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A hard man is good to beat

Education is very important. Here's some links that will help you get trained.

Training - men can be trained  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Clothes, videos, magazines and CD Roms in 1997-OK
Amazon Trampling in 1997-Page wont load (501)
Femmes In Charge; femdom, spanking, muscle domination in 1997-OK 500
Shadow lane spanking. 08/Dec/1997-Page wont load (501)
Spanking 08/Dec/1997-Not found
Spanking Resources Guide 08/Dec/1997-OK
Professional Dominatrixes On The Web 15/Jan/1998-Page wont load (501)
Countess Leah 25/Mar/1998-OK 500
Bondage, strapon, trampling, footfetish, bizarre, extreme 03/Apr/1998-Page wont load (501)
A club for those interested in the Spanking scene in the UK. 29/Apr/1998-OK 500
Femdom San Francisco 02/Aug/1998-Special
The Odd God (trampling and other footwork) 02/Aug/1998-OK 500
Goddess Natasha's Bondage Emporium 02/Aug/1998-OK 500
Lessons in female authority 29/Apr/1998-OK 500
Mistress Miranda's firm control 18/Nov/1997-OK
Harder Erections. Plus, rare solutions for Impotence, Premature Ejaculation and other male sexual challenges 04/Apr/1998-OK
Stern Developments FEMDOM Spanking/Bondage 08/Dec/199817 Nov 17OK
Elsa's Temple of Femdom 11/Dec/1998-OK
Kinky Wife 24/Feb/1999-Page wont load (501)
Strapped on 18/Mar/1999-OK
The female supremacy webring 19/May/1999-OK
The Fetish bank 06/Jul/1999-OK
English Governess Margo's House of Discipline 09/Aug/1999-Page wont load (501)
Divine feminine power 10/Aug/1999-OK
HOM - hand on mouth 26/Aug/1999-Special
Asian femdom - who said Asian women are submissive? 28/Aug/1999-OK
Other World Kingdom 07/Sep/1999-OK
Princess Sierra 14/Oct/199922 Aug 14OK
The ultimate remote sex solution 19/Oct/1999-OK 500
The Goddess Club 18/Nov/1999-OK
Mistress Kate 12/Dec/1999-Special
Princess Sierra 12/Jan/200020 Jan 17OK
Bonnefemme.com: Dangerous Asian Girls 19/Jan/2000-OK
dominantdolls.com 02/Feb/2000-OK
The Black Enchantress, LADY DYMUND 21/Feb/200011 Feb 09OK
The Patricia Marsh House of Domination and Fantasy 14/Apr/200020 Jul 04OK
Mistress Muscle 25/May/2000-Page wont load (501)
Foot Symphony 26/Jun/2000-Page wont load (501)
The Eurasian Goddess 30/Jun/2000-OK
Strict Women 30/Jun/2000-Page wont load (501)
Balancing mind, body, soul 14/Jul/2000-OK
Strict Women 20/Aug/2000-Page wont load (501)
Females with hairy arms Yahoo club 16/Sep/2000-OK 500
Girls with hairy arms Yahoo club 16/Sep/2000-OK 500
Planet Femdom 17/Sep/2000-OK 500
Riding Cult United 29/Sep/2000-OK 500
Stella Steel 07/Oct/2000-OK
Karate Dom 31/Oct/2000-OK 500
DOMINA SYBIL'S Fantasy-Fetish Club 04/Nov/2000-OK 500
Feet 20/Nov/200025 Oct 16OK
Luke's Femdom links 26/Nov/2000-OK 500
Mal's femdom illustrations 27/Nov/2000-OK 500
Goddess Marquesa 08/Dec/2000-Page wont load (501)
Long Fingernails 28/Jan/2001-Page wont load (501)
Ms Trina - drop to your knees sissyboy, and get ready to be cuckolded... 04/Feb/2001-OK 500
Srtict women voyeur cam 01/Mar/2001-OK 500
Trigger the human equine 05/Mar/2001-OK 500
Buttsquish 09/Mar/2001-OK 500
Lisa Strix 10/Mar/2001-OK 500
Black foot worship and trampling 11/Mar/2001-OK 500
Women with large hands 08/Apr/2001-OK 500
Women with large feet 11/Apr/2001-OK 500
Body Slam Nude Female Wrestling and Domination 22/Apr/2001-OK 500
Woman Worship 25/May/200111 Jan 13OK
Riding Cult 10/Jun/200130 Nov 17OK
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! 09/Jul/2001-OK 500
The Neutering News 11/Aug/2001-Page wont load (501)
Spoiled Schoolgirl 27/Aug/2001-OK
Lady Busters Anonymous 06/Sep/2001-OK
Dark Lady 12/Sep/2001-Special
Venus of Vixen 12/Sep/2001-OK
Smelly's Facesitting page 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Aschies Facesitting Playground 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
