#5: The Red Menace

by RW

Supergirl spent a day in Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, recovering from her second confrontation with The MixMaster, a female scientist who stole and sold high technology (and also used some to make herself into a super villain). MixMaster had captured Superman and tortured him for over two weeks, using a synthetic form of green Kryptonite. She had also used the stuff on Supergirl - TWICE now! Each time, the Maid of Might barely escaped with her life, and each time MixMaster also slipped away from the long arm of the law. In fact, at this point in time, the only law enforcement officers who even believe in the existence of the villainess are Supergirl and Superman.

Supergirl needs another few days of rest but with Superman still in a coma from MixMaster's abuse and prolonged exposure to the synthetic green Kryptonite, the FBI, in the person of Metropolis Agent-in-Charge Mark King desperately needs the Girl of Steel to handle yet another crisis. Aching, feeling like Mike Tyson's speed bag, Supergirl pulls herself from her hospital bed and begins to dress.

First she pulls on her blue, long-sleeved tunic with the trademark yellow and red "S" on her breast. Next she attaches her red cape to fasteners around the collar of her top. After slipping on blue thong-sized panties, she pulls up her red skirt and buckles the yellow belt around her slender waist. Finally, she pulls on her red calf-high low-heeled boots, designed to flex and bend as her calf muscles swell with her exertions. After donning her brightly colored costume, she checks herself out of the hospital, and flies toward Metropolis. She tries to push both her flying speed and altitude en route, to see how well she has recovered from her own battles with MixMaster, but soon finds the effort too trying.

Supergirl's first encounter with MixMaster left the heroine with some synthetic green Kryptonite lodged deeply within her vaginal tract. The stuff acts a little like fragments from her exploded home world of Krypton - it steals her super powers and causes indescribable pain. Examinations in Parkland by specialists indicated that there are still some bits inside her vagina, almost bonded to her skin. Most of the stuff has blown past her cervix and lies lodged deeply inside her uterus. The doctors have no tools that can remove these bits of green K and it is having a slow, insidious effect on her powers. She estimates that she is now working at less than 75 percent of her normal power. Extended use of her powers fatigues her more quickly and makes her feel even weaker than she really is. Until Superman recovers, she knows of no one who can remove the odious substance from her nether regions.

Supergirl lands on the roof of the Federal Building in Metropolis and again finds Agent King on the rooftop heliport awaiting her, eyeing her panties as her skirt floats upward. Landings will do that, especially landings on a rooftop. And King seems to be fascinated by her tight blue panties. Or her long legs. Or ... WHATEVER! The two quickly walk downstairs to his office. As he usually does, King puts one of his chubby hands on the woman's biceps and *leads* her downstairs. She can feel him trying to get some perverse enjoyment holding America's most powerful woman in his greasy little hand. The man's behavior is really starting to bug Supergirl. He gives new meaning to the term *pig*.

"We have been trying to help the Russians retire their nukes," King begins as the two settle into chairs in his office. "We've helped them with their old reactors, missiles, even some of their ship power plants. Late last night, we got word from Alma Alta - that's in Kazakhstan, a former republic in the old Soviet Union - that a convoy carrying six demobilized ICBMs didn't arrive in Alma Alta as scheduled. The Russians spent the last 12 hours frantically trying to find the convoy, but it seems to have disappeared. Those missiles were just hours, by air, away from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan when they disappeared ... Supergirl, you've got to help us find them!"

"You've got to be KIDDING!" an incredulous heroine says, leaning forward in her chair. The tips of her taut breasts seems to brush against the edge of the desk. King begins to get the boner he usually gets when she is in his office. GOD what a BODY!

"This, um ... this should ... ah ... be as easy as your recovery of our missiles in New Mexico," he stammers, trying to refocus on the current problem. Supergirl recovered several Air Force cruise missiles from the mountains east of Taos, New Mexico recently, using her super vision to track them from radiation leaking from the warheads. "You really can't waste any more time here," King continues, obviously agitated, "we have to help the Russians get those missiles back before they disappear into the hands of terrorists!"

Groaning inwardly, Supergirl says, "Okay, okay! I'll go. Just tell me where. And this time, can you give me someone who will HELP me, not try to KILL me!?" King had given Supergirl the names of contacts in both Boston and Dallas for those missions, and each *ally* actually helped MixMaster in her attempts to kill the Maid of Might. Supergirl doesn't trust King's network of support.

Rummaging through papers on his desk, King finally pulls out one sheet and gives her a map to a facility in Alma Alta and the name of an English-speaking scientist who will help her. Slowly, the exhausted heroine rises and leaves King's office. She knows, she just KNOWS that the man's beady eyes are boring into her tight little butt on her way out of his office ...

*  *  *  *  *

Supergirl arrives in Alma Alta several hours later, desperately in need of a few hours of rest. She left Metropolis around 11 a.m., local time, and arrived in Alma Alta shortly after midnight the next day - thirteen hours in the air. And the flight was via *the short way*, over the North Pole! During the long flight, the exertion of flying so far and fast, plus the severe cold and winds over the Arctic took their toll on the Girl of Steel's body, further depleting her energy and slowing her progress.

