#12: Shrink Wrapped

by RW

Supergirl enters her home in Leesburg, VA after a devastating time in D.C. and the city's prison in Lorton, VA. She and Wonder Woman had been jailed for public indecency. Their prison was one designed for super criminals. InterGang managed to seize control of the prison and use it to try to turn the two heroines into assassins who would be programmed to kill Superman and Batman. Unfortunately for InterGang, Batgirl managed to break up the operation. Not, however, before Supergirl and Wonder Woman were sexually-abused and mistreated by InterGang.

When the Maid of Might learned that she had AGAIN been made to look like a fool, had been sexually abused and rendered ineffectual by criminals, Supergirl couldn't muster the will to face her friends. She fled her super hero friends and returned home to sort out her feelings. Her costume lies in a pile on the floor of the living room of her apartment. As she walks in the nude around her small apartment, the powerful Kryptonian's eyes are wet with her tears and her sobs cause her shoulders and boobs to shake.

"Oh, Rao!" Supergirl sobs to herself, "w-why don't things ever <sob> ever work out right for me? I-I've got more <sniff> power than almost anyone on Earth! I'm Supergirl! But <sob> but it seems like everyone can do just <sniff> just whatever they want to do with me. WWHHHYYYYY?!?!"

Eventually the nude heroine falls onto her bed and continues to cry about her situation. Hours pass before she is able to finally fall asleep, still sobbing faintly, still naked, her face buried in her pillows.

*  *  *  *  *

"Am I going to go through life as a . . . a joke?" Supergirl asks herself the next morning over breakfast, "I mean, who am I, really? Am I just a pale imitation ... a cheap copy of my cousin Kal-el, unfit to be a super heroine? Am I too inept or weak-willed to be a real super heroine?

"I do know that I can't continue being Supergirl until I settle these questions and get rid of my doubts," the Girl of Steel decides. Kara thinks back about her recent missions against super criminals. All had more or less ended poorly for her. Sure, she survived each mission, more or less intact, but in the course of those missions she has repeatedly been sexually molested/abused/raped and criminals have escaped her and returned to terrorize her (and innocent citizens). However, the thing that bothers her the most is the fact that she may be starting to enjoy being defeated/dominated (especially sexually) by others.

"I . . . I can't answer my questions. I'm not even sure what the questions ARE!" Supergirl finally realizes, putting down her cup of coffee. "I know what Kal-el would say - *suck it up and get back to work*. He wouldn't be any help on *chick stuff*. He'd say I'm acting too much like a liberated American woman, questioning my values and motives, seeking insights, when I should be out pounding criminals.

"What about talking these things over with a woman? Hmm, Wonder Woman? No, I think I'd better stay away from her for a while. I'm pretty sure she WOULD favor a sexual relationship with me and I don't know how I'd react if she tried to dominate me again. And I think Batgirl is probably already in a relationship with Catwoman. Great Rao, I guess there really isn't anyone I can talk to, bare my soul to, in the super hero community!

"I . . . I guess I'd better seek professional help," she reluctantly concludes.

After searching the Internet and making a few calls, Supergirl flies back toward D.C. to the office of a Dr. Ilena Steinberg, a noted psychiatrist and a Vice President of the American Psychiatric Association. Supergirl flies into D.C. at super speed and lands unseen in a lower-level parking deck under the building in which Dr. Steinberg has her offices. Kara quickly puts the red cotton pants suit, pink blouse and red wig of her fake secret identity, Maureen O'Malley, over her famous red, blue and yellow costume.

"Well," Kara sighs, taking a ragged deep breath, "here goes ... EVERYthing!"

*  *  *  *  *

Some hours later, just before Steinberg's office is to close, *Ms. O'Malley* finally gets to meet with the good doctor, a tall thin woman in her late fifties or early sixties. The two women chat for some twenty minutes and discuss the usual pleasantries, case history, and so on. Finally Dr. Steinberg starts to rise and points one up-turned hand toward the door, implying it is time for Ms. O'Malley to leave. "I'm sorry," Steinberg says sadly to her patient, "but I believe you're blocking - you're not sharing with me everything that might be relevant to your case. I'm still not entirely sure what you want me to do, either. You'll have to leave, Ms. O'Malley."

Supergirl pauses a moment, then rises to her feet. "Please, Dr. Steinberg," Supergirl begins, "I ... it's hard for me to ... uh, here!" she says and removes her wig, dropping it to the floor. Immediately thereafter she begins to remove her jacket. As she begins to undo the top button on her pants, the doctor inhales sharply.

"Hey," the doctor says, shocked and surprised at the young woman stripping in her office, "keep your clothes on, young lady!"

"No . . . please," Supergirl pleads. In a second, her pants and blouse lie on the floor by the jacket and wig and she stands before Dr. Steinberg's desk in her famous costume, legs spread, hands on hips, chin and breasts thrust foreward - the classic Supergirl power-pose. "I really am Supergirl, Dr. Steinberg, and I really do think I need your help," the Maid of Might admits reluctantly.

"Well," Steinberg replies, "I ... hmm, I never thought THIS would happen." Steinberg settles back into her chair, keeping her large oak desk between her and this *Supergirl*. "How long have you had this fantasy that you are Supergirl, Maureen?" the doctor asks, tenting her fingers before her face.

"No!" Supergirl protests. She pauses a moment to think, then bends slightly at the knees, reaches a hand under the massive oak desk and casually lifts it up to the ceiling, rising in the process, "I really AM Supergirl!" she replies, a bit redundantly since the desk is balanced at the end of one slim outstretched hand and five feet off the floor.