MF Video femdom 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Grandgnu and Sadistic Kitten 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Feet links 12/Sep/2001-OK 500
Books to buy 13/Sep/2001-Page wont load (501)
Mistress Hunter 13/Sep/2001-Page wont load (501)
Femdom links 13/Sep/2001-OK 500
Fetish resource guide 15/Sep/2001-OK
House of Sissify 15/Sep/2001-Page wont load (501)
Female Authority 15/Sep/2001-OK 500
Hundra's ballbusting 15/Sep/2001-Not found
Riding boots 15/Sep/2001-OK
Mistress Julie 28/Sep/200105 Mar 18OK
Princess Sierra 28/Sep/200119 May 15OK
Princess Sierra 28/Sep/200120 Jan 17OK
Mistress Rhiannon .-OK
Erotic riding women 18/Nov/2001-OK 500
Extreme Multi trampling 13/Dec/2001-OK
Bad Influence 20/Dec/2001-OK 500
Femforce club 25/Dec/2001-OK
She spanks 25/Jan/2002-Page wont load (501)
Face abuse 25/Jan/2002-OK
Under her 25/Jan/2002-Page wont load (501)
Divine Domination 26/Feb/2002-Not found
Mistress Diamond's Passion 05/Mar/200223 Oct 13OK
Cruel mistresses 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
Goddess Marquesa 23/Mar/2002-Page wont load (501)
Femdom Queendom 23/Mar/2002-Page wont load (501)
The femdom directory 23/Mar/2002-OK
Female Domination 23/Mar/2002-OK 500
Mistress Gemini 23/Mar/200217 Nov 17OK
Lace and pain 12/Apr/2002-OK 500
The Gun Moll and Femme Fatale page 12/Apr/2002-Not found
Queen Adrena is 6' 3, 300lb in her bare feet in 199714 Nov 12OK
Eurasian Goddess 12/Apr/2002-OK
Domitrix Dungeon 16/Apr/2002-OK 500
Top 50 Amazon Dommes 16/Apr/2002-OK
OzO's Female Domination Videos 02/May/2002-Page wont load (501)
Ballbusting Goddess 06/May/2002-OK 500
Mistress Severa 09/Jun/2002-Page wont load (501)
Nude horseback riding 17/Jul/2002-OK 500
Mistress Dymund 20/Jul/2002-Not found
Femdom Forum 21/Aug/2002-OK
Women spanking men 21/Aug/2002-OK
Lipstick Domination 21/Aug/2002-Page wont load (501)
Delano in distress 21/Aug/200225 Apr 17OK
Goddess Severa 24/Oct/200205 Nov 17OK
Stefka 29/Oct/2002-Special
Black and glossy 29/Oct/2002-OK
Pets and owners 29/Oct/200210 Jun 12OK
Fetische-hexe 29/Oct/2002-Page wont load (501)
Dana Specht 29/Oct/200201 Nov 15OK
Bittersweet 29/Oct/2002-OK 500
Different loving 29/Oct/2002-Special
Tokyo Goddess 29/Oct/2002-OK
Professional lifestyle dominatrix 12/Jan/1999-Not found
People who like sitting on women's laps 27/Oct/1999-OK
Mistress Natasha's Chastity Belt Keyholder Service 02/Nov/2002-OK 500
Bea's TV Channel 06/Nov/2002-OK
The Amazon Method 09/Nov/2002-Page wont load (501)
Foot Fetish from Russia 20/Nov/2002-OK 500
Femdom Retro 20/Nov/2002-Special
Femdom Art 20/Nov/2002-Not found
Flatt's dark side gallery 18/Jan/2003-Not found
Emily Marilyn 20/Jan/2003-Not found
Kingfish Trample 05/Mar/2003-OK 500
Seeking Mistress 09/May/2003-OK 500
The Fantasy Department Store 27/May/200317 Nov 17OK
Gothic Dominatrix 23/Jun/2003-OK 500
Notorious Mistress Porsche 11/Jul/2003-OK 500
Worlds Top Amazon Dommes 11/Jul/2003-OK 500
Bdsm Femdom Cartoons 18/Aug/2003-Special
Foot Fetish Young Mistress 18/Aug/2003-Not found
Cruel Beauty: Amateur FemDom & Avid Martial Artist 05/Nov/2003-OK
British Bitches 03/Dec/2003-OK 500
BigBig.TV 17/Dec/2003-Not found
Riding fantasy .13 Mar 18OK
Mistress Joanne .-OK 500
Men in bondage 08/Feb/200409 Apr 15OK
toes2nose 23/Feb/2004-Not found
Strapon video store 06/Mar/2004-OK 500
Femdom movie reviews 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Strapon forum 06/Mar/2004-OK
Petticoat punishment art 06/Mar/200407 Oct 15OK
Lorenzo Sperlonga 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Haru'z Nation 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Lustomic 06/Mar/2004-Page wont load (501)
Femdom art 06/Mar/2004-Not found