King had said that satellite surveillance, even special flybys of KH-11 "Keyhole" satellites, had failed to locate the convoy vehicles, so she is the last hope of recovering the missiles for the Russians. They're invisible to infrared inspection and the trucks carrying them haven't been sighted by air or satellite reconnaissance. King wants Supergirl to calibrate her super vision with other missiles of the same type, in Alma Alta, then fly low over the convoy route until she finds traces deviating from the route.

Her point of contact in Alma Alta helps her get access to missiles in various stages of demilitarization. Soon, she is able to spot the trace radiation unique to the warheads on the stolen missiles, despite background radiation. She wants to rest for a while but both her Russian point of contact and the American consul begs the woman to begin searching NOW for the missiles. Reluctantly, she flies into the dark Russian night, away from the city and to the west. Before leaving, she spends a few minutes to ask the two men if they had any ideas about who might have taken the missiles. She recalls the conversation as she flies westward.

*  *  *  *  *

"Supergirl," the American diplomat says, "since the breakup of the Soviet Union, I would have an easier time listing the names of people who would NOT steal the missiles. The convoy included six SS-21 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and eight launchers. Someone could VERY easily recruit a poor out-of-work Russian physicist to reprogram the missiles. Or remove the warheads and use them in *suitcase* bombs!"

"But didn't you get any threats?" Supergirl asks. She is reluctant to finish her questioning because it would mean that she has to start looking for the missiles.

"I think maybe ... " the Russian starts to say, when the American interrupts huffily: "... there is no way to say with certainty who might be involved, Supergirl!"

Turning toward the Russian, her tired eyes plead with the man for any help. "You were saying ... ?" she asks him.

"Well," the man replies, staring first at the American to quiet him, "I suspect one of the Russian nationalists groups, *Protectors of the Motherland*. They are well-organized, well-equipped, and are trying to revive the power that the old Soviet Union had. Most importantly, Rodino is with them."


"A genetic myth ... !" the American spits out.

"Russia's *Super Soldier*," the Russian interject. "Back in the 80's, our scientists took several hundred men, played with their DNA, played with experimental *super steroids* and other chemicals ... The result was mostly a failure, but one of the men did get enhanced strength and had spectacular muscle development. They even operated on his skin, gave him a sub-cutaneous metal skin. Only someone with his muscles could even bend his skin, it is so powerful."

"Great!" Supergirl thinks ruefully. "Like I NEED to deal with another freaking *super soldier*!" MixMaster's uniform is a ... well, a mix of the elements under development for the U.S. Army's *super soldier* project, and MixMaster used the technologies to humble the Maid of Might, twice. Supergirl rises and starts out the door to begin looking for signs of the lost convoy.

The Russian scientist gives her a portable radio and instructions on how to use it. "If you find anything, call us and we will send Spetznaz to help you recover the weapons."


"Special Forces - like your American Rangers. Dosvedanya, Supergirl!"

*  *  *  *  *

Some time later, maybe an hour before dawn, Supergirl flies over the country west of Alma Alta, amazed at the terrain. The ground here seems like mostly gravel. Surprisingly, there is evidence of the passage of a large number of vehicles, both wheeled and tracked. For decades the Soviets used the area to train their troops, and over the centuries, smugglers have crossed these plains as have nomadic shepherds with their flocks. No wonder the tracks of the convoy can't be seen from the air! But suddenly, some sixty miles west of Alma Alta, Supergirl spots faint traces of the kind of radiation leaked by the SS-21. She banks away from the main road and heads northward, following the radiation traces in a dried-up river bed, obviously used by the vehicles since the dried mud is an easier way to cross the steppe than cross-country on the mostly-gravel surface.

A minute later the Girl of Steel spots a low hill in the distance. Using her super vision, she also sees a huge camouflaged laager - a vehicle park with the stolen convoy, at the base of the far or northern side of the hill! She notes that the camo material blocks visual identification of the convoy and also is neutral on the infrared spectrum - no heat waves apparent to even her powerful eyes. Whoever stole the convoy has very sophisticated equipment! She slowly glides toward the hill and lands lightly on the southern slope. She uses her super vision to keep scanning the convoy for signs of movement or signs that she has been discovered. As her shiny red boots touch down on the gravel slope, she is relieved to see that no one in the laager is shouting an alarm.

Supergirl spends the next few minutes on her knees, looking through the hill and studying the convoy, hoping to see how many of the scores of men are prisoners and how many are captors. She stops once to rub her eyes and forehead with one hand, trying to get a second wind. She wants to be able to tell the Russian government man something solid about this group before she calls for help. These might be just men of the Russian Army out on training exercises! A minute later, finally satisfied that she has enough information, the Girl of Steel rises to her feet. She pulls the radio from the pouch in her cape and begins to compose a message to the guys back in Alma Alta when a powerful blast hits her in her right side, just below her rib cage and shoves her several feet to her left.

Supergirl staggers from the blast but is able to remain on her feet. She puts one hand on her side - whatever has happened is ... uncomfortable! Turning toward her right, she now notices two missiles streaking toward her, trailing wires behind them. Before she can react, the missiles slam into her body, detonating with powerful concussive blasts. This time she is thrown backward several feet, rolling head over ass on the rocky slope.

