroused and ... milked her.  Didn't work <nnnh> with her sister."

"This confirms what we know about Protectors," Mar-vel states.   "About mature Protectors.  Our initial reports indicated she was just a child.  Now we have an adult on our hands, taller, more powerful.  Suprema must be the Protector and that white-clad bitch must be a Scribe, from what you say.  So are we dealing with two or three Velorians, now?  What happened to that child Kar-lem battled several weeks ago in a Reichsbank robbery?*   I need answers, people, and I need them fast!  Get information from this human about the rebels, then take her to Duk-em.  I'm sure the Fleet Lord will be interested in her story."

*  *  *  *  *

After two weeks of hectic activity by the Nazis and their Arion masters, the rebel underground is broken and fragmented.  Dragnets picked up some rebels, who 'led' the way to other rebels, and so on.  The Velorians and the ARA men and women guarding them have had to move several times to escape capture.  During this time, Shay-ron kept a tanning light shining on Cai-trin as much as possible, in the hope that artificial sunlight might help her recover.  The Protector has regained consciousness once or twice in the past two weeks, but for only a short while each time.   Shay-ron's own body has healed over the time, restoring her normal strength.

"We need to try something that might be a bit desperate," Power Woman finally says to the Conroys, Kevin and Moira.  The four of them are in the projection room of an old, unused movie theater.  "Can you get your hands on that Arion tachyon rifle again?"

"I gave it to Father Mike for safekeeping," Kevin replies.  "I'll go see him now."  As he heads out the door, he looks back over his shoulder and cautions, "You darlin's stay put, now, d'y'hear me?   NO one knows we're here.  Power Woman, can you maybe keep the door barred if anyone comes snoopin' 'round?"

Shay-ron rises to her feet beside the cot holding Cai-trin and adopts a *power stance* - legs slightly spread, hands on her hips, her jaw jutting forward.   She wears the uniform of a Velorian Scribe - white leotard, red cape and belt and blue gauntlets and boots and calls herself Power Woman.  In her power stance, her curvaceous body strikes awe in the hearts of anyone who sees her.  Conroy and his wife are used to seeing this woman so they aren't as affected as others might be.   They also know that Power Woman is normally much weaker than Cai-trin, or Suprema as she calls herself.  At least until recently!

Less than an hour after Kevin's departure, Power Woman hears someone moving around among the seats in the theater.  She carefully looks through the small projector window and her super vision quickly reveals half a dozen German soldiers checking out the seating area.  Holding a finger by her mouth to *shush* Moira, Power Woman points at Suprema and repeats the *shush* to Moira, hoping she realizes the need to keep Cai-trin silent.  As Moira moves to the critically-weakened superheroine, Power Woman moves to hold shut the door to this booth.

Moments later, her vigilence is rewarded by the sound of boots thumping in the hallway outside the door.  The knob rattles vigorously for half a minute, then rifle butts can be heard bashing against the steel door.  Power Woman leans against the door and uses her own alien strength to keep the door closed.  Eventually, the soldaten outside give up and can be heard moving away from the door.

Power Woman silently moves away from the door, toward Cai-trin and Moira, when the room suddenly fills with smoke and sound as the door is blasted by a shaped charge.  The metal door flies inward, hitting Power Woman on her back and flinging her body at the other two women.  Power Woman quickly recovers enough to use her flying power to stop her body and the door, mere inches away from Moira.

"Achtung!  You - HANDS UP!  NOW, or we shoot!" shouts one of the men now back in the doorway.  He's not sure who's in here, but he can see the door leaning at an odd angle over one end of a cot and the top half of Suprema's body visible on the other end of the cot.   There is a reward of 50,000 New Reichs Marks for her capture!  Two of his men step into the small projection booth toward the blond-haired *rebel leader*, their weapons aimed at the apparently-sleeping (?) woman.   The German sergeant and another trooper remain in the doorway.  They should be covering the two other troopers, but the room is so small the men in the doorway won't have a clear shot if necessary.

Suddenly the door seems to leap off the couch and fly back toward the doorway.  The two men in the room can see a woman huddled beside the couch and another woman, in an outrageous costume, who has somehow thrown the steel door across the room.  "Look out, feldwebel," one of the men yells.  Too late!  Though the two men in the room avoid the door, it slams into the sergeant and the other man in the doorway, knocking them back into the hallway.   The trooper fires his MP-62 machine pistol wildly into the room before he's hit by the door.  Some of his shells hit the men already in the room and several march in a line across the mid-section of the white-clad blonde's body.

"Ooohh," Power Woman says as the powerful slugs hammer her back toward Moira and Suprema.  She remains on her feet and surveys the room - two Germans down and bleeding from wounds, two outside knocked out.   Suddenly she hears shouting and more boots stamping up the stairs toward the projection booth.  "Stay here," Power Woman shouts over her shoulder at Moira.  She moves over to the doorway, dragging the two wounded Germans and leaving them outside the booth with the other Germans.   Then she picks up the steel door and holds it against the doorway.   A quick shot of her heat vision melts part of the door back onto the metal door-frame.  Power Woman turns in time to see several men rush up the steps toward her.

