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A hard man is good to beat

Story sites  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Modesty Blaise in 1997-OK
Amazons Arena Publishing in 199702 Dec 07OK
Extreme strength 15/Oct/1998-OK
Xena fan fiction 29/Mar/199923 Sep 13OK
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository 16/Sep/199908 Apr 04OK
Cobalt Jade 10/Apr/200004 Aug 14OK
Bad Grrls! 07/Jun/200018 Jun 19OK
Stories Online 04/Nov/2000-OK
Fiction mania 06/Apr/2001-OK 302
Super Stories 12/Sep/2001-OK
Women of wrestling erotic fiction archive 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Muscle and strength 26/Jan/2002-OK 500
The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive 23/Mar/200208 Jun 18OK
Akasha's web 23/Mar/200216 Mar 19OK
Fictionmania 23/Mar/2002-OK
Literotica 20/Jul/2002-OK
The Aurora Universe 20/Sep/2002-Special
Superheroine Central 22/Oct/2002-Not found
Crystals's TG Story Site 04/Nov/200227 Mar 02OK
Photo story book 28/Jan/2003-OK
Alternate histories 02/Mar/2003-OK
The Abintra Universe Writer's Group 14/Apr/2003-OK
Female power stories 22/Sep/2003-Not found
Warrior Women 06/Nov/2003-OK
Asian cat fights 04/Feb/2004-Special
Relic Raider 19/Oct/2004-OK
Erotic stories 13/Apr/2005-OK
Naughty tales 13/Apr/200524 Apr 14OK
Deathworks giantess 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Giantess zone 04/Apr/2006-Special
Giantesses 04/Apr/2006-OK
Femdom stories 30/Aug/2006-Special
Superman Erotic Stories 29/Sep/2006-OK
Free stories 20/Oct/2007-OK
Free giantess and femdom fetish stories 03/Aug/201023 Mar 18OK
Gender Battles -- Mixed Wrestling Stories 30/Dec/201017 Sep 18OK
The Story Corner 30/May/2011-OK
Femdom, giantesses, princkazons, etc 22/Apr/201323 Mar 19OK
aSexStories 27/Nov/2014-OK
Fiona of Fail 27/Jan/201517 Sep 18OK
Novel trove 17/Nov/2016-OK

Tall women  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Giantess Zone in 1997-Special
E L Publications Giantesses 19/Oct/1997-OK
Chelgi's giantess site 29/Mar/1998-Not found
Big Rag's real giantesses 18/Sep/1998-OK 500
Tall Goddess 18/Nov/1998-Special
Maxcat Giantess realm 06/Dec/1998-Not found
Montenegro video 26/Feb/1999-OK 500
Asian tall girl 26/Feb/1999-OK
Girl beats boy 26/Feb/1999-Not found
Tall women pictures 26/Feb/1999-OK
5 10 Ayla 03/Jun/1999-OK 500
Long leg morphs 24/Nov/2000-OK 500
Giantess Paradise 31/Mar/2001-OK
Giganta - the world of giantesses 12/Sep/2001-Special
Maxcat's Giantess Realm 03/Nov/2001-Special
Giantess Magic 03/Nov/2001-Special
Heights of Famous People 29/Apr/2002-OK
A tall woman is very special 10/Jan/2003-OK
Tall woman collages 10/Jun/2003-OK
Tall women TV 02/Oct/2003-OK 500
The Tallympics 06/Jan/2004-OK 500
Tallest women yahoo group 25/Jan/200407 Jan 04OK
Tall Josephine 04/Sep/2004-OK
Upsite-down 24/Oct/2004-OK
Above all 24/Oct/2004-OK
Tall women on TV 19/Dec/2004-OK 500
Act Novum 16/Mar/2005-OK
Tall Impress - The First Online Height Comparisons Service 25/Sep/2005-OK 500
Tall dating site 06/Dec/2005-OK
Tall women 04/Apr/2006-OK
Tall sport 16/Dec/2006-OK 500
0 .-Not found
Erotic Tall Amazons 28/Aug/200817 Feb 19OK
Tall Women 24/Sep/200806 Mar 18OK
Nude tall women 03/Dec/2008-OK 500

Message board for tall women


Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Ms. Le Jingyi, Chinese Gold Medalist swimmer 12/Jan/1998-OK 500
US Armsports armwrestling 03/Apr/199830 Apr 08OK
Women's pro football 30/Jan/2001-Special
The Minnesota Vixens 30/Jan/200112 May 03OK
New England Storm 30/Jan/2001-Special
Houston Energy 30/Jan/2001-OK
Hawaiian Waves 30/Jan/2001-OK
Flexotics 15/Feb/2006-Special
The Austin Valkyries rugby team 10/Nov/2006-OK

Other things that Valkyries like  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Cargoes, by John Masefield in 199707 Apr 99OK
The female of the species is more deadly than the male, by Rudyard Kipling 25/Nov/199707 Apr 99OK
The Choosers of the Slain, by Rudyard Kipling 25/Nov/199807 Apr 99OK
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 199729 Mar 10OK
Eric el Viking. Possibly the only Viking in Andorra 16/Jun/199929 Mar 19OK
Der Ring der Nibelungen: Die Walküre - plot synopsis in 1997-Page not available
The Valkyries 27/Oct/1999-OK 500
Chocolate therapy 10/Oct/200212 Oct 18OK
Valkyrie Knives 21/May/2003-OK 500
Molly and Bert 02/May/2008-OK
The Big Ballet 26/Jan/2011-Not found

Message board for Female Bodybuilders