#3: Detour to the Desert

by RW

Supergirl is overjoyed to be leaving Boston. She had narrowly survived a brutal fight with two eggheads who had been stealing scientific inventions, chemical processes, and other classified items from Department of Defense funded research outfits. They had used these things to nearly kill her, and left her weakened and with part of one of their Hellish devices buried within her tender love channel.

The flight from Boston was pretty rough on the Maid of Might. Several times fierce crosswinds hit her, and as she shifted her hips to compensate, the lump of melted metal and synthetic Kryptonite buried deeply in her vaginal tract, almost bonded to her tender skin at her cervix, scraped the walls of her vagina, or rubbed her cervix. Each episode sent a stabbing pain through the Girl of Steel's groin, causing her to double over and fall from the sky. She managed to recover her flying ability each time, but as she got closer to Metropolis, the too-frequent pain had the Maid of Might starting to sweat and gasp. Her eyes are still blurry from tears filling them in response to the torment her body feels.

When she lands atop the Federal Building, as her shiny red boots touch the rough asphault surface, another spasm shakes Supergirl and she collapses, dropping roughly to her knees. Momentum from the landing drives her forward onto her outstretched hands. FBI Agent-in-Charge Mark King, some ten yards away, sees her stumble and fall and can hear her moan above the rushing winds on the roof top. He watches her head drop forward, her beautiful blond hair falling foreward and framing her face as she rests for a moment, on her hands and knees, gasping and softly sobbing.

"My GOD!" Agent King cries as he rushes to Supergirl's side, "what the Hell is wrong with you?"

"I ... nnhh, I ... " she tries to reply, pausing to catch her breath, "I have a problem ... Buchman puh ... puh ... put some ... something ... in me." Gritting her teeth, she slowly rises to her feet, shuddering as another pain stabs her tender tube.

King moves beside the heroine and puts her arm across his shoulders to help her walk off the roof. As they reach the stairwell leading off the roof, Supergirl has to pause a moment but King is still pulling her down the short flight of steps. She suddenly cries out and pitches forward, one hand grasping her groin, the other trying to grab the handrail. She misses the railing and lands on her face on the floor at the bottom of the steps, her hips and legs still on the steps. King immediately rushes down to her side, stoops, and tries to lift the woman in a fireman carry. Supergirl's molecules, far denser than those of humans, is also far heavier. King is unable to lift the heroine, but with his help she manages to get to her feet and together they take a short elevator ride down to his office.

As Supergirl collapses into a chair in King's office, breathing a sigh of relief, King begins calling for help. For the next few minutes Supergirl dozes in the chair, her head tilted back, her eyes closed, trying to recover her strength. When she awakens, she's finds that she's now on a stretcher, headed out of King's office. "Where are you taking me?" the dazed woman asks King, who's running beside her stretcher.

"We're going to Metropolis General," he replies, trying to keep up with her, "maybe they can help you."

*  *  *  *  *

The next few hours were a blur to the Girl of Steel. She was hauled from one part of the hospital to another on a hospital gurney. Her costume had been removed in one room and replaced by a green hospital gown. She was X-rayed, probed, and examined by several specialists. As her legs are frequently spread and several men and women poke and peer into her vagina, Supergirl becomes more and more embarrassed at her situation.

"Well," an older male doctor finally says, after she has been moved into a private room in the hospital. "We can see the obstruction inside you. It's far too large to pull out. Your vaginal tract is swollen from some abuse it seems to have received recently. Until the swelling goes down, that clump of metal is three times too wide for the passage. We tried but were unable to widen the passage or to cut the metal. We also think that the synthetic Kryptonite, on the far side of the metal, may also be slowly poisoning you. It has weakened your body around the metal so that when the metal shifts, it causes the pain that you experience. Your vagina isn't torn yet, but it's only a matter of time before you're so weakened in there that the shifting metal rips the walls of your vaginal tract or cuts your cervix."

"I already know that, Doctor," Supergirl says, looking wearily at the medical staff crowded into her room. "What do I do to get it out?"

"Until that swelling goes down," he says, lowering his eyes, "there's nothing we can do. We can't break up the metal without causing you far too much pain in your weakened state. Our best recommendation is for you to stay in bed for a few days and maybe the swelling will go down enough to allow us to do something. Also your strength might improve. However, our radiologists are also worried about prolonged exposure to that synthetic green K. So, we're pretty much at a loss as to what action should be taken."

Supergirl is really worried now. She had assumed that others would help her remove the thing from her pussy. Now they say that they can't! "Maybe another super being can help you," one of the other doctors suggests.

"At this point," Agent King says, "she's the only hero on the East Coast - well, the only one with super powers. Wonder Woman is in Europe and Superman is missing. And we can't afford for her to lie in this bed for several days. You guys gotta do something ... get her on her feet!"

"If she continues to move around," the lead doctor says, "there's no telling how much damage she will do to herself. She HAS to rest! We can't be responsible if she gets out of bed."

Supergirl starts to rise from her bed, but as she swings her legs over the edge, the damned hunk of metal pushes against her cervix, causing her to scream in pain and sag against the bed's rail. In her pain she grips the metal railing and squeezes it. A pool of molten metal drips between her fingers and puddles on the floor. A nurse steps forward and helps the Girl of Steel lie on her back and the doctors push King out the room, following him. Supergirl holds her crotch and sobs softly as the nurse tries to position her back on the bed.

*  *  *  *  *

Late on her second day in the hospital, Agent King enters Supergirl's room, accompanied by a familiar figure.