From long practice, the heroine quickly scans the men with her super vision, checking to see which ones are Arions.  All are human!   She leaps at the throng, her arms spread wide, and tackles all five men.   Together she and the men thunder back down the steps toward the theater lobby.  At the bottom of the steps, two men recover quickly and begin to punch the woman.  Then they quickly pull their hands away and shake them in pain, cursing in German.  The almost-invulnerable alien rises to her knees and begins to punch the Germans, knocking them backward across the lobby.  A few seconds later, the entire detachment lies unconscious on the lobby floor.  Power Woman rises to her feet and slaps her blue-gloved hands together, as if removing dust from them.

"Well, that went well!" she congratulates herself.  Suddenly her head snaps sideways - her keen hearing detects the sounds of several heavy vehicles heading toward this neighborhood.  She steps toward the theater door and looks through it.  Power Woman gasps in shock - a large SdKfz-11 half-track has just arrived and several Arion Betas in German Army uniforms (but armed with Arion rifles) are deploying outside the theater.   Behind it are two trucks disgorging dozens of German soldiers.

"I can't handle all of them, especially against those rifles!" Shay-ron realizes.  "We must get away from here!"  The amazing blonde flies up the steps back to the projection booth and rips the metal door off the jamb.  She rushes into the room to the cot holding Cai-trin and skids to a halt, her mouth open in a silent *oh* at the sight of Moira Conroy lying on the ground beside Cai-trin, a pool of blood under her breasts.   One of the Nazi's slugs must have hit her!

"Oh, Moira, can you get up?" Power Woman asks, kneeling beside the stricken human.  "Betas are coming - we must flee!"

Moira Conroy looks up at Power Woman and moans, "Hurts ... c-can't breathe.   Take Cai and leave.  Please!"

"No, I'll carry both of you!" Shay-ron protests.  She begins to lift Moira but stops when the human shrieks in pain.  Power Woman looks closely at the human and sees three slugs in the woman's chest, including one dangerously close to her heart.  The Velorian Scribe bites her lower lip, unsure of what she should do.  What would Cai-trin, Suprema, do?  Power Woman can hear the Betas breaking into the theater.

The Velorian reluctantly leaves Moira lying on the floor and lifts the terribly weakened Protector off the cot.  Using her super vision to guide them, Power Woman leaves the projection booth and climbs a ladder to the roof, carrying her blue-clad *sister* over one shoulder.  They quickly reach the roof and as the Betas arrive outside the projection booth, the two Velorians rise slowly into the air and fly away from the theater.   Shots fly up from German troops surrounding the theater but bounce harmlessly off the alien bodies.

*  *  *  *  *

Two hours later, Kevin Conroy skids to a halt a block away from the Majestic Theater and gasps.  The place is swarming with Germans!   "Now what've those women done!?" he wonders as he blends back into the shadows.  The tachyon rifle is concealed inside his long overcoat.   Nonetheless, being in the vicinity of a German operation, especially in the last week or two, means interrogation, torture, or worse!  Imagine his reception if he's caught carrying this alien weapon!!

Conroy slips backward and starts around the street corner, away from the block the theater is on.  Just before he rounds the corner, he looks upward.  Kevin gasps aloud, "A flying blonde!"  Above the theater is a green-clad woman hovering in the air.

The Valkyrie spots Kevin at almost the same moment and yells in a powerful voice, "Stay where you are, human!" and begins to float toward him.   Below, several men detach themselves from the throng of gray-clothed Germans (and Arions?) outside the theater.

As the woman approaches, Kevin pulls the tachyon rifle from under his coat and rolls the selector knob toward *minimum dispersion*.  Suprema had told him that on this setting, it's power would stop one of the aliens.   As Conroy raises the weapon to his shoulder, the blonde speeds up her approach, sticking one hand toward the human and stretching one leg backward, as her other arm and leg tuck in close to her body.  As she nears the rebel, he sees that she's wearing a green body suit and black gloves and boots.  "Not a Velorian, I hope," he mutters when he pulls the trigger.

"AAAIIIEEEE!!" the blonde screams as his shot hits her body between her chin and breasts.  The impact blasts her backward over the rooftops and her body drops out of sight.  At almost the same time, the pavement beside Conroy buckles and bounces into the air as fire from similar rifles comes at him but misses.  Instead of waiting for his gun to cycle for another round, the rebel spins around and races around the corner and down the street, away from his pursuers and out of their sight.

Although not as powerful as Velorians or Primes, Arion Betas do have powers and abilities far beyond those of ordinary humans.  Two of them round the corner, racing several times faster than an Earthman can run.  They quickly close the gap between themselves and Conroy and one, armed with a tachyon rifle, slows to aim it at the human.

"No you don't!" a feminine voice behind the Beta says loudly.   Power Woman swoops down and hits the Beta in the back of his head with both of her hands, clasped together to form a massive fist.  The Beta shoots forward and slams down on his belly, skidding past the fleeing Conroy by inches.  The other Beta begins to turn to face the threat behind him when Conroy spins around and aims his recharged rifle at the man's back.  Still on its tightest beam, the weapon's shot hits the Beta in the small of his back and hammers him to the ground, his spine shattered by the mighty blast.  Power Woman barely avoids getting hit, swerving away from her attack at the last minute.  She halts in mid-air, then drops down to pick up the tachyon rifle dropped by the other Beta.