The three powerful *shaped-charge* anti-tank missiles have battered the Maid of Might. The warheads deform when they hit her invulnerable body, directing the force of their blast as a powerful plasma jet against her body. The last two missiles hit her face and her stomach just below the *S* emblem on her breasts! The three hits have dazed her somewhat, leaving her lying on the slope with her head downhill from her feet, her arms and legs and blonde hair splayed across the rocky ground. "Nnnhh!" she gasps, struggling to rise off her back, "n-need a ... few moments . . . to clear ... m-my head!" She rises to a sitting position and just as she looks up the hill a fourth missile smashes into her face. The powerful explosive hammers her backward again and sends her body skidding down the rocky slope, out of control.

Anti-tank missiles normally wouldn't even get Supergirl's attention. However, in her weakened and exhausted state, the succession of powerful hits manages to daze the Maid of Might for a moment. Supergirl struggles to remain conscious and her eyes are having a hard time focusing after the latest blast. She has a slight pain in her head and chest and gasps for air.

Suddenly a hand grab's the heroine's hair and pulls her head off the ground. As her vision clears, she sees a large, extremely muscular man in a red body suit standing over her. His costume, stretched over his muscles like a second skin, covers him from the top of his head to his black calf-length boots. A hood, extending down onto his cheeks and across his chin is the top part of this one-piece costume. Dark black gloves and boots complete the outfit. There is a five-pointed yellow star on the man's chest. His powerful hand yanks the girl to her feet and holds her several inches off the ground by her blonde hair. He is at least 6' 5" tall. Supergirl's arms hang limply by her sides, her eyes still trying to focus clearly on the man. As she starts to raise her arms to pry his hand off her hair, the man's powerful right fist punches her face, once, twice, three times.

"Nnnhh! ... (BAM)" Supergirl winces, "I FELT ... (BAM) ... that! W-who ... (BAM) ... are you?"

The man stops hitting her beautiful face and reaches his right hand down, cupping her butt in his massive paw. Lifting her butt, he holds her over his head, one hand gripping her hair close to the top of her head, the fingers of the other hand digging into her butt between her cheeks. He moves his grip around, and cruelly grasps the girl by her cunt, his thumb pushing the fabric of her panties into her slit, his fingers digging into her love mound. Before she can do more than squeak in protest, the man in red drops to one knee and slams her down onto his other knee in a classic back-breaker move. The man grunts from the effort of crashing the woman's invulnerable body against his knee, the small of her back hitting his knee, bending her body over his leg.

"nnAAAAIII!!" Supergirl screams. "C-can't STAND the PAIN!" The man releases her hair and crotch, clasps his hands together and smashes them with incredible force on the heroine's taut abdomen. The power of his blow drives the air from her lungs and causes her head and legs to snap upward, wrapping around the point of impact. Even as her body drops back downward, still across his knee, he hammers her again with his clenched fists. "AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" she screams, "N-noO-OO!!! Stop ... !" His massive blows amaze the woman. How can a mere mortal inflict such pain on her super body?

Supergirl doesn't realize that rushing back to Metropolis from Dallas, taking this mission before she's fully recovered from her battle with MixMaster, the poisoning from the synthetic green K, the great exertion of energy to rush across the world and patrol the Kazakh steppes, all have taken their toll on her energy reserves. Then the four anti-tank missiles and this sudden assault ... She needs to get away from him, to recover ...

"Pl-please," she begs the man, looking at him through teary eyes, "d-don't ... " One beefy hand wraps around her neck, the other grabs her crotch again, and the man rises to his feet. Once again, he holds the weakened heroine high over his head and again drops to one knee, smashing her back (this time, just below her shoulder blades) against his knee. This time the force of the blow causes the man to grunt from the pain he's inflicted on himself. Rocks slide downhill, shaken loose by this micro-earthquake. Supergirl screams from the pain and her spine feels like it's been snapped.

Again and again her silent assailant smashes his clenched fists on her body, mostly on her stomach, but a few times on her breasts, and once on her cunt, hammering her body as if he's beating on a pair of kettle drums. That last blow hurts so much that Supergirl can't keep her eyes open. Her red boots kick ineffectually on the rocky slope, and one hand weakly hits the man's biceps, in protest to the punishment he is inflicting on her body. But she is still conscious, still resisting, so the man increases his efforts to defeat this woman.

First, he slams the side of one massive hand in a powerful karate chop on the girl's exposed neck. Gasping, choking, her hands move to her throat as the man's clenched fists again hammer her stomach. The force of this blow causes the woman to rise upward and slip off his knee, landing on her butt, moaning from the pain. As she tries to curl into a fetal position to protect her stomach, his rough hands pull her into a seated position. Two clenched fists hit the top of Supergirl's head, driving her butt against the loose gravel underneath. Her head sags forward and her eyes close as she struggles to remain conscious. The man puts a Full Nelson wrestling hold on her, his two hands cruelly pushing her head onto her chest, her two arms ineffectually extending upward from his grasp, flopping uselessly as he increases the pressure on her neck. He fails to snap her beautiful but invulnerable neck, but after one last groan, she becomes completely limp as blackness washes over her.

*  *  *  *  *

Some time later ... daylight ... "nnnhhh!" Supergirl moans, opens her eyes and looks around. "Wh-where ... wh-what hap ... happened to me?" The heroine hangs limply - chained with heavy, tank-towing chains to lift loops on the front of a Russian BTR-60 armored personnel carrier. The chains wrap around her waist, encircling her body several times, cross her chest to wrap around her neck, finally snaking around her arms wrists and threading through the loops. The chains are welded (WELDED!) to loops on the the front of the carrier. Except for her shiny red boots, she is completely naked. And humiliated to be ... to be CRUCIFIED in front of all these men! She is near the edge of the camouflage cover. Deeper under the cover, some 30 or 40 men are huddled together, covered by other men cradling AK-47M assault rifles, languidly pointed at the hostages.

