#29: The Dancin' Fool

by RW

(Note: This story is more or less based on the Kryptonian Supergirl Kara Zor-el of the 1980s, who was killed off by D.C. Comics; many of the other characters are from that era as well, but there are some 'current' characters/events and new characters.  Hope this mishmash isn't too confusing.)

Thanks again to A. Cooley for her nasty ideas for Supergirl.

"Batgirl will be crippled from the middle of her torso down for the rest of her life," Batman tells the assembled members of the Justice League of America.  Most of them gasp in shock at the dreadful news.   "The surgeons couldn't repair the damage.  Robin will heal, with time."  Seated around the conference table in the main hall of their Metropolis headquarters are some of the most beloved and powerful superheroes and superheroines in the country.   Despite their awesome powers, none could help the stricken heroine.   "The bullet shattered two vertebrae and severed nerves in her spinal column," the Caped Crusader reports.  "Too much time elapsed between the injury and when doctors began work on her.  Not even the Purple Healing Ray from Paradise Island was able to help her - there was too much tissue damage and scarring."

Even the mighty Amazon Princess, Wonder Woman, daubs at a tear in her eye at Batgirl's fate.  "What ... what will become of her, Batman?" Diana of Themyscira asks.

"She's in critical care at a hospital in upstate New York," he tells the woman.  "When she can leave, I'll make arrangements to help her find someplace to live, maybe some work for her to do.  She might even be able to help us fight crime, somehow."

"Has anyone heard from Superman or Supergirl?" the Green Lantern asks.   "I'm sure they'd like to know what's happened in the last two days."

"Superman's been missing for almost two weeks now," the Flash replies.   "Agent King of the local F.B.I. office has been calling our monitoring room almost daily, looking for him or Supergirl.  Haven't heard from her, either."

"I have," Batman says in a grim voice.  "Haven't seen her since the visit to England (there's a catch in his voice as he thinks about Britannia) over two weeks ago and but I heard about her when she was with Batgirl a few nights back.  Winding down from 'doing the town' together, I imagine."  The Amazon Princess raises an eyebrow at this mysterious revelation.  The Dark Knight doesn't add that he thinks they have become lesbian lovers.

*  *  *  *  *

Later that same day, Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor's personal assistant gets a call on her private line in her office at LexCorp Headquarters across town.  "My, my, my, I'm surprised that you would find time to call me, darling," she says into the phone.  "I haven't seen any news reports about a certain green-clad villainess being arrested.  Can I assume you're still on the job?"

"I've been scouring Metropolis looking for her," Supergirl says on the other end of the line.  "Can't you give me a clue about where she is, or where she will be?"

"Are we anxious to get back our cute little costume, then?" Graves taunts the Maid of Might.  "You will recall our agreement.  You follow my orders and I'll return a piece of your costume for each thing you do.   I won't make you do anything illegal, but I also won't do anything to hurt Lex Luthor's interests, and right now, her actions and his interests are too closely woven together.  In fact, they're working together right now.  So what HAVE you been doing the last day?"  Mercy has seen reports about Batgirl.  Why isn't the Maid of Might involved in the hunt for Joker?

"I've been bustin' my buns for you, Mercy, looking for Misty," Supergirl replies in a mildly angry voice.  "I haven't even had time to eat, I've been so busy trying to find and capture her."  Since the Gotham City villainess Poison Ivy sold most of Supergirl's costume to Luthor, the Girl of Steel has made a pact with the devil - Mercy Graves.  In exchange for capturing Misty for Mercy (who hates Luthor's up-and-coming villanous vixen), Graves said she would return part of the captured costume.  Other parts would be returned in exchange for other 'favors'.*   Supergirl doesn't want to think what those 'other favors' will entail.   Graves is a sadistic dominatrix who enjoys demeaning and raping the Girl of Steel.   Unfortunately, more and more the heroine seems to enjoy being raped - gets a perverse sexual pleasure from being 'taken' by the woman, it fact.

"I'm sure your intentions are admirable, little missy, but results count," Mercy says in a stern voice.  "Tell you what.  Meet me in my suite tonight around seven p.m. and we'll see if we can't rustle up some food for you.  Can't have my personal crimefighter weak from hunger now, can I?  I'll let you take me out on the town."

"I don't think so, Mercy," Supergirl replies, moving to hang up the phone.

"Seven p.m., or else, little girl, understand?" Mercy says in her most dominating voice.  Loud enough for Supergirl to hear her over the phone.

"Oh, all right," Supergirl says, cursing herself inwardly for her strong desire to regain her costume.  "Should I go to the Justice League for help?" she wonders.  "How can I tell them that Luthor has it, plus a deadly green K plant?  It would make me look ineffectual as a crimefighter.  Damn!  I'll just have to play along with Mercy and hope she keeps her word about not getting me involved in anything illegal!"

Supergirl uses the remaining two hours to scour Metropolis, using her super vision to look for Misty or Batgirl.  She spots Batman in the Hall of Justice with the other League members but decides not to interrupt them.  Looks like they're having a meeting and since she isn't a member ...

*  *  *  *  *

Promptly at seven p.m., there is a knock on the door of Mercy Graves' suite in LexCorp Towers.  "Come in," she says loudly. A heartbeat later, the door opens and Supergirl enters, wearing her 'new' costume, one obtained as a spare from the bottle city of Kandor.  She found out, to her regret that the new costume is a blue unitard (with the characteristic 'S' over her breasts) that covers her body from wrist/neck to inside her boots and looks like porno-movie bodypaint - although it covers all of her body and has somewhat thicker fabric to cover her nipples and crotch, every curve and nook on her body can be seen in the glittery blue fabric.   Calf-high, low-heeled red boots with yellow trim, a red cape that extends down to her buttocks, a thin yellow belt (purely for decorative purposes) and a pair of tight, forearm-length red gloves complete the costume.

"Still wearing your 'jammies', Supergirl?" Mercy asks the heroine standing in the doorway.  One can almost see steam pouring out of the Maid of Might's ears.  "Oh, that's right, that's your new costume, isn't it.  Don't be bashful, now, come in and close the door!   I don't want LexCorp employees seeing me receiving a late-night visit from you - Lex might ask me questions I'd rather not answer."  Mercy rises off her couch and moves toward the Maid of Might.  Mercy is 6' tall and in her four inch heels towers over the 5'8" heroine in her flat-heeled red boots.  Mercy has on a white ankle-length silk robe.

"Stop yanking my chain, Mercy," Supergirl says, glaring at the tall villainess.  "You said be here at seven.  I'm here.  I'm ready to go.  Why aren't you ready?"

"No, no, no, my little friend," the taller woman says, clicking her teeth together.  "You're not dressed properly for our 'date', not properly at all.   I'm afraid if we go out on the town with you dressed in your jammies, people will talk.  My friends will question my loyalties.  I'm afraid you're just going to have to change into something less, mmm, shall we say less conspicuous?"

A perplexed look fills the heroine's face.  "What ... what do you mean?" she asks.

Mercy moves beside the heroine and places an arm around the woman's shoulder, then leads her across the floor into the bathroom - the dreaded bathroom in which Mercy ruthlessly humiliated and raped the Girl of Steel a day ago.  Supergirl stops at the doorway but Mercy continues to push the heroine.  A second later, Supergirl's resolve crumbles and she lets Graves push her into the bathroom.