"Britannia!" Supergirl says, recognizing the white and red costumed woman under the gray cloak and hood. She remains partially reclined in her bed. She's had several very painful reminders of what happens when she tries to get out of the bed, or even tries to sit up, and doesn't want to repeat them.

"Good Goddess!" Brittania exclaims at the sight of the wan and sallow face of her new friend. "Agent King said you'd had some problems, but this is really too much!" She reaches Supergirl's side and grasps the girl's hand in her own white-gloved hand. Brittania can sense the pain her friend is suffering. The English sorceress closes her eyes and places a hand on the girl's forehead, then begins to mutter a chant under her breath. Moments later the older woman opens her eyes and can see immediately that her *spell of healing* has strengthed Supergirl, returning some color to her cheeks.

"Agent King," Brittania says, turning toward the FBI man, "would you please leave us? I need to work with Supergirl and we need to be alone, for a whilen at least. Thank you." Not waiting for a reply, she turns back to Supergirl and begins to pull down the covers, exposing the heroine's body. As King walks out of the room, he turns back and watches the English Enchantress remove the hospital gown from the Girl of Steel. Standing over the heroine's nude body, Britannia begins to wave her arms over Supergirl's groin and chants ancient Druidic spells. King sheepishly backs out of the room and closes the door, hoping the Englishwoman can help America's super heroine.

Supergirl starts to protest when Britannia pulls off the gown, but then decides to accept the embarrassment if it will ease her pain. After a few minutes of working her spells on the stricken heroine, Britannia looks gravely into Supergirl's eyes, saying, "well, I shall be able to remove most of the metal from inside you since it is not an alloy. Fortunately, most of the remaining metal is depleted uranium, a basic element, as is the diamond bit. However, there are still some pieces of a very strong alloy inside you, plus the synthetic green Kryptonite. As I told you in Antigua last week, I cannot work my majicks against modern, processed materials."

Turning slightly, Britannia tries another chant and almost immediately, Supergirl feels a sudden easing of the pressure inside her vagina. For the first time in days, she manages to take a long, deep, but ragged breath. "Have you any ideas how I can get the rest of that stuff out of me?" Supergirl asks Britannia.

"I'm sorry, my dear," the Englishwoman replies, shaking her head, "but I fear my limitations have been reached. Perhaps this hospital has someone who can remove the rest?" The two heroines continue to chat, strengthening their bonds with each other, until Britannia says she has to leave and return to England. The two women hug each other, then the tall older woman casts a sleep spell on Supergirl and is gone before the blond hair hits the waiting pillow.

*  *  *  *  *

The next morning Supergirl awakens, feeling remarkably refreshed. A doctor is summoned by the nurse sitting in the room. "While you were under that woman's sleep spell, Miss Supergirl," he says, checking the heroine's vital signs, "we followed her advice and performed emergency surgery on you. The swelling of your vaginal tract was all but gone. We managed to extract all of the titanium and most of the synthetic green K from your body. We used every skill, every micro-surgical tool we could get our hands on. Spasms of your body destroyed half of the tools and broke a few fingers but we removed almost everything that was inside you."

"Almost?" Supergirl asks, raising her eyebrows.

"Well," the doctor replies, "we could see some small bits had worked their way into folds inside your vaginal tract, and inside your uterus, but despite our best efforts, we couldn't shake them or pry them loose. I'm sorry."

"Thanks anyway," she says, starting to get out of the bed. "I feel much better. I'll just have to find some other way to get the last bits out, I guess. I know Agent King urgently needs my help." She collects her clothes from the closet and starts to get dressed, ignoring the presence of the doctor as she removes the gown and dons her costume. The doctor sighs and turns toward the door. "Agent King said he would pay for your stay, Supergirl. Naturally, you're free to leave at any time. I'd like you to stay here for at least a few days so we can observe you but I know you won't do it. So please do try to take it easy for the next few days, okay?"

An hour later, Supergirl arrives at Agent King's office. She feels nearly like her old self. Of course, she doesn't really push her powers to their limits on just a short flight across town. As she lowers herself into a chair in King's office, he begins telling her why he needs her help. "We had a major crisis erupt four days ago Supergirl and that must be resolved immediately. If you feel up to it, we need you to fly out to Nevada. One of our B-1 bombers was on a routine flight over the desert when it disappeared off the radar. A massive search failed to find the bomber or its remains. It was carrying four cruise missiles armed with atomic warheads. The Air Force was flying them to Amarillo, Texas, for dismantling."

"How do you expect me to find the plane or the missiles?" Supergirl asks, her brow furrowing. "Don't those planes have doohickeys that help you guys track them?"

"Yes, and the tracking signals didn't materialize. We hope that with your super vision you might be able to track the miniscule radiation leakage from the old missiles, or do something else with your super powers. Can't you at least try?"

"Well, I'll fly out there, see what I can do. It just . . . Well, since Superman is still missing, I'm more worried about him than I am about the missing missiles. I should be looking for him, instead."

"If the missile warheads are in the hands of terrorists . . ."

"Okay, okay," Supergirl replies, "just tell me where to start."

*  *  *  *  *

Two hours later, the Girl of Steel is flying over southern Nevada. She had stopped near Amarillo at the plant which was breaking up the old missiles. She was able to learn at the plant how to adjust her super vision to detect the kind of radiation the warheads leak, then she took flight toward the plane's last known location. Flying in ever widening circles over the country around Escalante, Nevada, she notices that she's flying near Area 51. "Maybe the jet ran into a flying saucer," she thinks, resisting the temptation to spy on the base. She does sneak a quick look at the Groome Lake site, just in case, but doesn't see any of the right kind of radiation.