"So, you are awake at last!" a voice booms beside the Maid of Might. "Defeating you was easier than I thought. The myth of your powers is another lie perpetrated against Mother Russia by the warmongering West!"

"You ... caught me on a ... bad day," Supergirl says weakly, defiantly. "Are you Rodina?"

"RODINO, woman!" Rodino spits at the heroine and hammers her cheek with a powerful blow from one fist, throwing her head to one side, hair flying. "Mother Russia is the Rodina! Stupid alien bitch!

"Make whatever excuses you wish to satisfy your inflated ego. But observe those men and women, first," he says, pointing toward the hostages. "If you try to escape from those chains, I have ten men with automatic weapons who will begin executing the other ... and I repeat, the OTHER hostages, Supergirl. You TOO are a hostage now, if you value their lives as Superman says you do!" He walks around to face the Maid of Might. Without warning, he raises one knee and pounds her pudenda with it, the force of the blow causing her to shriek from the pain and to rise upward, straining the chains. She has barely settled down, her feet still at least an inch off the ground, when Rodino's massive hands envelop her breasts and begin to squeeze ... and SQUEEZE! She winces as his mutated, enhanced muscles allow him to crush her smooth breasts. Then he begins to pull his hands backward, still gripping her tits. To Supergirl, this feels like he's trying to rip them off her body. He probably is. As she moans from the pain (and an unexpected pleasurable tingle), Rodino suddenly smashes his forehead against her face. His metallic skin and hard muscles stuns Supergirl, causing her to grunt and close her eyes. While pulling her breasts, he again smashes her with his knee, again lifting her several inches off the ground and causing even greater pain between her legs. He releases her breasts and one hand grasps her chin, lifting it and her head. He shakes her head, to help her focus her eyes on him.

"We need only six hours," he says to the dazed, pained girl, "to rendezvous with others who will take these devices back to Mother Russia." His hand squeezes her jaw, putting terrific pressure on the joint at the base of her jaw, and pursing her lips grotesquely. "Until then, we must find some way to make the time pass, yheh, yheh, yheh!" Rodino laughs sadistically. His other hand rudely grasps one of her nipples (which, to her embarrassment, has grown in size with her apparent sexual arousal) and pinches it between thumb and forefinger while pulling backward, as if trying to rip it off her. Rodino leans forward and plants a sloppy wet kiss on the moaning girl's lips as his other hand continues its attempt to remove the nipple. Rodino releases her chin and nipple and begins to stroke her inner thighs with his huge hands, dragging his nails across her creamy white skin. The man in red is pleased to see that she still can't focus her eyes and that she moans when his hands stroke her creamy white body.

"Nnnnh," Supergirl moans. "Things ... things are moving too <uunnh> too fast for me. Need time <aahh> to get my strength back," she thinks. When Rodino hits her, he doesn't cause her pain so much as he shocks her with the power in his muscles and where he touches her. But Supergirl is even more shocked at the feeling that she might actually be enjoying this! "Am I becoming someone who ENJOYS being dominated by others? Why do I <nngh> do I get aroused at having someone-nnnnnh ... someone overpower and abuse me?"

Rodino grasps the sides of her legs and pulls them upward, higher and higher, as if he's trying to rip her in half!. As her legs extend sideways from her body, Supergirl throws her head back against the APC and cries from the pain. Then Rodino steps forwad and rubs his body against her crotch, moving slightly up and down, dragging his costume across her nether lips. Supergirl shudders as she realizes that she is getting powerfully aroused by this man. Being beaten by this POWERFUL man, being DEFEATED by him, is turning her on! She can't help herself; she feels her vagina lubricate itself, and the very thought that her body is betraying her causes her to moan again, her eyes sliding shut. Rodino smiles.

The Russian abruptly releases Supergirl's legs, letting them fall down and dangle uselessly. Rodino leans forward and bites one of her engorged nipples as two fat fingers on his right hand force their way past the outer lips of her cunt, past her clit, and into her vagina. Supergirl's head rocks backward against the hard metal of the BTR-60 and she cries from the pleasure/pain she's experiencing. "N-noO-OOO! Stop! STOP! You ... unnghhh!! Y-ou CAN'T do ... AIIIEEEEE!!! ... NNNOOOO!!"

As Rodino's teeth continue to chew on her nipple and his first two fingers plumb the depths of her vagina, his fat thumb begins to batter her clit. With amazing control, even as his fingers hammer deeply into the girl, the thumb's impact is very light, barely noticeable. The almost-gentle tapping effect merely drives Supergirl crazy with arousal. The distracted heroine raises her legs and tries to wrap them around Rodino, feeling her body build toward a massive orgasm. She arches her back, raising her lower body higher, and presses her head backward INTO the metal front of the APC, moaning, begging him to continue his efforts. Her moan begins slowly, then rises in volume as Rodino, cruelly, continues pleasuring her. As she feels herself moving toward a cataclysmic explosion of sexual release, Rodino suddenly pulls away from her, pulls his fingers from her dripping cunt, and releases her nipple from his powerful bite. "NNNNOOOOO!!!" Supergirl cries and moans, "RAO!! DON'T ... STOP ... nnnOOWWGGHHHH ... PL-PLEAASSEEE!!!" Her head rocks forward and her blurry eyes try to focus on Rodino, begging him to help her have an orgasm. Her cheeks redden in shame as she realizes how badly she wants this man ... her conqueror ... to make violent love to her.

