By Sleeperkid


                My best friend and I wrestle on a daily basis.

            I know, I know.  It sounds weird, but it really isn't.  We're two completely normal, if not overly perky, 18 year old girls.  We're all American, so to speak.  Sarah is a beautiful part-time model, 5'10, 125lbs, with an amazingly tight and athletic body and flowing brown hair.  Her eyes are green, which completely makes her lovely face a wonder to behold.  It's her feet, however, that she gets paid for.  She has smooth and powerful size 9 feet that she uses to model anklets and toe rings for a local company.  I can't get enough of them, especially when we're engaging in combat.

            As for me-well, my name's Kelly (boring name, I know), but I won't hesitate to say that I'm attractive.  I'm about 5'7, 120lbsw, and set with a firm pair of 34c breasts.  Not to mention a great ass.  I know it sounds like I'm bragging, but believe me, for every bit of beautiful I may say I am, I'm nothing compared to Sarah.  So I'm proud of the hand I've been dealt!

            But I'm rambling, as I always do.  We were talking about wrestling, weren't we?

            So yeah, we wrestle.  We do it almost every day over at her place, a million dollar mansion that her mom bought 5 years ago.  It's a beautiful home, with a beautiful lawn, a beautiful private lake in the back, and most importantly, a beautiful workout room in the basement, completely equipped with a wrestling ring and a full range of weights and exercise machines.  Our matches are usually in the ring, and our attire is always the same:  Sarah wears a beautiful white bikini and I wear my silk panties and a black sports bra (I'm into personal comfort).  We both go barefoot, of course, and my eyes can barely tear themselves away from her size 9's.  Maybe that's why she always wins.

            I don't mind losing, though.  I really don't.  I'm not a wimp or anything, but something inside of me rejoices when I lose to Sarah.  Whenever she plants her beautiful foot in my gut and sends the air ooof-ing out of me, or whenever her headscissors drains me to total unconsciousness, my pussy just drenches itself.  I can't help it.  All I can do is stare at her beautiful feet as her thighs do their work, cutting the blood to my brain as they squeeze my carotid arteries shut.  My body slowly goes limp and I orgasm quietly as her toes stretch out, tensioning their grip.  Things just can't get better than that!

            Or so I thought.

            Sarah's mom, you see, runs a chain of kickboxing schools across the U.S.  She's holds dozens of titles and trophies from different competitions that have spanned across the globe, and despite being 47 years old, she's as beautifully built as her Sarah.  And to top it all off, she's also a size 9, but her feet are even lovelier than her daughter's.  They're perfectly sculpted and trained to destroy.  God-just thinking about it makes me wet.  Maybe I should stop typing for a while and-

            -.okay, I'm back.  Mmmm-that's so much better.

            Anyway, I want to type this down, detail by detail, before I forget it.  So I better get cracking.

            Last Saturday, Sarah and I were in the middle of our multi-fall wrestling workout.  She had me in a sleeper hold from behind as she wrapped her long legs around my waist, squeezing away, compressing my breathing as she cut the blood to my brain.  I could see her pinky toes outstretch from the rest of her feet as she applied pressure, and my vaginal liquids immediately stained the mat. 

            "Mmmmm." Sarah whispered, teasing me. "I can feel that, you know.  You got the mat all wet again.  Now I'm gonna have to put you out."

            "Unnnnh!" was my reply, my only possible reply, as she squeezed the sleeper/scissors to its limit.  My vision was hit with a buzzing hive of spots as my body jerked and spasmed involuntarily.  I orgasmed instantly, and I could hear Sarah gasp as my pussy let go in a powerful stream.  Then I was out.  My body stopped jerking as my legs splayed out and went limp.

            The darkness was heavenly, and I couldn't remember ever having come that hard.  It's amazing how one instant of pleasure can lead to so much pain!

            When I came to, all I could hear was screaming.  As my vision cleared, I could see Sarah arguing with her mom in the ring.  Her mom was fresh off a workout, and was decked out in long kickboxing pants and a black sports bra.  Her long brown hair was tied behind her back, and my eyes went immediately to her feet.  I immediately got wet again, and the argument almost completely eluded me.

            "You clean that mess up!" Sarah's mom yelled.  "And no more wrestling!  This is a kickboxing ring-and I won't have it stained by your dirty little friend!" 

            "But mom!!" Sarah replied angrily.  "We were just having fun!  It was an accident!"

