Technical note

I know what you're wondering. You're wondering "How did Diana the Valkyrie copy the entire internet and translate it into Cockney?"

Yes, well. Heh heh heh.

I didn't copy it. What happens is, every time you access a page, Vera grabs it first, translates it into Cockney, and then passes it to your browser. She also does something a bit fancy to the links, so they all work. So we're not actually copying anything, see? Just fiddling around a bit with what you accessed.

It doesn't always work. Some web sites are just so complicated, Vera gets right moggydawed, so you might see broken pictures, or some links might not work. Well, please don't tell me about them. I know it isn't perfect, and I'm not going to fix it, it's good enough.

If you want to help me do another translator, send me an email. What I'll need help with, is the translation list.