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A hard man is good to beat

Video Vendors

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Steel kittens - over 100 videos in 1997-OK
Double Trouble Productions in 199721 Sep 22OK
Swankyville in 1997-OK
Amazon Supermodels, Inc in 1997-OK
Builtmore productions in 1997-OK
Mass Muscle videos in 199712 Mar 23OK
Kenstar's Wrestling Videos and Video Directory in 1997-OK 500
Liftnet, your source for lift-and-carry videos in 1997-OK 500
Carried Off 07/Dec/1998-OK
Impulse Productions for the best in female bodybuilding and wrestling videos 30/Dec/1997-OK
The most bizarre and exciting videos in the world 10/Jan/1998-OK
Athena 2 01/Mar/1999-OK
Hot leggy videos 13/Apr/1998-OK 500
Competitive Enterprises Members Site 24/Aug/200123 Sep 23OK
Competitive Enterprises - m/f fighting in 1997-OK
C and B Video; videos for $25 01/Aug/1998-OK
Magneeta - a video starring Andrulla Blanchette 02/Aug/1998-OK
Awe films, for female bodybuilder and fitness videos 04/Jan/1999-OK
Mixed Wrestling USA videos 05/Jan/199901 Jan 09OK
Nancy Silk Videos - pantyhose, stockings, miniskirts and high heels 20/Mar/1999-OK
Utopia Entertainment videos 17/Jun/1999-OK
Ozone 8 Enterprises 23/Aug/1999-Special
Repetrope Muscle Video 21/Apr/2000-OK 500
Leather and Lace 14/Jul/2000-OK 500
Bill Wick videos 31/Jul/2000-OK 500
Unreal Muscle 16/Jan/2001-OK 500
EB-Fight Studios 22/Jul/2001-OK 500
Bodybuilders in heat 16/Sep/2001-OK
A real fantasies 04/Jan/200224 Oct 20OK
Next of Skin 12/Jan/200217 Aug 23OK
Ozone 8 07/Nov/2002-Special
Thundergirls 07/Nov/200219 May 22OK
Roman Video 21/Nov/200216 Nov 21OK
Chaos Video 14/Jan/200328 Sep 16OK
Wild Women Wrestling 25/Jan/2003-OK
Greeneyes female wrestling and facesitting in 1997-OK
L. Scott Sales - catfight.com 19/Oct/1997-Special
Flamingo Enterprises Presents Wrestling Videos in 1997-OK
DWW wrestling club and videos in 1997-OK
Special Interests and Creative Films, wrestling and lift videos. in 1997-OK 500
Academy Productions 14/Apr/2003-Special
New Goddess Cinema 29/Nov/2003-OK 500
Lady fist 21/Dec/2004-OK
Knockout wrestling 02/Jun/200503 Oct 20OK
Ring Women Video 23/Sep/2005-Special
Evil Women Movies 21/Oct/200523 Mar 22OK
Special Interests TV 14/Dec/2005-OK 500
Creative Films TV 14/Dec/2005-OK 500
Special Interests movies 14/Dec/2005-OK 500
Totally Nude Tai Chi 25/Feb/2010-Special
Hollywould productions 21/Aug/201301 Feb 21OK
Muscle girls talk 26/Apr/2014-OK 500
Muscle girl video 08/Feb/2017-Special
Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Women 08/Feb/2017-Special
Female Bodybuilders Wrestling 08/Feb/2017-Special
Girl / Girl and Mixed Wrestling 08/Feb/2017-Special
Strong and Shapely Women 08/Feb/2017-Special
Tough Girls Wrestling 08/Feb/2017-OK
FBB TV 16/Nov/2017-OK
AMC Productions 06/Apr/2018-Special
Geeky femdom 29/Nov/2018-OK
Geeky femdom 29/Nov/2018-OK 301
MyMuscleCamGirls 07/Aug/2019-Special