"Need a lift, mister?" she asks Conroy, smiling at the human.   After he nods *yes*, she swoops closer and wraps her arm around the man's waist and lifts him into the air.  Conroy manages to keep down his gorge - he's not used to flying like this!  The pair race down the street barely five feet above the pavement and turn into a side alley.   Seconds later, after a terrifying low-level flight twisting and turning from street to alley to street, the duo land outside a tenement building on West 112th street.  Conroy quickly realizes that his old apartment is located in the basement of this building!  He also recalls that the flat was once filled with German surveillance equipment and Suprema was captured here once.*   Fortunately, some time ago the Germans removed their surveillance equipment from the flat and dropped it from their list of places to watch.

"Do you know where we are, darlin'?" he asks Power Woman.

"Of course I do," she replies, unaware that the Conroys used to live here.  "Father Mike brought us here after ..."  She doesn't know how to tell Kevin ...

"After ...?"

"Kevin," she takes a deep breath and says, "Moira was killed today.   Germans invaded the theater.  I fought them but one managed to shoot your wife.  She died before I could get her away," the Scribe lies, hoping to avoid causing further anguish for the man.  If he knew she LEFT the woman there, bleeding to death ...

Conroy has been a tower of strength for the Velorian women, since Cai-trin first rescued Moira from the Gestapo.*   He and his wife have lost all of their personal belongings as they moved from hideout to hideout with their alien friends but never abandoned the two aliens.  And now he's alone.  Grief washes over the man and he falls forward onto the shorter Velorian, sobbing heavily.

Power Woman wraps her arms around the man, comforting him as he sobs onto her white-clad shoulder.  After a few minutes, she slowly pulls him backward, down a few steps toward his old apartment.  "Oh, no <sob>," he cries, "I can't go in there, Power Woman," he says, realizing this is where it all started.  "I've lost too much since we left our home here.  There are too many memories here ..."

The Velorian suddenly begins to tear up as well when she thinks about all she's lost since coming here with Cai-trin.*   She arrived here with a Dempsey Dumpster filled with her Scribe equipment, evidence of Arions on Earth, clothes, memorables from Velor and her life in Colorado with John ...  All of it has vanished, too.  Although not as great a loss as Kevin's, Shay-ron has nothing left but her Scribe costume.

"Just for a while, Kevin, I promise," Shay-ron says, sobbing softly.   "Father Mike ... said the Germans might not look for us here ... since they already know about this place.  Come on, come inside for a bit, please?"

The pair enter the flat and leave their alien weapons leaning against the wall by the door.  They move over to the threadbare couch along one wall and sink into it.  Power Woman lets Conroy fall into her arms and pats the man on the back, saying words to help him deal with his loss.  Now if there was someone to help her deal with her losses.

*  *  *  *  *

"Two more dead Betas and STILL no sign of the Velorians!" Mar-vel bellows at the aliens assembled in her command center.  She's been trying to capture the young Protector since soon after she was spotted on Earth and has failed consistently.  She stalks before her lieutenants, dressed in her battle uniform, shiny black knee-high boots, a black LeatherEx © leotard (covering her from crotch to neck-line to wrist) with a yellow lightning slash across her breasts, long black gloves and a short black cape.

"And I want the human who SHOT me found and killed, too!" Shay-ra says spitefully, recalling Kevin's marksmanship.

Ignoring the troublesome Valkyrie, Mar-vel asks, "Jubbo, did you get any more information from that ridiculous human?" Ja-ber, the Arion Beta who serves as the New Danzig Gestapo chief called Herr Jürgen Brucker seethes at her ability to never remeber his name, even though he's been the most useful member of her team.

"The human Selina Kyle has been most useful, my Lady," he finally replies.   "She helped us track down many members of the resistance.  Her usefulness has probably ended, though.  More and more of the addresses she gives to us lead to unoccupied residences or businesses.  Her contacts in the resistance must have fled, knowing that we have her."

"Good, then you may now send her to the base on the moon since she is no longer useful."

"Where do we go from here, without the human to give us addresses?" Hem-ra asks arrogantly.  The male Valkyrie is a tall, imposing blonde dressed in a green bodysuit, black boots and gloves.  He glares at the Arion woman, contempt in his eyes at her command abilities.  He believes his powers are greater than hers and that he and his sister Shay-ra should be leading this team, not some two-bit Arion bitch whose only claim to rule is based on being the bedmate of the Arion forces' commander.

"If I may interrrupt ..." Ja-ber says timidly.  He has to be timid - anyone else in this room could snuff out his life in a second!   Betas are treated with utter contempt by the more powerful Arions, not to mention the Valkyries.  Mar-vel nods at the man, allowing him to continue.  "We still have two drones circling over the city, giving us twenty-four hour coverage.  If we don't see the women flying, we can still detect them by their heat signature as long as winter lasts, as it should for another three months.  Meanwhile, my humans are going house-to-house through that part of the city, checking every room.   Even the sewers are being checked, since we found that rebels use them as hiding places and ways to move around the city undetected.  And each one we capture tells us a little more of their movement."

"Fine," Hem-ra snorts.  "But what are WE to do until you turn up those women?"