After lowering the desk, Supergirl explains her problem, or how she sees it at least, to the doctor. After fifteen minutes of talk, the mighty heroine is seated on the office couch and once again is reduced to a sobbing, shaking, tear-sodden wretch. Steinberg joins the woman on her couch and cradles the costumed heroine's head in one arm, letting the blonde girl sob on her shoulder. Finally, when the Maid of Might stops crying and has taken a deep breath and is ready to resume her discussion with the doctor, Steinberg rises again to her feet and moves to stand in front of the shaken woman. Steinberg puts one hand under Supergirl's chin and lifts the girl's face. The doctor dabs a tissue against the tears streaming down Supergirl's cheeks and smiles at the younger woman. "Of course I'll help you, Supergirl," the smiling doctor says, "let's meet again tomorrow at four, okay?"

*  *  *  *  *

Three days later and *Maureen O*Malley* is finishing her third session with Dr. Steinberg. This day, Supergirl hides her famous costume under tight-fitting red leather jeans and an oversized black cotton turtleneck sweater that easily hides her pert little breasts in folds of fabric. Her red boots match well with the jeans.

"So, Supergirl, before we end today's session, before the three-day weekend begins, let's review what we've done this week, shall we? Why don't you begin by telling me what you have learned about yourself, all right?"

"Well," Supergirl says, taking a deep breath, "I guess the first thing I've learned about myself is that I tend to react first and think later. I ... uh, I rely on my super powers to plow through any situation."

"And that means ..."

"I get my ass kicked 'cause I haven't learned enough about the situation and considered alternative ways to handle the situation." A weak smile crosses Supergirl's face but quickly fades under Steinberg's harsh glare.

"And so ... ?"

"I guess I should wait a bit before acting."

"Are you comfortable with that answer?" Steinberg asks, looking over the top of her glasses like a grandmother talking to her granddaughter.

"I guess I need to think about it, maybe try a *wait and see* approach a few times," Supergirl replies sheepishly, looking down at her boots. "I guess the next few times I don't have to *leap into action* so quickly. I mean, what could it hurt, right?"

"And what other conclusions have you made, Supergirl," the doctor asks the crimefighter.

"Well, I ... uh, I guess I can't solve all problems all the time," the Maid of Might concedes. "Sometimes I have to accept the fact that there's nothing I can do."

"Ah," Steinberg says, "but how do you KNOW this is true?"

"My, uh, some of my problems in the past were because I tried to do something I couldn't handle, like stopping MixMaster by myself. I usually say to myself something like *I'm Supergirl! I can handle this myself!* But sometimes my powers alone aren't enough."

"And so?"

"It's okay to run away?"

"What do you think, Supergirl?"

"Well, I guess if I can't handle something, I guess it's all right to get some help," Supergirl says, hoping she will believe this when the rubber hits the road.

"Well, I believe we've made a good start this week, Supergirl," Steinberg says, rising to her feet. "I'm surprised at how quickly you've opened up to me and shared your feelings. This makes my job much easier.

"Now, go out dear, and relax! Enjoy yourself in this *Maureen* persona and forget about saving the world as Supergirl for the next three days. You need to see, Supergirl, that life can go on without you flitting around in your silly little costume!"

This last remark hits the Maid of Might like a hammer made of Kryptonite. *Silly costume* ... *flitting around*? "Dr. Steinberg," Supergirl says, looking up at her therapist, "wh-what do you ..."

"Ach, no, Supergirl, it's late!" the doctor interrupts, "come on now, time to go! We can resume this next week!"

Before the Maid of Might can do anything, Steinberg has the woman on her feet and is ushering her out the door, one bony hand gripped tightly around Supergirl's bicep.

*  *  *  *  *

An hour later, *Maureen* is walking around a newly-opened exhibit of Muslim contributions to friezes at the National Building Museum, killing time until she can decide whether she should go home or get up the nerve to go to a bar and try a less costly method of *attitude adjustment*. She heads toward the exit but is halted by the entrance of an important-looking man in a khaki uniform and Arab headdress, flanked by two men who obviously are his guards. The phalanx crosses the lobby of the museum and Supergirl gives ground to the men, backing into the main hall and against one wall, allowing the men to enter the exhibit hall.

"Sheesh, some people ... !" the disguised heroine says, starting back toward the exit. Again she fails to reach the exit because a crowd of people wearing Halloween masks push their way into the hall - WITH GUNS DRAWN! The gunmen aim their weapons menacingly toward the thirty or so people in the exhibit hall and one person with a Jimmy Carter mask pokes *Maureen* in the stomach with the barrel of his Glock 9mm pistol and shoves her backward into the exhibit hall.

"EVERYONE - ON THE FLOOR, NOW!" the apparent leader (in a Bill Gates mask) says, firing one silenced round from his Glock into the air. "Cooperate and no one gets hurt and we're out of your life in twenty minutes! NOW, lie down and stretch out your arms over your head - that's right, reach out ladies and gents, so we can keep an eye on yah and kill the first person who tries to draw a weapon."

Supergirl, still in her O'Malley disguise, joins the others and falls to the floor on her belly near and facing one wall. One by one, she and the others on the floor begin to stretch out their arms past their heads. Gang members move slowly around the room, looking at the hostages, checking for weapons and kicking hostages too slow to follow orders. Finally, one yells, "He's here, Max!" and points toward the man in the khaki-colored uniform. As *Max* moves toward the man on the floor, a small Black woman member of the gang, wearing a fake glasses and large nose *Groucho Marx* disguise, rushes to Max's side and begins whispering in his ear.

