Diana the Valkyrie
Diana the Valkyrie

Videos put up in 2008

This movie theatre is for miscellaneous videos put up in 2008, part 1 (most videos are in specific Movie Theatres)

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

Bodybuilding videos

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Brenda Smith, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0930Yes 017/01/2008
Jaime, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:5530Yes 021/01/2008
Marcia, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:5230Yes 024/01/2008
Mia Jesmer, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv64048001:1230Yes 027/01/2008
Tyuleneva, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0530Yes 031/01/2008
Kris Murrell posijng, part 1 mpg128072001:2830Yes 022/01/2008
Kris Murrell posijng, part 1 mpg128072001:3530Yes 022/02/2008
Lisa, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:5030Yes 029/01/2008
Wendy, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:4730Yes 031/01/2008
Gia posing, part 1 mpg35224000:3030Yes 016/02/2008
Gia posing, part 2 mpg35224000:3230Yes 026/02/2008
Gia posing, part 3 mpg35224000:2130Yes 006/03/2008
Gia posing, part 4 mpg35224000:3130Yes 016/03/2008
Gia posing, part 5 mpg35224000:5330Yes 026/03/2008
Gia posing, part 6 mpg35224000:3330Yes 006/04/2008
Gia posing, part 7 mpg35224000:2830Yes 016/04/2008
Gia posing, part 8 mpg35224000:2430Yes 026/04/2008
Gia posing, part 9 mpg35224001:4330Yes 006/05/2008
Gia posing, part 10 mpg35224000:5030Yes 016/05/2008
Annie Rivieccio, press-ups mpg72048002:0430Yes 012/03/2008
Amy Kessler, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0230Yes 025/03/2008
Carine, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0030Yes 004/04/2008
Linda Cusamo, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:4830Yes 014/04/2008
Nikol, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1530Yes 024/04/2008
Katka, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:5930Yes 028/04/2008
Larissa, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:2430Yes 030/04/2008
Colette Nelson, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0530Yes 005/05/2008
Christine Lanois, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1730Yes 002/08/2008
Emma, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:2730Yes 012/08/2008
Diana Tinelle, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0230Yes 022/08/2008
Fabricia, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0230Yes 002/09/2008
Jen Rish, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:2530Yes 012/09/2008
Nola, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1330Yes 022/09/2008
Shereen, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0830Yes 002/10/2008
Stella, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1030Yes 012/10/2008
SweetMuscle, from http://www.sweetmuscle.com wmv32024003:2330Yes 012/09/2008
Lisa Taubenheim, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0930Yes 003/10/2008
Dianat Yuleneva, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1630Yes 005/10/2008
Natalie Czerwinski, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1130Yes 007/10/2008
Gemma Santos, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0930Yes 009/10/2008
Dr Angel, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:2030Yes 014/10/2008
Anne Freitas, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0330Yes 016/10/2008
Kelly Dobbins, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1130Yes 018/10/2008
Fawnia Mondey, from http://www.fawniamondey.net mpg32024002:3030Yes 004/11/2008
Nikki Fuller, from http://www.jungletails.com mpg35224001:1230Yes 012/11/2008
Leg cramp mpg64048000:4630Yes 007/12/2008
Alina Popa, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:5930Yes 013/12/2008
Amanda Folstad, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:2330Yes 018/12/2008
Brazilian girls, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1130Yes 023/12/2008
, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:4730Yes 024/12/2008
Cali calves, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:0630Yes 025/12/2008
Janet Nicole, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:4530Yes 026/12/2008
Laurie Steele, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048000:4030Yes 003/01/2009
Xin li Cao, from http://www.diymuscle.com wmv72048001:1030Yes 006/01/2009
Casie Leigh mpg32024001:3930Yes 025/12/2008

