The Strine Internet

Strine is what they speak in Oz; Kiwis speak a different strain of Strine.

Thanks to Socrates and helpers for help in making to make the Strine Internet.

Confused? You will be

First a warning. Once you do down these links, you've entered a new world. You've entered the Strine Internet. Words don't always mean what you thought.

Here's Diana the Valkyrie's web site, translated into Strine. You can browse it, just like you would normally.

Or you can go look at someone else's web site, Strine version. Struth! Diana the Valkyrie has translated the entire internet into Strine for you, so you can browse around as per usual, but everything will be in Strine. Fair dinkum, cobber!

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The Cockney Internet

Diana the Valkyrie's site in Queen's English

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