Diana the Valkyrie

Diana the Valkyrie's Movie Theatre

A hard man is good to beat

The main Movie Theatre shows you how to get started, and where things are.

This part of the Movie Theatre contains clips that are indended to be run as repeating loops.

To loop an AVI, there are two ways.

To run these avis you should right click on the icon, a dialogue box appears, left click on open (NOT ON PLAY) , The avi opens, right click on the image, another dialogue box appears, left click on properties, a different dialouge box appears, left click on auto repeat, left click on OK, the dialogue box closes, right click on the image, a dialogue box opens, left click on play.

Also in properties there's all kinds of neat stuff like resizing, run full screen or run smaller and run several at once (I've had as many as 24 running at one time) etc.

Second, Windows 95 comes with a program called media player. Click on the start menu and find multimedia. When it opens set preferences and file types for AVI and loop. Then all you open under media player will run in a loop . You can watch one for a while then close it and click on another and bam it comes up running in a loop.