Ja-ber silently looks at Mar-vel for an answer.  She glares back at him and says nothing.  She also thinks that the little Beta better turn up something soon, if he wants to keep his job here.  Mar-vel sighs deeply and finally says, "We wait."

*  *  *  *  *

"Are you sure this is safe?" Kevin asks Power Woman.  They're in a sewer about a mile away from their apartment.  Ten feet away, the unconscious Suprema hangs by her wrists from a ladder, her shiny red boots on the floor of the sewer under an inch of fetid water.  Her arms are stretched over her head and chained to one rung on the ladder.   Conroy and Power Woman each hold an Arion tachyon rifle.

"Yes, I think this will work," she says.  "Be sure your selector is set on a narrow beam and aim at the *S* on her chest."

"Won't a beam that powerful kill her?"

"No, I'm sure she won't die, Kevin.  Her breasts are designed to store energy for her.  Even as weak as she is, her super body should convert the tachyon energy into orgone energy and recharge her, without killing her.  But if you're anxious, I can fire first."

"I wish you would, macushla," the man replies.

Power Woman stands with her body half-turned toward Suprema and spreads her legs slightly.  She takes careful aim and fires a stream of powerful tachyons at the crippled heroine.  As the stream hits Suprema's body, Cai-trin opens her eyes and screams piteously from the hellish energy striking her diminished breasts.

"AAAIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" the blonde screams as the tachyon particle stream hits her weakened body.   Her uniform glows with a reddish hue from the heat striking her small, misshapen breasts.  Her head snaps from side to side, her blond tresses whipping around wildly.  The *S* over her breasts glows like a beacon from the shot.

The burn only lasts a few seconds but after it ends, the sewer fills with the moaning and sobbing of the Velorian super woman.  Conscious now, she writhes in her chains, rubbing her thighs together suggestively.   Even as her breasts absorb the energy, the scent of wildflowers and honey fills the closed space of the sewer as her body responds to the erotic pleasure of energy flowing into her alien body.  Her pheromones flood into the fetid, damp sewer air.

"Your turn," Shay-ron commands the rebel.  Conroy licks his lips, then nods at Power Woman.

Kevin takes aim at his young friend, grits his teeth, and fires the rifle.  Again there is a ripping and tearing sound in the confines of the sewer as a stream of mighty energy is unleashed at the young woman just ten feet away.  While the white stream of tachyons hits her body, she bucks and twists seductively and groans from the effort of absorbing so much energy.  

"UUUNNNHHHH UUUNNNNHHH OOOHHHHAAAAAEEEEEE!!" she screams painfully. Amazingly, since she IS absorbing almost all of the energy, nothing around her is affected by the blast.
When Kevin's weapon discharges its load, the after effect of the gun's roar lingers in the sewer, coupled by louder moaning and groaning from the Protector.  Power Woman smiles and tells Conroy, "Look, you can see her breasts are starting to build up!  They are starting to look like breasts again, not rolled-up socks."  Kevin nods dully - Suprema's scent is affecting both his mind and his manhood, arousing lustful desires in his body.  He shakes his head from side to side to clear unclean thoughts about Suprema and her luscious body from his consciousness.   He's unable to stop the swelling in his groin.

Each person, in turn, takes another shot at the Velorian Protector, making her buck and shake on the ladder as her body converts tachyon energy into the orgone energy she needs.  Her breasts are now much larger and the ladder to which she is chained is starting to buckle as her squirming bends the metal and loosens it from the concrete to which it is anchored.   She looks at the duo through half-closed eyes and runs her tongue across her lips, wetting them, giving them a sexy sheen.  "By the gods that feels good, Shay-ron," she says to the Scribe.  "Give me more, please!"   Even after being battered by the Arion rifles she's more conscious now than she has been in weeks.

Again the duo take turns shooting at the Protector.  During Kevin's third shot, the ladder snaps free of its upper connections to the concrete wall of the sewer and starts to fall but Suprema manages to brace herself against the stream of tachyon particles and remain on her feet as incredible, unearthly energy pours into her blooming chest.

"We'd better stop," Power Woman advises the three.  "By now, people above us may be calling the authorities about the odd noises in the sewers.   Arions or Germans may be here at any moment.  And you've gotten enough energy, little one!" she says to the revitalized Protector, smiling.   Suprema DOES look more like her old self.  Her body seems younger, her skin doesn't sag on her face, her eyes shine, and her breasts seem almost like their normal 38Ds.

Kevin looks at his weapon, then shows it to Power Woman.  "What's this green light mean, then?" he asks.  "Didn't see it before."

"That means it's almost discharged," the Scribe replies.  "You have maybe one or two shots left, three at widest dispersal."

"Then we should get out of here, ladies!" he replies, putting his hand behind Power Woman's back, pinning her blue cape against her white leotard.   She smiles back at the man and they move to join Suprema.  Together, the three head down the sewer, and the two Velorians each grab one of Conroy's arms.  They lift him off the ground and begin to speed up, flying through the sewer, using their super vision to scan ahead for obstacles.   The trio reaches the apartment a few minutes later.

When Suprema realizes where they are, she balks at entering the flat.   "The Germans ..." she begins.