"Take off that silly costume, Supergirl," Mercy commands the Maid of Might.  Again, Supergirl glares up at the blond villainess, but inevitably begins undressing.  First she removes her red gloves, then sits on the edge of the tub to remove her boots.  She rises and unhooks her yellow belt and then reaches her hands up to spread apart the neckline of the unitard - only her mighty strength can part this Kryptonian fabric.  As she lowers the unitard, her face blushes as she bares her 36C breasts.   Tight round soft-looking mounds that always seem to defy gravity.   The nipples on the end of each mound seem to be getting larger as the embarassed heroine lowers her costume.  Her face reddens and the nipples continue to grow as she slides her unitard down past her blond bush.  With her entire costume on the floor, Mercy says, "Now hang it up on that hook so it will be nice and fresh for you when we return later tonight!"

Supergirl complies, then adds, "And it better all be here, Mercy, if you know what's good for you!"

"Such a temper!  I see we you need to know your place if we're going to have a fun evening!"  Mercy then sits on the fur-covered toilet seat and spreads apart the lower part of her bathrobe.  Next, she crosses her legs, removes one shoe and juts the foot toward the Maid of Might.  "I think you know what to do with these, don't you?" Mercy asks.  Again Supergirl's face reddens.  Not again!

"I don't think so, Mercy," Supergirl replies angrily.  "I'm not going to suck your toes again.  Never again.  It's ... it's demeaning."

The two women glare at each other for an eternity.  Finally, Graves lowers her foot.  "All right," she says, "but you'll have to pay a penalty.  Again, nothing illegal and probably something you'll enjoy."   Mercy points at four shiny metal balls, each over an inch in diameter, sitting on the sink.  "I want you to put those in you," the villainess says, "and I won't take 'no' for an anwer."

Supergirl looks at the balls with a quizzical look.  "Inside me?" she asks.  "What ... where?  eeuuww!!  OH NO!  I don't think so!"

"Then you can get dressed.  We have no more business to conduct - tonight or ever."

Again an eternity seems to pass.  Finally, Supergirl's resolve crumbles.  "If I suck on your toes, can we forget about these things?"

"No, that boat has left the pier.  Either put the ben wa balls in or leave."

Supergirl picks up one of the balls and rolls it around in her hand.   "What are these?" she asks.  "Are they filled with green K or something?"

"No, darling, I wouldn't do that to you," Mercy replies in a voice that's almost a purr.  "I need you healthy to take out Misty.  Those are ordinary Chinese ben wa balls, used to help, uh, help a woman adjust her attitude.  There's some K-Y© on the sink.  Just put some on the balls and they'll slip right in."

The disgusted heroine spurts a bit of the lubricating jell on a ball, smears it around and reaches down between her legs.  With a look of hatred in her eyes directed at the dominatrix, the Maid of Might forces the ball past her nether lips and into her vagina, then gasps loudly at the feeling.

"Three more, sweetie."

The Girl of Tomorrow lubes a second ball and pushes that between the lips of her vagina.  Again she gasps at the sensation. "That's all, Mercy," she says defiantly, standing upright.  "No more!"

"One more and we'll call it enough," Mercy orders.  After a few seconds, the Girl of Steel reluctantly picks up a third ball, lubes it, and puts it into her sweet spot.

"Ooohhh!" she moans as the three balls shift inside her.  She puts a hand on the counter and drops her head onto her chest, breathing heavily.   A few heartbeats later she raises her head and looks at the tall blonde.   "NOW can I get dressed," she asks, fighting the mild erotic feelings from the three balls.

"Of course, follow me."  Luthor's aide leads the Maid of Might from the bathroom, across the living room and into the master bedroom.   With each step, the balls jiggle inside the Girl of Steel and send tiny waves of pleasure up through her alien body.  By the time they reach the bedroom the Girl of Steel can feel a thin trickle slide down the inside of her thigh.

Inside the bedroom, Mercy opens her large closet and enters, returning with an outfit on a hanger.  "Put this on," she commands the Maid of Might.  Supergirl looks at the clothing and takes it off the hanger, tossing part on the bed.  A few seconds later she's clad in a a lacy white blouse that begins just below her breasts, barely covering them, then reaches up to cover the lower part of her shoulders.   Billowy, lacy sleeves extend down to her wrists.  Except for small circles covering her nipples, the rest is sheer, see-through lace.  The white skirt is also lace and has a white v-shape covering her bush.  It extends just two inches below her crotch, ending in ruffles.

"You're kidding, right?" Supergirl asks Mercy.  "These make me look like a hooker!  And there's no underwear!"

"Slip these on then to complete the look," Mercy says, smiling broadly.   She hands the super woman a small bundle of clothing.  A white thong to cover her bottom - barely, and a pair of white thin-mesh pantyhose are the first items the Girl of Steel dons.  She puts the thong on first, then the panty hose.  The next items include a pair of white, strap-on mules with four inch heels and a pair of see-through white lace gloves.   Graves goes back into the closet as the Maid of Might puts on the rest of her 'costume'.   Each movement jiggles the balls inside her, sending stronger and stronger waves of pleasure through her body.  "I can nnnh barely move in this ooohh rig.  I feel so mmnnhh embarassed, but I've just nnnhh GOT to get my costume buh-back!"

Graves rejoins Supergirl and the Maid of Might gasps at the sight of the villainess.  The woman is dressed completely in black, in contrast to the white-clad Maid of Might.  Mercy has on a leather bustier which pushes up and visibly shows off her 40C globes, pushed together to form amazingly lovely cleavage (in sharp contrast to Supergirl's apparent lack of cleavage).  Leather gloves extend almost to her bare shoulders and leather boots with five inch heels reach almost to her groin.  A leather mini extends from her hips down to the tops of her boots, barely covering her bush.   "After hearing you prattle on the other day about you being a force for good and me one for evil, I thought to myself, how should such a 'dynamic duo' like us dress for a night on the town.  I was going to make you wear black while I dressed in white, but I think I made the right choice.   You look positively delicious, sweetheart."

"What the heck do you have in mind?" the Girl of Steel asks her foe.   "You surely don't expect me to go out in public dressed like this, do you?"

"Oh, but indeed I do.  We'll go to a local watering hole for some drinks and dancing, then to a private club.  Oh, and for tonight, I'd rather not call you Supergirl.  What else shall I call you?"

Supergirl thinks for a moment and suggests her alter-alter-ego, the secret identity she has used in the past to wear civvies and not jeopardize her Linda Lee Danvers identity.  "Uh, you can call me, uh, Maureen."*

"Oooh, very brave of you to use the name you use when not wearing your Supergirl suit!"

"Eh?  What ... what are you talking about?"

"We know that Intergang captured you in your civilian identity and learned that your secret identity is Maureen O'Malley,"* Graves says.  "They couldn't find your home, neither could Lex, but we filed away your name for future use.  Are you ready, 'Maureen'?   Good, let's go!"

"No, I will never be ready to go out dressed like this, you evil woman," the feisty heroine replies.  But when Mercy grabs the heroine's hand and leads her out of the bedroom, Supergirl follows, stumbling slightly, unused to walking on 'stilts'.  She moans as the balls inside her begin to jostle again, sending waves of pleasure through her body. By the time they reach the garage, she can feel that the thong is soaking wet and there MUST be a stain on the pantyhose.