Eventually, her circles take her over the Four Corners area, where four western states' borders meet. "Indian country," she thinks. "Maybe the jet was grabbed by some Apache renegades?" As she crosses into New Mexico and turns toward the northern end of the Rio Grande River, west of Taos, her super vision begins to see traces of the kind of radiation leaked by the old missiles. Increasing her speed, she banks toward Taos and soon is following stronger traces of the radiation. The sun has set by the time the Girl of Steel lands east of the town on one of the mountains on the local Native American reservation. The faint trail of radiation has led her into these mountains. She decides to move carefully here, lest she offend the local Native Americans.

Standing on a ridge on the edge of the reservation land, Supergirl scans the valleys and lower hills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains with her super vision. Suddenly she hears a noise behind her. Turning, Supergirl sees a tall muscular Native American, wearing head- and wrist-bands, a leather vest, white cotton pants, and sandals. "Yah tah hey, *white eyes*!" he says to the blue-eyed heroine, smiling and moving slowly toward her, one hand raised, palm facing her.

"Uh, yeah, hi!" she responds, amazed that he could get so close to her without her detecting him. "I'm ... ah, Supergirl," she says, extending a hand toward the man.

"Duh! I know that, woman," he says, reaching forward with his hand, grasping hers, and shaking it. Supergirl notes that he has a strong, warm grip. "Thought I'd surprise you, like you surprised me."

"Hnh? What do you mean," she replies, reluctantly taking her hand out of his hand. She briefly feels a need to put her hand back in his hand, to let his large powerful brown hand envelope her small white hand. "Ah ... who are you, and how did you get here so quietly, if you don't mind my asking."

"Hey, you're on OUR land now, missy," he says, scowling, "you play by OUR rules, by our traditions, not those of the whites. You may call me Swift Bear. This land is reserved for the Red Willow Creek People - what you would call the Taos Pueblo Indians. You are on our sacred grounds. You must leave at once."

"Well, I didn't mean to trespass, but I'm helping the federal government retrieve, ah, some lost property." Swift Bear moves closer to the woman, and stands so closely that his sandals touch the tips of her boots. His scent is, well, intriguing to the Maid of Might. He stands at least half a head taller than her and has a powerfully muscled body. Imposing. "You, mnn, you didn't say how you managed to sneak up on me, Swift Bear," Supergirl asks. Odd ... she can't stop thinking about how wonderful it would be if the man wrapped his powerful arms around her and ... *took her*.

"Ah, yes, I forgot," he says, raising his left arm and moving his his large hand to envelope her bicep. His touch against her body, even through the alien fabric covering her arm, sends a brief electrical thrill through Supergirl. He has some kind of magnetism, some kind of attraction ... The heroine is dimly aware of a musky odor around the man, smelling like burnt walnuts or a rich pipe tobacco. "Outside the *reservation*," he continues in a deep, soothing voice that jerks her out of her musings, "I don't have the reputation I have here."

"Nnhh, wh ... what do you mean?" she asks, suddenly aware that he's slowly squeezing her bicep, testing her powers. "Wh-what reputation?" For some reason, Supergirl suddenly feels weak in the knees and her eyes have trouble focusing. As she stands close to the tall shaman, she sways slightly. A feeling of warmth seems to spread outward from his hand, filling her arm, then her shoulder.

"I am the shaman or spiritual leader for the Red Willow Creek people, Supergirl. I have been given certain powers which I use to help my people. Especially to help them deal with outsiders. Throughout history, our shamans have kept the Red Willow Creek people safe from outside threats - other tribes, the Spaniards, the whites. But we have been too weak in our spirit, too weak in our resolve, lately. More of our land has been stolen by white speculators and developers for ski resorts and campgrounds! Our once-proud land is now just a shadow of its former size, virtually a theme park for visitors who come to gawk at us and buy our *trinkets* to impress their families back home."

As Swift Bear talks in his deep voice, Supergirl feels herself getting lost in his eyes, his smell, in the raw power she feels emanating from his hand. "You're an amazing creature," Swift Bear tells the woman, squeezing her bicep in his large hand. "I've never been attracted to white women before, but there's something about you ..."

When he puts his other hand on her neck behind her head and begins to caress her neck, for some reason Supergirl doesn't resist. Suddenly his caress seems as natural and expected to her as breathing and feels ... wonderful. She closes her eyes slightly as his deep droning voice, his musky scent, and his strong caresses on her arm and neck start to arouse her powerfully.

"I ... uh, I ... I need to ... ," she stammers, trying to regain her focus on her mission. But his hands, those wonderfully warm and strong hands ... She tries to step away from Swift Bear but she's amazed that his powerful grip so easily holds her close. He leans his face close to hers and tenderly brushes his lips across hers. The tip of his tongue briefly teases her lips and she involuntarily spreads them apart, letting his tongue lightly touch her teeth. Supergirl's body shudders slightly and she can feel herself starting to get wet between her thighs. What is this guy DOING to her? Why can't she resist him?

Again she tries to pull away, but his strong grip holds her head in place. After staring deeply into her eyes for a heartbeat that seems to stretch for hours, Swift Bear moves close to her face again, this time lightly running his lips slowly across her cheek finally stopping near her left ear. "Nnnhhh, NOO!" she protests as his hot breath hits her ear. "Stop ... please stop ... mmnnnhh, stop doing ... ahhh, this!" Her knees feel like rubber when his hot tongue suddenly plunges into her ear and his teeth gently nibble her ear lobe. "Wh ... wh ... why are ... NNnnnhhh ... why are you ... nnnAAAHH ... doing this to me?" the heroine moans, struggling to clear her head of his musky scent.