"No worries," Kevin says, smiling.  "There's no gold or cameras here, macushla.  Germans came and took their stuff away long ago.  This may be one of the safest places for us to stay, darlin'."   The trio enter the flat and after closing the door and leaning their weapons against the wall, all three fall onto the weather-beaten couch, with Suprema in the middle, and do a group hug.  The Protector is BACK!

*  *  *  *  *

"I decided that I am going to use my powers against the Arions and even the Germans," Suprema tells an assembly of American Republican Army leaders.   "I will not hesitate to kill Arions, but I will also try to disarm or disable their human allies as well.  I hope this is acceptable to you all."

Among the assembled leaders is Ian O'Brien, leader of the *Fighting 69th* ARA team.  A shot by Conroy cut off the man's left arm at the elbow with a tachyon rifle several weeks ago, when some members of the group captured Suprema to turn her over to Selina Kyle.*   O'Brien and Conroy cast hate-filled glances at each other.  "That woman is nothing but trouble, lads," O'Brien spits.  "I say we should give her to the Germans and get back to our old ways.  I still don't believe her tales about other aliens.  She's just some fuckin' mutant freak, I say."  The man's newly-developed bitterness toward Suprema and Conroy is blatently evident.

Pandemonium fills the small high school cafeteria as everyone tries to talk at once.  Joshua Painter, the New Danzig head of the ARA finally silences the room by banging his pistol on the table before him.   "We are aware of your history with her, Ian," the old Black man says in a soft voice, forcing others in the room to hush to hear him.  "She hasn't been much help to your team.  But maybe with her help we can do something to free this city, perhaps even this country, from the Nazis.   Even if there are no Arions, every German weapon or vehicle she destroys helps us and hurts them.  And she can give us any weapons she doesn't destroy so we can help ourselves.

"I think we should accept her offer of help," the white-haired man says.   Most of the men and women in the cafeteria begin to clap and shout their approval of his recommendation.  Suprema, sitting beside the man, smiles appreciatively at the ARA leaders.

When silence is restored, the Velorian rises to her feet and says, "The first thing I should do is destroy the main Arion base.  Without that they won't have the technology to sustain their support of the Germans.   Does anyone have any idea where that base might be?"

After a stunned silence, Painter says, "We don't even know what these Arions look like my dear, and we wouldn't know 'em if we've ever met them.   At least, none of us who are still alive would know.  If there are any Arions - and I'm not saying there aren't, child," he says, putting a hand on her shoulder to stop her inevitable protest.  "If there are any Arions, their base is not apparent to us in the resistance.   Maybe it's somewhere in Germany?"

The Girl of Steel thinks a moment and nods her head.  The Arions' first contact must have been done in Germany.  They must have some kind of facility there, too.  She tells the ARA leaders, "The Arions were going to send me and some other women on a space shuttle somewhere.*   Obviously it was to the Arion base.  I destroyed the ship before we got very far, though."  She doesn't add that the 11 human whores on the ship with her were killed during the action.

"You say you and these Arions are from other planets?" one rebel leader asks.  After Suprema nods *yes*, the man asks, "Do you think maybe their base is still in outer space.  Maybe on the ship or ships they came in?"

Suprema thinks for a minute then answers, "Possibly, but I can't see them spending sixty years in space.  And where would they make the things, the Arion things they need?  I still think they need someplace outside of their ships to work and live."

"Do you think it might be on the moon?" another rebel asks.  "If they're trying to remain hidden from us, would they settle in Germany when the moon is nearby and they obviously can travel through space?  I mean, even in Germany a race of supermen with fantastic technology would at least be rumored about."

Debate rages on the likelihood of aliens being in Germany or outer space.   Discussion eventually centers on the likelihood of a base on the moon.   More debate follows.  Wouldn't it be seen from Earth?  Where on the moon would it be?  What about air, water, resources?   In the end, Suprema knows she has a tough assignment ahead of her if she tries to find the base.

Suddenly inspiration strikes the young Protector.  "Maybe we don't know where their base is, but I know who does!"

No one says anything in anticipation of her revelation.  Suddenly Power Woman claps her blue-clad hands together and gleefully says, "An Arion knows!"  Suprema nods in agreement as the humans talk among themselves.

Suprema finally says to the ARA leaders, "Power Woman and I will capture an Arion - preferably a Beta, one of their second-class citizens.   A Beta can be made to talk much more easily than a Prime.  We will make that our first task.  Then we will destroy the Arion base, and finally we will help you send those German humans back to their homeland."

As one person, these local leaders of the American rebellion rise to their feet and clap their hands at her words.  Suprema beams proudly from her seat and Painter pats her forearm and says, "Well done, child!" which makes her smile so broad, it lights up the room.  No one notices O'Brien sitting sullenly in his seat, glowering at the Velorians and Conroy.

*  *  *  *  *

Later that night, back in the small, decrepit flat on West 112th Street, Suprema and Power Woman face each other in the small bedroom.  Kevin has been consigned (at his request) to the crumpled couch in the living room.  The two super women, still in their *uniforms*, look deeply into each other's eyes.  "Are you sure you want to start attacking the Arions?" Shay-ron asks her friend.

