Diana the Valkyrie

The Valkyrie Playoffs

This is the advertisement that we're running. Each model will sign the Model Release, and I'll put up a bunch of pictures for each model. Then, web site members will be able to vote for their favourite, and the model with the most votes, wins the modelling contract prizes (1st - AUS$1000, 2nd - AUS$250, 3rd - AUS$150), which means lots more pictures and video of her on the web site.

It means more exposure to the model, but not just exposure - she'll also be earning a modelling fee out of this.

So, how do you decide who to vote for? Well, that's entirely up to you! People sometimes complain about the judging at contests - here the judges are the fans.

Here's the current Playoff - the Sydney athletic model contest

There's a summary page to help you compare

Please cast your votes now!

Diana's Magic Carpet will whisk you to anywhere on the web site