            I slowly made it to my feet.  I could see that Sarah's mom, who I tenderly called Mrs. B, was fuming.  I just didn't know how angry she was until about 5 seconds later.

            "Uh-.Mrs. B." I stammered, trying to get my balance.  "I didn't mean to-"

            "Shut up!" she yelled, cutting me off.  "Get the hell out of my house!"

            I started to say something at that point.  At least, that's how I remembered it.

            "But I--" I began, but it was followed by a loud "UUNGH!!" as Mrs. B's left leg shot out in a powerful sidekick that buried itself in my gut.  I fell back against the turnbuckle, breasts and belly heaving as I tried to catch my breath.

            "Mom!" Sarah yelled.  "What are you-.OOUUUF!!!!"

            I couldn't believe my eyes.  Mrs. B had delivered a harsh knee to her own daughter's stomach, and Sarah was bent over, puffing out huge gusts of air.

            "This is none of your business, Sarah!" Mrs. B yelled, standing her daughter straight up. Sarah's face was bright red as she tried to breathe.  "I'm going to teach your friend a lesson, and I can't have you getting in my way!"

            She pushed Sarah back a bit and then flew into a reverse roundhouse kick.  Was this really happening?  Oh God.  It was.  Her kick landed right on the nerve cluster located between Sarah's neck and shoulders, and I could see her heel dig in that spot, initiating a knockout via a pressure point blow.

            Sarah's mouth opened and drool slivered its way down her chin.  Her only vocal reaction was a loud "Unh!" as Mrs. B stood there, the base of her ankle buried in her daughter's pressure point area, digging in.  It was quite a sight to see Sarah's own mom knocking her out cold, let me tell you.  I didn't know how to feel.

            "But-.but-" Sarah managed to say.  "Mom--."

            "No buts, honey." Was Mrs. B's reply.  "It's time to take a nap."

            And with that, Mrs. B somehow lifted her foot off the nerve area (she was basically doing a standing split in front of her daughter) and slammed it back down.  There was a loud THWUMP as it dug in for the last time, sending a blast of pain and misfired synapses to Sarah's brain.  Sarah's arms immediately went limp as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.  She fell down to both knees and immediately pitched forward, her ass slightly up in the air as she landed.  It was like something out of a comic book, the way she was laid out.  Her beautiful ass cheeks in the air as her lips moistened themselves with a fresh line of clear saliva.  The soles of her feet were prominent and facing toes-down on the mat.  It was beautiful in it's own way, I suppose, but my terror obscured my admiration.

            "Oh god-" I said, my eyes blurring with tears.

            "Oh God is right." Mrs. B. said, approaching my wasted body gracefully.  "She won't be bothering us for a while."

            I could barely speak.  I somehow managed to pull myself off the turnbuckle and stand, but Mrs. B was ready for that.  She launched in a series of short side kicks that connected with my breasts and belly.  They struck hard and quick, and I felt my entire chest and belly cave in as she pounded them in. 

            "UNGH!  OOOF! Oooh! Ungh!!! OOOOOH!" was all I could say as she delivered a final kick to my solar plexus.  I could feel my bladder want to release, but I held it in, desperately trying to breathe.

            "Oh-.guh-.guh..God." I said again.  Mrs. B just smiled as she delivered a harsh karate chop to the same spot on my neck that she had struck on Sarah's.  My mouth dropped open as I said "Guh!" and fell to my knees.  I went through the same knockout stages as Sarah, but before I could pass out, I felt Mrs. B's hand clamp down on my neck nerves, squeezing on pressure areas designed to inflict pain.  My eyelids flew open as I was forced back into consciousness.

            "AAAAAGH!!!" I yelled, my body shaking.

            "You're not going out just yet." Mrs. B said, laughing.  I struggled to open my mouth and say something, bur before I could, Mrs. B had sat down in front of me, shooting both feet towards my face.  I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, screaming and preparing for the impact.  Instead, I felt Mrs. B's left foot sink into my mouth as her right one struck my left temple, rubbing in small circles.  It was a temple nerve KO, I knew that, but it was her mouth attack that caught my attention. 

            "Suck on my toes, you little bitch!." She commanded.  I shook my head, begging her to stop and refusing.

            Her reply was a deeper hold on my temple.  Pain flared through my brain as her powerful toes did their work.  I felt my legs relax as my body froze in paralysis.  I had no choice but to obey.

            I started sucking and licking her toes, taking in the sweet sweat on her feet.  These feet just knocked Sarah out, I thought, and I immediately got wet again.

