Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie

Sonia Fernandez

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

Sonia versus Lutz

The AVI clips are 30 seconds and 320 by 240 pixels, so it runs in a large window; a few of them are interludes between the action, so those are longer in timespan and run in a smaller window. The lighting is poor for the first several, but is fixed after a few minutes.

The MPG clips are a minute each.

Sonia can be contacted at soniafight@aol.com, she loves wrestling men. Or you can write to her:

PoBox 86
OX12 9XJ
tel + 44 850 835864

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
Some scissors to start with avi32024000:3012Yes 260901/01/1998
Preliminary discussions avi967200:3010Yes 65603/01/1998
On the mat avi32024000:3012Yes 269205/01/1998
Headlock avi32024000:3012Yes 254607/01/1998
Bodyscissors avi32024000:3012Yes 265709/01/1998
The pin avi32024000:3012Yes 284511/01/1998
The scissors begins avi32024000:3012Yes 271513/01/1998
Headlock avi32024000:3012Yes 312415/01/1998
On the mat, then scissors again avi32024000:3012Yes 308117/01/1998
Scissors till submission avi32024000:3012Yes 246519/01/1998
More scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 311321/01/1998
Scissors, then she bucks him off avi32024000:3012Yes 270623/01/1998
Scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 246925/01/1998
Sonia on top avi32024000:3012Yes 268727/01/1998
Face sitting avi32024000:3012Yes 230929/01/1998
More face sitting avi32024000:3012Yes 216131/01/1998
More face sitting, and smothering avi32024000:3012Yes 220202/02/1998
Lutz pins Sonia avi32024000:3012Yes 252504/02/1998
Lutz loses it, then scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 242506/02/1998
Lutz on top avi32024000:3012Yes 232608/02/1998
Getting ready to arm wrestle avi32024000:3012Yes 253910/02/1998
Arm wrestling avi32024000:3012Yes 215912/02/1998
Headlock, and a hip toss avi32024000:3012Yes 290714/02/1998
Head scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 302716/02/1998
Interlude avi806002:0712Yes 221518/02/1998
Bearhug avi32024000:3012Yes 281620/02/1998
Full nelson avi32024000:3012Yes 277522/02/1998
Headlock, submission and nelson avi32024000:3012Yes 275824/02/1998
Neck stretch avi32024000:3012Yes 252926/02/1998
Head scissors and submission avi32024000:3012Yes 242928/02/1998
Pull down avi32024000:3012Yes 241702/03/1998
Scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 214304/03/1998
More scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 201506/03/1998
More scissors, and bear hug avi32024000:3012Yes 214108/03/1998
Lutz is pinned avi32024000:3012Yes 211010/03/1998
Interlude avi806004:198Yes 322212/03/1998
Head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 325514/03/1998
Sonia applies another scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 274516/03/1998
Head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 276618/03/1998
Reverse head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 311220/03/1998
Reverse head scissors and submission; hip toss and pin avi32024000:3015Yes 288522/03/1998
More reverse head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 270424/03/1998
Lutz in the scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 258026/03/1998
Lutz tries to escape a figure four head scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 291528/03/1998
Lutz cannot escape the figure four head scissors avi32024000:3012Yes 291930/03/1998
Out of the scissors, and down again avi32024000:3012Yes 312501/04/1998
Reverse head scissors till he submits avi32024000:3012Yes 305003/04/1998
Lutz is sat on avi32024000:3015Yes 279405/04/1998
Reverse head scissors till he submits avi32024000:3015Yes 288807/04/1998
Facesitting avi32024000:3015Yes 274709/04/1998
More facesitting avi32024000:3015Yes 294311/04/1998
Yet more facesitting avi32024000:3015Yes 284613/04/1998
Pinned again avi32024000:3015Yes 278415/04/1998
Lutz underneath avi32024000:3015Yes 292217/04/1998
More discussion, then back to the fray avi32024000:3015Yes 308919/04/1998
Headlock and bodyscissors avi32024000:3015Yes 312621/04/1998
More bodyscissors avi32024000:3015Yes 255423/04/1998
Sonia gets on top avi32024000:3015Yes 265325/04/1998
Sonia gets on top, for a chat avi32024000:3015Yes 240727/04/1998
Facesitting avi32024000:3015Yes 289329/04/1998
Another interlude avi806001:308Yes 123501/05/1998
Pulling hands avi32024000:3015Yes 336603/05/1998
Full nelson plus scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 248405/05/1998
Reverse bear hug avi32024000:3015Yes 261307/05/1998
Bear hug and more scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 287709/05/1998
Head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 242611/05/1998
More head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 276113/05/1998
Even more head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 265615/05/1998
Yet more head scissors avi32024000:3015Yes 270317/05/1998
She puts her foot on his neck avi32024000:3015Yes 291717/05/1998
She lets him up and gives him a kiss and an affectionate hug avi32024000:3015Yes 273319/05/1998
Sonia lifts Lutz avi32024000:3015Yes 306121/05/1998
Sonia says goodbye avi16012000:5415Yes 193623/05/1998
Sonia vs Lutz, part 1 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025401/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 2 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025404/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 3 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023008/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 4 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021012/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 5 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024816/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 6 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023020/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 7 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1020424/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 8 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024428/07/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 9 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021604/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 10 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1020408/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 11 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024012/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 12 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1022216/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 13 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025820/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 14 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023424/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 15 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021428/08/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 16 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025204/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 17 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023208/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 18 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021012/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 19 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025616/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 20 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023820/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 21 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021824/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 22 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1020428/09/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 23 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024804/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 24 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023408/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 25 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1022212/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 26 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1020616/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 27 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025020/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 28 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023624/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 29 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021428/10/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 30 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025404/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 31 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1023208/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 32 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1021412/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 33 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025816/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 34 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024220/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 35 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1022424/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 36 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1020828/11/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 37 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1025404/12/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 38 mpg35228801:0025Yes 1024008/12/2000
Sonia vs Lutz, part 39 mpg35228800:3125Yes 521612/12/2000

(c) 1996 Diana the Valkyrie. A hard man is good to beat.