Supergirl decides this is an ideal time to test her *lessons*, the lessons extracted from her soul with such great effort and personal pain in sessions with Dr. Steinberg. She looks away from the thugs and concentrates on her *assignment* from the psychiatrist. "Okay, I'll wait and see how this develops. If I change into Supergirl now and try to stop this, innocent people might get hurt in the gunfire these goons would foolishly use to stop me. Maybe when these thugs leave, I can slip away, change into my costume and catch them. Away from all these people. Yeah, I guess maybe it IS better to wait and see!"

Max begins shouting to the hostages, "OK PEOPLE, LISTEN UP! We ... we need your cooperation for a few more minutes. You see, I'm worried about cops chasing us so we're going to take a few of you along as hostages. Jack, pick out a few kids and some of the more attractive broads - cops hate to shoot babies and babes. Take that one, that one, and, uh, get that red-head in the red leather pants, too."

The man in uniform, six women and three kids are quickly pulled to their feet and shoved to one side of the hall. The kids scream, their parents try to protest, some of the selected women cry and plead to be let free but the gang members ignore all this. Supergirl suddenly realizes that SHE is the red-head in red leather pants. She turns to look at the thugs and sees the small Black woman and another thug striding toward her, Uzis levelled at her and the people around her. As the hoods near her, Kara rolls slightly onto one side as if she's going into a fetal position but the two thugs lift her to her feet and yank her arms behind her back. Supergirl lets them manhandle her arms, even when they begin to roughly wrap her wrists together with duct tape. When the female criminal steps on Supergirl's foot and grinds her heel into the heroine's boot, Supergirl decides to ignore the affront and continues to stare ahead. She suspects this is what a normal hostage would do. Supergirl believes she should show no fear to these people. She saw that advice on the Discovery channel, or maybe CNN. The Black woman nods at the gang's leader.

"Come on, people!" Max shouts, "we've got a schedule to keep!" Supergirl joins the other hostages and several of the criminals near the exit and waits passively to see how the situation will develop.

"Let these other people go," the man in khaki demands imperiously. "They mean nothing to you!"

"These are your houris," Max replies, referring to the Arabic term for maidens who wait on the faithful Muslims in heaven.

One man rushes from the museum while Max and the others begin to herd the hostages toward the door. Just before they leave, Max and the Black woman stand near the museum door. "My small friend here will be outside the door. She has an Uzi. If anyone leaves before one hour is up, she will kill that person and EVERYone here!" Max twists the dial on a kitchen timer and puts it on the floor. "You folks may leave when this bell rings."

"Take care of that business we discussed, Mary, and I'll see you at the Bunker," Max says, giving the Black woman a peck on the cheek. He leaves and joins the hostages and the rest of his crew as they descend to the staff garage under the museum. The thug who left earlier is waiting there with a small commuter bus *borrowed* for this occasion.

As the thugs and hostages board the bus, Max directs Supergirl, still in her Maureen disguise, to one bench seat. He puts a small child on the seat between her and the window, then begins to tie the little girl's arm and leg to Supergirl's elbow and calf. Kara's arms are still behind her back and duct taped together so the child's hand reaches behind the heroine's back just far enough to reach Supergirl's elbow. The kid cries as her tiny hand is tied to the older woman's elbow.

As he leans over Supergirl to complete the knots, his elbow brushes against the heroine's breast. She leans back slightly but the seat limits how far she can go. She grits her teeth in disgust at this high school behavior as the man continues to poke and prod her breast and then her thigh with his elbow and hand. Finally he pulls away and Supergirl suddenly sees a grenade is positioned between her and the little girl. "Move and this grenade goes off, okay?" Max says, smiling at the *red-head*. Supergirl looks around quickly and sees that several other hostages are also rigged with grenades. "See, everyone has to be on their BEST behavior," Max says loudly to the hostages, "because if ONE grenade goes off, that will trigger a chain reaction and they ALL will explode." Max and his crew move among the hostages and slip thick blindfolds over each one's eyes. The gang members spread out and sit with the hostages, using weapons to keep the victims from making a scene. Max sits beside the Maid of Might after TIGHTLY binding a blindfold over her eyes.

The bus pulls out of the garage and heads out of D.C. in afternoon commuter traffic toward Frederick, Maryland. The bus quickly blends into the rush hour herd of vehicles heading northwesterly from the District. Any chance of police pursuit vanishes when the bus enters the rolling gridlock on I-270. Inside the bus, the Maid of Might decides that she will just have to wait until they get to whereever they're going. "When I'm not tied to a grenade," she decides, "I'll use super speed to end this situation."

*  *  *  *  *

Nine people wearing business attire and gray hoods sit around a long wooden conference table in a Metropolis high rise office building. This is the ruling council for the infamous InterGang. In addition to the Chairman, there are four *functional chiefs* who head criminal activities in the areas of Physical Damage, Extortion, Theft and Controlled Substances. Four others are *support chiefs* in charge of Finances, Information, Logistics and Research. Hundreds of criminal activities begin here. Criminals controlled by one chief are *loaned* to another, as needed, for special operations. InterGang runs like a large corporation. Superman has tried for years to close down InterGang, but has had no success. Today, other plans are being executed.

"Okay, Extortion, what's your report on this snatch in D.C.?" the Chairman asks.

"As planned earlier," *Extortion* begins, "we had a crew grab Moustafa bin Ibrahim in a museum in D.C. twenty minutes ago. He only had two guards ..."