K2 Bondage 06/Mar/2004-Page wont load (501)
Femforce 06/Mar/2004-Page wont load (501)
Erotic illusions 06/Mar/200404 Apr 15OK
Face sitting 06/Mar/2004-OK
Femdom/boywives club 06/Mar/2004-OK
Domestic spanking 06/Mar/2004-OK
Mistress Altea 06/Mar/200404 Jan 18OK
Red Hot Directory 10/Mar/2004-OK
Sadistic Amazon 21/Mar/2004-Page wont load (501)
Instructional male slave Training Videos 28/Mar/2004-OK
Underworld Queen 11/Apr/2004-OK 500
The Fetishist 16/Jun/200417 Nov 17OK
Face sitting bitches 18/Jul/2004-OK
Kyria's Dungeon 12/Aug/200402 Jun 15OK
Mistress Lana 16/Aug/2004-OK
Facesitting 16/Aug/2004-OK
Two crazy bitches 22/Aug/2004-Special
Femonix 17/Oct/2004-Not found
Napoleon riding women 15/Dec/2004-OK 500
Absolute Ball Busting And Cock And Ball Torture 09/Jan/200508 Mar 18OK
Rozsa Csaszar, the mysterious goddess of pain and peril 07/Feb/2005-OK 500
Katharsis 10/Feb/2005-OK 500
Pied Amour.Com 15/Mar/2005-OK 500
Riding ladies 17/Apr/200531 May 15OK
Mistress Whiplash Domination Forums 26/Apr/2005-OK
Goddess Kicks 28/May/2005-OK
Lady Joanne 01/Jun/2005-OK
Pay Slave 02/Jun/2005-OK
Femdom in Japan 06/Jun/2005-OK
Heels 25/Jul/200507 Feb 15OK
fetish-satisfaction.com 08/Aug/2005-OK
Serial ballbusters 11/Sep/2005-OK 500
Kickdom 12/Sep/2005-Not found
Strapon sirenz 10/Oct/2005-OK 500
Trampling in England 19/Feb/2006-OK
Madame Kaine 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Sexy and Busty woman. Smothers men 04/Apr/2006-Not found
Dom site 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Femdom, mixed wrestling, smothering, Fetish movies on demand 04/Apr/2006-Page wont load (501)
Spanking Pay per view 04/Apr/2006-Page wont load (501)
Spikey step 04/Apr/200624 Jan 18OK
Deadly curves 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
The Amazona Riding Cult 19/Apr/200630 Mar 13OK
Femdom Forum 21/May/2006-OK
Madame Kaine 02/Jun/2006-OK 500
Maitresse Elsa 16/Jun/2006-OK
Femdom video clips 17/Dec/2006-OK 500
Orgasm denial 06/Feb/2007-Page wont load (501)
Nosotras Mandamos 06/Feb/2007-Page wont load (501)
Femdom websites 29/Mar/2007-OK 500
Femdom forum 31/Mar/2007-OK
Mature woman conquest league 31/Mar/2007-OK
Teddi Barrett 31/Mar/2007-Not found
Bad girl knockouts 31/Mar/200727 Sep 04OK
Capricious girls 28/Apr/2007-OK
DieForHer.com -- femme fatalatopia 14/Oct/2007-Page wont load (501)
Forced to Feminize 23/Feb/2008-OK
A Cheap Site about Girls and Guns 13/Aug/2008-OK
Femdom Strapon Role Play 08/Oct/2008-Page wont load (501)
Madam Mysteria 10/Oct/2008-OK
Bio horse riding cult video clips 05/Dec/2008-OK
PonyPlay 05/Dec/2008-OK
Lisa & Friends 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
Riding Lady Isabell 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
NAPOLEON 05/Dec/200816 Jan 14OK
Nude Horseback 05/Dec/2008-Not found
Ponyplay 05/Dec/2008-Not found
Femdom City 12/Aug/2009-OK
Superb Femdom 24/Aug/2009-OK
Princess Sweet Cherry Feet 09/Sep/2009-Special
Mistress V in Palm Springs 09/Sep/2009-OK 500
Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax 11/Nov/200916 Apr 17OK
Femdom United 05/Feb/2010-OK
Mistress T 27/Jun/2010-Page wont load (501)
Club stiletto 27/Jun/2010-OK
Kickass 27/Jun/2010-Special
Dom Karin 27/Jun/201022 Feb 18OK
100% Real female wrestling/catfights with facesitting 14/Jul/2010-Not found
peters1967 femdom-art 10/Sep/2010-Page wont load (501)
Women Doing Men 26/Nov/2010-OK 500
Femdom Cave 01/Jan/2011-Special
Free Femdom Videoblog 26/Jun/2011-OK
Worship of Muscular and Dominant Ladies 26/May/2012-Not found
Femdom Tube 11/Sep/2012-OK
Fetish Forums 03/Oct/2012-OK 500
Adult dating sites 12/Oct/2012-OK
Female Assassins Club 18/Mar/2014-Page wont load (501)
Mistress Emma Switch 04/Apr/201507 Nov 15OK
The best fetish sites 08/Jun/2015-Page wont load (501)