Swift Bear ignores her protests and moves his lips down to the left side of Supergirl's neck, his tongue flicking rapidly against her taut white skin, drawing another deep moan from the girl. Her head falls onto her right shoulder and her eyes close as she becomes lost in his smell and touch.

Swift Bear studies the woman even as he assaults her sensually. The amazingly powerful super heroine has been reduced to a trembling love slave, reacting to his every move. His contempt for the woman rises to new levels - all the attention and affection lavished on her and she does nothing to HIM. Her arms hang limply at her sides, a mute statement that she expects him to continue to pleasure her but she will not lift a hand to caress HIS neck or run her small white hand along his arm.

Swift Bear shifts his left hand downward, cupping the front of her blue tunic where her breast tents the fabric. He can easily see, even in the darkness under the trees, two large hard nipples trying to push their way through the indestructible fabric. Wrapping his large warm hand tightly around her breast, he squeezes it with the tremendous power of the bear. Supergirl feels like the last of her strength is somehow flowing from her body and she thinks that only his hands prevent her from falling to her knees, they've became so much like jelly. There's no Kryptonite in the area, she dimly thinks, so what is HAPPENING to her? She can feel her juices running out of her vagina and down the inside of her thigh. She can't think straight as his other hand moves from her neck and slides down the right side of her body, flowing like water across her ribs.

Slowly, knowing the effect this will have on the mighty Maid of Might, Swift Bear moves his cupped hand along her taut ribs to her right hip. He squeezes her body just above her hip, digging his fingers into flesh that feels like steel yet yields easily to his attentions. Her own body is betraying her, yielding, making her flesh soft to better enable his fingers to do their sensual work. She moans again from his touch, then his fingers slip down between her skirt and the top of her tunic. Supergirl starts, as if she's going to pull away from him, as if she doesn't want his hand going into her skirt. Swift Bear pauses his right hand and his left moves slightly. Her engorged nipple is suddenly surrounded by his thumb and forefinger and as his tongue slides lightly across her lips, he pinches her nipple, eliciting a powerful moan from the girl. His keen sense of smell, like that of a predator, detects the woman's own musky scent issuing from between her legs. She seems to sag even more, as if only his hands are keeping her on her feet.

As expected, when his right hand begins to slide from her hip toward the front of her body, still between her skirt and her tunic, Supergirl suddenly opens her mouth and eagerly thrusts her tongue out, fencing with his tongue and grunting ferally. Swift Bear slips his fingers further into her skirt, sliding them inside the thin strip of fabric covering her crotch. Suddenly he feels the first few hairs on her golden mound. As his fingers push slowly through the hairs, pressing her pubic mound, moving slowly toward her vagina, he feels the heroine's body hungrily fall against his own, longing for more of his touch.

Swift Bear feels Supergirl's nipple harden between his finger and thumb. When he squeezes back with more strength, Supergirl moans again from his powerful touch. At the same time, he bites her neck and uses one finger to rub her clit. He is rewarded with the sight of this super woman throwing her arms around him, moaning deeply, as she rubs her body against his. Her hands slip down to his pants and while one hand cups one of his butt cheeks, the other slips down the front, into his pants, where she finds his hot throbbing love muscle. She squeals with pleasure when she feels his large tool and hears him moan from her caresses.

"Mnh, ooooohhhh yesssss, TAKE ME!" the heroine gasps, unable to restrain the powerful emotions now controlling her body. Slowly she slides her fingers backward and forward along Swift Bear's penis, helping his erection grow and grow. When she strokes his tool into a fourteen inch long wad of meat, fully three inches thick at the base, she becomes more aggressive with her tongue, running it across HIS lips, teasing them, trying to get him to open his lips for her tongue. As her fingers slide along his tool, she increases her pressure, pulling a moan from Swift Bear as her reward.

Swift Bear is getting aroused by the heroine's attack but unlike Supergirl, his body is not succumbing to a magical attack. One of his hands grabs her hand and pulls it out of his pants and away from his penis. "Not yet, whore, I've got to take more of your willpower, first, then I'll let you have your way," he says, knowing the girl is probably too aroused and unable to understand him. "Then I'll fuck you until you lose ALL of your strength to me!"

The shaman, still holding her wrist, easily moves her arm around behind her back, bending her elbow and pinning her wrist and arm against her cape. Then he stoops slightly and envelopes one of her breasts, fabric and all, in his mouth. While he alternately sucks her breast and nibbles her nipple through her top, he releases her wrist and moves his free hand downward and under her skirt. He grasps her blue panties and pulls them down onto her thighs. Supergirl brings her hands to his waistline and she also begins to pull down his baggy white trousers, hungrily anxious for his "knife" to slice her.

As his baggy trousers fall to his ankles, Supergirl rises and swiftly removes her top and cape, then unbuckles her skirt, letting it and her panties fall to the ground around HER ankles. Both unconsciously step out of the clothes piled at their ankles as Supergirl's hands remove Swift Bear's shirt. The tall shaman and the blond heroine are soon standing naked, except for their footware and his head band, in the clearing at the edge of the ridge.

