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The games room

The Games Room is where you'll find the various games and other amusements that you can play. Some of them need javascript, some of them need java, some can be played with just a WebTV, without java. If you can see Clepsy the Clock just above here, then you have Java. If you can't see Clepsy, then you don't.

The Bionic Arm

I haven't seen anything like this anywhere else on the internet. I've set up a robotic arm that you can control five ways; rotate, shoulder, elbow, wrist and gripper. I've set up a webcam so that you can see what you're doing.

The cool thing is that you're making things happen several thousand miles from where you sit in front of your computer - the Bionic Arm is in England, in my home. Have fun!

Chat with Elizabeth the Cyber-Valkyrie

Elizabeth the Cyber-Valkyrie is here all day, every day, and you can talk to her as long as you like. She's quite good at understanding about things like female muscle, amazons, Valkyries, lift-and-carry, wrestling, scissors and all the subjects you've always wanted to talk to a Cyber-Valkyrie about. And she won't tell anyone what you and she talk about, not even Diana!

If you have WebTV, then you can still have a session with Elizabeth

The Valkyrie Camera

We secretly mounted a camera in the Valkyrie Gym, members of the web site can watch what goes on inside.

The Forbidden World

This is a special part of the web site, only for people over 18. Unless it can be verified that you're old enough, this part of the web site will be forever barred to you.

The Web Site Emergency off switch

Please don't use this except in an emergency; you wouldn't want to be responsible for shutting down the entire web site.

The Cockney Internet

I was born within the sound of Bow Bells, so I'm a Cockney. I grew up speaking like a Cockney. Cockney isn't just rhyming slang. So, I've translated the entire internet into Cockney.

The Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle over the internet (needs javascript, so some browsers won't be able to do it). Assemble the pieces until you get the picture.

Diana the Valkyrie's Chess Cafe

In many cities in the world, you can sit in a cafe, drink coffee, and play chess while the world kibitzes. Well, you'll have to make your own coffee, but here's the chess game.

The following games need a browser that does Java (WebTV won't work).


The original classic Asteroids game. If you didn't play it then, you'll be surprised how addictive it is. If you did play it then, you'll want to check this out.


The classic Breakout game. If you didn't play it then, you'll be surprised how addictive it is. If you did play it then, you'll want to check this out.

Space Invaders

Based on the old Space Invaders.

Defender of the Moon

Good graphics, and sound effects

Rubik's Cube


Ever fancied being the tail gunner in a starship?


Based on the old Tetris.



3-D Carpet Golf. If your office isn't big enough to have your own carpet golf, then come and use this one.


In this game you have the great opportunity to be a mailman - Cliff Clavin from Cheers.


A frustrating game of blocking and progress

Diana's Magic Carpet will whisk you to anywhere on the web site

(c) 1996 Diana the Valkyrie. A hard man is good to beat.