Video Clip Sites

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Wrestle with Xena 14/Sep/200131 Aug 10OK
Sports clips 03/Sep/2001-OK 500
Asian Lethal Angels and World Femme Fatales 08/Oct/2003-OK 500
Moving Muscle - Video Clips of Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Athletes 14/Oct/2003-Not found
Female muscle and strength videos Yahoo Group 29/Dec/2003-OK
Super strong girls 28/Mar/200517 Aug 23OK
VideoKult . Komix 08/Jan/2006-OK 500
EURO MIX-WRESTLING 27/Mar/2006-Special
WRESTLING PARADISE 03/Apr/2006-Special
Amazon Amanda 04/Apr/2006-Special
archive tv 19/Oct/2006-OK 500
Black&Blue Ebony Wrestling&Dom 18/Dec/2006-Special
Adult Animated Cartoon clips - Battle of the sexes 18/Dec/2006-Special
3dxx.tv 08/Jan/2007-OK 500
Deadly Dymes - world of dangerous women 18/May/2008-OK
Vampire Women Online 11/Mar/201023 Mar 22OK
Muscle Girl Flix - #1 Premium Tube Site for Muscle Girl Videos and Webcams 01/Nov/2016-Special
liftcarryindia 20/Jun/2017-OK
Female bodybuilders 03/Dec/2017-OK
she strong 12/Jan/2021-OK

Photo Sites, Photo Art and Computer Generated Images

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
The O J Heller collection 07/Jun/2001-OK
Callisto's Dark Alley 01/May/2001-OK 500
The jungle queen 30/Sep/2001-OK
Wreck Shop 23/Feb/200203 Jul 23OK
Women in cargoes or combats 23/Feb/2002-OK
Les Femela Story 14/Mar/2002-OK 500
Cartoon catfights 21/Mar/2002-OK
The Virtual Uniform Girls 12/Apr/2002-OK 500
Shemuscle's PowerWomen 12/Apr/2002-OK 500
Ella es mas fuerte 05/Jul/2002-OK 500
Steel art 20/Jul/200204 Mar 18OK
Anna's Erotic Art 20/Jul/2002-OK
Ray Leaning 20/Jul/200214 May 13OK
Super Girl Power 14/Oct/2002-OK 500
Power beauties 16/Nov/2002-OK
Femdom art 20/Nov/2002-Special
Digital Amazons 01/Feb/200314 Mar 22OK
Greg Nichols 04/Dec/2003-Not found
Hugely Muscled Women 25/Apr/2003-OK
CyFi Girls 08/Mar/2004-OK 500
The Erotic Wrestling Organisation 26/Aug/1999-OK 500
MagicCrayons.com 25/Apr/200511 Jun 23OK
Superwoman links 08/May/2005-OK 500
Erotic vixens wrestling 18/May/2005-OK 500
Barbarian babes 18/May/2005-Not found
Pure Fantasy.com 01/Jun/2005-OK
GymGirlBells 28/Jun/2005-OK 500
Muscular PinUps 28/Jun/2005-OK 500
Crash and burn comics 04/Oct/2005-OK 500
Villains paradise Yahoo group 12/Dec/2005-OK
Sisterhood of Superheroines 18/Dec/200513 May 16OK
Lethal Ladies in Panty 28/Dec/200523 Sep 23OK
Techna Babe 29/Dec/2005-Not found
Deadly Ladies in Undies 24/Jan/2006-Not found
Templars amazons 04/Apr/2006-Not found
Man killers 15/Jun/2006-Not found
Your morph 04/Jan/2007-OK 500
3D wrestling women 24/Jan/2007-OK 500
She Bullies 07/Feb/2007-OK 500
She Bullies blog 07/Feb/200712 Dec 21OK
Supergirls 31/Mar/2007-Special
Evil babes 31/Mar/2007-Special
Fight fantasies 31/Mar/200706 Jul 23OK
All American Superheroines 15/Jul/2007-OK
Tu Amazona Mexico 20/Dec/200710 Dec 21OK
bitchwars-illustrated 28/Apr/2008-OK
Iron Joes Fantasy Art 12/Oct/2009-OK
breasts and biceps 31/Dec/2009-OK 500
lilguysblog 07/Feb/201011 Apr 23OK
Blackheart erotic illusions 01/Mar/201012 Aug 19OK
Lilguy 01/Mar/2010-Not found
Fempower extreme 01/Mar/201024 Jul 19OK
Strong and stacked 01/Mar/2010-OK
Plinius' Muscle Heaven 02/May/2010-OK
Female Muscle Growth 22/Feb/2011-OK
Powerful Women In Peril 11/Jun/201110 Dec 21OK
Femuscle art 05/Mar/2012-OK
Gymgirlbells 2014 20/May/2014-OK
Fight fantasies 27/Mar/201506 Jul 23OK
peters1967 - Strong Women Art 06/Feb/2016-OK 500
My Muscle Cam Girls 19/Nov/2019-Special
ICFMG 22/Nov/2022-OK 500