After their brief *struggle* to get naked, both have trouble standing as their hands stoke their fires of pleasure. Supergirl is the first to sag, unable to stand any longer as a first orgasm rips through her super body in response to the way he manipulates her erogenous areas (and *something else*!). Before she's able to drop to the ground, though, Swift Bear plants his hands on her waist and lifts her off the ground. As the heroine gasps at the unexpected move, the shaman brings her down, her legs going on either side of his hips, and slams her down onto his fully erect cock. As his long massive tool parts her nether lips and bores deeply into her, Supergirl's head rocks backward and she screams from the pleasure of his tool. "YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!" she cries as yet another orgasm causes her super body to shudder uncontrollably. "My GODDDSSS!!" she hisses, now hanging almost parallel to the ground, each arm dangling limply at her sides, her had lolling back. "DON'T STOPPPpppnnnnhhhh!!"

Standing in a half crouch, Swift Bear easily holds the Girl of Steel by her ribs, raising and lowering her on his rock hard cock. He softly chants as he plows her cunt, using tribal magicks to increase his conquest of the famous super heroine. His head band slowly begins to glow as it draws her strength from her body and channels it into his. Supergirl, lost in the waves of pleasure crashing into her mind, is aware of nothing, feeling only his huge dong going in ... and out ... and in ... "YEESSS!!!" she cries helplessly as another orgasm takes her breath away. Swift Bear's chants enable him to use her orgasmic muscle contractions to steal her energy.

Swift Bear smiles at the sight of America's greatest heroine succumbing to his magic. His cock seems to grow larger and after twenty minutes of sliding her on and off his cock, he seems to be nowhere near an orgasm, even though the Maid of Might had lost track of the orgasms she has experienced. Her lovely body is covered with her sweat, her hair hanging in long strings, across her face and shoulders. Her eyes haven't been open for the last five minutes and she acts, for all intents and purposes, as if she's unconscious. Once in a while she moans - a wet, shuddering moan of a woman lost to this world, adrift in a sea of powerful orgasms.

Barely conscious, her head swings left and right, as if her neck is broken, bouncing in synch with the in-and-out motion of the shaman's tool. Her arms flop limply as her body slides on and off his huge tool. Swift Bear's chanting becomes louder now and his head band glows more brightly. He increases the speed of with which the woman slides up and down his shaft, using the energy he's stealing from her to fuel his muscles and sustain his erection. She's now moaning constantly, gasping for air, obviously starting to feel pain from the repeated orgasms and muscle spasms. "Soon <"ungh"> very soon," he grunts. His own orgasm has been building, too, and soon he won't be able to stop it from exploding.

Minutes later, with Supergirl nearly unconscious as she rides his massive tool from one orgasm to another, Swift Bear explodes, shooting a massive load of cum into the Girl of Steel. His head snaps back and he exhales loudly in a deep moan, closing his eyes as he slows her wild ride on his tool. Finally expended, he drops the girl unceremoniously onto her back and sags back against a tree, panting. His body glows, most brightly near his head band (which glows like a white star), less brightly farther down his body.

While Supergirl sleeps at his feet, Swift Bear breathes deeply of the night air for several minutes. He can feel her power inside him, siphoned from her body and now stored in his headband. He senses that she still has INCREDIBLE reserves of energy, but now he's taken almost a third of it. The shaman is disgusted that after all his efforts, only a small portion of her amazing strength is his. He will have to rape her again and again he knows, before he fully drains her of her powers and she is no longer a threat to his plans. After using her panties to dry his dick, he pulls up his pants and stuffs her soiled blue panties into his waistband. He gathers the rest of her costume and lays it over his left shoulder. Then the shaman bends down to pick up Supergirl by her hair, tossing her over the same shoulder like a ten pound bag of cat food, and starts jogging downhill, toward a distant canyon in the mountains.

*  *  *  *  *

Some time later that same night, Supergirl raggedly opens her eyes and groans. Was she in space? She sees stars everywhere ... no, she's just lying on her back. She starts to sit up and groans when it seems like the world is spinning under her. Collapsing onto her back, she closes her eyes and puts one hand on her throbbing pussy. What did he DO to her? Did that trace of synthetic green-K inside her cause this weakness? How could he ...?

After lying for a few minutes, she feels somewhat stronger and again tries to get up. This time, she makes it to her feet, using a tree for support but still swaying, using one hand to hold her aching crotch. She's shocked to see that she's wearing just her boots! Looking around, she spots her costume on the ground a few feet away and is suddenly ashamed of her nakedness. She hobbles stiff-legged over to her clothing and picks up the cape, skirt and tunic. When she picks up her still-damp panties, she wrinkles her nose in disgust - they've been soiled with cum, far too much to be just her love juices. Then she notices more of the stuff has also dried on her thighs, breasts, face and hair. "Uuugghh!" she moans, using heat vision to burn it off her legs, breasts and tunic. While she slept, the PIG must have stood over her body and jerked off several times!

Wearily she pulls on her panties, tunic and cape, then steps into her skirt and closes the belt buckle, securing the skirt to her waist. She abruptly loses her balance and crashes to the ground, hitting hard on her left hip. No more of an impact than if someone had slapped her hip, but the fact is, she FELT it! Trying again from her seated position, Supergirl manages to get back to her feet. She has to lean on a tree to catch her breath. "This is NOT good!" she decides.

Supergirl notices that she's in a small wooded canyon, miles from the ridge she landed on just before sundown. As she looks around, she can see no sign of Swift Bear. She takes a few ragged steps and leaps into the air, planning to resume her search for the lost missiles, but instead falls flat onto her face! She can't fly!? Groaning, she again starts to rise. As her head rises and she gets up onto her hands and knees, she suddenly notices Swift Bear standing a few feet in front of her. She pauses a moment and looks at his grinning face.

"Don't tell me you're planning to leave so soon, Supergirl," he says in his deep booming voice, "we have hardly begun to have fun together, yes?"