Rodino chuckles inwardly at the sight of this super woman reduced to begging him to diddle her. His clenched fists smash Supergirl's face, driving it backward again, into a now-deeper depression in the metal. As her head rebounds forward, Rodino swings his clenched fists sideways in a round-house punch to her chest, smashing one of her breasts against her rib cage. Her scream can probably be heard miles away, he thinks.

"Your propaganda says you are invulnerable, woman," Rodino says as Supergirl struggles in the chains, tears streaking down her cheeks, her eyes unfocused and wet stringy blond hair covering her face and shoulders. "You seem to be, but still you scream and cry like a child when I hit you. You beg for mercy. And your body betrays your secret - you ENJOY this punishment, don't you, American slut! You ENJOY it when I touch you <"nnngh" she moans as he touches her clit>, or even when I hit you <"uunh" she cries as he punches her breast>!

Sobbing, moaning, chin dropping down onto her chest, Supergirl can't believe how much pain this man is inflicting on her magnificent super body! She struggles to raise her head and face her tormentor when he suddenly leaps into the air, twirls, and the heel of his boot smashs into the side of her head. As his boot explodes from the impact, Supergirl sags into unconsciousness.

*  *  *  *  *

The battered heroine slowly awakens to powerful slaps from Rodino against her cheeks. Grunting from the pain, trying to focus her eyes, she realizes that some new punishment is being done to her. A chain has been looped around her neck and pulled tightly backward, stretching her neck and forcing her to look upward. She can't see anything but the camo tarp overhead. She CAN feel that her body is now stretched straight out from the BTR-60 - she is like a grotesquely beautiful hood ornament, legs forward and spread in a *Y*. She can also feel ... feel ... an ITCH in her vagina.

"Nnnhhh," she moans, trying to look at her groin. Although she can hear the chains around her neck groaning and can feel them stretching slightly, she's still too weak to snap the chains binding her to the APC. Then she suddenly realizes that she is being FUCKED! Not Rodino. Someone else, maybe one of his men, is thrusting a penis into her. He hears his "FFWWAAAHHH!!" and can almost feel his cum pumping into her. Suddenly a new man thrusts HIS tool into her vagina and begins fucking her. Again, all she feels is a tickle. As a third and fourth man screws her, she realizes that she is getting EXTREMELY horny from this *tickling* of the walls of her vagina by their normal human penises. Light as a feather against her super skin, their dicks still arouse her as they run across sensitive skin. And as she THINKS about what's happening to her, she becomes even MORE aroused. Some of the more talented guys also manage to bump against her clit, and like Rodino's thumb, these bumps are driving her more quickly toward orgasm. As her breath starts to come in rapid pants between moans, Rodino (it MUST to be him) suddenly grabs one breast and squeezes it as his other hand moves lightly along her ribs, from her hips upward, teasing her skin between the chains around her torso. The building orgasm suddenly explodes inside her and she cries out from the pleasure. Then the next man steps forward and the itch begins again.

"nnnnOOOOO!" she cries weakly as she realizes Rodino's plan. The man intends to let his men arouse her, using his powerful hands to caress her invulnerable skin and provide the final push to help her reach orgasm after orgasm. While they await the time of their departure from this camp, they can screw her again and again, keeping her weak and docile, tied against the BTR.

Supergirl loses track of time as she is raped, stimulated, brought to the edge of orgasm, then helped to a massive orgasmic release by Rodino's hands. "W-why ... WHHYY!!" she cries after one series, her sobs wracking her tortured body. "Why are <mmnn> why are you doing this to me?"

"Because seeing you so helpless AMUSES me!" Rodino hissed venomously. "And now that I understand how to make your helplessness work against you, I understand the secret of beating Supergirl. You can't get your strength back as long as you keep expending energy during sexual arousal and orgasm. Why, I'll bet that if my men and I let you have enough orgasms, you'll be too weak to survive the beating I'm going to give you before we leave."

Through the numbing waves of pleasure controlling her body, Supergirl groans at what Rodino has planned for her. She tries to take her mind off the constant fucking and caressing but then his fingers find a new stretch of skin to tease and the penis inside her touches a new spot and ...

"When the next American satellite has passed," Rodino says, "we will head to our rendezvous. I want to leave you so battered, broken and weak that you will not even think of chasing us. I had thought about taking you along to be our hostage and love slave, but my men and I agree - your skinny, pale body isn't all that attractive and you would be too much trouble. So, since I can't seem to kill you ... "

"Tovarish!" someone yells. "the satellite is approaching this area now!"

The Russians turn away from Supergirl to check their site and ensure that all their security precautions still keep them invisible to American space eyes. As Rodino and his men rush to their duties, they drop the Maiden of Might's body and it falls back down, her boots maybe an inch off the ground, arms and torso still chained to the front of the APC. Supergirl's head drops backward onto the front of the armored vehicle. She can feel that she's bitten her lip some time recently and can taste her own blood. She feels so weak and drained, so HELPLESS! With all her famous super powers, after the green k poisoning and her exertions today, she's so weak she's unable to break free, unable to call for help ...