Other videos

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Backing in the foyer bend over, from here wmv64048000:4230Yes 001/01/2008
Teresa sweeps, from here wmv72048000:4430Yes 008/01/2008
Legs off my scissor bitch, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 014/01/2008
Ferocious definition, from here wmv72048000:4930Yes 016/01/2008
Big Betty mpg80060000:0030Yes 018/01/2008
Wondernicky, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv32024000:2630Yes 022/01/2008
Contractor crush, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 023/01/2008
My bear digs my shredded old gams, from here wmv64048001:1730Yes 025/01/2008
Wrestling, spy story 14 from here wmv72048019:2530Yes 031/01/2008
Sister-in-law squeeze, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 002/02/2008
Dancing in stilettos, from here wmv72048001:2230Yes 005/02/2008
Breaking, entering and scissoring, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 007/02/2008
Harder, from here wmv64048001:5430Yes 009/02/2008
Jazzmon, vol 53, from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv64048004:3630Yes 016/02/2008
Red satin calves, from here wmv72048001:2230Yes 016/02/2008
Valentines day mashing, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 017/02/2008
Tat-kit from here wmv32024002:4030Yes 020/02/2008
Lucy l'Vette in Scissored to Sleep, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 022/02/2008
Afternoon dance, from here wmv64048001:2030Yes 022/02/2008
Jazzmon's feet worship, from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv64048001:4830Yes 022/02/2008
Stair steppnig to Chopin, from here wmv72048001:2430Yes 025/02/2008
Big Betty mpg72048000:3730Yes 028/02/2008
Scissoring the floor with you, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 005/03/2008
Jazzmon says, you are still my bitch, from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv64048003:1530Yes 011/03/2008
Brutal Jazzmon, from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv00:0030Yes 021/03/2008
Scissor therapy for the therapist, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 014/03/2008
Rita on the exam table, from here wmv72048001:3730Yes 016/03/2008
Sunday dancing teaser, from here wmv64048001:1730Yes 020/03/2008
Paid to pueonish, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 021/03/2008
Personal beating, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 028/03/2008
Wrestling, spy story 31 from here wmv72048002:0630Yes 003/04/2008
Too bad you're not there, from here wmv72048001:2930Yes 004/04/2008
Is that all you got, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 005/04/2008
Freshly squeezed guest, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 014/04/2008
Vegas welcoming squeeze, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 020/04/2008
I'm going to lie down and take a nap, from here wmv72048001:3230Yes 026/04/2008
Crunch class, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 028/04/2008
She's got legs, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 008/05/2008
Tiptoe dancing, from here wmv64048000:5430Yes 010/05/2008
Rita's finale, from here wmv64048001:3930Yes 012/05/2008
Ticket to scissor, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 014/05/2008
Time to smell my panties, from here wmv64036000:4630Yes 015/05/2008
Lucy L'Vette's Lethal Legs, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 023/05/2008
Marisa Kitty Brigitte Daniela xcross, from here wmv32024060:4130Yes 024/05/2008
Twist and hanging calves, from here wmv64048001:1930Yes 027/05/2008
Facediving, from here wmv64036000:4530Yes 028/05/2008
The scissor twitch, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 001/06/2008
Tired of men looking at my breasts, from here wmv64048001:3330Yes 002/06/2008
Teresa's calves, from here wmv72048001:1030Yes 004/06/2008
Wrap this up, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 005/06/2008
Pony play, from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv32024000:1530Yes 008/06/2008
Pony play, she is being naughty from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv32024007:4630Yes 018/06/2008
Pony play, strap on bitch in heat from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv32024002:3330Yes 028/06/2008
Pony play, wagon ride from http://www.jazzmon.com wmv32024002:4230Yes 008/07/2008
Mopping up the mats, from here wmv64036000:3030Yes 014/06/2008
Calves on the back porch, from here wmv64048001:2630Yes 017/06/2008
Super shredded sixty year-old calves, from here wmv64048000:3030Yes 022/06/2008
Rita feels her calves in the empty dugout, from here wmv64048001:2330Yes 026/06/2008
Mitzi does calf raises on the steps, from here wmv72048000:4830Yes 028/06/2008
Rita tells Jack she wants him to fuck her calves, from here wmv64048001:3130Yes 008/07/2008
Sweet Lorraine's incredible calves, from here wmv72048000:3130Yes 013/07/2008
Total Force 2 - Martial Arts Girl Kicking mpg35224000:1130Yes 015/07/2008
Sixty year-old musuclar calves, hi-res, from here wmv128072000:3030Yes 018/07/2008
Jill does housework in heels from here wmv32024002:1830Yes 021/07/2008
Twelve calf raises, hi-res from here wmv128072000:5630Yes 027/07/2008
Jennifer's calves on the bed hi-resfrom here wmv128072000:2030Yes 028/07/2008
18inchcalvesandconversation.wmv18 inch calves and conversation from here 01/00:0030Yes 029/07/2008
Magnificent seven amazons from here wmv64048011:4330Yes 001/08/2008
