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A hard man is good to beat

Education is very important. Here's some links that will help you get trained.

Training - men can be trained  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Clothes, videos, magazines and CD Roms in 1997-OK
Amazon Trampling in 1997-Special
Femmes In Charge; femdom, spanking, muscle domination in 1997-OK 500
Shadow lane spanking. 08/Dec/1997-OK
Spanking 08/Dec/1997-OK
Spanking Resources Guide 08/Dec/199729 Sep 23OK
Professional Dominatrixes On The Web 15/Jan/1998-OK
Countess Leah 25/Mar/1998-OK
Bondage, strapon, trampling, footfetish, bizarre, extreme 03/Apr/1998-Special
A club for those interested in the Spanking scene in the UK. 29/Apr/1998-OK 500
Femdom San Francisco 02/Aug/1998-Special
The Odd God (trampling and other footwork) 02/Aug/1998-OK 500
Goddess Natasha's Bondage Emporium 02/Aug/1998-OK 500
Lessons in female authority 29/Apr/1998-OK
Mistress Miranda's firm control 18/Nov/199729 Sep 23OK
Harder Erections. Plus, rare solutions for Impotence, Premature Ejaculation and other male sexual challenges 04/Apr/1998-OK
Stern Developments FEMDOM Spanking/Bondage 08/Dec/199829 Sep 23OK
Elsa's Temple of Femdom 11/Dec/1998-OK
Kinky Wife 24/Feb/1999-OK
Strapped on 18/Mar/1999-Not found
The female supremacy webring 19/May/1999-Special
The Fetish bank 06/Jul/1999-Not found
English Governess Margo's House of Discipline 09/Aug/1999-OK
Divine feminine power 10/Aug/1999-OK
HOM - hand on mouth 26/Aug/1999-Special
Asian femdom - who said Asian women are submissive? 28/Aug/199911 Aug 22OK
Other World Kingdom 07/Sep/1999-OK
Princess Sierra 14/Oct/199922 Aug 14OK
The ultimate remote sex solution 19/Oct/1999-OK
The Goddess Club 18/Nov/1999-OK 500
Mistress Kate 12/Dec/1999-Special
Princess Sierra 12/Jan/2000-Not found
Bonnefemme.com: Dangerous Asian Girls 19/Jan/2000-OK
dominantdolls.com 02/Feb/2000-OK
The Black Enchantress, LADY DYMUND 21/Feb/200011 Feb 09OK
The Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy 14/Apr/2000-OK
Mistress Muscle 25/May/200029 Sep 23OK
Foot Symphony 26/Jun/2000-OK 500
The Eurasian Goddess 30/Jun/2000-Special
Strict Women 30/Jun/2000-OK 500
Balancing mind, body, soul 14/Jul/2000-OK
Strict Women 20/Aug/2000-OK 500
Females with hairy arms Yahoo club 16/Sep/2000-OK 500
Girls with hairy arms Yahoo club 16/Sep/2000-OK 500
Planet Femdom 17/Sep/2000-OK
Riding Cult United 29/Sep/2000-OK
Stella Steel 07/Oct/2000-OK 500
Karate Dom 31/Oct/2000-Special
DOMINA SYBIL'S Fantasy-Fetish Club 04/Nov/2000-OK 500
Feet 20/Nov/2000-OK 500
Luke's Femdom links 26/Nov/2000-OK 500
Mal's femdom illustrations 27/Nov/2000-OK 500
Goddess Marquesa 08/Dec/2000-OK 500
Long Fingernails 28/Jan/2001-OK
Ms Trina - drop to your knees sissyboy, and get ready to be cuckolded... 04/Feb/2001-OK
Srtict women voyeur cam 01/Mar/2001-OK 500
Trigger the human equine 05/Mar/2001-OK
Buttsquish 09/Mar/2001-OK 500
Lisa Strix 10/Mar/2001-OK 500
Black foot worship and trampling 11/Mar/2001-OK 500
Women with large hands 08/Apr/2001-OK 500
Women with large feet 11/Apr/2001-OK 500
Body Slam Nude Female Wrestling and Domination 22/Apr/2001-OK 500
Woman Worship 25/May/2001-OK 500
Riding Cult 10/Jun/200130 Nov 17OK
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! 09/Jul/2001-OK 500
The Neutering News 11/Aug/2001-OK
Spoiled Schoolgirl 27/Aug/2001-OK
Lady Busters Anonymous 06/Sep/2001-OK 500
Dark Lady 12/Sep/2001-Not found
Venus of Vixen 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Smelly's Facesitting page 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Aschies Facesitting Playground 12/Sep/2001-OK