"I'm tired of being on the run and having them kill my friends, Shay-ron," Cai-trin replies.  As she talks, she removes her boots and belt.   Holding the belt, she looks at it and recalls how the Arion Marine named Vad-em used it to hogtie her and rape her.*   She drops the belt on the floor beside her boots and begins to lower her skirt.

"What are your plans for capturing a Beta?" Shay-ron asks.  Following the lead of the young Protector, Power Woman removes her blue gauntlets and *buccaneer* boots, dropping them on the floor beside the bed.

"I didn't want to say this to the humans," Suprema replies, stepping out of her skirt, "but I'm making all this up as I go along.  I'm so lost on this world.  Nothing is as I expected it!  I have so much to learn, so much to understand.  How do the Germans relate to my mission of protecting the people of Earth from the Arions?   Do Germans need protection?  If I protect the American rebels from the Germans, am I really breaking the law, or helping to restore the rule of law?  There are no nations on Velor, just the one Governing Council.   One government, one set of laws.  Then they send us out to some alien world and tell us to protect the inhabitants and uphold the law.   But what law?"  Even as she starts to pull her blue tunic and red cape off her body, tears begin to form in her eyes.

"There are no easy answers, darling," Power Woman replies as her tunic and cape drop down to the floor around her ankles.  She steps out of the pile of fabric and crosses the room to wrap her arms around the Protector.  The marginally taller Protector, who looks like a mature 20 but is really only a little over sixteen years old, as Earth reckons ages, collapses onto Shay-ron's shoulders, sobbing.  Her costume falls to the floor around her ankles.  The two naked women hug each other, with Shay-ron running one hand through Cai-trin's hair and whispering soothing words in her ear.

After a few minutes of affectionate hugging the two women release each other and move to the queen-sized bed.  On Velor, there are very few taboos about sex.  Sex between partners of the same gender is regarded as the same as intercourse between partners of opposite genders.   If there's love between the two people, there are no taboos broken.   The two women slide into the bed, kicking the covers to the foot of the bed - when you're a super woman, you don't need blankets for warmth.   Especially if you have the body of another super woman beside you.

Shay-ron continues to stroke Cai-trin's hair, pressing her fingers against the other woman's head as she caresses her.  Cai-trin moans from the pleasure caused by this and runs her hand across Shay-ron's back, dragging her nails across the woman's creamy white flesh.  Goose bumps rise on Shay-ron's body from the attention and she also moans with pleasure.   The two women move their heads closer to each other and brush their lips together, lightly touching each other.  Shay-ron is the first to tentatively tickle her tongue against Cai-trin's closed lips, seeking entry.   The Protector responds almost at once, spreading her lips and using her tongue to fence with the Scribe's tongue.

"OOOoooohhhh," Cai-trin suddenly moans as her body flushes with pleasure from Shay-ron's affectionate embrace.  Love has been too infrequently found on this Earth, she realizes.  She needs that as much as she needs the energy from Earth's yellow sun.  "OOOUUUUNNNHHH!!" she gasps when one of Shay-ron's hands suddenly slides between her legs and brushes against her nether lips.  As Shay-ron's fingers insert themselves into Cai-trin's nether lips, her thumb begins to press the Protector's clit against her mons.  "OOOOHHHHH  YYYEESSSS!" Cai-trin cries as her body explodes with warmth and pleasure from this latest *assault*.   Her pheromones begin to release, flooding the room with the aroma of wildflowers and honey.

Shay-ron smiles inwardly.  As a mere Scribe, she doesn't have the powers or the responsibilities of a Velorian Protector.  Whatever she can do to help Cai-trin, though, IS part of her mission, even though HER Velor hasn't sent out a Protector in some 300 years.  Scribes are just trained to be a Protector's *support personnel*, just in case one is finally sent out from Velor.  And even though Cai-trin isn't from Shay-ron's Velor, she's from A Velor, and so she is eligible for any help which Shay-ron can render.

Cai-trin wants to return Shay-ron's caresses but the woman's hands move so expertly, so efficiently, that Cai-trin is overwhelmed emotionally and physically by the *attack*.  She lies partially on her back, partially on her side, and gasps and moans as the older woman's hands caress her body and plumb the depths of her vagina.  Suddenly the young Protector arches her back and gasps as her body climaxes.  Before this first orgasm has a chance to subside, a second one erupts, making the young blonde rise even higher off the bed.  Shay-ron grins at her efforts' success and savagely bites one of Cai-trin's exposed breasts, pinching the nipple between powerful teeth.  The tip of the nubbin excretes a small drop of golden elixir, the raw energy of a Protector generated by the incomprehensible *battery* in her breast.  A Protector's breasts are designed to store energy for the use of the Galens, the ancient race that created the Velorians.   Powerful intercourse releases this energy to a Protector's lovers (but not to Shay-ron, whose body can't assimilate the elixir into more power).