"Wh ... wh ... what did you, nnnhh, did you ... do to me ... ?" she gasped. "Why ... why do I feel so weak?"

"A good shaman knows how to use his enemy's strength to defeat him ... or her, as the case may be," he replies, moving closer. Now standing over her, he reaches down and grasps a mass of her hair and lifts her up onto her knees, moving still closer to her. "My power allows me to absorb energy from my surroundings - the animals, the land, ... an interfering super heroine ... "

Supergirl is shocked at this man's power. She needs time to figure out how to stop him, how to regain her strength. Will it come back naturally? Is the green Kryptonite inside her making her weaker than usual, on top of his magic? How can he make her so weak? Did his rape have anything to do with her power loss?

The Girl of Steel isn't given time to think about these questions. Swift Bear roughly yanks the girl to her feet, lifting her solely by her long blond hair. Before she can react, his powerful left hand swings toward her face, his huge fist smashing into her cheek. "Nnnhhh!!" she cries as her head spins to one side. A full second elapses until she suddenly realizes - that HURT! Still held by the hair and now dazed by his hit, she sags as another powerful blow smashes her cheek again. "Stop . . . stop this!" she cries as his arm pulls back for another of his hammer-like blows, "You nnnhh you can't do this to me! I'm ... uunnhh!! I'm ... Sup ... aahhhh!! Supergirl!"

"I usually have to spend days with something to absorb its powers. It took me weeks to get the speed of the deer, to fly like the eagle. After using the power for a few days or a week, though, I would go back to being *normal*. But last night, by raping you, I gathered so MUCH of your power! It was much easier, and very much more pleasureable, than trying to get the *power* from those cruise missiles."

He looks down at the girl hanging limply from his hand. His notes that his knuckles are bruised and bleeding after just a few blows against her face. And there are no marks on her skin; already the bruises made by his blows have vanished. She's quickly recovering her strength while he's losing it just as quickly. He has to keep her cowed, keep her under his power while he drains ALL of her super energy. "When I've taken your strength," he gloats, bluffing the girl, "my people will be ready to regain what is ours by right."

Although she has difficulty focusing on him as she struggles to recover from his punishing punches, she does see something she can do. One of her hands grabs the front of his trousers, her long fingers wrapping around his cock sac, and SQUEEZES. Swift Bear screams like a stricken animal and releases her hair and grabs her wrist with both his hands, trying to pry her grip of steel off his balls. When her hair is released, Supergirl sags downward, her butt resting on her calves. His powerful grip finally pulls her hand off his cock sac, but now he's doubled over in great pain.

She's taken a severe hammering from his fist, and she's only able to muster just slightly more strength than that of a normal woman when she squeezed his balls, but Supergirl senses that she's slowly getting recovering her Kryptonian powers. Also, she hasn't blacked out from his blows. Maybe she just needs some time to recover her strength and other powers? Maybe if she can get away from him, keep away from him for a while, she might ... She notices that he's starting to straighten up, shaking off what she did to his scrotum.

Maybe ... YES!! Supergirl is able to shoot a short burst of heat vision at Swift Bear, igniting his cotton pants near the back of his thighs. He screams as the flames lick toward his butt. Swift Bear drops to the ground, hoping to use the dirt to stop the flames, but Supergirl immediately shoots another blast and ignites the front of his pants just below the crotch.

As Swift Bear yells and tries to extinguish his hot pants, Supergirl struggles to her feet, turns and runs slowly off into the woods. She can hear him roaring in pain, yelling curses at her, as she reaches the trees. Ashamed at having to run away from a fight, she's still too weak to fly away. She pauses, rests a hand on a tree and takes a ragged breath. Through the trees, she can see Swift Bear rising off the ground, naked from the waist down. Panting slightly now, Supergirl runs faster toward the mouth of the canyon. She's rapidly getting winded but she also feels stronger. She might have a chance!

About two minutes later, as Supergirl reaches the mouth of the canyon, a tremendous blow hammers her back, throwing her to the ground. She skids a few feet along the trail. on her belly, grunting from the unexpected attack. Swift Bear has recovered quickly and tackled the Girl of Steel from behind, using energy he stole from her to run so fast along the trail.

Swift Bear has Supergirl pinned to the dirt, his forehead pressing against the small of her back, his torso pinning her legs to the ground. As she struggles to crawl from under him, Swift Bear scrambles to his knees, clasps his hands together, and slams them onto her back between her shoulder blades, driving her back onto the ground. "Nnnhhh!" she cries as her face and breasts are savagely crushed into the dirt by his powerful blow. Before she can respond, another massive blow at the base of her neck drives her face into the dirt and slightly stuns her.

Swift Bear considers raining more blows on Supergirl's unprotected back, but knows that he'd just be wasting his energy, not replenishing it. The woman is clearly becoming too invulnerable to be beaten into submission. Thinking quickly, he roughly turns her over to her back. Kneeling beside the dazed heroine, he grabs her panties and pulls them down her legs, past her knees, past her boots, and off. His own pants were left in the clearing, burning, so he just has to wait for his cock to harden again. He won't have the luxury of seducing her slowly, letting his musky scent weaken her will to resist him, making it easier for him to overpower her and rape her. This time he must *do* her as fast as possible, to get her to start orgasming so he can steal her energy.

Before Supergirl can recover from the punches he landed on her back and head, Swift Bear moves his left hand under her skirt and rams it against Supergirl's nether lips, with one thick finger pressing hard against her clit, squeezing it between his finger and her pubic bone. His second hand envelopes a breast and squeezes it with all his strength.