MF Video femdom 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Grandgnu and Sadistic Kitten 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Feet links 12/Sep/2001-Not found
Books to buy 13/Sep/2001-Page not available
Mistress Hunter 13/Sep/2001-Not found
Femdom links 13/Sep/2001-Not found
Fetish resource guide 15/Sep/2001-OK 500
House of Sissify 15/Sep/200110 Sep 23OK
Female Authority 15/Sep/2001-OK
Hundra's ballbusting 15/Sep/2001-OK
Riding boots 15/Sep/2001-Special
Mistress Julie 28/Sep/200103 Sep 23OK
Princess Sierra 28/Sep/2001-OK
Princess Sierra 28/Sep/2001-Not found
Mistress Rhiannon .-OK
Erotic riding women 18/Nov/2001-OK
Extreme Multi trampling 13/Dec/2001-OK
Bad Influence 20/Dec/2001-Not found
Femforce club 25/Dec/200129 Sep 23OK
She spanks 25/Jan/2002-Not found
Face abuse 25/Jan/2002-OK
Under her 25/Jan/200222 Sep 23OK
Divine Domination 26/Feb/2002-OK
Mistress Diamond's Passion 05/Mar/200201 Oct 22OK
Cruel mistresses 23/Mar/2002-Special
Goddess Marquesa 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
Femdom Queendom 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
The femdom directory 23/Mar/2002-OK
Female Domination 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
Mistress Gemini 23/Mar/2002-OK
Lace and pain 12/Apr/2002-OK 500
The Gun Moll and Femme Fatale page 12/Apr/2002-Not found
Queen Adrena is 6' 3, 300lb in her bare feet in 1997-OK
Eurasian Goddess 12/Apr/2002-Special
Domitrix Dungeon 16/Apr/2002-OK 500
Top 50 Amazon Dommes 16/Apr/2002-OK
OzO's Female Domination Videos 02/May/2002-OK 500
Ballbusting Goddess 06/May/2002-OK
Mistress Severa 09/Jun/2002-Not found
Nude horseback riding 17/Jul/2002-OK 500
Mistress Dymund 20/Jul/2002-Not found
Femdom Forum 21/Aug/2002-OK
Women spanking men 21/Aug/2002-OK 500
Lipstick Domination 21/Aug/2002-Not found
Delano in distress 21/Aug/2002-OK 500
Goddess Severa 24/Oct/200224 Jul 23OK
Stefka 29/Oct/2002-OK
Black and glossy 29/Oct/2002-Not found
Pets and owners 29/Oct/200210 Jun 12OK
Fetische-hexe 29/Oct/200208 Aug 23OK
Dana Specht 29/Oct/200220 Mar 18OK
Bittersweet 29/Oct/2002-OK 500
Different loving 29/Oct/200207 Apr 21OK
Tokyo Goddess 29/Oct/2002-OK 500
Professional lifestyle dominatrix 12/Jan/1999-OK 500
People who like sitting on women's laps 27/Oct/1999-OK 500
Mistress Natasha's Chastity Belt Keyholder Service 02/Nov/2002-OK 500
Bea's TV Channel 06/Nov/2002-OK
The Amazon Method 09/Nov/2002-Special
Foot Fetish from Russia 20/Nov/2002-OK 500
Femdom Retro 20/Nov/2002-Special
Femdom Art 20/Nov/200229 Sep 23OK
Flatt's dark side gallery 18/Jan/2003-Not found
Emily Marilyn 20/Jan/2003-Not found
Kingfish Trample 05/Mar/2003-OK 500
Seeking Mistress 09/May/2003-OK 500
The Fantasy Department Store 27/May/2003-OK 500
Gothic Dominatrix 23/Jun/2003-OK
Notorious Mistress Porsche 11/Jul/2003-OK 500
Worlds Top Amazon Dommes 11/Jul/2003-OK 500
Bdsm Femdom Cartoons 18/Aug/2003-Special
Foot Fetish Young Mistress 18/Aug/2003-Special
Cruel Beauty: Amateur FemDom & Avid Martial Artist 05/Nov/200329 Sep 23OK
British Bitches 03/Dec/2003-OK
BigBig.TV 17/Dec/2003-OK 500
Riding fantasy .-Not found
Mistress Joanne .-OK 500
Men in bondage 08/Feb/200404 Sep 21OK
toes2nose 23/Feb/2004-OK 500
Strapon video store 06/Mar/2004-OK 500
Femdom movie reviews 06/Mar/2004-OK 500
Strapon forum 06/Mar/200429 Sep 23OK
Petticoat punishment art 06/Mar/200407 Oct 15OK
Lorenzo Sperlonga 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Haru'z Nation 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Lustomic 06/Mar/2004-OK
Femdom art 06/Mar/200429 Sep 23OK
