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Sandi Stone stories

Sandi Stone is only for those who like extremely violent stories. She delights in taunting and humiliating the men she fights, then when she has them helpless, she carries on inflicting permanent and debilitiating injuries, so that they can never fight again.

Teenage Sandi and Sandi goes to Europe are by Sam Rabbit; Bubba and Sandi plus thirty is by Diana the Valkyrie, the rest are by David Sullivan, who first documented Sandi Stone

Great news! David Sullivan is active again, and he's writing more Sandi stories.

Sandi wants you to check out her web site

David's email address is rloffer_8@hotmail.com

  • The Teenage Sandi Stone, part 1 Sandi Stone, up to age 17. The Double Triangle of Domination.
  • The Teenage Sandi Stone, part 2 Sandi Stone, up to age 17. The Double Triangle of Domination.
  • Sandi Stone goes to Europe Sandi learns how to be more feminine.
  • Sandi and Bubba Sandi in jail meets a 6-6, 300 pound mountain of muscle called Bubba.
  • Sandi Stone plus thirty, part one Down and out
  • Sandi Stone plus thirty, part two The Gut Punch
  • The Adventures of Sandi and Paula. An epic adventure of female muscle. (22/Sep/99)
  • The Grudge Match: Sandi Stone versus Randy Otter - illustrated (31/May/10)
  • The Grudge Match: Sandi Stone versus Randy Otter Part Two - illustrated (10/Jul/10)
  • Ron and Danny's adventures with Sandi Stone: (25/Mar/10)
  • Ron and Danny's Adventures with Sandi Stone. Part Two: (03/Apr/10)
  • Ron and Danny's Adventures with Sandi Stone: Part Three (11/May/10)
  • Sandi Stone beats up Frank Sandi gives a beating to her first male opponent. (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi Stone beats up Alex and dominates Brad Sandi Stone's first ring fight, she destroys her male opponent (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi Stone - Kevin's mistake Kevin tries to get revenge for Alex, but Sandi tears him apart (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi destroys Vic A macho man learns that you don't mess with Sandi (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi vs. Big Jim Sandi smashes up 6'3", 240 pound Big Jim (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi: The Pick-up Sandi picks up Jake, nearly beats him to death in her padded room (14/Jan/98)
  • Andy's bedtime story Sandi Stone shows how a strong woman has sex with a weak man (14/Jan/98)
  • The interview Sandi is interviewed by a magazine; pain for her male interviewer (14/Jan/98)
  • The destruction of Reggie Brock Sandi crushes Reggie with a horrendous beating (14/Jan/98)
  • Seaside Slaughter Sandi smashes up one man, then humiliates and dominates another (14/Jan/98)
  • Larry's Lament Sandi physically destroys a man's body and mind, then breaks his ribs (14/Jan/98)
  • Muscle Mistress Sandi takes a new man for her toy, but he breaks very easily (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi vs. The Brothers Johnson Sandi fights two men at once, and humiliates them both (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi and the Sisters of Strength Sandi teaches women how to dominate men with their muscles (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi destroys a man Sandi destroys a man in the ring (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi and the Boxer - a love ? story Sandi beats up a man, then visits him for sex - her way (14/Jan/98)
  • She's got arms and she knows how to use them. Sandi smashes a man in various ways with just her arm strength (14/Jan/98)
  • Would you buy this video ? Sandi uses her fists in the ring and boxes a man near to death (14/Jan/98)
  • Sandi And The Terrorist Part 1. Sandi Stone puts her special skills to use for the Government. (17/Jan/98)
  • Sandi and the Terrorist: Part 2. (21/Jun/98)
  • Soccer Girl, Part 1 (25/Jan/99)
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