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The art galleries  

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The date is the date that I added, or last updated, the Gallery. If you click on the blue dates, you'll get a display of the sizes, dates and times of the files.

Three wings

There are three wings to the Galleries. The East Wing has all the pictures of named bodybuilders, fitness competitors, boxers and wrestlers. The West Wing has all the pictures of activities, sports, artwork and everything else, and that's subdivided into categories. If you're looking for your favourite boxer or wrestler, look in the East Wing. There's also an entire area devoted to the Women's Strength Extravaganza, and another area that covers the Ms Olympia.

The third wing is called "Transient". Not all the new Galleries will go here, some will go straight to the East or West wing. The Transient Wing is like an airport lounge, a temporary staging area before a gallery gets moved to its appropriate wing, and this could happen quickly or slowly, it depends on what else is happening. For a comprehensive list of new galleries, look at the "latest stuff" lists made by Sandra.

Here's how it works. Corinne the Valkyrie (she's the curator of the Art Galleries) creates or updates a Gallery, then she puts it wherever she thinks it should go (East, West or if she's too busy to decide, the Transient Wing). Sandra the Librarian goes round the entire web site each night, and makes a list of what's new in the libraries, and what Galleries are new, and the new Movies. It's Sandra that makes the daily-weekly-monthly what's new lists.

If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. When you're running a huge web site (and growing) you have to make a lot of things happen.

Or just the latest stuff

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The pictures in these galleries come from many sources. They were sent to me by various people with the assurance that I have copyright clearance to put them here. If you see a picture here that is in breach of your copyright, please notify me, and I will take rapid action to remove it.

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How to take pictures

Maybe you're already a photography buff, in which case, you already know all this. Or maybe you aren't, in which case, here's some tips for taking pictures.

How to scan pictures you've taken

If you've been to an event and taken some photographs, or if you've drawn some artwork, I'd love to see it for putting up on this web site. I can scan them in, but you might like to do that yourself. So I've written Diana the Valkyrie's Scanning Guide which helps you buy a scanner and gets you started in scanning things for the internet.

Bill Dobbins

It was Bill Dobbins that took many of your favourite photographs. Now you can buy a book, 127 pages of his superb work, a bargain at only $22.

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