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List of forthcoming events

A hard man is good to beat

Events are a good time to meet other people who visit this web site, and also to meet the women in the flesh. In general, you're allowed to take as many photographs as you like, but some might not like video being shot in the event. If you need to find out, ask the organisers.

People from this web site who visit events identify themselves by wearing a Diana the Valkyrie t-shirt, so you can go up to such people and introduce yourself. Or you can get a Diana the Valkyrie Member badge to wear, just print it out with a colour printer, put it in plastic, and you're all set!

Here's a smaller version

Here's an even smaller version

The main event is the Women's Extravaganza. Quite a few people from this web site attended this event.

Here's a collage of some of the competitors at 1997's Extravaganza.

Marianna Komlos is one of the FBB competitors, and Jacquie Gallery is another. Here's Jacquie showing off her biceps, another of Jacquie thinking hard and a fourth pulling on a curtain.

Ocean Bloom is one of the fitness competitors, and so is Summer Kalish; both of these two were just 19 years old.

You can read about the Extravaganza on the Message Boards, in reports from the event, you can look at the pictures from it in the Gallery, and you can see video clips taken around and about the event.

The web site of the North American Bodybuilding Federation

Fistman has written a list of strip clubs and go go bars across North America where noticably muscular dancers have been spotted.

And there's a Message Board for Events.

The Ms Olympia is a significant event, two thousand people went to see that competition.