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Power Squeezer Questionnaire

Questionnaire: "Power Squeezers at a Glance"

Questionnaires continue to pour in. Thanks to all who have filled them out. I will give you a report when the dust has settled some. If you have not filled one out, please do so. Note that the address has changed. I founded ANSWER international wrestling club in about 1979 (when the pioneer of NY mixed wrestling charged $50, repeat, $50 for three rounds and gave you more if you won or interested her). Her name was Black Pearl, a 300LB pro from the German wrestling circuit who found the tiny ladies of the US less than eager to wrestle her. A slim, athletic lady named Denna Zara what just getting started. I wrestled both Pearl and Zara, then as she developed her stable (including the young Suzy Johnson aka Robin) I fought some of her girls. Prices are higher now and ANSWER was developed to help develop, well, answers. Let me give you one right now. ANSWER may have pioneered in this: If you are single, seek prospective mates who are as nuts over wrestling as you are! It's much more economical to wrestle and train your wife, and maybe allow her to wrestle paying customers in a suitable space, than to pay for pros---not that an occasional match with a pro is not a good idea. At about the time Denna was setting up her apartment and training women, a novel studio was being set up by Joan Weiss. (Spelling, especially of names is not my long suit. You can have fun pointing out my horrible errors to me, but I do try to keep the phonetics right.) Joan offered to train guys girl friends and wives. Not a bad idea. It helped justify the rather heafty prices she charged. I'm rather in favor of pros who can wrestle and who provide such extra value. Want to try some? Travel to Ft Lauderdale and womens world there. (They have a web site.) You can have a match at not too terrible a price on a mat that is very large and one foot thick! Also, two of the women, Sasha and Jill are not only well trained and quite attractive, but they have been trained to teach you to involve and train women in your life who might not otherwise wrestle! How's that for value. Let's encourage such value. But wait, as the TV promotions say, "That's not all." Each of these women is single, highly desirable (in slightly different ways), has been known to accept dates for dinner, and has shown some interest in marriage. Why date wimps? Have a wrestle and enjoy an evening and maybe consider settling down not with a woman wimp but with one who will enjoy a friendly, healthy, session of wrestling for exercise! How is that for a money saving idea? "But wait! There is more!" I made a tape that shows many secrets of time-tested ANSWER methods for involving and training a rather average woman in wrestling--even the kind who is just sure it will crush your poor lil ego to have any physical competieiton. As a marketing survey, I will send this tape to you, asking that you give me your frank opinion of the help it provides. It will be offered at less than the usual cost of a high quality VHS tape, and it is of very high quality. The girl (Jill) is one of the most attractive and skilled in wrestling. She is bright and offers sharp verbal and physical competition to me all through her training. It's fun! I am, sorry to say, a bit out of shape because I had been on the road for about a month. I lost three inches from my belly shortly after my return home. That doesn't alter the quality of the tips provided, but it is one reason why RIGHT HERE, FOR A LIMITED TIME, IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF THIS TAPE. I plan to send it out for comment, along with a manual that will clarify the techniques you will see demonstrated. These techniques are rare, possibly unique. For example, consider that lady who is sure any physical competition from her will "destroy" your poor lil ego. Using a tried and tested method shown on the tape you can involve her in arm wrestling, crushing her with each arm in the process. Even such a lady will start developing a will to win and should respond well when you teach her, and this is GUARANTEED, HONEST, TRUTH: You will teach her to beat almost any man in arm wrestling, and usually make him like it! Another instructional tape and manual suggest that you fake a loss. It will be no fake when your little lady follows your simple instructions and beats you. I defy any red blooded man not to show obvious admiration for her skill and aggressiveness. Polls show that, contrary to most women's belief, men would prefer that a woman be able to be aggressive toward them, maybe not all the time, but certainly on occasion. Yes the tape also shows squeezes in some detail, plus counters to standard squeezes, and counters that will help any healthy maintain the squeeze on nearly any man. If all that I have said is not true, simply write your opinion in detail and send the tape back for a full refund of the cost of tape and manual. FINALLY, YOU GET TO HELP NAME YOUR OWN PRICE!!!! Let me know how much you think guys should be willing to pay for a tape and manual that will forever reduce their dependence on professionals. Add that price to your questionnaire, or, if you have already sent your questionnaire in, just send me a note at answerwest@aol.com. OK?

1) First name or nickname

2) Gender male      female

3) Location: City, State and Country

4) E-mail address (so we can contact you)

5) Do you have friends in your area or elsewhere you can contact who might be interested in the New Power Squeeze program? yes      No

6) Take a look at the Power Squeeze description page and fill in your personal criteria for squeezing, by using the 1-10 scale (remember this is mostly fun, but take it a little seriously!).

Female (squeezers): Willingness   Strength
Male (squeezees): Willingness   Strength

7) Would you be willing to actively help start the Power Squeeze club in your area? Yes      No

8) What other kinds of activities, etc. would you like to see happening in your Power Squeeze club?

9) Would you like to have body building specialists, female wrestlers, or self-defense instructors share techniques with you in your club atmosphere (if fees are required, your members could decide on how to handle them)?
Yes      No

10) Important: In your opinion, what can we do to involve more women in the program?

If you have any questions, you can email victorharvey@hotmail.com