Suddenly inspired, the Girl of Steel hits upon one way of calling for help. Tilting her head back and looking upward, shaking her head to clear her eyes, Supergirl desperately manages to clear her eyes enough to shoot a tight burst of her heat vision at the overhead tarp. She quickly burns a very small hole through the tarp and heat rays from her eyes continue to shoot upward, through the hole and into outer space (and into the path of the approaching satellite!). Maybe her muscles and libido have failed her, she thinks, but ...

*  *  *  *  *

"This is a real-time image of the Kazakh steppe, Mr. Ambassador," the man from the National Reconnaissance Office says to the Russian beside him. "You can see visible light on that monitor ... infrared there ... and microwave ... "

"What is that bright green light?"

"Walt! Get in HERE! We have a massive heat signature ... !"

Within minutes, four huge MI-24 Hind helicopters carrying a Spetznaz company leave Alma Alta heading toward the anomalous heat source. The satellite crew estimates the temperature is over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in a very tightly-focused beam shooting into the sky. Anything directly in its path would COOK from the heat. FBI Agent King, escorting the Russian ambassador, immediately guesses that it is a signal from Supergirl.

*  *  *  *  *

Supergirl's concentration on focusing a thin, powerful heat vision beam through the small hole in the overhead canopy is suddenly broken by a powerful blow to her ribs. Jerking her head forward, yelping from the sudden pain, she sees Rodino standing before her, nursing his fist. "Will NOTHING damage you!" he says, disgusted. "Sergei! Bring the plastique!"

Supergirl wants to continue sending heat beams into the sky but her eyes are drawn to watch Rodino. Awaiting his men, the Russian languidly drags his hands down Supergirl's body, from her shoulders, across her magnificent breasts, along her ribs, across her hips, and down her thighs. An involuntary moan escapes from her lips at his touch. "RAO!" she thinks to herself, "I can't believe how badly I NEED to have an orgasm from this man. I feel like I'm on fire down there!" Sergei runs up to Rodino with a non-descript canvas bag. Others in the background begin herding the hostages toward Supergirl and Rodino.

Supergirl watches as Rodino kneals near her crotch and begins to pull small bricks of tan - clay? - out of the bag. He pulls and reshapes them and Supergirl suddenly recognizes them - PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES!!! Horrified, the Girl of Steel watches as he makes a massive, obscene dildo - easily twelve inches long and three wide. She is about to hit it with a burst of heat vision, but delays as the hostages are moved close to the APC.

IF her heat vision manages to ignite the explosive (not likely), it will kill too many innocent people. She has to wait again in frustrating helplessness. Rodino looks up at her eyes when he finishes and inserts caps into the base of the explosive dildo. Using one hand to pry open her nether lips ("mmmnNNN!!" she moans), he RAMS the dildo deeply into her ("nnAAAIIIIEEE!!" she screams, throwing her head back). Gripping the end, Rodino proceeds to slowly slide the dildo in and out of the heroine's vagina. As he slowly increases the speed of his in-and-out, again he lightly bats her clit with his thumb, driving her to higher and higher levels of excitement.

Rodino laughes as the powerful heroine helplessly thrashes her body in response to his sodomizing. Again, he senses her arousal by listening to her breathing, and AGAIN times his movements to bring her arousal higher and higher. Suddenly the heroine's head falls back against the APC and she cries out in ecstasy, "NNNNOOOO MMMmnnn!!!" Her body squirms and shakes as the orgasm washes through her body and a small bit of liquid trickles down the inside of her thigh. She clenches her vaginal muscles around the explosive dildo, now deeply inside her and tickling her cervix. Her body clutches the explosive, her vaginal walls molding it to fit her *seamlessly*. Rodino is unable to pull it out of her, so tightly does she clench her vaginal muscles.

Reaching again into the bag, he pulls out more plastique and makes another smaller dildo. After connecting detonators to the hellish device, he lifts Supergirl by the waist until her hips are just below his head. Smiling at the helpless, physically drained Maid of Might, still HOPING for a chance to recover from the orgasms, Rodino RAMS the second dildo into the heroine, driving it deeply into her ANUS! Again the poor woman wails from the discomfort and violation of her body. Her invulnerability seems to be almost useless due to the battering she has taken the last few days. She moans and squirms as Rodino's great physical power shoves the explosives deeply into her ass hole. Her muscles try to block access but Rodino pushes harder and finally the dildo deforms but still slides into her butt. Wires dangle from the explosives in her cunt and ass.

"Are the trip wires connected?" he asks one man. "Good. Then connect the wires to those on the end of the ... the things inside her ... yes, good! Now, bitch, if you try to free yourself, you will set off the explosives inside your body. Perhaps it won't kill you, but imagine what will happen to these others!

"Perhaps we will meet again, Super Whore! If you are this easy to defeat and dominate, I must find some other way to challenge myself. Oh, and I will keep your cute little costume to remind me of the way I humiliated the great American super heroine today, here on the steppes. You may keep your boots. You will undoubtedly need them to WALK home! Ha, ha, HAAA!" Rodino turns and walks away from the chastened Maid of Might. Her indestructible, irreplaceable costume! Taken by this ... this PIG!

The hostages are roped and chained to anchor points on the APC and clustered around it and the Maid of Might. She can see several different trip-wires running from various parts of her body down toward her hips and the *Dildoes of Death*.