As the two women cross the darkened parking garage, Supergirl nods knowingly when she sees Graves' car - a red Lamborghini Diablo.  "How appropriate," Supergirl thinks as she walks, on slightly shaky legs, toward the 6.0 liter V12 muscle car.  "A car named Devil for this OOOHHhhhh RRaaaooo!" she moans to herself, not completing her thought because of the bouncing balls inside her.  The two women climb down into their seats.  Seconds later, Mercy roars the car out of the garage at Warp 9, cutting every corner as sharply as possible and at top speed, shaking the Maid of Might in her seat and rattling her balls.

*  *  *  *  *

An hour later, Mercy's Diablo pulls up to Pub 44.  The doorman helps the Girl of Steel climb out of the car, who almost falls as she tries to rise from the low car, stand on her high heels, and ride out the shaking of the metal ben wa balls inside her.  The thong and the tops of her pantyhose are drenched in her lubrication.  She had three climaxes on the ride here, due to the shaking around she got in Mercy's muscle car.   After helping the taller blonde out of the car, the valet drives the car away and Mercy joins the Maid of Might.

"Is this ... Mercy, is this a STRIP club?" Supergirl asks in shock.

"Oh, didn't I mention that?  Yes, I believe it is.  Come on, my dear, let's go inside."

"Your usual seat, Miss Graves?" the bouncer asks as they enter Pub 44.

"No, Danno, I think we'll sit down by the stage.  Give the men here a thrill."

A minute later, the two women take seats just below the stage of Pub 44 as the first stripper comes out.  She shakes and gyrates on the stage for several minutes, her 46D boobs threatening to wack her face and knock her out several times.  Supergirl watches the show, obviously ill at ease with the raunchy display and the obscene calls and behavior of the men in the audience.

When the dancer finishes, collects the money on the stage and runs back-stage, Mercy stands up and shouts for attention.  "Gentlemen, I have a proposition for you!  I have a, umm, call her a super girl for the next dance.   But she won't dance for your dollar bills.  So everyone give your waitress at least five dollars and if we have enough money, she'll dance for you.  Stand up, darling," Graves tells the blushing Maid of Might.  As men in the club begin to clap, hoot and stamp their feet, Mercy pulls the Maid of Might to her feet.

"Bring her back when she's got a pair!" someone yells.  "This is Pub 44 - and she ain't even close to a '44'!" another yells.  Catcalls replace the clapping and stamping.  The Girl of Steel blushes even more.

"You expect me to DANCE for these pigs?" Supergirl hisses at her companion.   "For ... for MONEY?"

"No, darling," Mercy replies.  "You dance, strip down to your undies, and you can turn any money you raise over to your favorite charity.   And stripping is legal here, so you're not breaking any laws.  Now, show a little enthusiasm for the boys.  Show them that you're 'special' and worth their time and money.   Use your flying power to float up onto the stage.  The more they're interested, the more money you'll get for Jerry's kids or 9/11 firefighters or whatever."

"You are a bitch, Mercy," Supergirl hisses.  As the boos and catcalls continue, Supergirl slowly floats upward until she's almost bumping the ceiling with her head.  She then slowly floats backward to land on the stage.  A hush falls over the crowd.  Then shouts and cheers fill the crowded club.  Flashes from the audience as she glides to a landing mean men are capturing her dance on film!

"She ain't got a rack, but she's gotta be Supergirl!" someone at the back yells.  Suddenly men begin handing money to the waitresses.   As they do so, Mercy flicks her hand at the Girl of Steel, indicating she should start dancing.  As the music begins, the disguised Kryptonian starts doing a slow dance, trying to stay on her feet while suppressing the feeling in her groin caused by all this motion.

"Almost a thousand dollars, Maureen," Graves yells.  "Do a good job and I'll triple it for your charity.  It's legal, it harms no one, so what do you have to lose?"

"My dignity."  The small three-piece band begins a raunchy bump and grind and the helpless heroine begins to dance harder on the stage, twisting her torso and pursing her lips into a silent 'o' as her balls bounce beneath her skirt.

"C'mon, baby, let's see some flesh!"  "Take it off, sweet meat!"   "You're MY Supergirl, let's see some o' dem powers you gots!"

The more the Girl of Steel dances on the stage, the more the metal balls jiggle inside her and stroke her inner sheath.  Waves of passion make her legs quivver and send goosebumps down her arms.  She almost falls off the high heels but uses her flying power to remain upright.  A miscalculation, though, lifts her off the stage and out over the audience before she regains control and returns to the stage.  The crowd goes wild and camera flashes almost turn the room to daylight as her exposed pussy looms overhead during the flight.

Fighting back waves of eroticism, she pulls off one of her lacy white gloves and tosses it into the audience.  Cheers call for more.   She obliges by pulling off another glove and tosses it into another section of the crowd.  "MORE MONEY!" Mercy yells over the crowd.  "My super little girlfriend here doesn't strip for peanuts!"  Waitresses are swamped with more money from the men - and women, in the crowd.

Supergirl stands in the center of the stage and adopts her super heroine pose.  Then her fingers begin to open the three lace knots holding her blouse closed.  She shakes her head from side to side with the music, letting her blond tresses swing seductively from side to side.  After each lace is untied, she lowers first one, then the other swatch of cloth off her shoulders.  "At least I'll make some money for charity.  Besides, I'll stop at the panties.   OHMYGOD, I'm not wearing a bra!"  Only her pert upright breasts keep her top on her with the knots untied.

The screaming for her to take more off continues.  Men begin to rush the stage, totally ignoring the vivacious black-clad vixen beside the stage.  More money gets tossed up on the stage, more orders are shouted to take off clothes.  Supergirl backs away from the edge of the stage like a frightened deer.  She could easily crush every man in this crowd but they're just being men.  Not normally a reason for killing someone, and anyway she doesn't kill 'innocents'.  She's tormented - what should she do next?

"C'mon honey, let's see some skin!"  "Take it OFF!!!"  "WE WANT BOOBS - WE WANT BOOBS - WE WANT BOOBS!!!"

Supergirl finally decides to get into the spirit of this obscene challenge.   At least it's her doing the stripping, not some other poor woman.  She's the one being humiliated, not another woman.  She slides to one side and grabs one of the vertical poles when the one of the metal balls bumps against her 'g' spot.   Given her current level of arousal, this touch causes her to spasm in shock and pleasure and almost knocks her on her super ass.  Her hand, wrapped around the two-inch thick metal pole, crushes it and snaps a section off, leaving just the floor piece, and the ceiling piece.  The men in the bar roar their approval.  Hot shit, it really IS Supergirl!   More cameras capture the moment forever.  Meanwhile, the heroine's super body suffers powerful convulsions as a terrific climax forces her to drop her chin onto her bare chest and her muscles spasm uncontrollably.  Her face flushes - she can feel juices sliding down her thighs.  "Oooohh, let mmmnn let me wake uuuhhup!" she thinks.

Mercy hops up on the stage and rushes to Supergirl's side.  "You aren't showing your moves or bod very well, darling," she tells the Maid of Might.  "Let me show you - go over to that other pole and follow my lead."  Mercy goes to one of the two intact metal poles and Supergirl carefully walks over to the other - her legs kept stiff and together to try to stop the unwanted sensations between her legs.  The effort fails and another spasm shakes her super body.

