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This is a complete list of all the video clips available on the web site that were posted in the last thirty days. This index is recreated daily. In the small hours of the morning (while you are tucked up nice and safe in your bed) a Valkyrie looks at every movie on the web site and lists them. Of course, any alteration to a file will change its date, so some of them might be re-uploads of an old clip.

The files are sorted with the most recent at the top.

DescriptionTypeWidth Heightmin:secfpsSoundKBDate
The squash mp464036002:2230Yes 758926/Mar/2017More More
Lift mpg17612001:3230Yes 599421/Mar/2017More More
Sensual muscles mp4128072001:1430Yes 3716813/Mar/2017More More
Lift mpg17612001:3230Yes 599411/Mar/2017More More
The friend of my girlfriend mp448048002:4825Yes 1963910/Mar/2017More More
Huge Calves mp496054002:4630Yes 4875309/Mar/2017More More
Johanna Thomas mp4128072001:1930Yes 3998907/Mar/2017More More
Wrestling 1 mpg1920108001:1230Yes 19584007/Mar/2017More More
Wrestling 2 mpg1920108002:0130Yes 18806707/Mar/2017More More
Lift mpg35228800:1230Yes 168001/Mar/2017More More
Tammy on bed mp496054001:2530Yes 2490228/Feb/2017More More

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