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A hard man is good to beat

Story sites  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Modesty Blaise in 1997-OK
Amazons Arena Publishing in 199702 Dec 07OK
Extreme strength 15/Oct/1998-Page wont load (501)
Xena fan fiction 29/Mar/199923 Sep 13OK
Alt.Sex.Stories Text Repository 16/Sep/1999-Page wont load (501)
Cobalt Jade 10/Apr/2000-Page wont load (501)
Bad Grrls! 07/Jun/200001 Mar 18OK
Stories Online 04/Nov/2000-OK
Fiction mania 06/Apr/2001-OK 500
Super Stories 12/Sep/2001-OK
Women of wrestling erotic fiction archive 12/Sep/2001-OK
Muscle and strength 26/Jan/2002-OK 500
The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive 23/Mar/200215 Feb 17OK
Akasha's web 23/Mar/200219 Mar 16OK
Fictionmania 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
Literotica 20/Jul/2002-OK
The Aurora Universe 20/Sep/2002-OK
Superheroine Central 22/Oct/2002-Not found
Crystals's TG Story Site 04/Nov/200227 Mar 02OK
Photo story book 28/Jan/2003-OK
Alternate histories 02/Mar/2003-Page wont load (501)
The Abintra Universe Writer's Group 14/Apr/2003-OK
Female power stories 22/Sep/2003-Page wont load (501)
Warrior Women 06/Nov/2003-OK
Asian cat fights 04/Feb/2004-Special
Relic Raider 19/Oct/2004-OK
Erotic stories 13/Apr/2005-OK
Naughty tales 13/Apr/200524 Apr 14OK
Deathworks giantess 04/Apr/200611 Dec 03OK
Giantess zone 04/Apr/2006-Special
Giantesses 04/Apr/2006-OK
Femdom stories 30/Aug/200620 Dec 15OK
Superman Erotic Stories 29/Sep/2006-Page wont load (501)
Free stories 20/Oct/2007-Page wont load (501)
Free giantess and femdom fetish stories 03/Aug/201017 Mar 18OK
Gender Battles -- Mixed Wrestling Stories 30/Dec/201006 Mar 18OK
The Story Corner 30/May/2011-OK
Femdom, giantesses, princkazons, etc 22/Apr/201306 Mar 18OK
aSexStories 27/Nov/2014-OK
Fiona of Fail 27/Jan/201507 Mar 18OK
Novel trove 17/Nov/2016-Page wont load (501)

Tall women  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Giantess Zone in 1997-Special
E L Publications Giantesses 19/Oct/1997-OK
Chelgi's giantess site 29/Mar/1998-Not found
Big Rag's real giantesses 18/Sep/1998-OK 500
Tall Goddess 18/Nov/1998-OK
Maxcat Giantess realm 06/Dec/1998-Not found
Montenegro video 26/Feb/1999-Not found
Asian tall girl 26/Feb/1999-OK
Girl beats boy 26/Feb/1999-Not found
Tall women pictures 26/Feb/1999-OK
5 10 Ayla 03/Jun/1999-OK 500
Long leg morphs 24/Nov/2000-OK 500
Giantess Paradise 31/Mar/2001-OK
Giganta - the world of giantesses 12/Sep/2001-Special
Maxcat's Giantess Realm 03/Nov/2001-OK
Giantess Magic 03/Nov/2001-OK
Heights of Famous People 29/Apr/2002-OK
A tall woman is very special 10/Jan/2003-OK
Tall woman collages 10/Jun/200317 Nov 17OK
Tall women TV 02/Oct/200317 Nov 17OK
The Tallympics 06/Jan/2004-OK 500
Tallest women yahoo group 25/Jan/200407 Jan 04OK
Tall Josephine 04/Sep/2004-Page wont load (501)
Upsite-down 24/Oct/2004-OK
Above all 24/Oct/2004-Page wont load (501)
Tall women on TV 19/Dec/200417 Nov 17OK
Act Novum 16/Mar/2005-OK 500
Tall Impress - The First Online Height Comparisons Service 25/Sep/2005-OK 500
Tall dating site 06/Dec/2005-Page wont load (501)
Tall women 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Tall sport 16/Dec/2006-OK 500
0 .-Not found
Erotic Tall Amazons 28/Aug/2008-Not found
Tall Women 24/Sep/200806 Mar 18OK
Nude tall women 03/Dec/2008-OK 500

Message board for tall women


Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Ms. Le Jingyi, Chinese Gold Medalist swimmer 12/Jan/1998-OK 500
US Armsports armwrestling 03/Apr/199830 Apr 08OK
Women's pro football 30/Jan/2001-OK
The Minnesota Vixens 30/Jan/200112 May 03OK
New England Storm 30/Jan/2001-Page wont load (501)
Houston Energy 30/Jan/2001-OK
Hawaiian Waves 30/Jan/2001-OK
Flexotics 15/Feb/2006-Special
The Austin Valkyries rugby team 10/Nov/2006-OK

Other things that Valkyries like  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Cargoes, by John Masefield in 1997-Page wont load (501)
The female of the species is more deadly than the male, by Rudyard Kipling 25/Nov/1997-Page wont load (501)
The Choosers of the Slain, by Rudyard Kipling 25/Nov/1998-Page wont load (501)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 199729 Mar 10OK
Eric el Viking. Possibly the only Viking in Andorra 16/Jun/199921 Jan 18OK
Der Ring der Nibelungen: Die Walküre - plot synopsis in 1997-OK
The Valkyries 27/Oct/1999-OK 500
Chocolate therapy 10/Oct/2002-OK
Valkyrie Knives 21/May/2003-OK 500
Molly and Bert 02/May/2008-OK 500
The Big Ballet 26/Jan/2011-OK 500

Message board for Female Bodybuilders