As Rodino and his men drive off with the captured missiles, Supergirl turns toward a group of men on one side of the APC. Her heat vision quickly burns through the rope holding them together. As they remove the ropes from themselves, she burns away the rope holding another group. Soon, over ten of the Russians are feverishly untying themselves and their mates. Others flee into the desert toward the south. Suddenly Supergirl hears the *whup whup whup* of heavy helicopters approaching from the southeast. The freed hostages turn toward the helos, waving their arms.

When the last man leaves the vicinity of the Maid of Might, she summons all her strength and wrenches her arms forward, snapping the chains and welds which bind her to the front of the Russian armored personnel carrier. As the links part, the tripwires fire electric charges into caps inside the huge chunks of explosives inside her vagina and anus. There is a massive explosion.

Once again, Supergirl is flying, but this time she's propelled like a rocket from the jet of fire blazing from her loins. The shock and incredible pain renders her unconscious and her naked body tumbles several hundred feet into the air before dropping back toward the ground. She crashes into a section of the steppe several hundred yards away from the canopy, narrowly missing one of the Russian Hind helicopters. It has stopped and disgorged a platoon of Russians, who are mingling with the hostages. The Russian commandos re-embark and the ship lifts off, rejoins the other Hinds, and they speed northward toward the distant vehicles' dust plumes. The hostages move back toward the camo cover to await rescue by other Russian forces.

Minutes later, the naked heroine groans and struggles up to her hands and knees. The pain in her vagina and anus is still very powerful and when she tries to stand, she sags down onto her knees and bends at the waist, hands squeezing her stomach muscles, eyes blinking back the tears. Panting, the heroine makes another attempt to stand and shakily rises to her feet. Again, the ground swims before her eyes. Finally, after swaying for a few moments, she is able to focus her super vision toward the north. Through blurry eyes, Supergirl spots the helos rapidly overtaking the 30 or so vehicles racing in a ragged line-abreast across the steppe. She gasps and puts a hand over her mouth when a surface-to-air missile streaks up from one vehicle and hits the lead helicopter. The explosion in front of the cockpit causes the bird to nose downward and crash into the ground at full speed, exploding in a fiery burst.

"nngghh! G-g-gotta ... try t-to ... he-help them," Supergirl gasps. She takes two steps forward and leaps into the air. Raggedly, she soars upward and to the north in pursuit of the terrorists. Compared with her normal state of health, she is in pitiful shape. The pain in her vagina and ass is still so intense that it's draining her energy just to suppress the pain. The beating she received from Rodino's hands left many parts of her body aching and sore. Finally, the many orgasms she had when his men raped her have also drained her energy reserves.

Snapping her legs together to increase her speed, the Maid of Might winces but is rewarded with more speed. Another snap moments later, and she passes the helos and overtakes the ground vehicles. Just as she passes the lead Hind, another SAM flies up from one of the trucks toward the helo. Without hesitation, Supergirl dives toward the missile and thrusts her arms and palms forward. Though she just intended to deflect it, the missile hits her hands and explodes.

The explosion causes her to bobble and lose altitude. She shakes her head to clear it and manages to remain airborne! Slowly, methodically, she locks her eyes on first one, then another of the missile launcher trucks. Each time she fires a beam at one, she melts a wheel, locking it and its axle, causing the truck to slew and grind to a halt. After stopping each of the six launcher trucks, she slows and hovers over the trucks as the other vehicles continue to race toward the north. Rodino suddenly stands in the turret of a BTR-60 and signals his men. The other vehicles slow and turn back toward the crippled launcher trucks, stopping a hundred yards away. Rodino and his men dismount from their vehicles and aim their weapons at Supergirl and the approaching Hinds.

The three remaining Hind helos had slowed when Supergirl raced past them and attacked the hijackers, the gruff Spetznaz men staring at the naked flying blonde. Now the helos are hovering several hundred yards from the hijackers, firing their automatic weapons and missiles long range toward their vehicles. The hijackers' vehicles are too far from the launcher trucks for any explosions here to accidentally cause the atomic munitions to explode. Meanwhile, Supergirl hovers less than 100 yards from the launcher trucks and methodically burns more wheels off the launcher trucks.

As she ruins the trucks, hijackers below her fire all their available weapons at her but to no avail. She easily dodges two SAMs shot at her, and a blast of 30mm cannon fire from one vehicle annoys her a little when the shells stitch across her bare belly, dimpling her alabaster skin. In less than 5 minutes, Supergirl has ensured that the launcher trucks will never move again.

Suddenly the Girl of Steel spots Rodino, almost below her, taunting her to come down and retrieve her costume. He waves it over his head with one hand while the other forms a fist which he shakes at her. As the Spetznaz helos back away from the firefight and land beyond the range of the hijackers' weapons, the Maid of Might performs a mid-air jacknife and dives toward Rodino, fists balled in front of her like a battering ram. Even though her body aches and her lower regions throb with intense pain, she HAS to shut down Rodino before subduing the others.

The Maid of Might slams into the ground next to Rodino as the villain sidesteps at virtually the last second, using her costume as a toreador would use a cape with a bull. Supergirl, buried from her head to her navel in the hard ground, her arms stretched out and buried deeper, is suddenly pinned and helpless. Grunting, she struggles to free her body from the ground when she suddenly receives a powerful kick from Rodino's bare foot on her crotch. Screaming in pain, the hard earth muffling her cries, Supergirl's legs flail uselessly as yet another powerful blow strikes her pudenda.