"Who is he?" *Research* asks.

"Tell her," the Chairman orders, "she was busy with the Lorton Prison operation when you briefed this to the rest of us."

"Well," Extortion begins, "Moustafa is the son of the sheik of Karjakistan, a tiny kingdom in the Persian Gulf region. He's also their ambassador to the U.S. We grabbed him and some hostages; we sent the embassy a note saying that we will return him for ten million dollars."

"Excellent," the Chairman says, "so now we'll hear ..."

"Excuse me," Extortion interrupts, "but ... ah, there may be more. One of the crew - Mary Wiggins - she was on the Lorton Op, wasn't she? Yes. Well, she called me just before this meeting. Seems that we MIGHT have bagged ... hold onto your chairs folks, but we might have also taken Supergirl hostage!"


"This better be good," the Chairman says ominously.

"Well," Extortion says, "when the hostages were on the floor, team leader Max Johnson had them stretch out their hands. Mary saw this one chick had on leather pants and a bulky black sweater. When the citizen raised her hands, her arms extended out of the cuffs on her sleeves and her pants rode up. Mary saw that the woman had tight blue spandex-like sleeves UNDER the sweater, and red boots under the pants. She thought it odd for someone to be dressed so heavily in August in D.C. - the temp is over 98 outside today in D.C. and the city is under a code red ozone alert. Then she observed that the woman had a wig on as well. She put two and two together and told Max her suspicions.

"That's quite a leap to make - concealed red boots, blue undershirt, wig, therefore Supergirl!" *Information* sneers.

"Right! But then Max told her to check out the woman. Mary said she ground her heel into the woman's foot and got no reaction. When her partner was putting duct tape on the woman's wrists, Mary dragged a knife across the back of the woman's hand. Nothing. No cut, no scar."

"Holy SHIT!" "What the fuck!" "Why ...?!?"

"That's the BIG question, *Theft*," the Chairman says, "why didn't she mop the floor with that crew? Research, is there any chance that this is a result of the Op you ran against her?"

"No, Chief, we didn't do anything that would cause this. Maybe she's just flipped out. We need time to think about this, reconsider what the drugs might have done to her."

"Well," *Physical Damage* interjects, "there's no way to know WHAT that crazy alien bitch is up to! I say kill her NOW!"

"Can't," Extortion says, "we don't have any assets left in the D.C. area that can take out a Kryptonian. We lost everything at Lorton."

"They're going to the Bunker outside Thurmont, Maryland," the Chairman says, rising, "get to work, come up with some options, people! We gotta move fast on this! We need to either contain or kill this Kryptonian while we have the chance."

*  *  *  *  *

After clearing most of the traffic jam near D.C., the bus and its occupants begin the long ride to the mountains north and west of Frederick, Maryland. As the bus bumps along the interstate, Max stares toward his captive. Is she really the invincible Supergirl? When she was pressed against the seat, her tits certainly felt as soft as any other woman's love bumps.

Say she is the Girl of Steel. Why isn't she trying to rescue Moustafa? Why is she putting up with this degrading treatment? Is she just trying to protect her secret identity? She MUST know that it's blown! But then again, maybe not. Rumor mills suggest that she's not too bright in some ways - a real blonde.

The blind-folded woman's head bounces lightly with the bus' motion and rigidly faces forward. "If she's using her X-ray vision, she's not looking around the bus," Max thinks. Moving up to sit beside the woman, he takes a few moments to REALLY look at her. In the tight-fitting leather jeans and boots she looks quite attractive and the long red hair is as stimulating as her blond hair would be. Hell, everything about this woman is attractive (well, her breasts aren't big enough, but then few women have breasts large enough for Max).

One hand of the villain reaches up and the back of it caresses the woman's cheek. "What's your name, honey?" the thug leader asks *Maureen*.

"You can call me Maureen," she replies, "and PLEASE don't touch me. I'm ... I'm worried about setting off the bomb you put on me." Supergirl has decided that if she can restrain her desire to crush these thugs like bugs, she will not only capture the entire gang, but she'll also have exposed one of InterGang's hideouts in the D.C. area. Who knows what documents and information the authorities will recover! Why, this will impress Kal-el! But she must tolerate the crude behavior of these men for a while longer.

Max's hand twists and he runs his palm over the cheek on the other side of her face, then down her long alabaster neck. At the collar of her sweater, he dips one finger under the sweater and brings his hand across the front of the woman, his finger deeply buried inside her sweater and dragging across ... yes, there is some kind of clothing UNDER the cotton sweater! He can feel the neck of the t-shirt or blouse or whatever. He sees the woman get tense and stifle a moan or gasp or something. She sucks in her breath when he briefly touches the skin under her blouse.

When Max's hand reaches his side of the woman, he pulls his finger out of her sweater and ever so lightly moves his cupped hand down the girl's chest, stopping briefly to cup and then squeeze her left breast. Again the woman shifts uncomfortably and seems to be struggling to not respond to his actions. This delights Max. This INSPIRES Max.

When his hand reaches the bottom of the woman's sweater, he continues to move his cupped hand downward, past the top of her pants, onto the top of her thigh. His fingers slip between her tightly-clenched legs as his palm rests on the front of her thighs. "Relax, Maureen," he says sweetly, "I'm just gonna cop a few feels. Be nice, don't make a scene, don't try to stop me, and I'll let you go, unharmed, when the prince is ransomed. I'm not a rapist."