Weight Training

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Physique tips13/08/2002 - OK
The Truly Huge Bodybuilding, Health and Fitness Site 09/Aug/199926 Apr 17OK
Is Creatine safe? 28/Dec/1999-OK 500
Musclehead - Bodybuilding and Fitness 23/Jan/2000-Special
Heavywear 03/Mar/2000-Page wont load (501)
The masstrainer method 15/Dec/2000-Not found
Webblogg: News for muscleheads. Daily. 24/Dec/2000-OK 500
Muscle gain tips 03/Feb/2001-OK 500
Brink Zone 15/Feb/2001-OK
Natural bodybuilding, health and fitness 26/Oct/2001-OK
4 my Physique .-OK
Bodybuilding and Sports Supplements at Wholesale 27/Jun/200202 Mar 17OK
Bodybuilding workout 13/Jul/200218 Aug 17OK
Bodybuilding-Fitness 13/Jul/2002-OK
Bodybuilding-Fitness 13/Jul/2002-OK
Internet Bodybuilding Sex Divas 25/Nov/2002-OK 302
Workout naked 27/Nov/200226 Oct 16OK
Mega Nutrition 05/Dec/2002-OK 500
Body and Mind Online 06/Mar/2003-OK 500
Discount supplements 29/Mar/2003-OK 500
Power Shack 20/Jun/2003-OK
Gain muscle and lose fat 27/Sep/2003-Page wont load (501)
Xtreme body shop 16/Jul/2004-OK 500
Personal Training 02/Aug/2004-OK
Kettlebell training 08/Aug/2004-OK
Real Exercise 06/Nov/200409 Mar 14OK
The Amazon Method 03/Dec/2005-Page wont load (501)
A1 Muscle Sports 07/Mar/2008-OK
4Ever Fitness 19/Apr/2012-OK
The 12 Days of Christmas 09/Nov/2012-OK
0 .-Special

Things not to do, or do very gently  

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Change your mind? It isn't too late in 1997-Not found
Vasectomy - everything you want to know in 1997-Page wont load (501)
Emasculation stories in 1997-Page wont load (501)
Men have a back end also, you know. Be gentle. in 1997-Page wont load (501)
Mr Bobbitt's lawyer, with an utterly appalling picture that you should not look at in 1997-Page wont load (501)
And you probably won't want to hear this WAV file, either 06/Mar/1999-Page wont load (501)
Just as fierce, by Katherine Dunn 06/Mar/1999-Not found
Male genital piercings in 1997-OK 500
Pictures of male genital Piercings in 1997-OK 500
The Eunuch Archive is a friendly support site for the Eunuch Community 02/Nov/200209 Nov 13OK

Men ought to be treated equally  

Diana the Valkyrie is against male rape and supports the fight for men's rights

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
A masculist publication in 1997-OK
Submission to a Valkyrie, by The Gallant Knight in 1997-Page wont load (501)
For $3850, buy a Browning 1919 A4 .30 calibre machine gun from Valkyrie Arms. in 199712 Jan 17OK
Men being raped 25/Dec/2002-Not found

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