"Now, start peeling off your clothes, 'Maureen', and for Christ's sake, toss them to the BACK of the stage, not to the crowd," Graves tells the shorter blonde.  The comely dominatrix begins to use the pole as a pussy scratching post, grinding her mons against the pole as she rises and falls almost to the stage.

Supergirl watches for a second and copies the move, but after beginning her slide down the pole, the vibrations on her mons and the moving balls inside her overwhelm her libido.  Her hands slip off the pole and she falls on her butt as she climaxes from the move.  Lying on the floor on her butt and elbows, her head dropping down over her back, she moans and her body shudders from the intense rush of sexual pleasure caused by the balls, her moves, her humiliation, her weaknesses at being unable to get out of this silly dance.  "Mmmnnhhh let ... let this ooooohhh end!" she begs to her gods.

As cameras flash, the men chear at the whorish white-clad blonde on the floor, doing a fair imitation of a chick getting her rocks off.

"Get up!" Mercy hisses at Supergirl.  Mercy is doing a variety of moves around her pole, raising a leg up over her head as she leans against the pole, baring her panty-less bottom at the crowd of men.  Mercy smiles when the Girl of Steel finally manages to get off the floor.  As she rises to her feet, swaying, she has to use the pole for support.   "Come on, girl, start dancing!" Graves yells.

"DANCE - DANCE - DANCE - SHOW YER BOOBS" the crowd chants.

With a supreme effort of will, the Girl of Steel begins to dance around the pole, wrapping one leg around it and sliding down (with her leg keeping the hard cold metal pole away from her burning pussy).  Despite her effort to suppress the feelings caused by the balls, she fails and moans from time to time as pleasure sweeps through her super body.  A thin sheen of perspiration begins to form on her forehead and the tops of her breasts.  She's using incredible super energy both to suppress her arousal and during each climax, as her muscles spasm uncontrollably.

"Start stripping!" Mercy yells, unbuttoning her own bustier.  As the Maid of Might looks on, Mercy's mounds pop free and sag slightly.   The noise from the crowd gets louder as she swings the black leather bustier around her head in a circle, finally releasing it so that it goes to the back end of the stage.  She leans toward the crowd and wiggles her shoulders up and down, making her 40C breasts jiggle and jump tantalizingly close to the men.  They roar their approval and a flurry of cameras flash their lights.

The Girl of Steel reluctantly removes her lace top, noticing in passing that now the armpits are very damp.  As her lacy top comes off, the men roar their approval and toss more money on the stage at her feet.   She swings her top around over her head and tosses it to the back of the stage in a blaze of camera flashes.  When she then leans forward and shakes her shoulders up and down, her breasts jiggle slightly, but the balls inside her jostle violently.  The pleasure makes her fall to her knees, then down to her hands.  The crowd roars at this magnificent view of her 36C breasts dangling down toward the stage.

"Can-can't take mmnnnh mmuch mmmoore nnnh of this," she moans as her body again shudders from pleasure and the images in her mind.  Images of her being trapped and used by Mercy, images of being the plaything of all these crude men.   She imagines what it would be like to have dozens of men fuck her pussy and anus and as the images rip through her mind, she has a powerful orgasm that makes her body shake and makes her cry out with a deep, throaty moan.   The humiliation makes her head fall downward, her wet golden tresses dragging on the stage as she pants from her body's traitorous behavior.

The men in the crowd go crazy at the sight of this 'super girl' on her knees, giving a dick-hardening impression of someone having an orgasm.  Right HERE, in front of their eyes!!  Cameras flash, capturing the sight of the blonde as she 'fakes' a 'super orgasm'.

Suddenly Supergirl feels a hand grab her hair and pull her head up.   It's Graves!  She pulls the Girl of Steel to her feet and then twists the heroine around and pins their two bodies together by wrapping her arms around the shorter blonde.  The men scream insanely as the two women begin to kiss.  Mercy makes a grand effort to show them that this isn't a peck on the lips, it's a full-blown tongue war!  Flashes flood the scene like pulsing strobe lights.  Supergirl reluctantly (willingly??) duels with Mercy's tongue as their bodies crush together, Mercy's large fleshy boobs getting squashed against the rock-solid chest above Supergirl's mounds.  Then, to Supergirl's horror, the dominatrix begins to use her hips to slowly push the heroine's hips in a circular grinding motion, shaking the ben wa balls inside the Girl of Steel.  Mercy cums when she hears the Girl of Steel moan from the what's being done to her.  "She is SOOO becoming my bitch!" Mercy gloats silently as her hands slide down the Maid of Might's back to grab her butt cheeks and squeeze them and shake them from side to side.

"Time to continue your show, Supergirl," Mercy whispers into the heroine's ear, taking time to run a tongue around the edge of the shell-like ear, then plunging her tongue inside it.  The Maid of Might moans in ecstasy and tries to back away from the taller blonde.  Mercy lets her back up but not before grabbing her nipples and squeezing them as hard as she can.  As the men roar their appreciation and toss more money on the stage, Supergirl bends at the waist and staggers backward, moaning from the sensations coursing through her super body.  Only by placing her hands on her knees can she remain on her feet as erotic pleasure threatens to drop her to her knees again.

A few moments later, she recovers enough to begin lowering her tight little skirt.  As she slides it down her legs, she has to lift her left leg to remove the skirt.  That movement causes the ben wa balls to shift and Supergirl falls on her ass as her body climaxes again, suddenly and violently.  This time she lands completely on her back and her body bounces and flops on the stage, her hands pounding small dents into the shiny tile flooring.  Men capture this delicious moment on film, some vowing to sell them to that 'Mr. X' website.

To keep the men happy until Supergirl can get up, Mercy calls at them and begins to remove her short leather skirt.  She unzips it and tosses it to the back of the stage, baring her bare blond bush.  Again she shakes her shoulders and hips from side to side, shaking her large breasts at the crowd.  Dressed only in long gloves and thigh-high boots, she's a magnificent looking dominatrix, now controlling a roomful of men with her gyrations.

A small puddle forms under the Girl of Steel's butt as she lies on the stage, climaxing.  She feels so used, so weak from several orgasms.   "How nnnhh how mmmnnmmuch longer ooohhh does this nnnhh goo onnn?" she moans as she tries to rise to her feet.  She almost trips on her skirt - it's on her legs, partly below, partly above her knees.  She makes it to her feet and manages to remove the skirt without too much distration by her balls.  She waves it over her head and tosses it to the back of the stage, teetering on her four-inch heels.

One man leaps up on the stage and rushes to retrieve the skirt but the Maid of Might sees his move and quickly sticks out her arm and steps sideways, hitting the man's neck with a 'clothesline' tackle.  He drops to the stage, unconscious, and Supergirl shakes a finger at the men near the stage.   After seeing the little blonde deck a six-foot plus bruiser, none of the other men try to take her clothes.  Several cameras flash as their owners record the sight of this super girl looming over her victim.  The Maid of Might blushes as she realizes what they've captured on film.

"Good move, darling," Mercy shouts to Supergirl.  "Keep out the riff-raff!  Now you can start removing your shoes."  Meanwhile, Graves begins to remove her long gloves, teasing the men in the audience with her body as she does so.  She slowly pulls a black glove off her left arm and tosses to the back of the stage.  Then she removes her right glove and drags it over the heads of some of the men near the stage.  They try to grab it but her stern look and imposing size make them back off and leave it alone.  After taunting 'her men', Mercy tosses the second glove to the back of the stage.  She resumes making love to the steel pole, abrading her mons against it and moaning loudly from the delicious sensations she feels.

