Diana the Valkyrie

Budget Wrestling and Power Squeeze

A hard man is good to squeeze

Introducing ... Power Squeeze. A forum for squeezers and squeezees, for the women who love to crush men between their legs, and for their poor helpless, agonised victims. Budget Wrestling and Power Squeeze is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at bringing together squeezers and squeezees, and attempting to match the characteristics of each. It wouldn't do to take someone who just wanted to experience a gentle introductory squeeze, and pair him up with some six foot female with two 36-inch columns of muscle that she enjoyed using to crack ribs, would it? Nor would one want to take a die-hard squeezophile who felt unfulfilled if he could still stand up afterwards, and put him between the thighs of a gentle young maiden.

Budget wrestling refers to the many methods you can use to make your interest in wrestling affordable. Look at the message board to see some! If you know some that are not mentioned, please add them.