Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Strength related themes

This movie theatre is on various strength related themes.

See also part two of this theatre

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

Strength related themes, part 1

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
She bends an iron bar mpg35228801:0925Yes 007/02/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:0825Yes 010/02/1999
Karen Marshall, weightlifting mpg35228800:1725Yes 013/02/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:0925Yes 016/02/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:2525Yes 019/02/1999
Armwrerstling mpg35228801:0125Yes 022/02/1999
Working arms mpg35228800:1625Yes 025/02/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:0125Yes 028/02/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228801:5225Yes 003/03/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228801:4225Yes 006/03/1999
Head-balancing mpg35228801:0025Yes 009/03/1999
Head-balancing mpg35228800:4225Yes 012/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228801:0025Yes 015/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228800:1725Yes 018/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228801:0025Yes 021/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228801:0025Yes 024/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228801:0025Yes 027/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228800:5925Yes 030/03/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228801:0025Yes 002/04/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228800:5925Yes 005/04/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228800:1325Yes 008/04/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:1025Yes 011/04/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:5625Yes 014/04/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228800:4625Yes 017/04/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:4625Yes 020/04/1999
Armwrestling mpg35228800:4825Yes 023/04/1999
Janet Marchi bends an iron bar mpg35228801:1525Yes 026/04/1999
Janet Marchi pulling against an airplane mpg35228803:0025Yes 029/04/1999
Janet Marchi pulling against an airplane part 2 mpg35228802:1825Yes 002/05/1999
Janet Marchi mpg35228801:2125Yes 005/05/1999
Janet Marchi versus a man trying to pull her knees apart mpg35228801:5225Yes 008/05/1999
Janet Marchi mpg35228801:2225Yes 011/05/1999
Janet Marchi versus a man trying to pull her knees apart mpg35228801:5225Yes 014/05/1999
Janet Marchi mpg35228800:3625Yes 017/05/1999
She lifts two women mpg35228800:4425Yes 020/05/1999
Lift-and-carry mpg35228800:4325Yes 023/05/1999
Sumo wrestling mpg35228801:0425Yes 026/05/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228801:1625Yes 029/05/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228801:1825Yes 001/06/1999
Michelle Sorenson, World's Strongest Woman mpg35228801:0925Yes 004/06/1999
Chyna mpg35228800:2925Yes 007/06/1999
Circus lifts mpg35228801:1525Yes 010/06/1999
Circus lifts mpg35228801:0025Yes 013/06/1999
Circus lifts mpg35228801:0025Yes 016/06/1999
Circus lifts mpg35228801:2425Yes 019/06/1999
Circus lifts mpg35228801:0425Yes 022/06/1999
Weightlifting mpg35228801:4925Yes 025/06/1999
She picks him up and throws him to the ground mpg35228800:2225Yes 028/06/1999
Tyre pulling mpg35228800:1025Yes 001/07/1999
Leg wrestling mpg35228802:0025Yes 004/07/1999