"Nnnhhh!" she moans. "G-gotta get ... (BAM!) AAIIEEEEnnnggghh!! Arms stuck ... (BAM!) nnOOO!! STOP!! ... (BAM) AHHHH!!" she screams as he kicks her again and again. The pain is rapidly eating her energy reserves again and she is having difficulty keeping conscious. Suddenly Rodino grabs her calves and plants one foot on her crotch. As he pulls and twists her legs, his heel grinds into the girl's clit, bringing more cries and moans from her.

Smiling at the heroine's predicament, Rodino STOMPS her clit, each hammer blow from his massively-muscled legs driving her a little deeper into the ground! Blessedly, he quits after a few sadistic blows, leaving her still buried, now from her extended arms to the edge of her blonde bush. She sags and her muscles go limp as she tries to rest and recover from his new beating.

Supergirl knows for all intents and purposes she is on her last legs. Her body has taken too much punishment and lost too much energy these last few days. Yet she must make a final effort to stop Rodino and his men. Again she tries to push herself out of the ground and this time, straining mightily and using her flying ability, she manages to push herself backward out of the hole made by her rash attack. Seconds later, she flops onto the ground and lands on her belly beside Rodino. Looking up, she sees Rodino running toward the three Hind helos, her costume flapping in one of his hands. He is within a hundred yards of them when he stops and begins shouting at the Spetznaz. Resting, trying to recover more of her strength, the battered heroine struggles to remain conscious. Her much-abused body DESPERATELY needs sleep.

"I have the American Supergirl," Rodino shouts at the helos, waving her costume over his head. "Leave, or I will kill her as easily as I stripped and raped the bitch!"

Grunting, Supergirl pulls herself to her feet and manages to stagger a few steps toward Rodino. Tottering, almost falling, she nonetheless manages to lift off the ground and fly toward Rodino's back. She can see the Spetznaz troops milling, trying to decide what to do. When they suddenly point past the Russian superman, Rodino turns and sees the naked woman flying toward him. Throwing her outfit on the ground, he shouts, "By Lenin's Beard! WHY DON'T YOU STAY DOWN, BITCH!"

"B-because ... I'm a hero," she replies weakly, landing shakily on the gravel a few feet from the man. Onlookers would laugh at the image of this small, thin woman wearing only red boots, preparing to fight the much taller, heavily muscled man, his body covered by red everywhere BUT his boots and gloves. She knows that as a heroine she has no choice. She also knows that this will be the last fight her body will allow, until she can rest and recover. She starts walking toward the man and raises her right fist beside her right breast. Maybe one good punch ... (and it would be the first and only punch from her in this so-far uneven contest).

Rodino smiles and his right foot drops back half a step as he adopts a juijitsu stance to face the woman. "Is it again time for me to beat you senseless, girl?" he askes, quietly. "How much punishment can even your super body take? How many times must I humiliate you in battle before you fly away and leave me alone?"

Supergirl says nothing as she moves closer to the man. She pulls back her fist as if she's going to punch the tall man's jaw then suddenly shoots a blast of heat vision at the man's eyes. Roaring in pain, hands digging at his eyes, Rodino staggers backward, blinded when her heat vision boils all the fluids out of his eyes. She steps under his upraised arms and moves closer to him. With all her remaining strength, she drives her right knee into the man's balls, the force of her blow lifting him into the air over thirty feet and tossing him to the dismounted Spetznaz soldiers and their Hind helicopters. Rodino curls into a fetal ball, one hand on his eyes, the other on his balls.

Supergirl retrieves her costume from the rocky ground, shakes the dirt and gravel out of it, and begins to get dressed. As she finishes, making final adjustments to her cape, she walks toward Rodino, only now recovering from her assault. Dressed once more in her famous little outfit, she knows she looks more imposing and powerful than as a naked blonde in boots. Reaching Rodino's side, watching the man rock slowly from side to side, moaning and holding his balls, Supergirl drops to one knee. Clasping her hands together forming a small feminine fist, she smashes downward onto Rodino's kneecap. Even with his enhanced physique and metallicized skin, everyone nearby hears the distinct sound of his kneecap shattering into many small pieces. The man's screams are ear-shattering. Grabbing a handful of his costume just below his neck, she pulls him to a sitting position, then lifts him. Rodino has become an object of pity now, temporarily blinded, one leg dangling uselessly, clutching his shattered family jewels.

"Here," Supergirl says, tossing Rodino toward the Russian Spetznaz troopers. "I believe this is YOUR trash!" Turning, she leaps into the air and flies toward the other hijackers. When she lands nearby, back in costume and looking as fresh as if she has never been in a battle, the hijackers throw down their weapons and raise their hands, hoping she's forgotten the recent gang bang. Inwardly, she is barely able to stand and trying to not throw up, but she decides to bluff the men and it works! The crisis has been resolved.

Before she collapses in front of these people, Supergirl turns and leaps into the air, heading back toward Alma Alta. But this flight is going to be VERY slow - she even has to stop for an hour or so to rest. She eventually reaches Alma Alta and hopes she can spend a few days there resting from this vicious battle. As long as Agent King can't find her ...