By Sleeperkid

To put it simply, Karen was having a bad day.
Mix in a speeding ticket with the fact that she had just 
gotten fired from the video store, and you had yourself one pissed 
off girl. As she sped into her parking spot, all she could see 
was her manager's face in her enraged mind, and the pink slip in 
his hand. She had always thought that being given a "pink slip" 
was a euphemism for getting fired. But there it was, balled up in 
the seat next to her.
The car screeched to a halt, gently tapping the curb with 
its front tires. She cursed under her breath and stepped out. 
She slammed the door with one hand and reached into her pocket for 
the keys with the other as she marched towards the front door of 
her 600 dollar a month apartment. In her mind, Karen could see 
the one thing that would bring her down from the red cloud she was 
perched on. It was a simple vision: an empty swimming pool. 
She needed to jump in that water and relax before she gave herself 
an aneurysm.
The 18 year old pushed open the door and ran upstairs, 
scanning the living room for Alicia, her 16 year old 
sister/roommate. No sign. Karen began to pull at her jeans, 
pushing them down to her feet as she climbed the stairs to her 
"Alicia?" she called.
No answer.
She kicked off her jeans to reveal a tight pair of blue 
cotton panties. The top edge of cotton was shadowed by the slight 
swell of her belly. She wasn't overweight by any means, but that 
six pack just hadn't moved into the area as of yet. She kept her 
sweater on and wiped away long brown tresses from her face as she 
slid open the top drawer of her dresser. The new bikini had cost 
her 50 dollars, and she meant to try it out immediately. After 
about a minute of searching, Karen noticed that it was missing, 
her female eyes catching onto it through pure instinct. She knew 
who had it, but it still took her a second to form the word in the 
back of her throat. Of all the shit that could have happened 
then, this was the last thing she needed. That red cloud made a 
second appearance, and Karen felt her vocal cords strain as she 
belted out that name.
Almost as if in response, the back door leading to the pull 
creaked open and Karen's little sister walked in, a blue towel 
circling her shoulders. She was a pretty girl. Chubby, but in 
the kind of way that had men years older looking at and 
appreciating her anti-waif appearance. She was wearing Karen's 
two piece red bikini, and it seemed to fit like a second skin. 
She rubbed the remaining chlorine-filled beads from her soft, 
heaving stomach and looked up at the approaching Karen.
"Yeah, what is it?" Alicia said in an insolent tone.
Karen descended the stairs slowly, counting each step as she 
went along.
"That's my suit your wearing.." she growled under her 
"So?" that tone again. Karen felt her fists clench.
"This hasn't been my day, Alicia, and you pull this shit..."
Alicia stepped to the base of the stairs in defiance.
"Too bad, sis.." she threw the towel on the floor, "but 
that's not my fault...and my bathing suit's torn. You know that." 
Alicia's lips curled into a slight sneer. She liked seeing her 
goody-two-shoes older sister under pressure.
Karen reached the base and stood directly in front of her 
sister. They were nearly the same height, but Karen still managed 
to look down at her.
"It's your problem now, Alicia.." Karen whispered.
Alicia's sneer doubled in size. "How so?"
Karen would later on be at a loss to recall how it happened, 
but it did, just the same. Before she knew it, her fist had 
curled into a tight, pulsing, red rock and had pushed forward, 
barreling into her baby sister's gut.
"OUFFF!" Alicia grunted, and fell back into a sofa. 
"Ouuhhh..." she muttered, grasping her belly in a mixture of 
pain, shock, and bewilderment. 
Karen walked up to her and grabbed a handful of blonde hair. 
She picked her sister up easily, her adrenaline pumping with the 
force of a runaway Mack truck.
"Ooooh.." Alicia continued, her belly heaving. Karen stood 
her up and let go. Alicia, legs buckling, could hardly move.
Karen smiled, and in a series of eight motions, struck her 
sister's belly with a series of hard, well placed, jabs. The 
lollapalooza of sounds that began to escape Alicia's mouth were 
music to her sister's ears.