Shay-ron's surprise attack on her breast makes Cai-trin cry out from the pleasure and pain caused - good pain, pain that adds fuel to the warmth of intercourse.  Shay-ron releases the nipple from her teeth and uses her lips to surround and squeeze the flesh around it.  She uses her tongue to flicker against the nub, teasing it.  "UUUnnnhhh!" Cai-trin moans from this new sensation, then "AAAIIIEEEE!!" she gasps as a third orgasm rips through her body.  "MMMYYYY GGGOOODDDD, SHAY-RON!!" she gasps.  "MMOORRREEE!!!"  She has become like a slattern, pressing her body against Shay-ron's hands and body.  Cai-trin no longer caresses Shay-ron's body - Cai-trin is too lost in the incredible reverie caused by the older woman's hands and mouth.

"You girls are going to wake up everyone in the building!" Kevin Conroy jokes from the bedroom doorway.  His heart skips a beat, then a second, first at the sight of the two gorgeous blondes locked in embrace, then at the thought that he and Moira once did the same thing in this same bed.   He staggers as the scent of wildflowers and honey suddenly assaults his body.  A large prominence quickly forms in the front of his underwear and his body reacts to the Velorian pheromones flooding the room.

He turns to leave the doorway and return to his couch when Shay-ron turns to him and pants, "Get ... <nnh> in this bed, <pant> Kevin!"   He looks at her a second, then when she waves her hand at him, he drops his boxers and peels off his t-shirt and slowly approaches the bed, unable to resist the lure of Suprema's pheromones.

"You <oohh> must suck on <nnnh> her breasts," Shay-ron struggles to tell Kevin.  "It will <nnh> make you powerful, like Kyle."   Without another word, Shay-ron slides down the bed and sticks her head into the Protector's groin, to give *lip service* to her Protector.   Now on her back, with her eyes half-closed, and moaning from Shay-ron's attentions, Cai-trin reaches her arms toward Kevin, beckoning him to join her.

The human obviously cannot resist this.  Two gorgeous women plus the arousing scent of Cai-trin's pheromones dull the man's forebrain and lure him into bed, into the Protector's arms.  He nestles his face between her 38C breasts and emits a ragged sigh - ragged because he lusts for this young girl even as he misses his dead wife.  After a second, Cai-trin gently grasps the sides of his head and maneuvers it so that his lips are over her left breast.  She pulls him down onto her and a dollop of her golden nectar touches his lips.  Kevin licks his lips and becomes more aroused after tasting her.

The man eagerly begins to suckle her breast, swallowing the honey-like juice dripping from it.  As he draws her special gift into his body and Shay-ron continues to slurp and lick Cai-trin's nether lips and clit, the Protector writhes almost helplessly on the bed with her arms extended to either side of her body, her eyes closed and her tongue licking her lips into a glossy red sheen.  "Oooh ... I wish I could do this forever!" she thinks as another orgasm builds within her.  A second later her flying power raises her, Shay-ron and Kevin off the bed and she hovers two feet above the sheet.  Before Kevin falls off her body, Cai-trin grabs him around his waist and holds him against her body, his lips around her left breast, his body curled over her right breast.

The Protector slowly lowers herself back onto the bed as the latest orgasm subsides.  She twists Kevin around so that his groin and his engorged member are hanging above her face.  Before the man can react, she teases the end of him with her tongue, then wraps her lips around the end of his manhood.  "What ... mmmnnhhh ooohhh, that's ... ooohhh!" the man gasps as the mighty Protector swallows all of him into her mouth.

With Shay-ron relentlessly assaulting her nether regions, Cai-trin has to focus hard on not biting off Kevin's manhood.  Concentrating with all her might on the task at hand (actually, in her mouth), she manages to slide her lips up and down his member, teasing the tip and topside with her tongue.  After a few minutes, when another orgasm seems ready to break within her own body, Cai-trin brings the human to climax.   As he shoots a stream of jism into her mouth, which she greedily swallows, her body suddenly ripples with yet another orgasm.  Kevin yelps as the distracted super woman bites his tool - very lightly, but enough to draw some drops of blood.  She swallows that along with his juices, then licks him clean.  The blood stops almost at once and the man seems to collapse onto Cai-trin's upper body, his groin in her face, as he passes out - not from the orgasm, but from the initial rush of her honey-flavored elixir into his system.

Shay-ron finallys stops her relentless assault on the Protector and rises off the young woman's crotch.  She smiles at the sight of the man on Cai-trin's face and lifts him off her, turns him around, and lays him on the bed beside the Protector.  The Scribe smiles more broadly at the sight of the man slipping his arm across the Protector's body, covering her breasts and pulling her close to him, as if he's protecting her.   Shay-ron yawns and snuggles down behind the man, spooning him against Cai-trin.   She nuzzles the back of the man's head a few times, then slowly drifts off asleep.

*  *  *  *  *

Sunlight streams into the small bedroom and Cai-trin is the first to awaken.  At first she thinks that she's being spooned by Shay-ron, then she realizes that there is a penis prodding her butt crack.  A second later her mind recalls the previous night and Kevin's participation.   She was finally able to repay him and his late wife, in a small way, as only a Protector can - by sharing her powers with him.  Just as Selina Kyle became super powered, somewhat, by suckling on Cai-trin's breast, so too will Kevin in a day or so.

Cai-trin slowly turns around on the bed to face Kevin and slides her smallish hand down to grasp his member.  At the same time, she kisses his eyes, then his lips, running her tongue along the crack between his lips.  The man automatically opens his mouth and takes her into him, sucking hard on her tongue.  He moans softly as her hand slides along his now-aroused penis and a drop of pre-cum oozes from the tip onto her hand.  As Kevin struggles back to consciousness, he is suddenly shoved flat onto his back beside Shay-ron's sleeping form.