"P-prince?" Supergirl asks, turning her head toward his mask and eyes, her pulse racing from the touch of this man. Being caressed by him, being unable to DO anything to STOP him, with all her vaunted super powers, is, she realizes, an extremely powerful turn on for her. Already she can feel wetness between her thighs and having his hand, the fingers of an ordinary human who's holding HER a hostage, so close to her honey mound is maddeningly erotic to the woman. A slight groan slips between her lips before she can stifle it.

Max continues talking to the woman as his hand shifts one of her legs, widening the gap between her thighs. He is surprised that she doesn't resist - the Jaws of Life couldn't spread her legs if she didn't want them spread. "Yes, Maureen, one of your fellow hostages is a Arab prince! He's the reason we went to that Museum. As soon as his government pays for his return, we'll return all of you to D.C. We're wearing masks and you're blindfolded so you know too little about us to get us arrested and we don't kill people for no reason. So just shut up, be a good girl and cooperate with me and NO ONE gets hurt, understand?" Not waiting for her to answer, Max puts the tips of his fingers over her clit and presses inward, trying to apply pressure through her clothing. He methodically and slowly pushes in and out with his fingers and soon is rewarded when the woman wets her lips with her tongue, then moans shortly thereafter.

"Rao," Supergirl thinks to herself, "I ... I can't let himmmmnnnhh ... ah, get to me."

As the bus turns north at Frederick and approaches the mountains, Max's hand continues to play with Supergirl's body. His hand pokes between her legs to stroke her thighs and press against her cunt, then switches to caress her breast tenderly. Feeling her nipple getting harder, Max squeezes it between two fingers but gets no reaction from his hostage. He switches back to her probing her crotch. Meanwhile, he leans toward her and runs the tip of his tongue around and inside her ear and softly exhales against her neck. As the bus turns off the main road toward the gang's mountain lair, Max is gratified to feel a wetness between the woman's legs. Her moaning and fidgeting in the seat is almost continuous now, and even he begins to worry that she might move too much and cause the explosive to detonate.

"Ohhhh, gooddddddsss!" Supergirl moans aloud, "puh-please ... no more! I c-can't stand what you're doing to meeeennnhhh!"

"Oh, well, if that's how you feel," Max says slyly as the bus makes the turn into the Bunker's parking lot, "I guess I'll just leave you alone." Max knows that his handiwork has stirred her juices and stopping is probably the LAST thing she REALLY wants right now. "Let her stew a while longer," he thinks, "and she'll be ripe for the plucking!"

"Oh, Rao," Supergirl thinks, suddenly regretting her decision, "wh-why did I ask him to stopppp? I'm sooo close ... NO! Gotta ... gotta get back in control here! I've got a mission to do, for the prince, for these other people! But ... mmmnnhh."

The bus rattles to a stop outside the entrance to InterGang's underground Maryland facility. An old government bunker, the entrance is atop the ridge line called South Mountain but the body of the facility extends several hundred feet below the surface. As the gang members remove explosives, untie the hostages and remove their blindfolds, outside the bus other people are moving cartloads of boxes out of the facility and onto large rental trucks.

Supergirl has regained enough of her composure and with her super vision can see the unloading of the bus and the movement of materials from the Bunker. "Gee, I better make my move," she reasons as her bonds are removed and she and the little girl are taken off the bus. "It looks like they're moving documents and electronic equipment out of the Bunker. The authorities might want to see them!"

Her attention is suddenly jerked back to her situation. The hostages are all huddled together between the bus and the Bunker entrance. Max and his cohorts begin tying the hostages together in small groups and put the explosives around their bodies. Supergirl is tied to another woman and to two kids. Just as she readies to end this hostage situation she feels a gang member tape a grenade to her back. "Move too much and this grenade will explode," she's warned. Again she decides she must wait lest innocent people be harmed.

The criminals herd the hostages into the underground bunker. Deep inside the mountain, the hostages are put into two rooms. The Maid of Might, four women and two little girls are put in one room. Chairs in the room are in a kind of open circle (one more chair is needed to close the circle) with their backs facing inward. As the hostages are seated, each has her arms pulled behind her back. Their hands are taped together and connected to more trip-wires (which are then connected to powerful explosives set up inside the circle).

As the gang members start to leave the room, Max remains to ensure that no one (especially the red-head) tries to break her bindings. "Not only are you connected to explosives that will kill everyone in this room, but you are also connected to a circuit that will explode in the room holding the other hostages. And they're located somewhere else in this facility. So if you WANT to kill a lot of people, remove the restraints around your wrists. I can assure you a large body count."

Kara remains quiet and grinds her teeth in frustration. "Somehow, everything they do to us prevents me from changing into Supergirl!" she thinks, "I can't risk making my move without hurting these other people." She tries to look for the room with the other hostages but is reluctant to turn her head too far. In the direction she faces, she can't see any rooms with the other hostages. That means that even with all her speed, she might not be able to stop both bombs from exploding if she gets free. "This waiting to see what develops is HARD!" she decides.

Suddenly the small Black woman in the Groucho Marx mask enters the room and moves to Max's side. After they talk for a moment, the woman hands something to Max and then leaves. Max moves toward the hostages and stops in front of *Maureen*. "I'm going to put a tracking device on you, Maureen, so we can keep tabs on you and these other hostages from our control room. None of us want to be here if the explosives go off." He opens a small lead box that Mary had given to him and pulls a small object from it. Inside a lucite cube there is a small sliver of green Kryptonite! This is a personal treasure of the head of InterGang's D.C. office and is the only green K available to this crew on such short notice. Mary had connected it to a small chain and Max quickly puts the chain around Maureen's neck - it's a tight fit but he's able to close the clasp.