K2 Bondage 06/Mar/2004-OK 500
Femforce 06/Mar/2004-OK
Erotic illusions 06/Mar/200425 May 22OK
Face sitting 06/Mar/2004-OK
Femdom/boywives club 06/Mar/200429 Sep 23OK
Domestic spanking 06/Mar/2004-OK
Mistress Altea 06/Mar/200404 Jan 18OK
Red Hot Directory 10/Mar/2004-OK 500
Sadistic Amazon 21/Mar/2004-OK 500
Instructional male slave Training Videos 28/Mar/2004-OK 500
Underworld Queen 11/Apr/2004-Not found
The Fetishist 16/Jun/200429 Sep 23OK
Face sitting bitches 18/Jul/2004-OK
Kyria's Dungeon 12/Aug/2004-OK
Mistress Lana 16/Aug/2004-OK
Facesitting 16/Aug/2004-Special
Two crazy bitches 22/Aug/2004-OK
Femonix 17/Oct/2004-OK 500
Napoleon riding women 15/Dec/2004-OK 500
Absolute Ball Busting And Cock And Ball Torture 09/Jan/200501 Oct 23OK
Rozsa Csaszar, the mysterious goddess of pain and peril 07/Feb/2005-OK 500
Katharsis 10/Feb/2005-OK
Pied Amour.Com 15/Mar/2005-Not found
Riding ladies 17/Apr/2005-OK
Mistress Whiplash Domination Forums 26/Apr/2005-OK
Goddess Kicks 28/May/2005-OK
Lady Joanne 01/Jun/2005-OK
Pay Slave 02/Jun/2005-OK 500
Femdom in Japan 06/Jun/2005-OK 500
Heels 25/Jul/200514 Jun 22OK
fetish-satisfaction.com 08/Aug/200506 Sep 22OK
Serial ballbusters 11/Sep/2005-OK
Kickdom 12/Sep/2005-Not found
Strapon sirenz 10/Oct/2005-OK 500
Trampling in England 19/Feb/2006-Not found
Madame Kaine 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Sexy and Busty woman. Smothers men 04/Apr/2006-OK
Dom site 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Femdom, mixed wrestling, smothering, Fetish movies on demand 04/Apr/2006-Special
Spanking Pay per view 04/Apr/2006-Special
Spikey step 04/Apr/200617 Jan 22OK
Deadly curves 04/Apr/200629 Sep 23OK
The Amazona Riding Cult 19/Apr/200603 Jun 22OK
Femdom Forum 21/May/2006-OK
Madame Kaine 02/Jun/2006-OK 500
Maitresse Elsa 16/Jun/2006-OK
Femdom video clips 17/Dec/2006-OK
Orgasm denial 06/Feb/2007-OK
Nosotras Mandamos 06/Feb/2007-OK
Femdom websites 29/Mar/2007-OK 500
Femdom forum 31/Mar/2007-OK
Mature woman conquest league 31/Mar/2007-Special
Teddi Barrett 31/Mar/2007-OK
Bad girl knockouts 31/Mar/2007-OK 500
Capricious girls 28/Apr/2007-OK
DieForHer.com -- femme fatalatopia 14/Oct/200729 Sep 23OK
Forced to Feminize 23/Feb/2008-OK
A Cheap Site about Girls and Guns 13/Aug/2008-OK 500
Femdom Strapon Role Play 08/Oct/2008-Special
Madam Mysteria 10/Oct/2008-OK
Bio horse riding cult video clips 05/Dec/2008-OK
PonyPlay 05/Dec/2008-OK
Lisa & Friends 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
Riding Lady Isabell 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
NAPOLEON 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
Nude Horseback 05/Dec/2008-OK 500
Ponyplay 05/Dec/2008-OK 500
Femdom City 12/Aug/2009-OK
Superb Femdom 24/Aug/2009-OK
Princess Sweet Cherry Feet 09/Sep/2009-OK
Mistress V in Palm Springs 09/Sep/2009-OK 500
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax 11/Nov/200925 Jun 23OK
Femdom United 05/Feb/2010-OK
Mistress T 27/Jun/2010-OK
Club stiletto 27/Jun/2010-OK
Kickass 27/Jun/2010-Special
Dom Karin 27/Jun/201031 May 23OK
100% Real female wrestling/catfights with facesitting 14/Jul/2010-OK 500
peters1967 femdom-art 10/Sep/2010-OK
Women Doing Men 26/Nov/2010-OK
Femdom Cave 01/Jan/2011-Not found
Free Femdom Videoblog 26/Jun/2011-OK
Worship of Muscular and Dominant Ladies 26/May/2012-Not found
Femdom Tube 11/Sep/2012-OK
Fetish Forums 03/Oct/2012-OK 500
Adult dating sites 12/Oct/201229 Sep 23OK
Female Assassins Club 18/Mar/2014-Special
Mistress Emma Switch 04/Apr/2015-OK
The best fetish sites 08/Jun/2015-Special
Girl power 16/Jun/2023-OK