Supergirl tries to decide how she can remove her mules without looking like a dork.  Finally she finds a way to shock the men while removing the shoes.  She slowly raises one leg up ... up ... up until her left foot is above her shoulders and her leg is stretched at a sharp angle above the floor in a dancer's stretch.  She slowly unclasps the mule's straps, biting her lip as the balls inside her shift and send thrills through her body.  She finally gets the mule off her foot and tosses it to the pile of clothing at the back of the stage.   As the men roar their approval, she begins to repeat the act with her right foot and after getting it off the floor and above her shoulders, she again works on the mule's clasp.  Again the balls inside her are jostled and this time she has to bite her lip and close her eyes as her body shudders from pleasure.  She barely remains on her one leg as she removes the shoe with agonizing slowness.  As she tosses it over her shoulder and drops her leg to the floor, she clamps her legs together, lowers her head and shudders as a paroxysm of pleasure surges through her body.   She's approaching another climax, so near yet never so undesired.   Her pantyhose are soaked from her powerful arousal.  She wonders if she can ever show her face again in the city of Metropolis as a superheroine.

"That's all you get, boys!" Mercy shouts as she begins to scoop money off the stage.  The men roar their disapproval, yelling for both women to strip completely.

"Sorry, but we have be somewhere else in a little while," Graves apologizes.   Supergirl just stands still on the dance floor, arms down, legs squeezed tightly together, trying to suppress the climax building within her.   Her eyes are closed so she doesn't see Mercy approach and slide behind her.  As Supergirl stands like a statue, hissing for Mercy to leave her alone, the dominatrix presses against the shorter blonde's back, driving her 40C breasts against the heroine's creamy white flesh.   Mercy then reaches around Supergirl to grab her breasts and begin squeezing them.  Supergirl moans from the sensation of having the merciless woman squeeze her super breasts and pull on and squeeze her blood-engorged nipples.  The Girl of Steel suddenly gasps when Graves' hips again push and gyrate, causing the Maid of Might's hips to move around on the dance stage.  More cameras flash at the sight and more money flies up on the stage as the poor heroine's body begins to race toward a climax, fueled by Graves' hands on her breasts and the shaking of the ben wa balls.

"Puh-please ... nnnnhh ... sstt-stop ... ooohh sttopppp, Mercy," Supergirl moans as Graves' body and the ben wa balls renew the fading climax, bringing it back with a vengeance.  "Noooooooo," Supergirl moans as her body betrays her again.  She tries to drop to the floor but Mercy slips one hand down to the heroine's groin and slips three fingers into the Maid of Might's vagina.  "Ooooohhhhhhhhh ... ssstttopppp!" Supergirl cries as Mercy's fingers shift the balls around and send her racing toward a climax.  A second later Supergirl screams as the most powerful climax of the evening occurs.  Her creamy white juices flood onto Mercy's fingers as cameras in the audience capture this Kodak® moment.

The beaten Maid of Might shudders and whimpers as Mercy completely dominates her, in view of a hundred leering, shouting men and almost twenty now-aroused women.  "Defeated again by this evil woman," Supergirl thinks as Mercy runs her hands over the Maid of Might's body.  Graves also begins kissing Supergirl's neck, cheek and ear as she continues to probe three fingers up in Supergirl's snatch.  Suddenly Mercy's thumb finds Supergirl's blood-engorged clit and presses against it, driving it into the super body behind it.  Another climax explodes inside the Maid of Might and this time her arms lash out to her sides and her head rocks back, knocking Mercy away.  The two women collapse on the stage, Mercy lying beneath the shuddering, thrashing body of the Maid of Might.  The men roar their approval and snap more images for posterity (or whatever).

When the Girl of Steel finally stops pumping her juices on the stage floor and the woman beneath her, Mercy rolls the heroine onto the stage and rises to her knees.  She scoops up the new bills on the stage and grabs Supergirl by her soaked blond tresses.  Graves drags the woman to the back of the stage and drops her so her head lands on some of the clothing.  As the next dancer comes on stage (TOUGH act to follow!), Graves leans down and slaps Supergirl's cheeks several times in an attempt to revive her.  Seconds later, her eyes flutter open and she moans, indicating that Mercy has not killed her with overstimulation.

"Get dressed, darling," Mercy tells the half-conscious Maid of Might.   "Then we can go out to my club for something to eat."

In a dark corner of the stage, Supergirl takes five minutes to put on her 'costume'.  Every move seems to jiggle the balls now and she can't take another orgasm.  She feels as weak as a kitten from the intense pleasure and the flexing of her super muscles.  Every muscle in her body seems to ache from the several climaxes she had (and tried to suppress).  After cinching the last lace on her blouse, Supergirl lets Mercy lead her off the stage.

"Come back tomorrow night and I'll pay youse double union scale," the club manager says to Mercy as the two women leave.

"Sorry, sweetie, but my friend here has to get back to fighting crime - she can't do this ALL the time!"

As the women wait outside the club for the valet to retrieve the Diablo, Mercy tells Supergirl, "Those fools gave us almost three thousand bucks for your little act - well, mine too, I guess.  Next time you come to my place, I will have triple the amount waiting for you.  You can give it to a charity or buy yourself something, I don't care.  That dance was worth every penny, darling! Too bad you gave those cute little gloves to the men." Supergirl, her chin pressing against her bare chest, fights back a tear.  She feels like shit and all Mercy can think about is money and that damned 'dance'!  The vile villainess made a fool of the Maid of Might this night!

The car arrives and after the doorman and valet help the two stunning women into the low-slung $270,000 car, Mercy fires up the engine and with a throaty roar (and a soft moan from the short blonde inside the Lamborghini), the red beast pulls away from Pub 44 and heads downtown.  "Ooohh, please slow down," the Maid of Might begs the cruel dominatrix as the steel balls jostle inside their fleshy container.  Mercy's laugh is a cruel answer to the plea.

*  *  *  *  *

"Here we are, my love," Mercy says as the Diablo skids to a squealing stop outside a dark, castle-like building on a quiet street just off downtown Metropolis.  Supergirl pants in the front seat - Mercy's driving caused the balls inside the Girl of Steel to shift and roll so much that she had two orgasms during the twenty minute drive.  Again a doorman helps the Maid of Might rise out of the car but this time she can barely stand.  The mighty alien heroine has worked her muscles so hard in the last few hours, experiencing and trying to stop experiencing so many orgasms that she's as weak from exhaustion as if she'd spent the day moving mountains around in the Himalayas.   A body, even a super body, can only expend so much energy before it starts to wind down from overwork.  Kara is overworking her body in response to the sensual stimulation she's been getting from Luthor's evil aide.

"Whu-where ... are we?" the Maid of Might asks Mercy as the tall blonde arrives at her side.  Graves links her arm in Supergirl's and pulls the heroine with her into the gray hulking building.