"Ohhh!" Supergirl gasps as the chain is secured to her neck. "Wh-what are ... what are you doing!?" she asks as she suddenly feels nauseous and weak. "What is this thing!?"

When Max sees the woman's reaction to the block, he's convinced that he does have the Maid of Might in his hands. He lifts her from her seat (just in case she WAS Supergirl, the wires which were tied to Maureen are NOT connected to the explosives but she was led to believe they were). As the woman is pulled to her feet, she sways from the effects of the green K. The amount is very small, but this close to her body, it's still enough to weaken the Girl of Steel.

Supergirl's vision blurs slightly and there's a burning sensation on her throat near the shard. She tries to clear her mind and resist Max but can't focus her attention due to the pain and weakness. Max quickly shoves the suddenly-helpless woman out of the room and down the hallway to another room. She staggers and stumbles briefly as the villain herds her down the rock-lined hallway. The new room is smaller and has a thick metal door like one on a submarine. There's a grimy old porcelin sink along one wall, two other walls are bare rock. Supergirl is shoved toward one of the rock walls - there are manacles attached to the rock walls.

Kara shakes her head, trying to clear it, but this only makes her totter on her feet - her sense of balance is nearly non-existent from the insidious effects of the green K. "I think it's time to unwrap my present to InterGang," Max gloats. Supergirl knows she should do something but she is too weak and disoriented to resist Max as he grins at the heroine, pulls out a knife and swiftly cuts the duct tape off her wrists and the sweater off her body.

"N-no, you mustn't do this!" she protests but Max just grins. Then he grabs the front of her pants, unbuttons them, drops the zipper, and yanks the red leather pants down past her hips. Supergirl looks on through cloudy eyes and sways as Max rolls the pants down below her knees. Max pushes her back against the wall and while she focuses on keeping on her feet and not tripping over her jeans, the villain snaps the manacles around her wrists. While the Maid of Might looks at the wrist manacles and tries to focus her attention on breaking free from them, Max lifts first one leg, then the other and pulls the pants off (and one boot in the process, which he swiftly puts back on her foot). Finally, he slips manacles around her ankles, pinning her to the wall at four points. He yanks the red wig off her head and tosses it aside. Supergirl looks up at Max, her eyelids heavy from the radiation effects. She licks her lips, but this time it isn't in response to his sensitive strokes but because the green K has dried her mouth.

"How did ... how did you know?" she finally manages to ask Max. The gang leader regards his captive, notes with pleasure that she DOES look like a blond goddess in her red, blue and yellow costume. Chained against the wall, hanging limply due to the effects of the green K, she's even more spectacular in Max's eyes. Finally, he notices a small stain of wet on her red shorts at the front of her crotch. He smiles evilly at his captive.

Max explains Mary's observations and hunches and grins when the Maid of Might lowers her head, ashamed at having her identity revealed by such a simple act as raising her arms. Suddenly she sees Max move closer, pressing his body against hers. She looks up into his eyes and the man's hands begin playing across her body. Only the thin fabric of her costume is between her body and his hands and his touch has a more powerful effect on the woman due to that and the green K. One hand easily slides between her out-stretched thighs and strokes her damp cunt. His other hand runs up her ribs and across one of her tight breasts, one of which he squeezes with all his strength. This time the woman groans from his touch and when he squeezes a blood-engorged nipple between a finger and thumb, the powerful Girl of Steel shudders in his hands - the green K making her skin soft enough to feel his handiwork. Max steps back from Supergirl and marvels at her still-shaking body.

"I've got to tell Metropolis that Supergirl becomes as soft and pliable as a sex slave when exposed to green K," Max decides. He turns to leave her cell.

As she drifts back from the emotions Max stirred up, Supergirl's mind clears and she realizes she MUST get away from this place. Summoning all her rapidly-fading strength, Supergirl tries to break her bonds and after a few moments, succeeds in pulling one hand free. Max turns and sees that she has gotten free, despite all he's done to her, and runs from the room calling for help as Supergirl begins to work on pulling her second hand free. Sweating, straining, she pulls the second manacle's post out of the wall and bends over to free her feet. As her head dips downward, the green K poisoning causes her to lose her balance and fall forward and she lands roughly on her shoulder. Momentum carries her forward and in a second she's lying flat on the floor on her stomach with her feet still held by the ankle manacles.

As the Girl of Steel tries to rise, she finds that her ankles had twisted and her feet no longer touch the floor. She takes a moment on her hands and knees and looks back to see how she must turn her ankles so the manacles will allow her to put her feet on the floor and stand. As her fuzzy mind tries to solve this problem, the hatch door opens and Max and another man enter the room. Max is carrying a large odd-looking weapon and the other man is a huge mountain of muscle.

Max levels the weapon at the heroine and pulls the trigger. The experimental weapon fires an energy pulse that fills the room with red light and hits Supergirl on the *S* in the middle of her cape. The force of the blast hammers her to the floor and she grunts painfully as she pancakes onto the floor.

"It takes several minutes for this damn thing to recharge," Max shouts, "keep her busy, Karl, until I'm ready!"

Karl Stuhl, the man who played the role of Superman in InterGang's operation at the Lorton Prison, steps forward and grabs Supergirl by her long golden tresses. He pulls her up to her knees, her arms hanging limply at her sides and her eyes are half closed from the shock and pain of the weapon's blast on top of the green-K poisoning.