            "Jesus!" Mrs. B exclaimed.  "You sick little bitch!  What is wrong with you??"

            The temple KO hold got stronger, and my drool ran down the top of Mrs. B's awesome foot.  She smiled, noticing my impending knockout, and NOT noticing Sarah, who had slowly and quietly made her way to her feet. 

            She slowly stepped behind her mom and knelt.  As I neared the blurred line between consciousness and darkness, Sarah slapped her patented sleeper hold across Mrs. B's neck.

            Mrs. B squawked loudly as she pulled her foot out of my mouth.  She stood up, and Sarah was immediately on her back, piggyback riding her mom as she squeezed on the sleeper. 

            I took a deep breath, feeling reality crash back. 

            "You little bitch!" Mrs. B yelled, pulling at her daughter's hair. 

            I managed to get to my knees as I watched the mother-daughter battle.  Maybe Mrs. B was right.  Maybe I WAS a sick little bitch.  I was getting off just watching Sarah sleepering her mom, for Christ's sake.  That WAS sick, wasn't it?  I didn't care, though.  I just wanted some revenge.  I prepared myself to run in a flying dropkick, but before I could even steady myself, Mrs. B had slammed her daughter's back into the turnbuckle across from me.  Sarah said "UGH!!" and fell off, laying against the turnbuckle limply.

            "Shit!" I said, and before I could continue my outraged rant, Mrs. B had taken Sarah by the arms, pulling her and flinging her towards me.  I was too weak to move, and in a split second Sarah's tight teen body crashed into mine.

            "OOOOH!!!!" we both said, and the two of us fell forward.  I landed right on top of Sarah, and I could feel my wet crotch connect with her soft and plump ass.

            "That's it!" Mrs. B yelled, walking up to the heap that was her daughter and her best friend.  "It's time to end this!"

            She took my hair in one hand and Sarah's in the other, yanking us up to our feet.  We both groaned in perfect unison, making Mrs. B laugh,

            "You two are soooo cute!" she said viciously, and proceeded to slam our heads together.  My temple connected with Sarah's and we both grunted as starts filled our collective field of vision.  Mrs. B. released us, and all we could do was stand there, legs wobbling, groaning like a couple of idiots.  We were both drooling again, and we had lost all control of our bodily functions.  We were paralyzed.

            Mrs. B stepped to the other side of the ring, prepping herself for her finisher.  All I could do was stare dumbly.  I knew we were both toast.  And you know what?  My pussy was running like a faucet.  This was, bar none, the hottest experience of my young life.  Mrs. B was right, I was a sick little girl, but you know what?  I looked over at Sarah, and her crotch was as wet as mine.  We were both "dirty", and we were about to get our just desserts.

            Mrs. B ran at full speed, leaping in an amazing cartwheel that dazzled my weakened mind.  Suddenly her legs wrapped around the side of my neck as well as the side of Sarah's.  I couldn't believe it.  Mrs. B had just locked us in an upside down headstand DOUBLE scissors.  Before my mind could even register this completely, I could feel her heel digging into my jugular, cutting off the blood flow instantly.  I moaned, a long "oooooooh" sound that mixed beautifully with Sarah's own groan.

            It only took a few seconds for Mrs. B's hold to drive us to our knees.  She continued to flex her beautiful feet, which pushed Sarah's temple against mine.  I could see Sarah's legs buckle as she began to sag.  I gladly joined her as be both drooled gently.  It was coming.  The double knockout I had been fantasizing about for months now.  My pussy moistened as I felt the final orgasm arriving.  Would I hit it before passing out?

            The answer was yes, and it was the final sight I witnessed before slipping into darkness that did it.  Mrs. B's size 9 feet, twitching and flexing, her exquisite toes stretching and wiggling as her ankles did the damage to our nervous and circulatory systems.  It was this sight, coupled with the two girl scissor/temple press KO that did it.  The orgasm hit me in a harsh wave, and to my surprise, Sarah groaned along with me.  She was coming too!

            This was WAY too fucking much.

            Sarah and I came and slipped simultaneously into unconsciousness.  We both went limp in her mom's grip, and the last thing I heard before blacking out was:

            "Goddamn it!  Two more stains on the damn mat!!"





            So that's the story.  I somehow managed to type it down without masturbating furiously.

            I'm so hot right now.

            I think I'll throw on some silk panties-..

            -and head over to Sarah's place.