Catwomen from here wmv32024003:0430Yes 003/08/2008
Black Widow, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv00:0030Yes 004/08/2008
Slow calf squeeze, hi-res from here wmv128072000:5130Yes 007/08/2008
Lorraine calf raises, hi-res from here wmv128072000:4730Yes 016/08/2008
Gladiator sandals, hi-res from here wmv128072003:0630Yes 023/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 1 from here mpg72048000:3930Yes 025/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 2 from here mpg72048000:3330Yes 031/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 3 from here mpg72048000:2430Yes 026/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 4 from here mpg72048000:1830Yes 027/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 5 from here mpg72048000:3230Yes 028/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 6 from here mpg72048000:1530Yes 029/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 7 from here mpg72048000:1930Yes 030/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 8 from here mpg72048000:2430Yes 001/09/2008
Showing off her ballet pointe and her calves, hi-res from here wmv128072001:5030Yes 028/08/2008
Sexiest shins on the planet, hi-res from here wmv128072002:5130Yes 031/08/2008
Amazing asian amazon 9 from here mpg72048000:1430Yes 006/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 10 from here mpg72048001:0130Yes 008/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 11 from here mpg72048000:1930Yes 010/09/2008
Around the lamppost, hi-res from here wmv128072002:2530Yes 008/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 12 from here mpg72048000:1530Yes 015/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 13 from here mpg72048000:1230Yes 017/09/2008
The wrestler mpg00:0030Yes 019/09/2008
Man clamp mpg00:0030Yes 020/09/2008
Super Mongo Teresa, hi-res from here wmv128072003:0530Yes 020/09/2008
Mitzi muscle control one, hi-res from here wmv128072002:0030Yes 022/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 14 from here mpg72048000:2230Yes 023/09/2008
Amazing asian amazon 15 from here mpg72048000:2130Yes 025/09/2008
The wrestler part 3 mpg00:0030Yes 023/09/2008
Hannah makes calves, hi-def from here wmv128072001:4530Yes 025/09/2008
Prima power, from here wmv00:0030Yes 028/09/2008
Catalina's calf action from here wmv72048002:2930Yes 002/10/2008
You can't believe she's sixty from here wmv128072000:5930Yes 006/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 16 from here mpg72048000:2230Yes 007/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 17 from here mpg35248000:2530Yes 009/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 18 from here mpg35248000:1830Yes 011/10/2008
Mimi wmv40030002:2430Yes 006/10/2008
Mitzi on the dynadisc, hi-def from here wmv128072002:2230Yes 012/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 19 from here mpg35248000:2030Yes 022/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 20 from here mpg35248000:3230Yes 026/10/2008
Amazing asian amazon 21 from here mpg35248000:2830Yes 030/10/2008
Mitzi pumps her calves and worships them, hi-def from here wmv128072002:3330Yes 028/10/2008
Jihad from here mv/00:0030Yes 023/11/2008
Incredible calves super hi-deffrom here wmv1440108002:2330Yes 001/11/2008
Big Betty mpg100872400:0024Yes 010/11/2008
Rita on the dynadisc, hi-resfrom here wmv128072001:4430Yes 010/11/2008
Rita dancing in Betty Boop shoes, hi-resfrom here wmv128072001:1930Yes 015/11/2008
Cat and Ramona on the stairs, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:4630Yes 021/11/2008
Lilly dusting in heels, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:5330Yes 024/11/2008
Mitzi calves in orange heels, hi-deffrom here wmv128072001:5830Yes 001/12/2008
Black Widow, from http://www.new-goddess.com wmv64048000:3130Yes 002/12/2008
Big Betty mpg100872400:0024Yes 004/12/2008
Shadow of your smile, hi-deffrom here wmv128072000:3630Yes 006/12/2008
Alessa mpg72057600:1230Yes 013/12/2008
Sweet Lorraine in the office, hi-deffrom here wmv128072002:1830Yes 015/12/2008
Amazing asian amazon 22 from here mpg35248000:3530Yes 019/12/2008
Lilly calves on the cabinet, hi-def from here wmv128072001:3630Yes 025/12/2008
Rita's big calves rubbing together, hi-def from here wmv128072000:4630Yes 028/12/2008
Amazing asian amazon 23 from here mpg35248000:4530Yes 029/12/2008
Wrestling wmv64048000:2130Yes 029/12/2008
Wrestling wmv64048000:1130Yes 030/12/2008
Wrestling wmv64048000:1630Yes 031/12/2008
Wrestling wmv64048001:1430Yes 031/12/2008
Wrestling wmv64048000:1530Yes 001/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1930Yes 002/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048001:0230Yes 003/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:3930Yes 004/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:0330Yes 005/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048002:2430Yes 006/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1130Yes 007/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1730Yes 008/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1030Yes 009/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1030Yes 010/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:0930Yes 011/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:1130Yes 012/01/2009
Wrestling wmv64048000:2630Yes 013/01/2009
Amazing asian amazon 24 from here mpg72048000:2530Yes 030/12/2008