Weight Training

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Physique tips13/08/2002 - OK
The Truly Huge Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness Site 09/Aug/199930 Mar 21OK
Is Creatine safe? 28/Dec/199920 Feb 23OK
Musclehead - Bodybuilding and Fitness 23/Jan/2000-OK
Heavywear 03/Mar/2000-Special
The masstrainer method 15/Dec/2000-OK 500
Webblogg: News for muscleheads. Daily. 24/Dec/2000-Special
Muscle gain tips 03/Feb/2001-Not found
Brink Zone 15/Feb/2001-Special
Natural bodybuilding, health and fitness 26/Oct/2001-Special
4 my Physique .-OK
Bodybuilding and Sports Supplements at Wholesale 27/Jun/200226 Mar 20OK
Bodybuilding workout 13/Jul/200221 Apr 23OK
Bodybuilding-Fitness 13/Jul/200229 Sep 23OK
Bodybuilding-Fitness 13/Jul/2002-OK
Internet Bodybuilding Sex Divas 25/Nov/2002-OK
Workout naked 27/Nov/2002-OK 500
Mega Nutrition 05/Dec/2002-OK 500
Body and Mind Online 06/Mar/2003-OK 500
Discount supplements 29/Mar/2003-Not found
Power Shack 20/Jun/2003-Special
Gain muscle and lose fat 27/Sep/2003-OK 500
Xtreme body shop 16/Jul/2004-OK 500
Personal Training 02/Aug/2004-Special
Kettlebell training 08/Aug/200429 Sep 23OK
Real Exercise 06/Nov/2004-OK 500
The Amazon Method 03/Dec/2005-Special
A1 Muscle Sports 07/Mar/2008-OK 500
4Ever Fitness 19/Apr/2012-OK
The 12 Days of Christmas 09/Nov/2012-OK
0 .-Special

Things not to do, or do very gently  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Change your mind? It isn't too late in 1997-Not found
Vasectomy - everything you want to know in 1997-OK
Emasculation stories in 1997-Not found
Men have a back end also, you know. Be gentle. in 199705 Jul 12OK
Mr Bobbitt's lawyer, with an utterly appalling picture that you should not look at in 199701 Jun 97OK
And you probably won't want to hear this WAV file, either 06/Mar/199905 Mar 99OK
Just as fierce, by Katherine Dunn 06/Mar/1999-Not found
Male genital piercings in 1997-OK 500
Pictures of male genital Piercings in 1997-OK 500
The Eunuch Archive is a friendly support site for the Eunuch Community 02/Nov/200209 Nov 13OK

Men ought to be treated equally  

Diana the Valkyrie is against male rape and supports the fight for men's rights

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
A masculist publication in 199705 Aug 98OK
Submission to a Valkyrie, by The Gallant Knight in 1997-OK
For $3850, buy a Browning 1919 A4 .30 calibre machine gun from Valkyrie Arms. in 1997-Special
Men being raped 25/Dec/2002-Special

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