"This is my club, darling," Mercy says, kissing the Girl of Steel's ear as they climb quickly up a broad staircase.  Mercy smiles as Supergirl's moans increase with each step.  Halfway up the steps, Supergirl suddenly stops and bends at her waist, one hand rubbing her vagina, the other on her breast, squeezing it like a sponge.  Mercy wraps her hands around the heroine's waist and holds her up on shaky feet as the shorter woman explodes in another titanic orgasm.  The Maid of Might whimpers helplessly as cum pours down her legs, staining her white mesh pantyhose.  Graves has to hold the heroine by her waist for over a minute as Supergirl's body shudders from the orgasm's aftershocks.

"Are you ready to continue?" the villainess asks the helpless heroine.   "I'm getting hungry just watching you.  Come on, let's get going!"

The pair make it to the doorway without having to pause for another super-orgasm.  They enter the club through huge oak doors and, through half-closed eyes, Supergirl looks around at the interior.  She gasps when she gets a look at the place.  Beside the entry a huge sign says:



There is a large central area filled with torture devices - racks, pillories, X-frames, T-frames, and so on.  Along three walls are doors which seem to lead into small, private torture rooms.

"Welcome back, Mistress Mercy," the host says to the tall blonde.   "Your usual room?"

"Yes, Victor," she replies.  "My friend and I plan to play for a few hours.  We may need André, later."

"I'll see he gets ready, Mistress.  Can you find your own way or ..."

"I'll take us down there, Victor.  Thank you."  With that Mercy leads the Maid of Might down the stairs (more freakin' stairs!).  The Girl of Steel walks stiff-legged as if each step causes pain, not intense pleasure.   Mercy walks faster, pulling the heroine along behind her.  Mercy grins as the Maid of Might moans from the movement of the ben wa balls inside her.

"Will this night never end?" Kara wonders as they step into a small room off the main room.  This room has three torture devices - a horse, a T-frame, and a gynecologist's chair.  "I thought ... you said we were ... going to dinner," the Maid of Might gasps as she's pulled into the room and Mercy closes the door.

"Patience, little one," Graves says, wrapping an arm around the heroine's shoulder.  "Let's try this one, shall we?"  The tall blonde shoves the short blonde toward what looks like a padded sawhorse.  Before Supergirl can resist, Mercy grabs the heroine's blouse just below her yellow hair and RIPS the blouse off Supergirl's back.  The Girl of Steel turns around to face Mercy and the villainess smiles, then rips off the white skirt as well.  

Supergirl, now clad only in her white sheer pantyhose and thong, stares at Mercy.  The dominatrix leans forward and kisses the shorter woman.  Mercy shoves her tongue into the startled heroine's mouth and pulls the Maid of Might close in a bear hug, crushing their bodies together.  The Girl of Steel grunts in shock and surprise but when Mercy begins grinding their hips together again, shaking the ben wa balls, Supergirl can only whimper as the hugging and the movement in her vagina stirs her arousal yet again.

After a long, hard kiss, Mercy spins Supergirl around and pushes her forward until the Maid of Might overbalances and lands on the horse, her belly on the cross bar.  Of course the balls inside her continue their sadistic dance of eroticism, and she moans as they jiggle inside her love canal.  Mercy quickly drops into a squat beside the horse and expertly snaps metal shackles on the Maid of Might's wrists and ankles, binding her to the horse, her feet and ankles shackled near the ground, her belly straddling the crosspiece.

"Oh, puh-leeze, Mercy," Supergirl snorts.  "You don't expect these to hold me, do you?"  Even after all the orgasms she's had, she could still bench press a Buick.

"Just for a short time, my love, then you can leave if you want," Mercy says, rising and caressing Supergirl's butt.  As the Girl of Steel rests on the horse, catching her breath, resting her body, the tall blonde crosses the floor to a metal cabinet.  She reaches inside and pulls out a small gray box, closes the cabinet and returns to the Maid of Might's side.

"Getting your second wind, I see," the dominatrix observes, again patting the Maid of Might on her butt.  Her soaked pantyhose and thong seem so inviting to Graves.  She grabs the pantyhose at the waistline and rips them off the heroine, leaving the rest of the hose hanging off the girl's thighs.  Then Mercy pulls the thong from between the heroine's butt cheeks.  Supergirl begins to protest when Graves opens the box and pulls out a four-inch long, one-inch wide butt plug.

"I had this made today, just for you, darling," Mercy says in a syruppy-sweet voice.  "There is a trace of green K inside this steel plug which ... yeeess ... THERE!  I've just put it into your butt.  Doesn't that feel nice?"

Supergirl screams piteously as Graves rams the short wide plug into her anus.   Then she moans as the trace of green K inside the butt plug begins to sap her strength.  "Ooohh ... <gasp> nnnooooo ... puh-please ... Mercy," she begs.  Supergirl goes limp on the horse, all her weight now on her belly.  "Y-you wicked ... nnnh ... buh-bitch," the heroine gasps in a weak voice.   Exhaustion and now the green K poisoning have made her too weak to break the shackles on her arms or legs.

"Here's something I've always wondered about," Mercy says in a coldly clinical voice.  "I've always wondered if the mighty Supergirl is ticklish.   Are you?"  Before the Maid of Might can answer or protest, Graves gets behind the heroine and begins to poke her ribs with her fingertips, teasing them, running up and down them.

Supergirl explodes in helpless laughter - she is indeed ticklish.  Especially when weakened as much as she is now.  To her horror, as she starts to laugh, the balls inside her vagina begin to bounce and jostle, striking her love canal like a stallion of a lover.  Graves is relentless in her tickling and as the Girl of Steel begins to cry while laughing, she gasps and pants from the ben wa balls building her body toward another mighty orgasm.  "AAAOOOWWW hahaha <gasp> STTTOOPPOOOOOOHHHH <pant> ... <SHRIEK>" she begs futilely as the tall blonde continues to attack her victim's ribs.

"If you don't like this, leave," Mercy suggests, thoroughly enjoying Supergirl's helplessness.  The once-mighty Maid of Might tries to burst the shackles on her wrist but only manages to make the metal groan before she collapses under the assault of green K, the balls and the tickling.  The Girl of Steel can barely remain conscious as her body is pounded by the triple assault and waves of pain and pleasure rip at her brain.  After ten minutes of this torture, Mercy finally stops tickling the Maid of Might and steps away from the heroine's butt.

"Can you get up, my darling?" Mercy asks the nearly unconscious Maid of Might.   Supergirl grunts and rattles her shackles but is unable to break them.  She's just too weak from the torture.

Graves walks across the room to the cabinet and gets a collapsing metal baton from it.  She returns to stand behind her captive and begins to viciously spank the Maid of Might with the baton.  At first Supergirl ignores the beating but then, due to the effects of having green K so close to her butt cheeks, red welts begin to form on her creamy white butt and suddenly she starts bleating as unaccustomed pain shoots through her butt.  Mercy shifts her position and as she continues to whip the Maid of Might's butt, Graves also uses her thumb between whacks to press Supergirl's clit against her super body or plunge three glove-covered fingers into the heroine's pained pussy.

"Oooh AAOOWW oooohhhh AAAAAOOOOWWW SSSTTOOOPPP!!" the defeated heroine begs, her invulnerability fading under the relentless green K poisoning.  Help finally arrives when Mercy's baton shatters against the Girl of Steel's butt.  But the damage is done - thick red welts and deep blue bruises cover a once-pristine butt.   And the Girl of Steel sobs weakly from the pain and humiliation.