"Ooohh, I love you so much, Cai-trin," he says, still under the spell of her pheromones.  His wife dead only a few days and he's having sex with the young girl he and his wife *adopted*.

"I love you, too, Kevin, but not the way you mean," Cai-trin replies, rising off his body.  Slowly she slides her nether lips over his pulsing member, taking all of him into her body.  "Oooohhh, that feels nice," she says, smiling down at the human.  Slowly she rises and lowers herself on him, bending her waist slightly to increase the pleasure they give each other.  Kevin reaches up to cup one of her breasts in each of his hands.  He squeezes them as hard as he can and is amazed when the mighty Velorian seems to react to his efforts.  Her eyes close and she moans slightly, then rocks backward.  Her hands cover his and she helps him squeeze her breasts and suddenly he can feel her power, feel her hands crushing his against her invulnerable tits.  But Cai-trin is not so lost in reverie that she forgets she's with a human.  She eases the pressure and moves his hands gently around on her breast, arousing her to new heights.

Once again the scent of honey and wildflowers fills the bedroom and now Shay-ron slowly awakens.  The Scribe sees the Protector atop the human and realizes that Cai-trin is close to having an orgasm with the soft human inside her.  If she squeezes her legs together, she can crush him like a scoop of ice cream in a drop press.  Shay-ron rises to her knees beside Cai-trin and moves the woman off the human by lifting the Protector into the air.  Shay-ron then climbs onto the human and uses her own vagina to pleasure the man (and herself, of course).   She's dry but the man's penis is covered with Cai-trin's juices so it slips into Shay-ron like a knife into its sheath.  Shay-ron shudders at the feeling, then focuses on her task.  As she did last night, Shay-ron uses her mouth on Cai-trin's nether regions to bring the Protector to a climax.

The bed bucks and groans from the three people on it - Kevin on his back, Shay-ron sitting on his waist, slowly rising and falling on him, holding Cai-trin overhead by her waist and licking her nether lips.   Cai-trin's head brushes against the ceiling as she rocks and writhes on Shay-ron's face, now lost in the sensations flooding her body.

Kevin cums first, pumping his juices into Shay-ron's body and thrusting her upward as his hips rise off the bed.  Cai-trin's head bangs against the ceiling and she yelps in surprise.  Shay-ron smiles at the other woman's reaction and bites down on her clit, causing the young Velorian to moan throatily from the effect.  At the same time, Shay-ron feels the man fill her vagina with his juices and her own libido responds by snapping off a small climax.

Cai-trin is only dimly aware of what's happening - she's lost in a sexual reverie as Shay-ron's tongue services her.  She can feel Shay-ron and Kevin bouncing beneath her but most of her consciousness is focused on a small ball of incredible pleasure forming in her loins as Sharon's fingers and tongue spur her higher and higher.  Suddenly the Protector gasps and cries out, "AAAAIIIIEEEE!!" as she tips over the threshhold and has another massive orgasm, pumping her love juices down on Shay-ron's face.  The Scribe greedily slurps up the Protector's cum and shifts one hand to Suprema's right breast to squeeze it and prolong the orgasm.

After Cai-trin stops cumming, Shay-ron lowers the woman downward until her breast is above Kevin's face.  She deftly hands-off work on Suprema's right breast and Kevin's mouth begins to squeeze and suckle the soft flesh, bringing moans to the heroine's mouth.  In seconds, more of her golden elixir is expressed by her breast and Kevin hungrily devours the honey-flavored liquid.  As he enjoys Cai-trin's breast, Shay-ron leans down and envelops the man's penis in her mouth and greedily licks the juices off it, cleaning him.  She can feel him starting to recover but stops before he goes to far.  She rises and sits on the edge of the bed, caressing Cai-trin's back with long, gentle strokes.

A few seconds later, Cai-trin rolls off Kevin's body to lie beside him, facing him and nestled in his armpit.  Shay-ron begins to stroke the man's stomach.  The older man looks at Shay-ron, then down at the gorgeous young blond in his arm and desperately wishes he could have shared these fantastic women with Moira.  They all should have had the chance to fall in love together, not like this, with just him in the circle.   Tears start to form in his eyes as his regret surges.

Cai-trin doesn't understand why he's crying, only that he is crying.   She slides up and begins to kiss the man as tenderly as she can.   She strokes the sides of his face with her hands and asks, "Kevin, is there something wrong?  Is there something I did wrong?  Did I hurt ..."

"No <sniff> no darlin', of course it's not you, or Shay-ron, either," he replies.  "I just miss Moira.  She would have bitched like crazy but in the end, I think she would have liked to have been with us these past twelve hours."  He again begins to shake and sob.   Tears form on Cai-trin's and Shay-ron's faces and both women snuggle closely to the man, holding him in a tight and loving embrace.  They remain locked together for another hour before they slowly rise from the bed to begin their war against the Arions.

"Let's get dressed and find a Beta!" Suprema says, stretching backward and cracking her knuckles together.


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