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General Interest

Wrestling action      Frontal head-scissors       Rear head-scissors      Figure-four  scissors     Face-sitting frontal      Reverse face-sitting     Choking/strangling  by hand/arms      Choking/strangling by arms/hands from behind      Smothering  by breasts      Hand-over mouth smother      Foot-over-mouth smother        High-flying kicks (torso or head)     Low kicks     Torso-kneeing       Ball-kneeing/kicking     Trampling      Punching     Face-slapping        Martial Arts type of action      Boxing    Verbal Abuse     Humiliation factor       Body worship       Foot worship

Special Interest

Bondage     Whipping /caning/paddling      Spanking     Choking with rope/cord     Suffocation with plastic bag/wrap       Mummification/body or face wrapping   Water-dunking/drowning    Wax      Needles      Clothes-pins    Spitting   CBT      Piss     Shit       Smoke    Burning      Branding   Electric shocks    Tickling      Tongue service     Dildo/Rape       Hairpulling      

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