Artwork, Comic and Cartoon Sites

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
Great T-shirts from The Valkyries (nothing to do with this site, just good friends) 30/Nov/1997-OK
Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell 21/Sep/2001-Special
IHCOYC XPICTOC`S art pages in 199708 Jul 99OK
Dr Otto and Andrah's web site 08/Sep/1998-OK
Buffalo's Hideout 14/May/2000-OK 500
Jenny's Artwork 07/Jun/2001-OK 500
Iczerman 10/Feb/2003-OK
X-men Erotica 12/Sep/2001-OK
Barbi The Barbarienne 01/Apr/2001-Special
Superheroine Central 17/Mar/200026 Feb 23OK
Superheroine's Demise 13/Jan/199912 Jan 23OK
Altawoman 27/Oct/1999-OK
LH Art 11/May/2000-OK
Quadra Blue 27/Apr/199820 Apr 23OK
Comics (needs Adult Check and then membership) 21/Jun/1998-OK
Emil's 3-d warriors 29/Feb/2000-Not found
Fantastic Fantasy and Fetish Females 03/Aug/1998-OK
Uncle SL's custom artwork 17/Nov/1998-OK
Belier Press fetish artwork 04/Sep/2000-OK
Hall of reference 17/Nov/2000-OK
Art Assassin 30/Oct/2001-OK 500
Liberty: The American Girl 30/Mar/2002-OK 500
Yitzhak's Buff Babes Art 19/Apr/2002-OK
Mal's Magic Garden 12/Feb/2003-Not found
Flatt's erotic illustrations 12/Feb/2003-Not found
Charm School 25/Dec/2002-OK
La galerie de l'éléphant 25/Dec/2002-OK
Poser female muscle growth Yahoo group 20/Jan/2003-OK
Heavenly Hussys 28/Feb/2003-OK
Debbi-chan Foxy Fighter 26/Jun/2001-OK
Catfight Central 11/Jul/2001-OK 500
Alpha's Artwork 01/Jun/2003-OK
Destroy All Heroines 01/Jun/2003-OK 500
Darkstorm Graphix 24/Jul/2003-Special
Femuscle Toons Yahoo Group 03/Jan/2004-OK
Phoenix force 06/Mar/2004-Not found
Bearly there studios 20/Mar/2004-OK 500
Art Muscle 02/Jun/2004-Not found
Extreme Heroines and Muscle-Girls Galore 20/Oct/200404 Sep 13OK
ATELIER EG 20/Apr/2005-OK 500
Superheroines art 25/Sep/2005-OK
Super sexy heroines 08/Oct/2005-OK
The Cove, FMG and BE 10/Oct/2005-OK 500
Earth color 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Gallery for willow 04/Apr/2006-OK
Jenactive 04/Apr/2006-OK
The stone of adventure 04/Apr/2006-OK
Succubus nation 04/Apr/2006-OK 500
Artwork by Jed Dougherty 29/Jun/2006-OK
Maxart 15/Jun/2006-OK
Barbarian babes 29/Sep/2006-Not found
Slamazons 29/Sep/200631 Jan 06OK
Valley Doll 29/Sep/200617 Aug 23OK
WW Wrestling 29/Sep/2006-OK 500
WLP comics 29/Sep/200625 Dec 08OK
Jon ze Artist 04/Dec/2006-OK
Ritualist's artwork 05/Jun/2007-OK
Amy's Conquest 07/Aug/2007-OK
Amazoncomics 18/Oct/200709 Dec 22OK
Lovegut 07/May/2008-OK 500
Bad Girls Art 09/Aug/2008-Not found
Mighty Amazons Blog 09/Aug/200815 Jun 23OK
Azimuth Design: Art of the Amazing Mike James 09/Aug/200814 Sep 12OK
Project: Superwoman 03/Oct/2008-Not found
Area Orion 06/Oct/200818 Sep 23OK
Amazonix 20/Oct/2008-OK
Gallery by The Toxic Bros. Art Pages 06/Nov/2008-OK
Ms Muscle Comics 22/Jul/200914 Mar 23OK
Adventure bound comics 03/Feb/2010-OK
Afwfan's 3D art 17/Aug/2012-Not found
AlphaAmazons 22/Jul/2013-OK
Amazonias 19/Sep/2014-OK
There She Grows 02/May/2019-OK
GrannyMuscle 04/Sep/2019-OK
SuperPowered Audio 09/Mar/2021-OK

Other Art and Video sites

Web siteAdded UpdatedStatus
A site for foot fetish and domination in 199717 Aug 23OK

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