"Hiya, twinkie!" Stuhl says, "remember me? Remember ... THIS!" and his powerful fist smashes into the heroine's nose, throwing her head back until his hold on her hair jerks her head to a stop. Before she can respond to his blow, Stuhl bends Supergirl backward. She's on her knees, her feet are off the floor because of the manacles and her back is bowed sharply so that the top of her head is against the rock wall. Her arms flutter weakly as she tries to defend herself. She feels like her mind no longer controls her body!

Stuhl rains hammer blows on Supergirl's face and kicks her stomach viciously, giving the woman no time to react to his attacks. Her invulnerable body absorbs his blows but the green K's effects on her body mean that his powerful blows slowly drain her energy reserves, slowly they begin to affect her. After a dozen powerful blows to her beautiful face and several thundering kicks to her drum-tight stomach and exposed crotch, Supergirl is gasping for air and begging for Karl to stop.

"P-please ... n-noo more!" she cries out as she sags against the wall. Her lower lip is slightly swollen - she had bitten it during the pounding she received from Stuhl. She manages to bring one hand up to her face and turns her hand so the palm faces Stuhl as if it will stop him from punishing her face any further. Her other arm moves to her stomach and she rubs it lightly in a vain attempt to ease the pain from his kicks.

"Get away from her," Max commands, bringing the weapon up to firing position. Karl quickly backs away from Supergirl, letting her sag against the wall, still on her knees. She slides down the wall to sit on her ankles, her arms hanging ineffectually at her sides. The stricken heroine struggles valiantly to keep her head up to face her tormentors.

"Haven't you done enough to me?" she asks, hoping to buy time, "I ... I can't fight you ... nnnnhhh ... So weak! Did ... did you put some kind of green Kryptonite around my neck?"

Max says nothing to the heroine, he just aims the weapon and pulls the trigger. Again there is a powerful blast of energy from the end of the gun, a blinding light and the thunder of the shot. This time the round hits Supergirl on the *S* on the front of her blouse, right between her luscious titties. The impact drives her up and backward against and INTO the rocky wall behind her. Her eyes close as she loses consciousness from this second powerful blow to her body.

As the smoke in the room dissipates, Max and Karl, coughing from the smoke, regard the heroine embedded in the rock wall. "WOOO-BOY, we beat the CRAP outta her!! Is she dead?" Karl asks.

"Unlikely," Max replies, "this is one tough bitch. Go get some tools, get back here and reattach those manacles to the wall. I think the green K will keep her if you can securely fasten the cuffs to the wall. HURRY! I don't know how long she'll be unconscious." The two men leave and secure the metal door behind them.

*  *  *  *  *

"Ooohhhh!" Supergirl groans some time later. She slowly regains consciousness and opens her eyes. "I won-wonder how ... uunnhh how long I've been out." She sees that she is still sunken halfway into the rock face of the wall, her legs twisted impossibly below her. The blast caused her right foot to wrench one of the ankle manacles out of the wall. Supergirl uses places her palms against the wall and pushes against it to pry her body out of the rock wall. As she strains, she manages to free herself and once free from the wall, she falls forward to again land on her face - her breasts cushioning her fall against the floor. "Aahh ... this ... bites," she decides.

Slowly, achingly slowly, Supergirl manages to rise off the floor to her hands and knees. As she gets off the floor, the lucite block holding the green K falls off her neck. When Supergirl was driven into the wall by the last blow from Max's weapon, the clasp on the chain holding the block against her neck had broken. The block remained on her neck only because it's chain was pinned between her neck and the wall.

The Maid of Might's left ankle is still chained to the wall. Her ankle is sore from the long time it was twisted *the wrong way*, both when she first fell to the floor, then while she was embedded in the wall. Green Kryptonite poisoning weakened her body's defenses enough that the long strain on her muscles has caused a slight tearing of her ankle muscles. She frees her ankle by wrenching the manacle's chain free from its anchor on the wall. Supergirl tries to stand but staggers and falls to her knees, closing her eyes and moaning from the pain in her ankle. A moment later and she's ready to try again to rise to her feet.

"Gotta get rid of this thing," Supergirl thinks when she sees the clear block with its deadly green sliver on the floor before her. Looking around the small room, she suddenly has an inspiration. She recalls an episode of an old Superman TV show starring George Reeves. She gingerly picks up the block, grimacing from the pain of the radiation flowing into her hand. Using the wall for support, the Maid of Might rises to her feet and manages to stagger slowly (and painfully on her sore ankle) to the old sink. "Yep!" she says, smiling, "lead pipe. Just like that old TV show." She drops the lucite block into the sink's drain and watches it drop down into the pipe. She turns and walks away from the sink, feeling stronger by the second.

KRANG! and the steel door swings open. Karl walks into the cell carrying tools which he drops when he sees the vacant depression on the far wall, a depression which should have contained the body of Supergirl! Turning, he spots the Girl of Steel just as her fist connects with his chin. Karl staggers backward and shakes his head from her blow. Not her most powerful punch, but stronger than Karl has faced in a fight in quite a while. Stuhl smiles as he thinks about the fun of an *even* fight with this *twinkie*. He steps forward, one fist blocking, the other roaring toward Supergirl's unprotected jaw.