With every punch thrown, Alicia's upper torso craned forward 
and her feet raised slightly from the ground as her sister's fists 
connected, pushing deep into her belly and causing her lungs to 
release any air stored for later use. Her chubby cheeks puffed 
out as the oxygen pushed through them at amazing speeds, and Karen 
had never seen a sweeter sight. Her last punch sunk in deep, and 
pushed the remaining air out of her sister, who fell back into 
another sofa. A small line of spittle had formed on Alicia's 
bottom lip, and her hands clutched at her belly as small, wheezing 
sounds escaped her throat.
"Having trouble breathing, sis?" Karen taunted. Alicia's 
eyes fluttered as her view became spotty and dark. Her legs 
convulsed as she began to slowly pass out. The air was not 
reaching the young girl's brain quickly enough, and there was 
nothing she could do about it.
Karen, on the other hand, was a different case altogether. 
As Alicia slowly slipped into the darkness of unconsciousness, 
Karen remembered a trick her uncle, who was a doctor, had shown 
her to bring drowning victims around quickly to avoid brain 
damage. A neat trick, and Karen had found a chance to try it out.
Alicia's breathing was beginning to become regular when 
Karen hooked her nails into her sister's earlobes and pushed 
Alicia's eyes flew open and she uttered a loud groan. 
"Uhhhhh..." she managed to say..."Ugggggh..." Her eyes squinted 
with the sudden pain in her belly as her sister, once again, stood 
her up.
Karen flipped her sister around so her Alicia's tan back 
faced her. She wrapped her arms around Alicia's waist and clasped 
her hands on her wounded belly. She lunged backwards and picked 
her up in a reverse bearhug. Her clasped fists pushed in 
suddenly, pressing Alicia's belly inwards to it's limit. A rush 
of air flew out of Alicia's cheeks , and the sound she made was 
simple and self evident of what was happening to the air she had 
managed to recollect after the first beating.
Karen strained on the hug, and soon Alicia's flailing arms 
began to go limp, along with her legs in a seemingly choreographed 
wilt. Karen wasn't finished, however, and slammed her sister to 
the carpet. Alicia landed with a thud, and her semi-conscious eyes 
fluttered wildly as she struggled for air.
"Ooooh..." the 16 year old groaned, as Karen began to step 
up on one of the sofas beside her powerless, spread-eagled body.
Karen stood proudly on the sofa and removed her sweater. 
She noticed the light blonde fuzz right below her navel as she 
slipped it off. She wanted to feel this, more than anything in 
the world. She patted her soft belly with her hands and caressed 
it softly, preparing it for its journey. She raised her arms and 
looked down at her sister. Alicia was spread out, barely 
conscious, but conscious just the same.
"Alicia?" Karen sang out.
Alicia's kept on reciting the belly-punch mantra of 
"oooooooooooh..." as she slowly turned her head to her sister. 
"Uhhhhhhhhhggg.." she continued. She could not move, and her 
confused mind had no idea what her sister was doing on top of the 
Karen smiled broadly.
"Goodnight, sis!" She yelled suddenly, and leapt forward, 
arms outstretched. She floated in mid air for what seemed to be 
an eternity, and then she landed.
It could not have been calculated better by a NASA 
scientist. Karen's belly button landed directly on top of 
Alicia's in a massive flying cross body press. The skins of their 
tummies seemed to almost fuse together as Karen landed, arching 
her back so that her full weight would rest in her gut, and hit 
Alicia first.
Alicia's eyes nearly crossed as her legs convulsed wildly 
and reflexively, her arms repeating the motion soon afterwards.
exact phonetic sound that poured out of the girl as her older 
sister crushed the softness of her belly.
Her flailing arms and legs hit the carpet and immediately went 
limp as she slipped into a deep darkness that would keep her out 
of commission for the rest of the evening.
Karen laid there, face down, belly to belly on her sister, 
smiling at the sudden jerk and surrender of Alicia's young body. 
She slowly crept to her knees and looked at Alicia's face. 
Completely out cold. Or was she? She placed her fist softly on 
Alicia's belly and slowly pushed downwards. A small "mmmmff..." 
escaped her sister's mouth, but nothing more. She released the 
hold and sat there, basking in the glory of the past ten minutes. 
Video store, she thought gleefully, what video store?
It was a long time before she stopped laughing.