There is a loud knock on the door and Mercy moves along the wall to open it.  In walks a man at least seven feet tall.  "I wondered when you would arrive, André," Mercy says to the giant.  "Can you help me with this one?"  The two tall people head over to the broken heroine and begin to unshackle her arms and legs.

"You know the rules, Mistress Graves," André says as he lifts the Girl of Steel in his arms.  Her eyes are closed and her breathing is shallow but he was shocked at the condition of her buttocks.  "Everyone here must be a willing participant."

"Oh, she is, André," Graves lies.  "In fact, I wanted to get something to eat but she begged me to come here and 'discipline' her for being naughty today.  I don't like to be with naughty people, so I relented, and, well, here we are!  Just hang her by her heels on the T-frame, if you will," Mercy directs.  "Her back to the wall," she adds at the last minute.

Seconds later, the Maid of Might hangs upside down on the T-frame, one leg in shackles at each end of the top bar.  For good measure, Mercy takes more shackles off the wall and binds her captive's biceps together behind her back, then puts a second set on her wrists and fastens the other end to her ankles, just below the shackles holding her to the frame.

"Can you return in about an hour, André, and help me again?" Mercy asks the tall man, batting her eyelashes at the man.  He nods 'yes' and leaves the room, closing the sound-proof door behind him.

The evil villainess moves to the helpless Maid of Might and fondles her bare, taut breasts.  Supergirl, barely conscious at this point, moans briefly when Graves drags one gloved hand across a tempting mound of super tit.  Then Mercy kneels and begins working on the two round mounds with a vengeance, her left hand and mouth working on Supergirl's left breast and right hand working on the right breast.   Suddenly the Girl of Steel moans more loudly and as her body rocks from the pleasure on her chest, the balls inside her bounce around, ramping up her stimulation.  Soon Mercy has the Maid of Might rocking and bucking and moaning from the intense waves of pleasure overwhelming her will.

After torturing the Girl of Steel for several minutes, Mercy rises and begins to lap at her captive's nether lips, which are overflowing with her tasty nectar.  As Mercy's tongue attacks the Maid of Might's nether lips, Mercy's hands pinch and squeeze her damaged butt cheeks, making the heroine writh in pain/pleasure again.  And as she does so, those damnable balls jiggle inside her, doing their now-terrible work on her will and strength.

"Mmmn, tastes like chicken!" Mercy jokes to herself when she lifts her lips off the Maid of Might's nether lips.  She places one hand on the heroine's belly, just between her belly and her navel.  Fingers of Graves' other hand slip inside the heroine's pussy's lips and as one hand presses and massages her belly, the fingers reach inside the woman and stroke the balls, moving them around inside the captive cutie.  After some initial moans, the heroine sags in her bondage, unconscious.

"Asleep and it's only a little past 10?  My, my, my," Graves says, turning back toward the cabinet on the wall.  She returns a moment later with alligator-jawed nipple clips, held together by a stout chain.   These are specially-made nipple clips, with a powerful spring action that snaps them closed with a nipple-popping force on normal women.  Graves uses a special tool to ratchet one of the clips open, then poises it over one of Supergirl's engorged nipples.  Even unconscious, her hyper-stimulation leaves her primary and secondary sexual organs engorged with blood.  Grinning at what she anticipates, Mercy trips the release on the clamp and the two jaws, filled with sharp teeth, slam shut with terrific energy on the Maid of Might's love bud.

Supergirl suddenly opens her eyes and shrieks as incredible pain hammers her chest.  The constant poisoning of the green K in the butt plug has sapped all of her strength and most of her invulnerability.  Although the clamp doesn't pierce her nipple, it does cause her considerable pain.   As the Maid of Might moans and pants from the shock, Mercy releases the second nipple clip on Supergirl's other nipple.  This time her shriek is less loud, due to her collapsing energy level.

Graves again moves closer to the Maid of Might and as one black-gloved hand massages the heroine's belly between her navel and her bush (moving the balls inside the Girl of Steel), Graves' other leather-clad hand begins to swing her body from side to side by pulling on the chain between the nipple clamps.  A few heartbeats later, Supergirl begs Mercy to stop the torture.  Then she explodes in a massive orgasm that flows from her vaginal lips like a flood into Mercy's waiting mouth.  Mercy adds to the heroine's torment by savagely licking the woman's clit, bringing her to more orgasms.  Supergirl is now in a state of massive and constant arousal, her super body burning out its star-fueled energies in response to the excessive stimulation she's received this night.

When the Maid of Might stops moaning and again loses consciousness, Mercy stops her torment and steps back from her victim.  "I need you alive and conscious for this conditioning to work," Mercy says to the unconscious woman.   The dominatrix steps closer to the Maid of Might and carefully pulls the butt plug from her body, ending the green K poisoning.  Graves returns the plug to its lead case and returns it to the cabinet.  "I may need you again, little friend," she says to the lead-lined case.

Graves returns to the Maid of Might and pulls off one glove.  Long thin fingers slip into the Maid of Might's nether lips, searching for the ben wa balls inside her.  The Girl of Steel struggles and groans from the feelings inside her but slowly Graves removes two of the balls from the warm, tight hole.   The other seems to have pushed deeper inside the woman.

Mercy is deep in thought about ways to remove the last ball when she jumps suddenly at a knock on the door.  "Christ, that better be André," she says to herself.  The large man enters the torture chamber a few seconds later and, at Mercy's direction, moves the unconscious Maid of Might from the T-frame to the gynecological examination chair.  He helps Mercy strap the woman into the chair, shackling her ankles into the stirrups and her wrists at her side.  Finally, her biceps are also shackled to the chair so that the Maid of Might can't move her arms and use her elbows as levers to free.

"André, thank you for all your help," Mercy says, ushering the man out of the room.  "We're going to play a bit longer.  I'm getting exhausted!  Her endurance is amazing.  She's catnapping now, my friend, but when she wakes up, I swear she's going to drive me to my knees from exhaustion.  Would you like to come in later to, um, to 'take' her?"

"I don't know, Mistress," the big man says.  "We have rules ..."

"Oh, forget the rules, this one time.  I'm sure Maureen would ask you to stay.  I'm sure she WILL ask you to 'do' her when she wakes up, she's such a super slut," Graves gushes, rubbing a gloved hand along the man's bare hairy arm.  "Please come back in half an hour.   She'd love to have you inside her, I just know!" she says with enthusiasm.

"We'll see, Mistress," the big man replies, closing the door behind him as he leaves.  As soon as he's gone, Mercy grabs a thick leather strap and binds the Maid of Might's waist to G.E. chair.  Then she tightly wraps a short thick chain around the Maid of Might's neck, pinning it to the chair.

"If she recovers her strength, these won't hold her," Mercy decides, looking at the bondage holding the heroine to the chair.  "I'll have to break her before she gets her super strength back, that's all!"  Graves goes to the cabinet again and this time takes a huge strap-on dildo from her 'tool kit'.  The object is at least four inches wide at its base and fourteen inches long.  After positioning the harness around her waist, Mercy decides that "If this doesn't finish turning her brain to mush, nothing else will!" Mercy is unaware that without the green K plug, her plan is doomed to fail as the Maid of Might's natural invulnerability returns.

