Diana the Valkyrie


A hard man is good to beat

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In this game you have the great opportunity to be a mailman - Cliff Clavin from Cheers. You start the game with four lives, a full beer mug, the score of zero points and you got five minutes to complete the round.

You maneuver Cliff by using the arrow keys. When you stand in front of the correct mail box (marked with a red arrow), you press "enter" to deliver the letter. You have probably already figured out that this is how you collect points in this game. The red arrow will then move to the next mailbox.

It's not an easy job working as a mailman. You have to look out for cars and dogs. If a car hits you or a dog bites you, you will lose a life. It's also important that you make regular visits to the bar Cheers to fill up with beer, or else you will lose a life. When you lose a life, Cliff will automatically go to his favorite place to have a beer, and lick his wounds.


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