Supergirl felt lucky to land the first punch, but was chagrinned that it didn't knock the guy into the next room. "Need time ... to get my ... strength back," she pants to herself. "He's not going to give it to me!" she thinks as Karl steps toward her and throws a powerful blow at her face. Supergirl dodges to one side and feels a *WHOOSH* as his massive fist flashes past her ear. She steps inside his punch and expertly raises one leg, moving her knee toward his crotch with all her strength. At the last second, Karl's thigh shifts enough to block her kick and deflect her knee. Even so the force of her blow lifts him off the floor. As the combatants recover and ready for the next series, Karl uses his long reach to snatch Supergirl's cape as she backs away from him. Before she can react, Karl swings his arm outward in a wide arc and yanks the cape, pulling Supergirl off balance.

"Heeyyyyy!" the Maid of Might yelps as she's suddenly airborne, flying backward. Karl continues to turn and grabs more of her cape with his other hand. In seconds he's spinning in the cell, holding Supergirl's cape, spinning the heroine around him in a wide circle, her boots bouncing of one wall. The Girl of Steel was taken by surprise and is still too weak to resist; she spins around Stuhl helplessly. Stuhl releases her cape and Supergirl flies outward to smash into one of the rock walls, inflicting further pain on her weakened ankle. She falls to the floor and lands on her back alongside the base of the wall. "MMnnnnhhhh" she moans, putting a hand to her head to stop the dizziness from her swing. Lying on her back with her feet up and leaning against the wall, she's too battered to stand.

Stuhl's fuzzy from the turning too, but knows he has to regain the advantage against Supergirl. He steps forward shakily and stops abruptly when he sees that the green K is no longer around her neck. "Ohhhh ... sshhhIIIITT!" he says, "where ... how? Gotta find that block." He turns to check the rest of the cell, oblivious as the heroine slowly, achingly rises behind him. Stuhl moves to the sink and looks under and in it but can't see the block. Suddenly he sags to his knees as Supergirl's clenched fists smash into the base of his skull. A second powerful blast and Karl falls to one side, out of the fight. Supergirl leans against the sink and pants, trying to regain her wind for the next step. Radiation from the green k shard floats up from the drain and bathes her upper body, causing the girl to fall back away from the sink. She lands on her butt, her head spinning again from this new burst of radiation.

"Ohhh, Rao I'm tired!" Supergirl sighs, "how can I get those hostages free when I can barely walk across the room!" She turns and uses her super vision to scan beyond the walls of the cell and spots the hostages and the InterGang people on this floor - Max and two others. She drags Stuhl over to the wall and puts one shackle back together, connecting it to an unused anchor point on the wall. She slips Stuhl's hand into the shackle and hopes that this will keep him out of her hair for a while. Then she heads toward the cell door, limping much less as her super body regains its strength away from the insidious affects of green Kryptonite.

*  *  *  *  *

"... so, we've got her under control for the moment," Max tells his boss in Metropolis. "When Karl chains her up, I'm going to go back in there and rape the bitch. . . Yah, sex 'n Kryptonite ... It seems to keep her quiet and pliable. The green K helps - send more if you have any! And her wallet says her civilian identity is Maureen O'Malley of Arlington, Virginia. I sent it back to D.C. with Mary Wiggins when she left. Yah, I'll call when we ... " CRASH! and the door to Max's office falls to the floor, a familiar figure in red, yellow and blue stands in the doorway, hands on her hips. Behind her, Max can see his other two people lying against the far wall, unconscious.

"Time to end this, Max," Supergirl says, walking into the room, "why don't you just surrender now and we can free the hostages and get out of here." She hopes to bluff her way through this - she's still a little weak and disoriented from her ordeal and needs more time to rest and recover. As she assumes her *power pose* in the doorway, she takes a moment to scan the office and turns her head slightly to look through doors on the wall to her right. When her eyes move off Max, he takes the opportunity to seize the experimental weapon.

"Smile!" Max says as he raises the weapon. Supergirl turns her head back toward the gang boss and her eyes widen when she sees the weapon in his hands. Before she can do anything, the weapon blasts and a powerful blow hits her left shoulder and tosses her backward into the hallway. She hits the wall on the far side and slides down it to the floor, holding her shoulder.

"Nnnh, f-forgot ... forgot about that gun," she says to herself. "Gotta get back ... stop him ... nnhhh ... before he fires again." She tries to rise but puts weight on left arm and it buckles under her, still aching from the hit it has taken. She lands on her side with a thud and winces from the pain in her arm. Again she manages to rise to a seated position and looks up to see Max walking through the doorway. She can hear the hum as the weapon recycles to another round.

Instead of trying to fight the man, Supergirl fires a blast of heat vision at the weapon. As Max raises the weapon to fire at the girl, the center suddenly glows red. Startled, the gang boss drops the weapon just as it explodes. Max is tossed backward into his office and Supergirl is buffeted by the blast, but it's effect on her is neglible. A moment later she's on her feet and looking into Max's office. Max lies against the far wall, his neck broken by the force of his landing.

*  *  *  *  *

An hour later, Supergirl and the hostages reach the parking lot of the Bunker. She had overpowered four more InterGang members on the way up from the bottom of the hideout and all seven surviving InterGang people in the Bunker are in chains below.

"My government will reward you handsomely," Prince Moustafa says to Supergirl in the parking lot. "Your bravery ... "

The Girl of Steel blushes as she thinks of how much she went through to reach this point. "Save your rewards, highness," she says to him, "I don't think I earned anything today." She turns away from the puzzled Arab, disgusted with what happened below.

When the first police units begin to pull into the parking lot, the Maid of Might turns and leaps into the air to return home and think about this *wait and see* policy. At this point she's not too fond of it. Or that shrink's *help*.