"At least I'll know that the last ball is going to stay in her for a while," Mercy observes when she considers the size of her 'Bitch Tamer' dildo and Supergirl's tight little pussy.  "Here goes!" Mercy gloats as she begins to slide the monstrous tool into the unconscious Girl of Steel.  The heroine's pussy is still sopping wet so friction isn't a problem - yet.  But as Mercy trombones the hard rubber tool in and out of the Girl of Steel, she slowly regains consciousness, moaning from the pleasure (pain?).

By the time the cruel dominatrix has roughly ten inches of the dildo inside the Maid of Might, Supergirl is struggling on the G.E. chair and gasping from the powerful sensations wracking her body.  The pleasure far outweighs the pain of having such a huge tool inside her - in fact, there's very little pain.  But her energy is so depleted that the wide, long tool is hurting her most tender area.  Also, it's ramming the last metal ball deeper into the woman, forcing it against the tiny hole in her cervix.   MixMaster and her ally, some time back, managed to bond synthetic green K to this part of Supergirl's body.*  Her body is still soft from the extensive damage done at that time.

"Ohhh, please nnnh stop," Supergirl begs the tall blonde.  Mercy intensifies her fucking action, hammering the heroine so hard that now twelve inches (over three inches at the base) go into the woman with each thrust.   The tight chain around her neck makes it hard for the Maid of Might to breath and gasp at the same time.  "Nnnoooo moorrreee oooohhh ppplleeaaazzee!" she begs, uselessly.

"Beg your mistress to stop, child," Mercy commands the heroine, stopping her thrusting for a second.  After no response from the gasping Maid of Might, Graves resumes the thrusting until Supergirl begs her to stop.

Again the dominatrix commands, "Beg your mistress to stop!"

"Nnnnnh ooohhh, puh-please ... stoppp, Mercy," Supergirl says in a very weak voice.

"Not acceptable," Mercy snorts and resumes fucking the heroine.  A few minutes later the heroine again begs her to stop and again Mercy commands, "Beg your mistress to stop!"

"Ooohh, puh-please ... st-stop, mist-mistress," Supergirl says, her eyes closed, her body drenched in sweat.


"Please, stop hurting me, mistress," Supergirl manages to say, as her star-fueled strength begins to return.  "If only she leaves me alone for a few minutes ..." the Maid of Might thinks.  "But I'm so close to having an orgasm.   Do I want it or do I want to get free?"

"Show your love for your mistress," Mercy says, climbing onto the G.E. chair.  She slides forward and lowers her pussy down toward Supergirl's lips.   "Please me and I'll set you free," she orders.  "Otherwise ..." and Graves reaches back and grabs the chain that runs between the alligator clips on Supergirl's nipples.  Mercy pulls the chain upward, causing the heroine to moan as her tender tits scream in pain.

Still too weak and confused to fight back, Supergirl begins to service the Maid of Might, using her tongue expertly on the dom's nether lips and clit.  In seconds the Maid of Might manages to make Mercy buck and groan in ecstasy and a few minutes later, a creamy white juice pumps out of Graves' pussy onto Supergirl's face as the dominatrix has a shuddering climax.  Mercy falls forward and has to use the wall to hold her upright.  Even as she gasps and pants from the orgasm, the Maid of Might continues to service Luthor's aide.  Two minutes later, Mercy has a second, more powerful orgasm and slides down Supergirl's body, stretching the nip clamp chain as her strap-on crosses and tangles in the chain.   The Maid of Might cries out in pain as the chain is stretched and Mercy finally realizes what's bothering the heroine.  Graves removes the dildo from the chain and stretches out atop Supergirl's body.  Both women sigh in relief and begin to doze.

"Mistress Graves?" André asks when he enters the chamber some time later.  Mercy slowly raises her head and asks for coffee; the man nods 'yes' and leaves.  When he returns a short while later, Graves is again sitting over the heroine's face.

"André," Mercy says over her shoulder, "my friend really wants you to 'fuck' her.  No one will complain about rules, I promise.  Please come over here and help me discipline this uppity wench!"

The tall man shrugs and moves over to the G.E. chair, stopping between Supergirl's widespread legs.  He asks Mercy if she has a condom, for safe sex and she laughs in his face.  "Honey, you won't get anything from this one, nor will you be able to give her anything!" she says, "just do your job, man!"  He reluctantly drops his trousers and reveals a dick almost as large as the 'Bitch Tamer'.  Mercy smiles and turns back to face the wall.  She slaps the face of the Girl of Steel to get her attention, then lowers her pussy onto the woman's face.  At the same time, André slips his huge slab of meat into the heroine's ravaged pussy and begins sliding in and out of her in long, slow powerful strokes.

Supergirl's heart races like a train as she struggles to breathe.  With the huge dick working inside her, Mercy caressing her breasts, and Mercy's pussy smothering her, Supergirl is barely able to get a good gulp of air.  She quickly reaches a spectacular orgasm and struggles against her bindings, trying to rise her body into the air.  One of the wrist shackles groans and cracks but she collapses back onto the chair, her muscles spent, drained.  Her eyes slowly close - the exhausted super woman's body can't keep her conscious any longer.

After bringing the heroine to two more climaxes, Mercy and André have their own sweet moments.   Mercy again pumps white juice onto the unconscious face of the Girl of Steel.  Seconds later, André groans and shoots a massive stream of cum into the heroine's love canal.  The tall man slowly pulls out of the woman's pussy and dries his tool on the remnants of her pantyhose.  He pulls up his trousers and starts to leave the torture chamber.

"Puh-please," Mercy grunts, still recovering from her orgasm, "please stay a moment!"  Seconds later, Mercy manages to get off the heroine's face and stand beside her, releasing the chains, straps and shackles holding her to the G.E. chair.  Mercy drinks a cup of coffee which André brought and her head quickly clears.

"Can you carry her out to my car, André?" Mercy asks.  "The poor dear got bored and fell asleep on us."

"Are you sure she's all right?" the man asks.  "We have a doctor on call ..."

"No, no, no," Mercy says, waving her hand dismissively, "the poor child just had a busy day and night.  She just needs a good sleep."

Ten minutes later, the red Diablo is racing across Metropolis toward the LexCorp building.  It wheels quickly into the garage and into its reserved stall near the elevator.  Mercy climbs out of the Lamborghini and pulls the Maid of Might out by grabbing her blond tresses and pulling until the Girl of Steel, clad only in her white mules and the remnants of her panty hose, flops face down on the cold concrete floor.  The tall dominatrix then walks toward the elevator, dragging the heroine by her hair.  A shoe falls off one of Supergirl's feet but Mercy is too anxious to return to her suite to stop.

*  *  *  *  *

"Ooohhh, what?  Where?" the Girl of Steel asks when she wakes up hours later.   As the fuzz clears from her mind, she looks around and realizes that she's naked and in bed with Mercy Graves, who's also naked.  In fact, she's nestled in the taller woman's armpit.  "What the Hell?" she asks herself.  She tries to get out of bed but her body is a solid mass of aches and pains.  Suddenly she spots a red boot, part of her old costume, sitting on the floor nearby and stuffed with money.  Beside the boot are two of her current yellow-trimmed red boots and chair with her unitard costume.  She smiles happily, snuggles back into Mercy's armpit and immediately falls asleep.

Mercy opens one eye, then smiles.  "Oh yes, you're mine, now," she thinks as she drifts off to sleep.


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