Supergirl screams at his sudden attack and kicks her heels against the ground. She shakes vigorously, trying to throw his hands off her body. She hits his shoulders with balled fists and is surprised that the man feels almost as hard as if he too were from the planet Krypton! Eyes filled with tears, crying from the pain he's inflicting on her super body, she watches Swift Bear, looking for an opening. She sees his dick harden, then watches in horror as he crawls over her thigh and positions himself between her legs, his massive tool just inches from her cunt.

"Now or never," she realizes, and with a heroic effort, rises up slightly, reaches out with both hands, and grabs both his dick and his balls. While she yanks his dick toward her, grazing her pubic mound with her knuckles, she again squeezes his balls. Once again, Swift Bear roars from the intense pain between his legs. He releases his grip on Supergirl and struggles to crawl backward away from her, but now her grasp is too strong.

Swift Bear uses all of his quickly-fading strength and finally pries her hands off his private parts. He sags back onto his heels, eyes closed, pain coursing through his body. "BIITTTCCHH!!!" he roars. "You will BEG for death when ... AAIIIIEEE ... when I finish with you!"

Supergirl brings both of her knees up to her chest, then uses her entire strength to drive her heels into Swift Bear's face. The low heels of her red boots smash into his chin just as his head is rocking forward toward her. The concussion snaps his head backward so violently that his whole body follows, and he's thrown backward several feet, stopping only when the back of his head slams into a tree. He then drops onto his face, unconscious.

Panting heavily, Supergirl pauses a moment to catch her breath. Sitting up, she slides her panties on to again cover her nether lips. Swift Bear is still unconscious, she notes with relief. Rising slowly to her feet, she turns and continues running out of the canyon. A few minutes later, feeling stronger, she leaps and her heart and spirits soar as she flies once again! Raggedly, she soars higher over the trees, barely making headway, but flying none-the-less. She turns and flies back toward Swift Bear, hoping to find some way to subdue him and bring him to justice.

She spots him lying at the base of the tree, one hand massaging his forehead. Supergirl flies past him and deeper into the canyon, still looking for some way to restrain her powerful adversary. She passes over a crude hut that must be his secret camp and sees the four cruise missiles and B-1 - well, pieces of the B-1, hidden under trees. Her super vison also reveals the crew tied to trees. Supergirl lands and quickly releases the men. Gathering up the ropes, she turns to fly back up the canyon and confront Swift Bear. "If you can't radio for help," she yells over her shoulder toward the men, "try to get out of here! Taos is that way!" she points toward the southwest. "I'll try to come back for the missiles in a few minutes!"

Returning to the airspace over the clearing where she'd left Swift Bear, Supergirl is chagrined to see that he is no longer where she'd left him. As she banks to make another pass over the clearing, a large boulder suddenly flashes up from the trees and hits her solidly on her left side. "Uunnhh!" she cries as she drops from the sky like, well, like the rock that hit her. Both land with a thud in the clearing. Unfortunately, the rock lands first, and Supergirl lands on the rock, on her side. She gasps from the pain of hitting the rock, then slides off and lands on the ground on her stomach.

Supergirl rises to her elbows and shakes her head, trying to recover from this latest blow, when she suddenly feels a hand grab the back of her head. Before she can react, her head is pulled up and she feels herself sliding across the grass toward the large rock. Bent backward at the waist, with the front of her body from her hips down still on the ground and her upper body bent so that it faces the boulder, Supergirl's face is viciously smashed against the rock several times, with such force that the rock begins to crumble under her alabaster skin.

The Girl of Steel is still dazed but she AGAIN feels his rough hands lifting her skirt and pulling aside the panties over her love canal. As she shakes her head, she feels her red skirt and cape being moved away from her butt. Still bent at the waist, with Swift Bear's hand tightly holding her hair, she can feel him spreading her legs. "I'm going to fuck your ass, woman," Swift Bear roars, "and make you sorry you ever came to our land!"

His dick isn't fully erect yet and is covered with dried jism and caked dirt, and her butt muscles are squeezing together so hard that when he tries to force his way into her, he's stopped at the entrance to her anus. Roaring his anger and frustration, Swift Bear rams three fingers into Supergirl's vagina, and strokes in and out rapidly, trying desperately to get some lubrication from the girl. Supergirl screams at his unexpected attack, shocked that he can so easily penetrate this hole. Maybe part of her WANTS his penis in her vagina and allows his fingers to penetrate that while keeping her ass hole closed. As his dry fingers enter her love channel, she just isn't able to prevent her body from responding and getting wet. Again she shakes her head ... she HAS to get back on her feet and away from this guy! But he's just too powerful! Or she's still too weak!

Swift Bear pulls his sodden fingers out of her a minute later, takes a quick lick, then forces his wet fingers into her anus. Supergirl yelps when his knuckles rams against her butt cheeks, his fingers deeply inside her. Wary of her grabbing his balls a third time, Swift Bear pulls his fingers out and grasps both of her wrists, pinning them against her back with one powerful hand. Cruelly, he pulls her arms farther backward until her spine is parallel to the ground. Before she can do anything, Swift Bear's thick long dick bores into her anus, penetrating only an inch, but still causing the girl to cry out from this new pain. Smiling at her discomfort, Swift Bear pulls back out and thrusts his hips forward again, driving more deeply into her. He withdraws and thrusts forward a third time but his still-wet hand loses its grip on her wrists and one of her arms drops to the ground. As his dick races toward her anus to penetrate her again, Supergirl sags to the ground and Swift Bear's thrusting pelvis misses her butt and he overbalances. The surprised shaman topples forward onto her back, jism from his cock spurting onto her cape.

