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A hard man is good to beat

This page is for people who are seeking other people via the Power Squeeze idea. I make no guarantees as to the authenticity of anyone posting here, or of anyone responding, and would advise anyone arranging a meeting to take the obvious precautions. If you wish to respond to an advertisement, post in the Message Board. If you wish to put up an advertisement, just email it to me; personal adverts are free.

Hey, Everybody--at last! A better Power Squeeze Program!

Here's a major improvement in the Power Squeeze Program. We're looking for: WOMEN who are fit and like the challenge of rough and tumble with respectful men in mixed wrestling, self-defense, squeeze technique practice and shmoozing with people who have a common interest in fitness and body improvement.

MEN who have a genuine like and respect for women at all levels of life, and who are secure enough to wrestle, get squeezed (and probably vanquished) by stronger women, and who are not terrified by good conversation and social fun.

Our goal is to provide a way to bring people together who enjoy this kind of association. And with your help I'm gathering information from would-be Power Squeeze members about their geographical location and interests. From this info I will compile a list of cities and help you connect with others from your area to start an informal Power Squeeze club. Once in touch with one another you can organize yourselves, make your own rules, plan meetings, outings, dinners or picnics, etc. and find "Squeeze" or Wrestling partners, and go from there.

Diana the Valkyrie has provided for us an information gathering section where you can let me know your gender, city and state, e-mail address (so we can contact you), and other helpful information.

We really need your help in contacting other people who might be interested, to add to our list. And if you want to recruit a "squeeze/wrestling" partner in your area, read the power squeeze message board on how to fill out your ad and place it in the new Power Squeeze personals. I've placed an ad there as an example on what you need to say.

Remember, it's all great fun for women and men who like friendly mixed-combat and "physical" people like themselves.