Supergirl is down, but she still isn't out. Using some of her last reserves of energy, she bucks and manages to toss him off her back. She rises to her hands and knees and beside her, Swift Bear also scrambles to get up. Wasting no time, the Maid of Might raises one hand off the ground and lashes out with her fist, hammering the side of his head with her best punch. Swift Bear sags to the ground, groaning from the hard blast to his jaw. Using what may be her last reserves of energy, Supergirl hammers his head repeatedly, each blow pounding against his ear, each blow weaker than the previous one. She finally has to stop, panting for air, and drops her hand, using it to hold herself up. She starts to stand up but her panties, now down and twisted around her knees, cause her to stumble and fall onto Swift Bear. Again she tries to rise, but this time the man manages to grab her waist and hold her down.

For the next few minutes, Supergirl and Swift Bear battle each other up close and personally. They roll on the ground, each trying to find an opening to overpower the other. Supergirl is frantic to keep him from stealing more of her strength, while Swift Bear knows he has to win soon if he's to take more strength from her. Swift Bear manages to get under the girl at one point, facing her face, and wraps his arms around her in a, well, a *bear* hug that pins her arms against her sides.

Straining, groaning, Supergirl struggles to free her arms, to get free of his grip, but now she's too spent to break his vise-like grip. The green k inside her, the strength lost to the shaman last night, and the fighting today has left the Girl of Steel depleted and exhausted. Swift Bear sees her lose her concentration and abruptly smashes his forehead into her nose, twice in rapid succession. Dazed, Supergirl starts to go limp but suddenly her head snaps back and she gasps in shock ... Swift Bear has moved his hips and has managed to slip his cock between her legs! While she struggles weakly to shake off the shock of his head butts, Swift Bear rocks his hips, trying to guide his dick into her vagina. The dazed heroine knows that if he starts to fuck her again, she will lose this battle and her strength to him. But she's too shaken to think of a way to get free or stop him.

Swift Bear believes that the girl might be recovering from his head butts, so he prepares to make more strikes against her face when she suddenly slips one hand between their bodies and wraps it around his huge chunk of man-meat. Squeezing with all her rapidly fading super strength, Supergirl twists the dong and tries to pull it out by its roots. She's still too weakened from her battles with Swift Bear to do that but his tender tool can't tolerate even these weak actions. Swift Bear screams and releases his hold and slips his hands down to his crotch and tries to free his cock from her grip.

Grimly determined, the Maid of Might holds onto Swift Bear's dick, then grabs his balls with her other hand. Feeling his hands on her wrists, she still manages to jerk her hands and smash his cock and balls against his body. Swift Bear cries out, then screams when she smashes him a second time. Now in control, Supergirl rises off Swift Bear, releases his cock, and hits his exposed throat with a vicious karate chop. A second, then a third powerful blow hits the man and he passes out from the pain that he has suffered.

When the shaman groans and relaxes his grip on her wrists, Supergirl looks at his face and is rewarded by the sight of her powerful foe passing out. After resting her weary muscles for a moment, the exhausted super heroine finally pulls free of his arms and struggles to her knees beside the brown man. "I ... I gotta find a <pant> way to neutralize him," she realizes, wiping sweat from her brow. She's a wreck - hair hangs in wet strings, her costume is damp in many places and covered with dirt and his jism.

"R-rope won't ... hold him for long." She realizes that her best move is to leave the area before he recovers again. She spends a precious moment to tie him to a tree, using the ropes he had used to restrain the bomber crew. "Maybe this will slow him down," she reasons, admiring the three layers of rope around the man's body, pinning him to the tree. Supergirl rises wearily and returns to his camp to get the cruise missiles.

The Maid of Might approaches the B-1 bomber and stands under the center section of the plane, maybe thirty feet of the ship that's been separated from the wings and cockpit . She lowers her body and moves under the plane, then rises, trying to lift the section and the four missiles within to carry them on her back. As she exerts maximum pressure to lift the plane, she can feel it start to rise, then her knees begin to shake uncontrollably. All her effort is needed to lower the plane section back down the two or three inches to the ground. This is obviously too heavy for her to take in one trip, so she removes the missiles from the bomber and flies them, one at a time, to the top of a nearby steep mountain. She hopes that Swift Bear will not be able to follow her up there before her strength has recovered. After carrying the last missile to the mountain top, she literally collapses in a heap, unable to even stand.

Several hours after she has moved the last missile to the high ground, as dawn begins to break to the east, a pair of UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters approach the mountains from the west. A slightly recovered Supergirl uses her heat vision like lights to signal the choppers. They land atop the mountain near the Maid of Might, throwing clouds of dust in the air. One of the B-1's crewmen and men from the Blackhawk leap to the ground and rush toward the exhausted super heroine, thanking her for recovering the missiles. Together, she and the men manage to secure the missiles to slings, and as the two helos lift and fly toward the Alamogordo Test Facility, she flies alongside as security against further attacks.

Around mid-day, Supergirl flies back to the canyon, now nearly back at her full strength, thanks to her amazing recuperative powers and lots of yellow sunlight. As the Girl of Steel flies over Swift Bear's encampment, she scans the area around the camp and where she had left the man, but Swift Bear is gone. The ropes are still wrapped around the tree and the knots are still intact, but he's missing. She searches the mountains for over an hour, but fails to spot him with her super vision. Reluctantly, she turns back to the east and, thrusting her powerful thighs together, she increases speed and flies back toward New York, vowing to return to the mountains to capture the man when her strength is fully recharged.